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DesktopWeb FormText   regarding extended downtimeThu, 30 Dec 2004 02:48:19 GMT # 

roland thinks that brains-N-brawn might be too obnoxious of a domain name. and that might be a reason i worked so little this last year. he's definitely right about the domain name being obnoxious. that was intentional. and mainly as a self challenge. if i was going to have the balls to brand myself that way ... then i better work my ass off to put some meat behind it. i've certainly tried to meet that challenge. ashamedly, i have let the brawn aspect slip ... and am in the process of beginning a new workout program. but i question that the name has kept potential employers at bay? 95% of my contracts have been through recruiters. when presenting me to a client, they typically take my resume and stuff it into their format. in that phase they usually strip off all of my contact info. e.g. the articles i write are most likely not seen by a client. from experience, i've never been to a client that actually knew about my website before i showed it to them. yes, i find that a little disheartening. on the other hand, i have been to clients that cannot access my website because the firewalls have it blacklisted as being adult content. that is a different story ... and would be a compelling reason to change domain names. but my guess is that bra-N-brew would get blacklisted as well :) so from a marketing standpoint, this website has been a complete and total failure. from a self-motivating view ... its a success

DesktopWeb FormText   Milwaukee Nerd DinnerThu, 30 Dec 2004 00:44:25 GMT # 

mark your calendars [info]

DesktopWeb FormText   y2k4 reviewWed, 29 Dec 2004 02:39:08 GMT # 

i dont do resolutions, per se, but I do come up with goals at the start of each year. had 3 primary goals for this past year ...

1) blog (+). it was mainly supposed to be a moblog ... which is implemented, but i dont use (-). unexpected happenings include getting linked by some A listers (+) and not getting at least 1 job offer because of said blog (-) ... actually that is probably a good thing in the long run (+)
2) MCSD .NET (+). that was the one check box i did not have filled whenever a recruiter called. the messed up part is i only worked 3 months last year (-). i'm not exactly sure why my skill set is not in demand? oh well, at least my taxes will be low (+) and i had a lot of time to upskill (+). overall, getting certified seems to have been a waste of time (-)
3) Artificial Intelligence (+/-). read ALOT of AI books (+) and wrote a handful of articles (+). yet i've still got ALOT more to learn about AI (-). and i let my AI push get interrupted (-) to start teaching myself Spanish (+).

overall, i give myself a 70% for last year

aside. sometime this week marks my 4th year with .NET. it all started when i installed a VS.NET Alpha because i was snowed in one weekend in NY. turned in my 2 week notice the next work day

DesktopWeb FormText   the war on natureWed, 29 Dec 2004 02:18:21 GMT # 

... its just a matter of time. not sorry for being cold blooded, but i'm finding the tsunami videos to be altogether unimpressive. its hollywoods fault for desensitizing me. now the body count, that is too impressive. my guess is that they are currently high, much like 9/11 initially was. regardless, this really sucked. and being xmas just makes it tragic. my guess is religous nuts are now tracing it back to passages in the bible or a nostradamus prediction. either way, its kind of appropriate that we've been eyeing MN4 at the same time. because an asteroid could definitely be considered a WMD. thats more along the lines of where i think our resources should be. i'm talking back to basics. e.g. survival. i think most people believe in survival of the fittest, they just dont practice it. in the US, we've made things way too safe. its way too hard for stupid people to die off. and its mainly the legal system thats keeping them alive. but if we've got a comet heading our way ... what good is our legal system going to do?

both times i've been to Harvard, i've heard the story about how students cant graduate until they learn to swim. some people consider this a ridiculous requirement. do you?

DesktopWeb FormText   pussy cloningFri, 24 Dec 2004 18:34:36 GMT # 

all i know is that a cat was cloned for 50K for somebody in TX, and now that company is setting up in Madison, WI. 1st, i think its appropriate that it was for somebody in Bush's state. 2nd, i'm glad their coming to my current state of WI. 3rd, for 50K, that better be one special cat. because cats are FREE from animal shelters. before you know it we will have to get our cats spayed / neutered / and some term to represent a process that will keep a cat from being cloned. 4th, i'm really surprised a dog wasn't cloned before a cat. 5th human cloning is inevitable. based on the top googles searches of last year, we will soon have a cloned society made up of blondes.

which of these happens 1st (if at all)?
a) cloning a human
b) stopping the aging process
c) robot AI killing a human

my bet is they all happen, in that order. and all of them happen before i kick it

