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DesktopWeb FormText   /eva : grammar failing on windows 7Fri, 28 Aug 2009 19:14:57 GMT # 

another fallout from the lightning strike is it killed the harddisk on the /eva server. so i swapped out the harddisk and upgraded it to windows 7. but now 2 of grammars will not load. the problem is when i reference an n-gram (conversational) .cfg grammar from a dynamically built command-and-control grammar. so the user would say 'search tracks for gabriel and dresden'. 'search tracks for' is command and control, while 'gabriel and dresden' would match an n-gram utterance. the code follows (works on System.Speech on Vista, but not on Windows 7):

SemanticResultValue srvSearch = new SemanticResultValue("search tracks for ", "search tracks for ");
string musFold = SettingsImpl.GetGramDir();
string ngramPath = musFold + "NgramFilename_EN-US_UntitledCommand1.cfg";
GrammarBuilder gbFilenameGram = new GrammarBuilder();
gbFilenameGram.AppendRuleReference(ngramPath, "#UntitledCommand1");
SemanticResultKey srkFilenameGram = new SemanticResultKey("valSearch", gbFilenameGram);
gbSearchForX = srvSearch.ToGrammarBuilder();