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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : eating outSun, 15 Mar 2009 20:37:41 GMT # 

i can generally find something healthy (or at least decent) when eating out, IF the restaurant provides nutrition info. i'll check online first. if they dont have any, then i contact them through email. others provide partial nutrition info, for the stuff they think is healthy ... so i want these to provide the entire menu. the other pain is the ones that provide the individual ingredients (e.g. for a burrito), but dont provide a web app to help you calculate the total. i'll write and complain to these sites as well. sometimes you can find a 3rd party nutrition site that has calculated the nutrition info for popular items. if i still go to one of those restaurants, and i know their website was lacking, then i'll ask them for nutrition info when i get to the restaurant. sometimes that'll bring the manager out so i can ask them directly, to put it on their radar. anyway, it shouldn't be this difficult. i think New York recently voted to require calorie info on menus ... that needs to catch on.