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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : bulking planTue, 10 Mar 2009 02:53:28 GMT # 

my body type is a mix of meso- and endo-morph, so i can gain weight (either muscle or fat) easy. the problem is most bulking articles are written for ectomorhps (hardgainers), so i have to be careful. for nutrition, i'll have to keep eating clean. i wont have any cheat days and alcohol stays off the menu. if i dont eat clean, and just eat regular, then i'd probably gain too much fat. i've been at a 500-750 calorie deficit, so i'm increasing to maintenance by adding 250 calories each week. it'll take 3 weeks to reach maintenance, then i move to surplus calories. with a surplus, i'll add 250 calories every 2 weeks. chances are that i can only go 500 to 750 calories over maintenance. so i'll weigh and measure bodyfat percentage everyday to make sure that my bodyfat percentage isnt increasing too fast. for bodyweight, i only want to gain 1 (max 2) lbs a week. if i start gaining too quickly, then i'll reduce calories. and if my bodyfat percentage were to get to 12%, then i'd start transitioning back to a caloric reduction for another cutting phase. the additional calories will come mostly from carbs for energy and recovery. fat will be kept at 20% throughout, while protein will only be slightly over my bodyweight in grams. carbs will start about 40% and might increase to 50% when at a surplus. so i'll always get more carbs than protein. supplements stay the same, the only difference is i might switch to some protein drinks that include more carbs. lifting will be heavy weight at 5 to 8 reps. tempo will be quicker contraction and slower return. the schedule is 5 days on, 1 day off, to allow for more time to heal major muscle groups. cardio will be reduced to every other day. time will be limited to under 30 minutes, and primarily lower intensity. but i'll still probably do 1 high intensity cardio workout (jogging or stairs) each week. on off days, i wont lift or do any cardio at all. could potentially lower calories slightly on off days too.

er, um ... that's definitely the most planning i've ever put into gaining weight, so i hope this works better. one thing i'm ignoring is the articles recommend bulking for 6 to 8 months. i might do that later on, if i were starting at a lower bodyfat percentage. also if summer weren't coming up. this (short) bulking phase is really just prep work for another cutting phase in summer. then i could do an extended bulking phase next winter. if i can do extended bulking phases at all ...