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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : progressTue, 22 Sep 2009 14:55:38 GMT # 

for the last 4 months, my bodyweight kept bouncing between 196 and 201 lbs; although the goal had been to get below 195 lbs. so i backpedaled and started experimenting with the diet. i tried a seriously low carb approach, but that destroyed my energy levels and ability to think. then i tried just getting starchy carbs before and after a workout. the problem with this approach is that i never seemed to wake up in the morning. so i found out that i require starchy carbs in the morning (to get started) and then before and after workout. that worked for about a week, and then my energy levels would start dipping.

what seems to be working now is to have a mandatory 'cheat' day. for 5 days, i eat 1500-1750 calories per day. 40 grams fat, around 125 grams carbs, and over 200 grams protein. these days are mostly lean meats, fibrous veggies, some starchy veggies and some grain. i dont get any fruit or dairy on these days ... so there is very little sugar. on the 6th day, i 'cheat', and get about 2500 calories. i change things up by eating over 250 grams of protein, around 300 grams of carbs, and only incidental fats (less than 20 grams). the additional carbs come from more grains and starchy veggies, plus lots of fruit and dairy (tons of sugar). this cheat day seems to keep my metabolism from becoming too efficient. it also keeps my energy levels from dipping too low.

on the new diet, my bodyweight just dropped to 194 lbs. this is significant because it makes a total loss of 50 lbs. for bodyfat calipers, my chest and thighs still measure around 4-6. my belly had been measuring 15, but now its down to around 10. for measurements, my waist dropped from 36 to 35.5. belly (measured at belly button) dropped from 36 to 35. love handles dropped from 37 to 36. so this is the first time my belly measurement dropped below my waist measurement. visibly, i still have some fat covering my lower abs. the love handles are smaller but starting to shape up. the new stubborn fat seems to be some lower back fat.

the new goal is to drop below 190 lbs. i'm going to keep the diet as-is until my energy levels start dropping. then i might switch from 5 days on 1 cheat, to 4 days on 1 cheat.