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DesktopWeb FormText   feature creepSat, 17 Jan 2009 04:54:39 GMT # 

ok, now the app is feature complete. still have a huge list of features to add; but they are either too risky, will take too long, or not that cool. was supposed to be primarily testing this week, but i kept thinking of quick additions i 'had' to make. some of the products at CES didn't help. at least one of the new features forced me to fix the last known major bug. it was a pain. some threading nonsense in DirectShow ... could never pin down the exact cause, and it was difficult to trigger. the fix ended up being to use the apps message pump instead of handling eventing on my own. can't tell you how many locks and exception handling i put into place before punting. not a pretty fix, but reliability wins out. did some hardware changes last week too, now i just need to swap out some wiring. next steps are to flesh out the test harness, develop a test script, and get a friend to visit for some usability testing. artificial deadline is 2 weeks.