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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : chin/pull upsTue, 06 Jan 2009 02:41:32 GMT # 

like to incorporate body weight movements when strength training. it seems to force my body to keep the muscle and shed fat. i've been doing chin ups and pull ups regularly for about the last 4 months, and i finally reached my goal of 15 reps on each (210 lbs bodyweight). yea! what seems to be working is to do at least 3 sets of each when i'm training for size, and only do 1 set to warm up when training for strength. on the other hand, i need to stop doing dips altogether, because i did a set of 40+ on the same day. still, i haven't felt like i've been getting good tricep workouts at this gym. my only guess is because they dont have a true V-bar. pretty sure every gym i've ever been at has had a V-bar. some of the bars are close, but wider (like a U) or straight, and i dont get as a good contraction with them. might have to bring in a weighted dip belt, but then i run the risk of mooning everybody. there is no good way to get in or out of a dip belt with a couple plates on it. anyway, i'm thinking about starting to work on 1 armed chin/pull ups. not the 1 handed-assisted style; can already do multiple reps of those. already tried 1 arm, and i can just feel the weight of my body on each joint. at least i already have the hand strength. hmm, might start trying after i lose some more weight.