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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : end of monthSat, 31 Jan 2009 21:53:52 GMT # 

bodyweight hung around 203 for the end of the month. so i should be able to get under 200 lbs easily next month. have been doing split leg workouts this month (heavy and light). also, swapped out yoga for more jogging and stairs. that worked for the first 3 weeks, but my legs have been dead for the last week. had my last leg workout today, a light day, and it felt like my quads were going to give out. visibly, my legs do look slightly more defined. my last arm and back days were crazy too. all i did was bodyweight. so just non stop chin ups, dips, and pull ups. probably did 75 to 100 total pull ups for the back day ... and i'm feeling it.

next month is going to concentrate on abs. i think every other workout will have some ab exercises thrown in. legs will go back to once per round of workouts. probably need to stick with light leg days until they recover. also, going to change the upper body workouts. instead of chest / back / arms split, it will be chest and tris / back and bis / shoulders and traps. the shoulder and traps day will be the high intensity cardio day. some yoga will get worked back in for cardio too.