DesktopWeb FormText   bah humbugFri, 24 Dec 2004 18:08:25 GMT # 

i don't 'get' holidays ...

anyway, i predicted the voice browser wars years ago (granted, i did not predict that MS would screw up their 95+% lead with IE). but Opera just fired a warning shot with their new beta. on the IBM / Opera side is X+V, with the V standing for VoiceXml. on the Intel / MS side, the technology is SALT. so for web developers, supporting both these specs is going to be a PITA. the messed up thing is that MS has had a SALT add-in for IE (and Pocket IE) for almost a year. they just have not pushed it out. that is why multimodal Speech SDK apps get no love from developers. hopefully IE .Next will get it right

DesktopWeb FormText   hate recruiter yearThu, 16 Dec 2004 23:30:21 GMT # 

another holiday i will not be recognizing ... Be Nice to a Recruiter Month, when the rest of the time is about Shafting the Programmer

so what would it take for me to be nice to a recruiter?
1) tell me your profit margin.
2) let me see the contract you sign with the company.
3) dont falsely sign me up for a 6 month contract, and then you end up renewing after 3.
4) when you tell me you will submit my resume ... do it.
5) when you take me out to lunch on my money ... make it steak.

... i could go on. if you want my respect ... you have to earn it. but my personal experience with recruiters has caused nothing but loathing. my personal goal is to get enough name recognition that people will contact me for work directly, and the recruiter is cut out of the picture. i can make more, and the company pays less. win win. granted ... i don't seem to be even close to making that come true :(

DesktopWeb FormText   vibrating luggageWed, 15 Dec 2004 06:18:39 GMT # 

was boarding the plane and my carry-on started making a loud buzzing noise. had to wait for people to get seated before i could get to my seat and rummage through my bag to turn whatever it was off. everybody i walked past was looking around to see what was going on. one girl turns to me and says "that better be a razor". then the fight club scene hit me ... "Nine time out of ten, it's an electric razor. But, every once in a while" ... it's an electric toothbrush

DesktopWeb FormText   last flight of the TabletWed, 15 Dec 2004 04:17:50 GMT # 

my Tablet might be dead ...? was happily minding my own business and teaching myself Spanish on the plane. and them some Scoble scene breaks out. the girl seated across from me asks "what's that?". so i give a little demo and let her write on it and such. then the person seated in front of her turns around and starts checking it out too. finally i get it back ... and then the stewardess wants a demo. i agree ... pending i got an extra cookie. with that over, i go back to Espanol. then i randomly get some idea for something to code in .NET and fire open Journal to ink some UML. go to save ... and nothing. total lockdown. wait 5 minutes ... nothing. while waiting, i make sure the Tablet is nowhere near my genitals so that it cannot damage my fertility :) that just wouldn't be fitting with a last name like chesnut. finally, i power down the machine, and bring it back up ... to this :

STOP: C0000218 Unknown Hard Error
Unknown Hard Error
Beginning dump of physical memory

... that dump of physical memory never ends. been screwing with BIOS and such and haven't gotten any further. i'll have to retrieve the docking station from my parents before i can be sure if it can be salvaged. at least it made it 1.5 years, which says alot, because i'm not exactly easy on mobile devices ... or anything for that matter. this is a very sad day in casey-land

DesktopWeb FormText   presented CF at HarvardWed, 15 Dec 2004 03:47:18 GMT # 

its a shock to me as well. it happened like this : [flashback] last year, Software Legend (the URL doesnt work anymore!) David Platt posted to the WSE newsgroup looking for CF WSE bits, so he could create an incredibly difficult homework assignment for his Harvard .NET class. [what other blog is going to move from Hooters .NET to Harvard .NET?] he asked that question about a day after i had finished the CF WSE implementation, so i responded. anyway i got an invite to present at his class ... and it was a lot of fun. [flashforward] somehow, i even got invited back this year. and it was equally as much fun. as David had warned me, they are one of the most technical groups I have ever presented to. that makes things interesting, because you can assume ALOT of background knowledge on their part. definitely a high quality experience. here are some pics

now for the inbreeding. a former Platt student (or TA?) is going to work for the Tablet group. while we're eating i get a call from somebody on the Tablet team. i come back to the table and ask her to guess who called ... and she guesses correctly. spooky. also, at that dinner table is the TA for the class Jason Haley, who happens to write one of the better blogs that i read. too cool

