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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : treadmill desk deskThu, 16 Jul 2009 03:13:32 GMT # 

the wall keyboard mount is decent, but not great. it moves around just enough to jar my favorite trackball, which makes trackballing extremely difficult. there's not much mousing surface area, so i wouldnt even try to use a mouse with it. also, the mounting arm blocks one of the cup holders. i pretty much have a drink around at all times, so i'm reluctant to give up a cup holder. next, it only fits a small to mid-size keyboard. i'd rather have a full-sized keyboard, with a split to make finding the home keys easier. right now, i keep finding myself looking down to find the home keys. also, a full-size keyboard would have the extra buttons to help reduce mouse usage. so far, i'm finding keyboard usage easier than trackball usage, so i'm using more keyboard shortcuts. finally, the wall mount doesnt provide any extra desk space. i don't need a ton of space, but i would use it if i had it. that said, the dual wall mounts look very slick. as a replacement, i'm probably going to try this build over the weekend. but i'll stick with the single tier model, since i dont need the upper tier for a monitor, and it'd just get in the way of the console and its prized cup holders.