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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : end of yearFri, 01 Jan 2010 02:50:24 GMT # 

i met this years goal. bodyweight dropped just below 190 lbs. bodyfat percentage is below 8%. in total, i lost ~20 lbs this year (55 lbs from Apr 1st 08). visibly, i still have a little fat covering my lower abs and love handles. that said i've got more definition all around; especially when lifting. my strength has dropped a little, but is still about the same as the start of the year. leg strength is actually up after re-incorporating deadlifts. for lean muscle mass, i still seem to average losing 1 lb of muscle per every 5 lbs lost.

its been a struggle with my ego as i lose size and strength. so i have to keep promising myself that i'll work on bulking up again later. and i'm trying to redirect the ego towards getting lean and seeing more definition. this part is not easy for me.

i kept experimenting with nutrition. the main change was avoiding all processed foods, and preparing all my own meals. a typical day now looks like :

breakfast - oatmeal and egg white (1 yolk) pancake, asparagus
snack - blend protein shake, mixed berries
lunch - 4oz chicken, brussel sprouts
meal - 4oz fish, quinoa or barley, green beans
pre workout meal - 4oz beef, mixed veggies (starchy)
post workout drink - whey protein shake, yogurt, blueberries
post workout meal - 4oz turkey, beans, broccoli
nighttime snack - casein protein (on heavy days, mix with tofu)
other snacks throughout the day might be edamame, almonds, prunes.

this meal plan gives me a consistent amount of protein throughout the day, from many different sources. it minimizes carbs, fruit, and dairy but still keeps my energy levels constant (mentally and physically). compared to last year, i eat alot more veggies, which provides a ton more fiber. i really like this plan on the days when i get to workout early in the morning, because then i get almost all my starchy carbs taken care of just after noon.

it sounds trivial, but i spent some time this year learning about grocery stores. serious. i would go into a store during their off hours and spend an hour or two studying the products they offered. reading labels and comparing products takes time. i also tried some new foods. each shopping trip, i made sure to pick up 1 new item that i had no idea how to eat. then i'd go home and search for 'how to eat/cook X'. youTube really came in handy for this.

next years goal is set. the plan is to keep cutting down to the obligatory 'six pack'. i'm not entirely sure what my bodyweight will need to be to meet this goal? when i weighed 245, i would have guessed 215. when i was 215, i would have guessed 200. when i was 200, i would have guessed 190. now i'm 190 ... and i've learned to stop guessing. anyway, i calculate my lean mass above 175 lbs (estimated) ... so i should be close ... hopefully. the problem is my genetic disposition for storing fat primarily at the midsection is entirely working against me.

so this post is to draw a line in the sand :
i will post an 'after' picture sometime in 2k10