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DesktopWeb FormText   eva : USB headset adaptersWed, 04 Feb 2009 15:32:33 GMT # 

Eva needs each zone to have a separate sound card. this allows Eva to know where speech is coming from and the ability to send audio to different zones. i had a bunch of USB headset adapters, so i tried those. the adapters from the Logitech USB premium notebook headset seemed to work best. Plantronics headsets were not able to power non-powered handset mics (used for dev), and an Altec Lansing adapter seemed to require more power. i still seem to have an issue with powering the USB headset adapters on a powered hub. if i put 3 adapters on a hub, they work fine for speech. and 2 of the adapters can play music at the same time. but if i try to play music with the 3rd adapter, then one of the adapters will stop responding to mic input. its like it has enough power for 3 speakers and 2 mics, but the 3rd mic is too much. else, its a problem with the Logitech driver. i need to get a 2nd powered hub and try 2 headset adapters on each hub. also need to try 3 adapters connected to the host computer without using a hub at all.