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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : carb highSat, 14 Mar 2009 18:41:46 GMT # 

bulking is my element. to gain muscle, you need to perform the core lifts : bench, squat, deadlift. these core lifts are what release testosterone. i'll bench and squat year round, but i despise deadlift, so it gets saved for when i feel like some masochism. today was heavy leg day, so i busted it out, and it tore me down. its one of those workout sessions where you have to use both handrails to get down the stairs, and you have to contemplate if you're legs will hold out for the drive home. then its time for recovery. although the 'bodybuilding for endomorphs' says to avoid dextrose and high carbs such as waximaize, i'm going to ignore that on heavy days. so i took a full scoop of waximaize post workout ... 40 grams of quick carbs ... AWESOME! after 11 months of a carb deficit, i can basically feel my muscles healing. serious endorphin high ... this is why i'm addicted to workout out. next time though, i should probably split the waximaize dose up for pre and post workout (20 grams each). i also have to avoid overtraining, because i'll crave this feeling, so its easy for me to start working out too much, instead of giving myself time to heal.

finished my first week of bulking. weight started at 218, then it steadily increased to 220, so i was going to leave calories between 2250 and 2500. this was confusing to me, because 2500 calories should still be a deficit, or at least maintenance. my only guess is that my body is storing away extra water and glycogen from the increased carbs, because my bodyfat percentage was staying just at 10%. well, i woke up today back at 218, so i'll increase calories by 250 for 2500 to 2750 a day. i'll probably shoot for 2750 on heavy days, and 2500 on light days. maybe 2250 on my day off.