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DesktopWeb FormText   lightning strike recoverySat, 22 Aug 2009 17:48:58 GMT # 

my cable modem, router, and hubs all seem to be working fine. i have no clue how they were not knocked out but 5 of the ethernet ports on my devices were? anyway, i found a long ethernet cable that had a good connection and ran it to the 5 devices, and they're all dead. sucks! so now i'm trying to rebuild the network.

1) the ReadyNAS is dead to the world. without ethernet, i cant get to the data. nor can i plug in a usb-to-ethernet adapter. all i can do at this point is send it off for repair. i dont have critical data on this drive ... but this is bad. i'm assuming the data is fine, but there is no way for me to know for sure.

2) my dev notebook is now on a usb-to-ethernet 100 Mbps adapter. i've ordered a gigabit usb adapter to try out next week. i found an ExpressCard gigabit adapter, but then i realized the ExpressCard slot is positioned exactly where i place my wrists, so it would not be usable.
this is kind of weird. the ethernet port that was hit stays lit up (orange) even when a cable is not plugged in. software-wise, the computer no longer even sees it as a usable device.

3) server - gigabit pcmcia card.

4) xbox 360 - for now, i just put it on wireless, and that is working fine. ultimately, i want to get it wired again for netflix streaming, so i'll wait to see about rumored price drops on the elite model.
this one is also a little weird. there are no lights on the ethernet port to check, but if i have a cable plugged in and run the network test, then it notices that there is a cable and keeps trying to switch between LAN and wireless, although the LAN has no connection.

5) xbmc - i'm going to check today to see if there are even any used xbox1 available. this also gives me an excuse to check out the Sage HD Theater or the Xtreamer. I'm leaning towards the Sage because it has an SDK that I could write some custom apps with. but i'm not in a huge rush to fix this because i can also stream with the 360 and Popcorn Hour; although the 360 has minimal features and the Popcorn Hour has a crappy UI. i'd check out getting xbmc running on an AppleTV if they had a windows boot loader, but they are still working on it.

finally, i have to look for a new UPS. i'm still assuming that the strike got in through the coax of the cable modem. i've seen UPS that have coax input and output, so i'll start there. also saw that there might be some UPS with ethernet jacks. so i'd run the coax through the UPS before going to the cable modem, and then have the ethernet out also go back through the UPS ... just in case.