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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : treadmill desk softwareTue, 14 Jul 2009 01:56:37 GMT # 

my goal is to be able to swap between sitting and the treadmill desk quickly. so i use my main dev notebook while seated. the display is duplicated to the treadmill desk monitor. the keyboard and the trackball desk for the treadmill desk are connected to a USB hub. chose not to mess around with wireless. for mic input, i think i can use a Y-cable to connect 2 mics into 1 mic input.

audio output is still a problem. i use the notebook speakers when seated. on the treadmill desk, i'd like to use the monitors built-in speakers. but when i connect a cable to the headphone output of the notebook, it cuts off the notebook speakers. there doesnt seem to be a setting (bios or OS) to change this. then i tried adding a USB sound card, but Vista doesnt automatically support sending output to 2 devices. maybe there is a virtual audio device that i can set as default, and have it output to 2 enabled audio devices (notebook and USB sound card). else, i'll have to use external speakers for the notebook too. for now, i'll write a quick tray app that i can 1-click to swap default audio device. maybe i can detect when the external monitor is turned on/off, and have it automatically switch at that time?

anyway, if i can get sound working, then swapping to the treadmill desk will just involve turning on the treadmill and the monitor (which will turn on sound). and swapping back to sitting will just involve turning off the treadmill and the monitor (turning off sound).