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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : love/hate holidaysTue, 06 Jan 2009 06:22:23 GMT # 

what i love ... college chicks at the gym.

what i hate ... douchebag college guys at the gym. 1) dont wear a hat to the gym. 2) if you still wear a hat ... do NOT tilt it. so i'm lifting heavier and wearing sleeveless shirts more frequently to mark my territory. cant help it ... testosterone.

now the new years resolutions are in full swing ... which is fun to watch : 1) new years day, saw an out of shape older lady whose face was entirely red and looked like she was going to pass out. she was stopped at the stairs, trying to talk, while a trainer was asking her if she was ok and if she wanted to take the elevator. aside, a gym elevator should only be used by injured/handicap people ... and maybe the older lady that tried to make up for years of neglect by almost killing herself at the gym on new years. chances are she wont be back til next year. 2) another guy came in and it looked like he tried to relive his high school bench pressing days. he lifted it off, lowered it to his chest, and he was pinned. then he left in shame ... doubt he'll be coming back. 3) kid standing in front of the dumbbell rack while he lifted. he puts the weights down and is talking to a friend. its the weight i need, so i lean over and grab it. he says 'but i'm using it'. i point to the other set of dumbbells that are the same weight on the lower rack, that i could not get to while he was standing in front of them. he says 'oh, i guess they weigh the same'. yep, i guess they do. 4) guy walks up to a bench press with 45 lb plates on each side. he takes off the plates and drops them flat to the floor. the bench press has 2 empty weight trees on each side ... he just ignored them. jack ass. then he proceeds to do 'good mornings' with the empty bar, facing in the direction of a raised platform for 'good mornings' and other lifts. so he's also a dumb ass. 5) lady using cables to work on her tennis elbow. the problem is she's using the only open squat rack in the gym ... and its leg day! 6) the oblivious/obnoxious headphone guy. got his headphones cranked up loud enough for those around him to hear and actually recognize the song. even worse, he's singing along. plus he's not paying attention to what's going on around him, so he's just getting in peoples way. 7) the weekend warrior. i swear one guy showed up wearing : thin soled lifting shoes, matching under armour shirt and shorts, lifting gloves, 2 tennis elbow straps, wrist straps, weight belt, ipod, do-rag (is that how you spell do-rag?), while carrying around his keys, cell phone, towel, and water bottle. the beautiful thing ... the guy looks like the animated character from 'the critic'. NOTE to self, dont ever use another sentence that requires the use of the word 'do-rag'. 8) chalky. i didnt see this person, but i know they were there, because they left broken chalk in front of the dumbbells. so i'm looking at the dumbbells, and the set that is chalky ... the 80s. er, um ... if you cant grip 80 lb dumbbells without chalk, then you dont need chalk. 9) the 1/4 squat/bench guy. this guys actually a regular, but he just pissed me off. i finish up on bench at 315 for reps. controlled down-up ... would have been 3 green lights in a powerlifting meet. guy next to me has 315 on the bar. he gets a spotter and then proceeds to lower the bar about 3 inches and then lifts it up again ... for reps. then he gets up with a proud smile on his face and gives me a look like he thinks he is just as strong. i laughed. whenever i unknowlingly provide a spot for one of these guys, i tell them to never ask me for a spot again. its just a waste of both our time.

the good news is all the people that dont really belong at the gym will be gone by february. over 17 years of being a gym rat, the new faces that i've seen show up and actually transform their body in a 'new years resolution' sort of manner ... did not start on new years day, they show up randomly throughout the year when they have really decided to commit.