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DesktopWeb FormText   retiring the dev notebookTue, 02 Mar 2010 21:07:52 GMT # 

amazingly, this dev notebook survived almost 3.5 years (Oct 2006). had been holding out for USB 3.0, but finally had to give up because this one's on its last legs : 1) DVD burner stopped working back in 2007. actually, i dont think i've had any notebook DVD burner last more than 1 year. 2) ethernet port doesn't work because it was destroyed by a lightning strike surge. 3) only 1 USB port still works. the other 3 have been worn down so much that they only recognize that a device is connected for a couple minutes. so i have a hub connected to the 1 working port. 4) power connection is bad. i had to dremel the lip off the plug so i could shove it deeper into the connection. and the plug has electrical tape around it to keep the connection tight. 5) lost the left-shift and left-ctrl keys on the keyboard. been having to use the 'righties' instead. 6) battery no longer holds a charge. if the bad power connection becomes loose, then it powers down within 5 minutes. anyway, it made it through a ton of code ... it'll be missed.