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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : sodiumWed, 18 Feb 2009 00:30:08 GMT # 

a trainer at the gym mentioned i'm getting to the point where i should look at sodium intake. we're supposed to limit sodium to about 2400mg a day. on reduced calories, it looks like i'm getting 2x that per day. and i dont even add salt to anything! once i start pushing more calories, i could easily see that increasing to 3x. even though i'm eating 'clean', my problem is i still deal too much with pre-packaged foods (for convenience). the simplest changes i can make are to : only get 'no salt added' veggies, start grilling my own meat products, and swap out some of the pre-packaged foods (e.g. instant grits and cottage cheese). i had already been choosing 'no salt' veggies if they were available, so it will be easy to make that mandatory. for grilling, i was going to have to make this change for when i switch to a caloric surplus. switching to regular grits, instead of instant, wont be too bad either; and i assume there is a better cottage cheese option if i dont buy the single serve packages.