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   @HarvardMon, 13 Dec 2004 20:06:11 GMT # 

[ink recognition] B Civil Disobedience? rpt*


DesktopWeb FormText   1st spanish correction!Sun, 12 Dec 2004 21:23:20 GMT # 

i was going through the RosettaStone Spanish lessons ... and found my 1st bug in the picture below. that is definitely an 'el hombre' and not a 'la mujer'. other than that small error ... RosettaStone kicks ass. the one thing that sucks about it is i cant figure out how to get translated sentences within the program? e.g. if i had no clue what that sentence in the picture meant, i would like to hit a key and see it in english. for most pictures you can tell what is going on, but there are some that are questionable. for those i have to open up a PDF to get the english version ... why in the world isnt that just build into the program?

DesktopWeb FormText   Alex Y. provides WS compression for CFSun, 12 Dec 2004 19:26:33 GMT # 

his blog post is here : Getting Web Services using HTTP 1.1 Compression to work in Compact Framework. it would be really interesting to get this synched up with the WS-Compression implementation for WSE 2.0 at Plumbwork Orange.

now for some rattling on about WS speed in CF in general. its common knowledge that they are slow. they are slow for multiple reasons : small processors, framework, and small network pipes. 2 of these are out of our control : hardware and bandwidth. luckily those both keep getting faster. for compression, it leverages extra CPU to make it smaller on the wire. that leaves the framework. on the desktop, if you need speed, you can do remoting. we dont have (nor are we getting) that option for CF, nor do i think we should. granted, it might be possible to port it over from Mono? for WS on the desktop, it gets speed by building an assembly for de/serlialization of an object by reflecting against its object graph. this happens the 1st time the WS is called. every time its called from then on it is faster because it does not have to use reflection to figure out the object graph. we dont get to build an assembly like that for CF on the device ... thus its slow in comparison. er, um ... actually you can build an assembly on the actual device at runtime using Pocket C#. but there is another way. for ASP.NET 2.0, it introduced the concept of SGEN. SGEN does that reflection of the object graph to build a custom serialization assembly when the project is built. so every call is fast, even the 1st one. CF should get to leverage the SGEN capability ... and use it by default. that along with the performance improvements for XML in CF v2 might make WS more attractive. once we get past that performance hurdle, then we can proceed to slow them back down by adding security. then when we get past that, the next step would be to make hosting WS on CF a more viable option.

DesktopWeb FormText   master of disguiseSun, 12 Dec 2004 07:11:25 GMT # 

i lead a double life as a secret agent. below is a collage of my better costumes. these pictures were drawn on this ink-enabled web page from the /tabletWeb article.

actually considered a nose ring when i was a bad ass. anyone else think the 'fat zorro' one makes me look more like the hamburglar?

DesktopWeb FormText   oceans 12Sun, 12 Dec 2004 04:10:24 GMT # 

yes, i'm an idiot ... i couldn't follow the plot. stuff happened ... and i dont know how or why

DesktopWeb FormText   pervasive computingSat, 11 Dec 2004 20:07:27 GMT # 

looks like Sean Campbell is getting into this stuff too. aka 'seamless computing' per Bill G. this is how i've been positioning myself over the last couple years, because it requires having an understanding of a bunch of technologies : speech / ink, mobility, location, web services. obviously security for privacy and other reasons. i've also taken the liberty and added artificial intelligence to the list so that the technology does not become 'obtrusive computing'

DesktopWeb FormText   when did censorship become f#cking coolSat, 11 Dec 2004 18:36:53 GMT # 

will never use MSN spaces because of their censorship crap. now i'm pissed that google suggest is censored as well. lame. my SafeSearch is set to No filtering, so now we need a SafeFilter option to turn that off as well. i'm really pissed that most of my english-spanish software programs have left out dirty words as well. you expect me to go to another country and not cuss or understand when somebody else is cussing ...

