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DesktopWeb FormText   eva : audio books and audible.comMon, 09 Feb 2009 16:41:54 GMT # 

i was an early adopter for, back in 2000. kept it until 2004, until i got fed up with DRM. so i've got over 100 audio books with them ... and i want /eva to play them. they've got a DirectShow filter, which is good because eva uses DirectShow extensively. it looks like i can create a DirectShow graph and then eva will be able to support the audible format (.aa, which i think is encrypted .mp3). not sure if i can use their newer codec, but an older codec can be found, and that definitely looks usable. their format also has some additional metadata like: cover art, author, summary. plus the filter creates a small window with 2 buttons for skipping chapters. not sure if that interface is documented publicly, at which point i could ask eva to 'skip to next/previous chapter'. on deployment, the user would have to install the filter on that computer and play a .aa file which would prompt them to enter their audible credentials to activate that computer for audible content. or i could use an old workaround and convert all the .aa titles to mp3 ... yep, hate DRM

adding in 100 audio books to eva requires some new commands. now 'list audio books' just returns a limited # of audio book titles (with author name, if available) to randomly browse the library. and now there is a command to 'list authors'. the next new command is 'search audio books for X' (e.g. search audio books for Dune OR search audio books for Frank Herbert) to just do a keyword search based off of title and author metadata. that supports some naming convention to order a series of books, e.g. i cant remember if 'the butlerian jihad' comes before 'the machine crusade'; so they are spoken in the proper order. finally, i added a command for 'what books are opened?', to return the most recent book titles that have already been started. those commands let me work with a large audio book library without having a display.