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DesktopWeb FormText   brawn : (pre) scivation pre-contest dietSun, 28 Feb 2010 01:41:18 GMT # 

i've taken a week off of dieting. so my bodyweight shot up 5 lbs. i have taken in alot of calories, but that should mainly be stored glycogen and water weight ... which i'll shed real quick. i've definitely been able to tell that my glycogen stores are full when lifting and powering through cardio. thats been fun; but i've also been feeling bloated from all the calories. plus all the additional sugars / carbs / fats / sodium have really cranked up the cravings. when i was cutting the last month i was rarely hungry; but the last week of not-dieting, i've wanted to eat all the time.

been checking out the scivation diet, and its got more than a couple interesting parts. mainly, its weird with carbs. its seriously low carb, in that it pushes alot of fibrous carbs with every meal, but you really only get complex carbs with the re-feed meal every 3rd day. and that re-feed meal is your last meal before bed ... carbs before bed, that'll be new. the other weird part is the diet's ok with fruit (grapefruits or blueberries) in the morning and at night ... every day! i like that alot. those simple carbs should help keep me sane. but i'm worried about the lack of complex carbs in the morning. but i'll give it a shot, because the simple sugars from the fruit might be enough. another odd thing is that its against the insulin spike post-workout. that'll be new for me to try out as well. it really recommends BCAAs during your workout, but i'm not one to carry around a bottle at the gym, so i'll opt for a protein drink immediately after cardio. that said, i do drink BCAAs throughout the rest of the day. of course its high protein but its also high fat. it starts out higher fat than i'm really comfortable with, so that will be where i cut back to reduce calories first. at least the constant fat intake throughout the day should help my energy levels. also sort of remember reading something about improved protein uptake when you have some fats with protein? this also gives me some flexibility to have some meals with a higher fat protein source and just not add any more fat sources to the meal. the plan can be used for months, so you start out higher calories and then reduce as you hit a sticking point. i haven't done that for a while, but will start that up again. i'm also going to stick with whole foods, and only rely on protein powder post-workout.

can already kind of guess how i'll modify this plan. first, i'll cut fats as i hit a sticking point. second, i might have to add some complex carbs into the morning meal. third, i might have to add some complex carbs post-workout as well.