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DesktopWeb FormText   did i say somethingSat, 10 Jan 2009 03:06:05 GMT # 

forget, but i think the estimate was our brains dedicate 66% of its cycles to vision. can definitely 'see' how much i depend on vision when i'm working on an entirely speech-based app; because i keep running into the situation where i'm debugging the app, and i have a UI trace or console out that lets me know something has happened or is happening. but then i go and test it without a screen, and i forget to add some audio prompt to signal a result, and i'm just sitting there like an idiot ... in silence ... did it fail to recognize? did i speak a valid command? did i forget to turn the mic on? are the speakers on? did kitty kitty chew the wires? er, um ... did the app crash? and then it ends up that it worked, i just forgot to play some noise ... because i'd been relying on the visual cue when debugging. ugh