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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : treadmill desk trackballFri, 24 Jul 2009 02:21:38 GMT # 

started out trying to use a mouse. the problem is my entire forearm moves when walking, so that makes it difficult to mouse at the same time. next, i tried a finger-controlled trackball. this worked better because my forearm movement could be ignored. but my arm positioning made it a little awkward (ergonomically) to use my fingers for control. finally, i tried a thumb-controlled trackball (logitech trackman). this seems to work best for me, because i can put a little more pressure on the opposite side of my hand for stability when walking, and its easy to lift my thumb off the ball to keep it from bouncing around. this trackball has a scroll wheel, but no back button. this would be a killer if the microsoft ergonomic keyboard 4000/7000 did not have its own back button. anyway, to make it usable, i still have to turn the trackball speed down to about 50% for any sort of accuracy while walking. its easy enough to target most anything, except when it comes to resizing a column/panel within a window. IIRC 'project origami' had some control tweaks to make it easier to use the OS with touch. i'm hoping Windows 7 has some similar enhancements. also, i'm using the trackball on a mouse pad with integrated wrist rest to keep my wrist in a neutral position. so that gets me a decent control setup for the treadmill desk. now i need to get a microphone setup.