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DesktopWeb FormText   cant rememberMon, 12 Jan 2009 21:55:23 GMT # 

i get people that will write me with questions from tech articles i was writing years ago. if the person has actually done their homework, i like these emails. dont like the ones that are '(insert sob story), give me the code'. anyway, i have a crappy memory, so i generally cannot help. first, i blame culture. honestly, most of the stufff our culture cares about is not worth remembering. so i've developed a highly tuned crap filter. er, um ... am i just retelling a george carlin joke? ... it sure feels like it. anyway, my brain recognizes that its crap and never stores it away. so i think my brain has inadvertently become too good at forgetting things. second, i only have a short term memory. to me, people that can remember their childhood either dont do anything new, or they are crazy, or they were beaten (boo, hiss). i can remember back like 2 months. period. been coding this current project for 3 months, so i'm beginning to hit the point where i start to rewrite a piece of functionality i wrote over 2 months ago. serious, i'll get a build error that it cant figure out which method name to use, because i ended up naming the new method the same as the old method.