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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : met this months goalThu, 11 Dec 2008 15:35:46 GMT # 

started this month at 213 and weighed in at 209 today. that's 2 lbs a week. managed that by changing the caloric deficit to 750-1000 calories. had only been losing 1 lb a week, but i wanted to see what 2 lbs was like ... it wasnt too bad. there were a couple times that my sugar levels were low and i took unplanned naps (old person style). the bad news is its pretty hard to lift heavy without those calories, and getting through cardio after lifting took some willpower. glad that experiment is over and i'm switching back to a 500 deficit for the rest of this month. if i kept up the 2 lbs a week, i think it would really start to chew up muscle mass.

total weight loss is now 35 lbs (started at 245). the first week took off about 7 lbs of water and glycogen. caliper measurements have me losing about 5 lbs of muscle in the process. so i guess that means 23 lbs of total fat has been lost? i don't have a good understanding of how much water weight is lost with fat. i also dont have good 'before' caliper measurements, not to mention my own measurements have gotten more aggressive, but the guess is i started out at 22+% bodyfat. current measurements are 11-12%, and its been mainly coming off my belly. chest and thigh measurements have remained constant, while belly measurements have been dropping consistently.