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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : 2nd month of cutting planSat, 06 Jun 2009 14:50:22 GMT # 

this months goal is to lose 5 and get under 195 lbs. for nutrition, i'm going to stay at 2000 calories (20% good fats, 225 grams protein, the rest as carbs). its actually more like 2100 calories, because i allow myself to snack on low cal items throughout the day, but they are too low cal to count without feeling silly. this technique of shooting for really low caloric intake and then allowing small 'cheats' throughout the day seems to work best for me; compared to having a higher initial caloric intake and then not allowing any cheats. on heavy weight days, i will add in some extra starchy carbs post workout. for cardio, i'll do 30 minutes each day. it will mostly be lower intensity post workout, but i'll jog on my off day. if i need an extra push to meet the goal, then i'll add in an additional 30 minutes of low intensity cardio in the morning. for lifting, i need to increase the weight and lower the reps. probably 3 to 4 sets of 7 to 10 reps. workouts are split for 5 days on and 1 off : chest, bis/traps/abs, legs/calves, back, tris/shoulders/abs, off

for bodyfat, my chest is measuring 4-6, thigh is 5-7, and belly is 15-17. so that is where i'm still carrying most of the fat. upper abs are visible, but the lower 4 are still covered by a sheet of fat. love handles are there too. i really wish spot reduction worked, but it doesn't, so i'm going to have to keep pushing my bodyfat percentage down. keep hoping that i reach some point where i've cut enough fat from the rest of my body that it just starts shedding off my belly. it seems that my bodyfat measurements for my belly have to start converging with my chest and thigh measurements sometime soon. i'm also hoping that when i start to bulk back up, that my body does a slightly better job at distributing fat throughout my entire body.

been preparing my own meals, so i'm slowly learning how to cook (a little). anyway, i just started marinating. started out with some store bought marinades, but i just noticed they all have high fructose corn syrup ... as the 2nd main ingredient (behind water). WTF! i really did not expect a sugar substitute to be in that many marinades. now i'm having to play around and make my own.