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DesktopWeb FormText   the data is thereThu, 20 Nov 2008 04:14:04 GMT # 

the ReadyNAS recovered itself to full redundancy! ... but i (sort of) replaced the wrong disk. the logs showed that Disk 3 had the last error. it had a small # of reallocated sectors, which is a warning until the count gets high. and the log only showed that Disk 1 had 1 reallocated sector. but now that its fully online with Disk 1 in place, i see that Disk 1 has a ton of ATA errors ... which means failure. so Disk 1 is what was keeping the ReadyNAS from coming online. and possibly by replacing Disk 3, that changed its bootup sequence just enough to get past what was hanging with Disk 1. that, or i got real lucky that Disk 1 worked this one last time. regardless, now that its redundant, and i know what the real problem is, its shut down until i can get another harddrive to replace Disk 1. the file system check took about 30 hrs, and resync took about 6 hrs. thats a long time to not know whats going on with your data. although Windows Home Server uses more space with duplication (compared to RAID), i think they took the right approach for the mass market.