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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : end of month wrapupThu, 02 Jul 2009 22:57:04 GMT # 

crap ... i did not meet this months goal to get below 195 lbs. lowest i got was 196 lbs. i hate not meeting a goal. at least there is some good news and my bodyfat measurements did keep getting smaller. so now my belly is measuring below 15. chest and thigh measurements are staying the same. the rest of my measurements stayed the same as last month too, except my waist dropped another 1/2 inch. and my calves finally gained a little ... damn you calves.

guess i hit a plateau? searched around for how people got through their plateus, and all the advice was stuff i'm alreay doing. double crap! my calories have been well below 2000. the problem seems to be that my body is ridiculously efficient. pair that with a sedentary job and my body has no problems getting by with minimal calories. so calories are already low, and i do not want to cut them further. instead, i'm going to relax things for a bit. nutritionally, i'm going to try a more low-carb approach. i'm going to cut out all grains and just get carbs from veggies. they'll be mostly fibrous veggies with some starchy variety before workouts. i'm also going to add back in fruits, primarily berries and apples. dairy will remain limited. protein is always high. will slightly increase fat intake too

my workouts also hit a wall. energy levels were down and i was having trouble concentrating at the gym. so i'm taking some time off from the gym to recharge and let the body heal. on the home front, i picked up a treadmill for the treadmill desk. hoping to get time this weekend to look at monitors and wall mounts. probably another couple weeks before i get it all setup. i'm really interested to see if i can actually code while walking. i definitely think my preference for trackballs will be a benefit. just starting to get acclimated to it by using it while watching tv. might try playing an xbox game with it after that. hmm ... guitar hero on a treadmill? maybe not.