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DesktopWeb FormText   changing default audio deviceTue, 14 Jul 2009 05:04:21 GMT # 

so i wrote the little app to change default audio device. except it doesnt work anymore. the code should work, but it throws the obligatory security exception. it used to work when i tested the code for /eva. it works by changing the defaut device in the registry. the downside to this technique is having to manually provide permissions to those registry keys, which i didnt want to do with /eva, but would be ok for the treadmill desk setup. anyway, i changed the registry permissions, but it still exceptions. PITA! i hate when Vista looks like its going to give me the access i need, but then it doesnt.

but there is another little app, Vista Audio Changer. it works by recreating the user clicks to change default audio device, so registry permissions aren't necessary. i'll probably use it until i migrate to Windows 7 ... which i'm assuming provides better audio APIs ... please