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DesktopWeb FormText   i need to check out the SageTV HD TheaterFri, 06 Feb 2009 22:17:39 GMT # 

my media setup is stuck between 2 devices : XMBC for SD, and Popcorn Hour for HD. this is because XBMC doesnt support HD on a hacked Xbox1, and the Popcorn Hours UI is too slow for large media libraries.

but the SageTV HD Theater looks like it might be what i was waiting for. check out that beautiful codec support! plus, it can obviously work with SageTV, which would give me the ability to write my own apps for the living room (since MCE has lost all momentum). i have yet to check out SageTV, but their extender definitely trounces the Media Center extenders.

i've actually been hoping that a new AppleTV would come out to support 1080p (running the XBMC hack), or that the linux flavor of XBMC would get ported to the PS3. guess there is also the chance that the Popcorn Hour will dump their web-based UI for something faster. they did speed it up (slightly) with the latest firmware, but the page refreshes still suck.