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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : transitioning off bulkingTue, 14 Apr 2009 03:25:41 GMT # 

i've been at a caloric surplus and have put back on about 5 lbs to get to 205 lbs. bodyfat percentage hasnt changed much, so i should have gained mostly muscle. at least my upper body looks visibly bigger and i've regained some strength (e.g. back to 315 lbs on bench for reps). on the other hand, my belly measures larger and looks softer. i could continue bulking, but i'd rather get synced up with the seasons and lose some more fat during spring and summer. for the rest of this month i'll drop 250 calories each week to get back to maintenance caloric levels. will start adding back in more cardio too. then i'll spend 3 to 5 months at reduced calories. the new goal will be to get below 8% bodyfat. afterwards, i'll do a long term bulking phase for 4 to 6 months during fall and winter.

made some more nutritional changes. my grocery store stopped carrying 'without-yolk' egg beaters, so now i have to separate the white from regular eggs. i'd previously cut out most dairy products, so i haven't been getting enough calcium. fixed by adding a daily calcium supplement. that little change seemed to help my strength too. to avoid eating oats all the time, i'd been eating grits for breakfast. ends up grits aren't that great nutritionally (low fiber and higher GI). now i use pearled barley. the final change is that i'm going to go all-out for this next round of cutting by preparing my own lunches. that change will reduce my sodium intake by 1/3. it will also knock out some sugar and remove all flour from my diet. i'll make some other changes from the last cutting phase too. first, on heavy leg days, i'll increase carbs to maintenance levels. next, i'll stick with more low intensity cardio.