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DesktopWeb FormText   lightning strike : electricianWed, 26 Aug 2009 18:30:03 GMT # 

electrician came by, actually the same guy that helped me out about 2 years ago, and is confident that it was an electrical surge that crossed over to my data line; and that my UPS would not be able to protect against it. his suggestion is to install a power conditioner, at the circuit panel, that will protect my entire house. based on the number of problems i've had with electricity in this condo ... i'm sold. on the plus side, it might lower my electricity bill too. that should get installed next week.

aside, i just noticed that one of my newer UPS already has ethernet protection. the only problem is its not gigabit. so i'm going to move that to protect the ethernet coming out of the cable modem (since its not gigabit), and then i might install one of these for gigabit protection on my LAN.

that leaves NetGear, who is taking too long to get back to me about repairing my ReadyNAS. and now i need to get with APC to see if they will cover some of the damage to my equipment.