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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : sodium reductionWed, 18 Feb 2009 23:37:36 GMT # 

rule 1, dont add salt ... ever. switched entirely to 'no salt added' canned veggies. that knocks off 150+ mg per serving. next, i was getting about 600 grams from packaged instant grits, so i switched to quick grits with 0 sodium. oatmeal is the same way. the packs have about 300mg of sodium, but plain quick oats have none ... so i'll have to start adding my own flavoring. i'm ultimately supposed to switch to steel oats, but the prep time is holding me back for now. related, instant cream of wheat has 160mg of sodium, while 'non instant' cuts that amount in half. then, pre-cooked meats were providing 1000+ mg. if i grill my own, i can cut that down to around 200mg. finally, my cottage cheese has 380mg. it seems like all cottage cheese has about the same amount of sodium, so i'll just keep alternating with yogurt which has lower sodium. making those changes cuts 1500-2000mg of sodium each day, and will put me just above the reccommended 2400mg limit. now i have to wait and see if this reduction in sodium will help me to shed more water weight.