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DesktopWeb FormText   treadmill desk with weight vestTue, 13 Oct 2009 18:34:01 GMT # 

i like the treadmill desk, but the problem is its been a bit too easy. if i increase the speed, then it becomes much more difficult to use the mouse accurately. the other option is too increase the incline. this increases the diffuculty at lower speeds, but changes the ergonomics. this wouldnt be a problem if i could easily change the height of the desk. its also not as 'smooth', because my trunk isnt as stable vertically. but now i've started to wear a weight vest while walking on the treadmill desk. this increases the difficulty at low speeds and doesnt mess up the ergonomics. started out by adding 20 lbs ... and love it. now it actually feels like a workout. it really works the leg muscles and forces the core to activate. i wish i'd been doing this from the beginning, and adding weight to the vest as i lost body fat. as far as vests, my vest is long-wide and goes up to 40 lbs. the plan is to outgrow this vest, and then switch to a short-narrow vest that can hold more weight. also, i need to make sure that the side straps are padded (and/or low), because my inner arms rub against the straps because of my lats.