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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : mid month (snacking)Sat, 14 Feb 2009 23:51:01 GMT # 

the goal is to get below 200 lbs. started out at 203 ... so i thought it would be easy. then i unexpectedly gained 4 lbs the first week jumping to 207 lbs. i have no clue how i gained that much weight. i did cheat at a superbowl party, but not 3500 calories worth. everytime i think i've got nutrition figured out, something like this happens. so i've been on a 750 to 1000 caloric reduction for the last week. weighed in at 202 lbs the last 2 days and that puts me back on track.

aside, when it comes to snacks, i cannot handle moderation. if i buy something to snack on, i'm going to eat the entire thing immediately. e.g. movie snacks are gone before the trailers are over. the whole concept of somebody buying a bag of individual candies, and then consuming the bag over a couple of days is nonsensical. therefore i cannot keep snacks in the house at all. so i only need the will power to not buy snacks at the grocery store ... which is easy. the only way i could have snacks is if there were something like a time-locked safe. then i could keep snacks in there, and it could only be opened once a day. i could probably handle that. take a couple snacks out, close the door ... and once the sugar gets me all ramped up i would start trying to crack the safe, but it would keep me out until the next day. that is ... until i became a master safe cracker. it would also need some sort of weight sensor, so if i took all the candy out at once it would self destruct ... or something. maybe a timed treat dispenser? that would only release a couple small snacks a day (ala pet feeder). of course it would need some elaborate locking scheme that kept me from busting into the main compartment.