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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : GoWearFit caloriesSat, 23 Jan 2010 04:16:01 GMT # 

picked up a GoWearFit to try out. mainly, i just wanted to get another calorie estimate. initially, it estimates the calories i needed based on age, weight, activity, weight trend. this initial estimate was 3000 calories. based on counting calories for over a year, i knew this was a high estimate.

now having worn the device for 2 days, its averaging that i'm burning over 3200 calories each day. i also think this is a high estimate. because i generally eat about 2000 calories. if i was really burning over calories 3000 calories a day, then i would be losing 2 lbs each week. the problem is my weight has been mostly constant lately, and i generally only lost 1 lb a week when i was losing. when i was heavier, i did need 3000 calories; but as i lost the weight, it dropped to 2500 calories, and then 2000. at one point, i was only eating about 1500-1750 calories a day to keep losing. anyway, i'm assuming its caloric expenditure estimate is high because it initially estimated by caloric needs were so high.

so i ran its nutrition estimator by providing 3 days of my food log. that dropped my estimated caloric needs down to 2000 calories a day (thats with a 10% underestimation). so i'm assuming the GoWearFit device will have more conservative measurements over the next couple days.