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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : treadmill deskTue, 21 Apr 2009 02:46:49 GMT # 

been kicking around the idea of setting up a treadmill desk for a while. finally went and tested out some treadmills this weekend. the Sole F63 is my current choice, but i'll end up trying a bunch more. the site linked has some good posts about what to look for : large belt, quiet but powerful engine, stable frame, warranty, etc. i don't want to build a frame around the treadmill, so i'm leaning towards mounting an LCD screen on a side wall so that it can swing out in front of the treadmill. then i'll make a minimal desk that rests on the treadmill frame for a keyboard and trackball. i'm assuming a trackball will be easier to use than a mouse while walking. will use a KVM switch to move between walking and sitting, because i'm doubtful that i can actually code while walking ...