DesktopWeb FormText   to ser, or not to estarSat, 11 Dec 2004 18:26:25 GMT # 

the title is a span-glish word-play off of 'to be, or not to be', since both words can mean 'to be'. that's been giving me some problems. other difficulties are verb conjugation (especially irregular verbs), use of double negatives, and adjusting words to gender. the good news is that i've gotten through alot of beginner material and am starting to build up some vocabulary. i was actually in McDonalds last week and they were advertizing their new chicken sandwiches. they had a flier that was english on one side and spanish on the other. was able to read and understand at least 80% of the flier. granted, i then attempted to translate my bottled water label to spanish, and could only convert about 5%.

and out of pure luck i stumbled upon a language expert, who happens to know a smackload of .NET. he's been able to answer many of the questions that i've had about languages in general. one shocking piece of info he pointed out was that English is one of the most difficult languages. that's cool, because i've already learned it. er, um ... at least you've been able to read this far. also, i can reason that the other languages should be easier in comparison. on the other hand, maybe that is why we have so many illiterate people in our country and all the offshore projects i've seen have been crap. e.g. there is no way (at this point in time) i could attempt to develop an application for a spanish employer. reverse that ... i am now better prepared to develop an app for primarily english users that needed to support spanish users as well.

back to learning spanish. the approach to learning a little a day is working great. i've been doing about an hour of day of audio, and another hour of interactive training programs. eventually, i need to work in reading exercises too. dare i say, there has been some sort of 'synergy' using this method. if i miss something the 1st time with audio, i've been able to pick it up through software ... and vice versa. and related to AI, my brains has been working stuff out for me during sleep. i'm having numerous instances of feeling really uncomfortable with a topic before bed, and then the next lesson on the following day i'm able to magically recall words i could not the day before. so my neural net is in serious overdrive. my headaches have mostly gone away too. its as if the barriers to learning a new language have been significantly torn down.

finally, i've been trying to relate this to learning programming languages. human languages definitely have similar classifications such as romansque and intonal vs OO and declarative programming languages. once learning OO, its simple to learn any other OO language. that is why i think spanish has been going so well, since both english and spanish are so related (e.g. moving from Java to C#). if i were trying to learn chinese (intonal) instead of spanish ... that would be like moving from C# to XSLT. the main difference between natural and machine languages is the amount of keywords. in programming, i only have to learn so many. e.g. how do i loop, do comparisons, etc... there is just not that much. but with natural language, i have to learn a large vocabulary to do anything meaningful. the good news is that the subset of vocabulary for common speech is quite small, and increases when writing, and then reading.

aside, my favorite spanish word is 'maybe' ... it sounds just like 'kiss ass'

DesktopWeb FormText   Hooters .NET picsWed, 08 Dec 2004 22:09:18 GMT # 

we had about 10 people show up for the party, and it was a blast. i've uploaded the pics that i took. there were a couple other camera phones there, so i will post those pics as they become available

DesktopWeb FormText   Hooters .NET geek dinner reminderMon, 06 Dec 2004 02:06:19 GMT # 

just a reminder that the 1st Milwaukee area geek dinner will take place this Teusday at the Greenfield Hooters starting at 6 PM (more info). if you have not already ... please contact me if you plan on attending. i've had an disproportionate amount of people contact me wishing they could come :)

DesktopWeb FormText   xmas tunesSun, 05 Dec 2004 05:41:14 GMT # 

i'm not a holiday guy (BAH HUMBUG) ... but i'm putting together an xmas mp3 CD for my car. my tunes consist mostly of techno remixes and comedy. but i just found this! its 1994, but the Frosty the Snowman track is old school excellence (Amazon has a preview). the only thing about bassing during xmas time in Milwaukee is you have to keep your car windows closed, so it does not sound as good as when your windows are open. also the car rattles more because the metal shrinks a little

DesktopWeb FormText   talk about MSN supportSat, 04 Dec 2004 23:25:39 GMT # 

over the last couple weeks my hotmail account went from the expected 250 megs, then to 2 gigs :), then to 2 megs :(. this week somebody from MSN contacted me, who had been contacted by Scoble ... and now i'm all fixed up. Thanks Robert and MSN person. so the moral of the story is ... if you bitch, then they will fix it. now back to my regulary scheduled bitching about not being able to program PMCs or SPOT watches ...

