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DesktopWeb FormText   treadmill desk : acclimationSun, 26 Jul 2009 17:13:28 GMT # 

its just walking ... how hard can it be? although my life is sedentary, i am in good shape, but the treadmill desk does take some effort. been walking 2-4 hrs everyday. it sounds like alot ... yes and no. 2 hrs is only 2 miles (at 1 mph). compare that to pedometers which want 10,000 steps (approximately 5 miles) a day. but it is alot, because it started out awkward to walk at such a slow speed. plus its a longer amount of time than i usually do cardio for. i've actually been sore from it. first, i've been trying the whole barefoot thing. there's the idea that we are made to run barefoot and studies showing that athletic shoes haven't been reducing injuries. so i've been mostly walking barefoot, and my bare feet aren't used to that much abuse. they were really sore early on to the point that i had to wear shoes for a couple sessions. but my feet seem to be getting used to it and i haven't had any foot pain lately. when i do wear shoes, i can increase walking speed; although that decreases mousing accuracy. second pain point has been my hips. after an hour of walking, my hips started to have some discomfort. i've torn a hip flexor before, so i might just chalk that one up to an 'old war wound'. for now, i've been limiting each session to about 1 to 2 hrs, and do that 2 times a day. the plan is to slowly increase the time of each session. third, my butt was sore. at normal walking speeds, i would use my thighs more, and they would become sore. at the slower speed, it really works the glutes. thats just standard muscle soreness and can be ignored. finally, eye discomfort. for the first week, my eyes felt a bit strained. this is from walking and reading at the same time. they do seem to be adjusting and dont feel strained anymore.

but the good news is there are frequently sessions when i 'forget' i'm even on the treadmill desk, and i look down to see a ton of time has passed such that the minutes have rolled over on the console.