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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : new planFri, 22 Jan 2010 00:49:19 GMT # 

as i lose more weight, it becomes harder for me to keep losing. i think part of the problem is my body is too efficient. so the plan is to keep it guessing. i already do this when it comes to weight training, but haven't really tried it with nutrition. for nutrition, i've mostly kept moving calories lower, and that works to an extent; until your body starts shutting down. the plan is to cycle between what would be a pre-contest bodybuilder diet and then a weight gain diet. i'm thinking 4 weeks pre-contest and then 2 weeks weight gain to start off with.

the pre-contest diet is super restrictive. only lean proteins (chicken, turkey, lean fish, egg whites). starchy complex carbs earlier in the day (oatmeal, bulgur, sweet potato). fibrous carbs in the evening (broccoli, green beans, asparagus, ...). fats from flaxseed oil and almonds. within this phase, i'm also going to try carb cycling. so i'll have a high carb day (150 grams), medium (100 grams) day, and low carb (~50 grams) days.

the weight gain phase will still be 'clean' food, but more of it for more calories. fattier protein sources will be added back in (e.g. beef, salmon, sardines, some egg yolks), and every day will be a higher carb day. there will also be more 'good fat' foods (e.g. avocado). plus fruits (e.g. berries) and dairy (e.g. greek yogurt).

the workout routine will coincide with the nutrition routine. so i'll be training for size during the pre-contest diet (i.e. 10+ reps) and for strength during the weight gain phase (5 reps). the extra calories are needed for the heavier weight, and the heavier weight is needed to get the testosterone flowing.