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DesktopWeb FormText   hardware bugSat, 20 Dec 2008 01:17:34 GMT # 

working on a pet project that involves multi-zone audio. been fighting a bug for the last 2 days where one of the zones would just stop working. it would initially work, and then just disappear. no exception ... of course. so i added more logging ... and everything was as expected. wasn't getting hung up anywhere and all methods were completing. next guess was threading, because i was using an object that was potentially not thread safe. so i changed the code to prevent a race condition, and that seemed to help, but did not fix the problem. then i went and added some test code to check my audio settings were correct. everything was fine, but it did find a noisy audio line. so i change out some wires and the noise is gone ... but the zone still drops off. continued mucking with hardware and tested each USB sound card individually ... they all work fine. totally out of ideas, then for kicks, i take out the hub ... the zone doesnt drop out. dont have another hub on hand to test with, but i 'think' the hub wasnt providing enough power to the USB sound cards, and that was causing them to malfunction. but they wouldnt fail completely. they still show up and their property pages show activity; they would even continue the final task, but all new tasks were ignored. that sucked! ... on the bright side, i've got tons of diagnostic code now.