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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : mid monthThu, 15 Jan 2009 14:54:14 GMT # 

weighed in under 205 lbs and measured under 10% bodyfat, so i met this months goal. guess i was feeling guilty after the xmas cookie massacres, so i've been opting for higher intensity cardio workouts (jogging and stairs). at 10%, my upper belly is gone, and i just have a slight lower belly. lovehandles are smaller now too. can sometimes see the upper 2-pack of my abs. lower abs are still too soft to see, but i 'notice' them more. e.g. i seem to get better ab workouts now because i can feel my abs moving and causing pressure against my skin, and that helps me contentrate the work. from the caliper readings, my thighs and chest have stayed mostly constant and only lost 1 or 2 millimeters. now the fat is being taken off my belly almost exclusively, because it lost at least 6 millimeters in the same amount of time.

now i'm getting real close to being under 200 lbs ... which i dont really like. cant wait to start putting lean weight on and getting closer to 220. in street clothes, i dont look as 'big' as i used to. but in the gym, i think i still look 'big'. even though i've lost 40 lbs and my measurements have dropped, the muscle definition helps out alot. my man boobs definitely look bigger because the upper belly is gone.

strength is definitely lagging now. been lifting heavy for 2 weeks, and still havent hit 315 for 5 reps on bench. close, but it had only been taking 2 weeks to recover. hope to get it next week. lifting heavy legs is a challenge too, but legs are somewhat getting a pass due to intense cardio sessions. it has helped to split the leg workouts into a light and heavy day, opposed to just killing them on a single day, and then waddling around sore for 2 days afterwards.