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DesktopWeb FormText   no longer an MS MVPWed, 01 Apr 2009 05:12:58 GMT # 

the streak is broken. ended up with 6 different award categories in 6 years : tablet, embedded, web services, media center, office communication server, client app dev. i'm assuming that's some sort of record for being noncommital? if so, i retire as the undefeated champion of my own little world.

decided a year ago, at the 08 Summit, that i was going to concentrate on -brawn and finally switch to working out like a bodybuilder. made alot of progress; and that conversion is still in the works. on the brains- side, i wanted to move away from a bunch of short (~1 month) articles that i never use and end up as dead code that people write me about years later. instead, i wanted to switch to a long term project that i actually use. that is eva.