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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : not the swine fluFri, 01 May 2009 03:17:39 GMT # 

my germ collection center is the gym. since i had heard about swine flu on monday morning, i made sure to wash my hands after the monday afternoon workout. of course i get the flu that night ... and it kicked my ass. didn't need to visit a doctor, so i have no way of knowing if i had the swine flavor. i'm assuming i just had the regular kind, and it's just coincidence. the only thing that would lead me to think it was the swine flu, is that i've been ultra healthy for the last year, so my immune system is maxed, and the swine flu supposedly tears up good immune systems.

at least it had good timing, because i needed to get away from the gym for more than a couple days. the bad news is my diet is all screwed up. only managed to eat about 500 calories within the first 24 hrs. that sucked! right now i'm just trying to push caloric dense foods to get my energy (and any strength) back. so dairy and fruits are back in. been getting lots of simple carbs, because that is about all i can stomach. slowly increasing protein intake, because its way down, but my appetite isn't interested in the protein at all.

i had been really motivated to start another round of cutting tomorrow. that's been delayed.