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DesktopWeb FormText   got the treadmill desk setupSun, 12 Jul 2009 15:22:36 GMT # 

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i'm used to a 17 inch notebook monitor, so i'm loving the 23 inch monitor for the treadmill. its arms length away and visibility is fine. i'm not used to reading while moving, so we'll see how i adjust to that. the ergotron lx wall mount works great too. also setup the ergotron lx keyboard. first, i'm not sure if i like where i mounted it. set it up so that i could fold the keyboard out of the way, which might be nice. but the problem is the mouse pad is right next to the wall mount when its positioned. so i might re-install it to make the mouse pad area less crowded. but i need to pick up another trackball first, because that might make it a non-issue. definitely cannot see using a mouse on the keyboard mount, because the surface area is just too small. also, the keyboard mount is a little wobbly while walking. its not bad, but i think a simple desk across the hands of the treadmill might be slightly more stable. finally, i need to get a centered keyboard, without number pad. i'd definitely get used to it, but its an OCD thing for me to keep things aligned.