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DesktopWeb FormText   lightning strike : cable companyTue, 25 Aug 2009 20:32:07 GMT # 

still trying to find out how my equipment was damaged, and what i can do to keep it from happening again ... so i called the cable company to send somebody out to check. they say that everything on their end was grounded properly, and the house looks grounded properly too. i showed him how my TV was on an UPS with coax protection. he said that wasnt even necessary. anyway, i'm not removing it because the TV survived. on the data side, the coax going to the cable modem is on an UPS (without coax protection). he said that the cable modem would be fried if that is where the spike got in. that makes sense to me too ... but i'm still going to put that coax on a newer UPS with coax protection. on the other hand, the UPS seemed to work and everything stayed powered on ... plus only ethernet ports were damaged ... which makes me think it got in through the coax. anyway, the technician admitted he didnt know much about electricity ... so i've got an electrician coming by tomorrow.