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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : end of monthMon, 29 Dec 2008 15:12:06 GMT # 

met the goal to get below 210 lbs. the lowest i got was 208, but then xmas cookies brought me back to 209. i have a serious weakness for xmas cookies. bodyfat percentage wise, i hit 10% (the goal) a couple days, but i've been measuring 11-12% most of the time. strength is down right now. this is partly because i've been off most supplements for the last couple weeks. i think the other part is because i didnt eat so well at xmas ... too much sugar, too many empty calories. anyway, i cant wait to get back on creatine. heading to the gym without a pre-drink of creatine is tough.

the new plan is to continue reduced calories for 3 more months to get below 200 lbs. that should put me below 10% bodyfat. losing 3 lbs a month is easy, so the challenging part is 2 of those months will be strength training, which will force some quality weight gain. figure that i'll try alternating lifting for strength/size each month for all of 2009. the workouts needs a changeup too, so i think legs are getting an extra day. something like : chest, legs (heavy), arms, back, legs (light). that also gives arms priority over back. will add in weighted ab work too. probably need to hold off on shoulders/traps for a while.