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DesktopWeb FormText   eva : speakersMon, 02 Feb 2009 15:13:13 GMT # 

Eva uses speakers in every zone. for now, the speakers are always-on, drawing 2 to 6 watts. since Eva has alarm functionality, the speakers have to work, so i make sure that they automatically power back on after losing power. i also look for speakers that have some bass/treble adjustment, so i can find some setting that works decent for both speech and music. i prefer that the speakers do not have an easily accessible volume control. the goal is to set the hardware volume of the speaker system, and then never change that hardware level again. because if the speaker volume is turned off, then you will not wake up to an alarm. in software, speech is set to its maximum volume, while the music volume is 70. this allows you to hear Eva speaking, but you can still crank up the music. started out getting 2.1 speaker setups, but i really like the Creative Labs Inspire 2.0 speakers, and will probably get another set of those to reduce the amount of sub woofers in my home. er, um ... because right now i'm staring at eva's subwoofer stacked on top of my home theater subwoofer. the bad thing about the speaker setup is the 75ft audio cables running through my house. there need to be more wireless audio options ... with security.