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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : food showsSun, 25 Oct 2009 17:17:53 GMT # 

er, um ... i've been searching for healthy cooking / food science shows. notice that most of these are for foreign audiences. here's what i've looked at :

BBC The Truth About Food - 6 part series about being healthy, sexy, feeding kids, etc... good stuff. i like how the UK will somewhat abuse the people they use in their experiments.

Food Detectives - food science. so far there experiements are entertaining, but i'm not sure i've gotten much use out of them. granted, i've only seen a couple episodes.

Food Investigators - Australian series that is mostly about how to pick healthier foods. i like it.

Good Eats - educational and entertaining. the problem is alot of the dishes have been too unhealthy. so i generally watch it to learn cooking basics, how to pick ingredients, and then i look for healthier preparation options online; or i make my own substitutions. but the host, Alton Brown, just lost something like 45 lbs ... so i'm holding my breath that the series will become healthier.

American Test Kitchen - this is real similar to Good Eats. they go in depth about 1 dish / ingredient, talk about cooking options, tools, etc... this show stands out in that they seem to frequently show what can go wrong.

What's Really in our Food - i think this is New Zealand. similar to Food Investigators, they help you decide the healthiest foods to eat. i like it.

Biggest Loser - er, um ... i tried to watch this, but i hated it. its way too much reality tv, too much intensive training, and barely any nutrition. people commonly refer to losing weight as 80-90% nutrition ... but instead the show seems to show 80-90% training.

what else should i be watching?