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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : treadmill desk v2Mon, 20 Jul 2009 04:10:07 GMT # 

so i basically did this build for v2. except his is 2 tier and he uses shelving components. my local Lowes and Home Depot only sold the entire shelves, and not components. the Container Store does have components online, but i didnt check my local store. regardless, i took measurements for what components i would need and just happened to notice that a modified wire shelf would work perfect. found a black 4-shelf system at wal-mart for $35. measuring 54 high x 36 wide x 14 deep. my treadmill is something like 34 inches wide and i need the keyboard to be at least 48 inches from the ground. i used 14 inch wire cutters ($15) to cut the 2 bottom shelves so only 3 sides remained to connect the 4 legs. the 4th side of these shelves was removed, along with the inner wires for the shelf for where my legs will be stepping. the very bottom shelf is up high enough, so that i can raise the treadmill to its highest incline. the 3rd shelf also lost a side and its inner wires so i could push the entire unit closer to the console. the last shelf is mounted close to the very top for my keyboard and mouse. on top of that, i took a 36 width x 16 depth shelf ($10) and drilled 3/4 inch holes in it, then set it on top of the final wire shelf to give me a wood surface to work on. plus that adds a little weight to the setup. its definitely a little more sturdy than the keyboard wall mount, and adds surface area, although i should add more weight to it. also need to pick up a keyboard wrist rest. not sure about the keyboard height/angle either, it probably needs to be a little higher.