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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : 1st month of cutting wrapupMon, 01 Jun 2009 00:02:38 GMT # 

this wasn't a good month. started out at 205 lbs, and the goal was to get below 200 lbs. then i got the flu and dropped below 200 lbs in less than a week. since then my bodyweight has been bouncing back and forth between 200 and 202 lbs. i'm hoping that my bodyweight kept fluctuating like that because it was regaining some of the muscle i lost during the flu. else, i need to re-evaluate how many calories i actually burn per day. or i'm underestimating how many calories i consume per day. started out consuming about 2300-2400 calories per day (20-25% good fats, 250 grams protein, the rest as carbs). for the last week, to drop below 200 lbs, i switched to 2000-2100 calories (20% good fats, 225 grams protein, the rest as carbs). i also added back in some high intensity cardio (i.e. jogging). was hoping to avoid jogging because that really saps my leg strength for lifting, but i seem to get better weight loss results from jogging, and weight loss is the current priority.

the good news is i did make it just under 200 lbs. for bodyfat percentage, i had been measuring 10-11%, and now i'm measuring 9-10%. another cool measurement is that my waist and belly (at belly button) both measured in exactly the same. those two measurements have slowly been converging. i still have a little flare out at my love handles ... which are going to be stubborn. i'm also happier with what i'm eating this round. mainly, i'm eating most of my protein (150g) vs what i get from protein powders (75g). and i'm getting protein from a wide variety of sources. each day generally consists of a protein from eggs, beef, chicken or turkey, fish, and cottage cheese. the protein powder sources are whey, isolate, and casein. also eating more veggies this round. sugar intake is kept to about 5% per day, and sodium is kept around 2.5 grams. i had been getting ALOT more sodium from deli meats the previous round of cutting.

of course, with low calories, my strength and energy are down. this becomes a battle against my ego. its mentally challenging for me to tear myself down while cutting. especially now that its summer and the punk kids are coming back from college. the testosterone tells me to eat some more carbs and kick their ass on the weights. instead, i have to keep that under wraps and ignore when somebody is lifting heavier than me. that is why i've never been able to switch to bodybuilding in the past. granted, once i get leaner, the plan is to bulk back up ...