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DesktopWeb FormText   arghSun, 07 Dec 2008 20:06:44 GMT # 

i am taking such a beating right now. need to install Speech Server 2007 to find a tool i need. cant install on my main dev machine because its VS2008 only. wont get VS2008 support from Speech Server until R2 ... probably early next year (too long to wait). already asked to be on the beta, they said no. ok, try to install on a secondary machine. doh, need to install VS2005 first. wait for that to finish, and do Windows Update. restart machine ... and it wont boot. WTF! insert original Vista disk and repair. amazingly, it comes back up, and VS2005 is actually working too. ok, try to install Speech Server 2007 ... Installation Failed, cant install on this version of Windows. WTF! its running Windows Vista SP1. that machine can no longer be trusted, its going to get a new harddisk and a full wipe. and i've still got to get another machine setup with XP to install VS2005 and Speech Server 2007. at this point i've almost forgotten why i needed to install Speech Server 2007 in the first place. crap ... writing this didnt help blow off much steam at all