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DesktopWeb FormText   NXEFri, 21 Nov 2008 00:33:45 GMT # 

had a chance to play. its much easier to find content, and this was really needed, because the last fall update made it overly complex. avatars are cute, but not interesting until they make their way into alot of games. harddisk installs are nice too, but sorely limited by requiring a disk. community games ... bad ass! they've still got to come up with a way to support multi unit households without requiring sneakernetting a memory unit around. and where is a browser ... the chatpad is begging for it. also surprised they havent come out with motion controllers by now.

but what about media? Netflix is cool ... if i subscribed to Netflix, if i was compelled to be a gold member, and if there weren't weekly announcements about other devices getting Netflix. other than that, i dont see any media enhancements. thats a full year with no new media functionality for the xbox 360. no new codecs, no video playlists, no music seeking, no audio book resume, no zipped image archive support, no new slideshow display options, no additional MCE extender support. you've got to be kidding me ... especially after HD-DVD lost out. so the xbox 360 isnt going to make it back into my media setup. its great for gaming, but its media functionality is nothing compared to XBMC or the Popcorn Hour. what has MS done for the living room this year? Windows Home Server got a new UPnP server, and OEMs got the TV Pack for MCE ... is that it?