DesktopWeb FormText   what i want for xmasThu, 02 Dec 2004 03:34:01 GMT # 

.netcpu ... per Mike Hall

DesktopWeb FormText   Hooters .NET blogger dinner (Milwaukee area)Wed, 01 Dec 2004 02:02:09 GMT # 

this is announcing the 1st blogger dinner for the Milwaukee, WI area. and its really going to be more like a party! i'm talking wings, beer, girls in skimpy clothing, and a bunch of smart people talking about .NET and blogging. serious ... last year was Hooters 20th anniversary. you could get a 'passport', and if you visited 20 different Hooters restaurants to get your passport stamped within that year, then you earned a wing party. needless to say ... i completed it easily ... and now i need to have a party! the wings are free, we just have to pay for the beer

it is going to be Teusday Dec. 7th from 6 to 8 PM at the Hooters in Greenfield, WI. you need to email if you can attend. there is a max head count so i can only claim so many in my party. if there is too many people that want to attend, then you can still show up, i just cant get you the free wings. and bring your camera phones :) aside, Hooters spams me periodically ... and its the only spam that i recommend. especially from speaking of that ... i always flinch a little when typing in ... but it does point to the restaurants site, and not pr0n as one might expect

DesktopWeb FormText   apps espanoles del discursoTue, 30 Nov 2004 21:59:14 GMT # 

Richard Sprague points to an interesting article about Designing speech apps for Spanish. that is actually a secondary reason for my learning Spanish. if you're going to do a voice-only app in the US ... you basically have to support Spanish too. yes, sometimes there is method to the madness

DesktopWeb FormText   small town libraryMon, 29 Nov 2004 04:51:29 GMT # 

got to spend this Thanksgiving at a really small town. entertained myself for a couple hours at the local library. this was interesting since i had not been in a library after discovering the internet. the good news is that they had a handful of public computers. there was no filtering software at all ... so i could even browse to my own site (my site is blocked by alot of filtering software ... oh well). the bad news is they did not have any sort of software installed to keep somebody from running spyware or key loggers; nor did they refresh the system after being used by somebody. they also had a good number of VHS and DVDs to checkout, along with music CDs and audio books. the really bad news was the selection of books. their science section consisted of about 35 books. they had no math or computer related books. on the other hand, they had over 100 religious related books. yes ... this was a red state

DesktopWeb FormText   down to 2 megs at hotmailMon, 29 Nov 2004 04:36:50 GMT # 

remember how i had 2 gigs right before Thanksgiving? well somebody fixed that error with another error. they knocked me back down to 2 megs. for a while i had been sitting fat and happy at 250 megs. somebody tell somebody over there to get a clue

DesktopWeb FormText   2 gigs at hotmailWed, 24 Nov 2004 16:19:53 GMT # 

er, um ... i had 250 megs last week ... and 2 gigs this week! i was paying for MSN at the start of the year, but cancelled it about 3 months ago. is this a screw up or a pissing contest with gmail? enough already guys ... i dont want that much email ... or space. when i open up the inbox and see that i've only used 0%, it makes me feel kind of lame :( felt kind of cool when i was always close to that 2 meg limit :) those nigerians really like me!

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE2 SP2 PreReleaseTue, 23 Nov 2004 02:42:19 GMT # 

per Hervey ... WSE 2.0 Service Pack 2 PreRelease

this update will break one of the sample calls for CF WSE2 ... specifically WS-SecureConversation. it will break because WSE2 SP2 requires UsernameTokens of RST requests to be encrypted. my CF client code only signs the UsernameToken and does not encrypt it. the CF WSE2 libraries do have the capabilities to encrypt UsernameTokens; look for some commented out code in the UsernameSigning client side code. granted ... i only tested that code with a modified UsernameSigning sample. i did not test it with the SP2 SecureConversation sample

and the real question is ... why do we need WS-SecureConversation for mobile devices? the answer is to reduce the amount of asymmetric cryptography, which is slow and computationally expensive (especially on small devices). WS-SecureConversation allows you to exchange a session key using asymmetric key encryption in the 1st couple calls. for all subsequent calls you can use that key (or derived keys) and only do symmetric encryption (and signing). otherwise, if you were just using the lower level stack of WS-Security, then you would have to do asymmetric crypto in every WS call

DesktopWeb FormText   language induced headachesSun, 21 Nov 2004 19:27:10 GMT # 

i'm relatively healthy and might get a cold (at worst) once a year. used to get a headache maybe once a year as well ... except they are now on the upswing. this has just happened the last couple weeks. believe it or not, it seems to be related to when i'm studying Spanish. i've had this theory for the last couple days and it seems to be holding true. guessing that my neural net is getting a new topology? the only other time there is a high probability of my getting a headache is the 1st day on a contract. when the client turns on the firehose and starts filling my brain with info about a new domain ... that sometimes sets one off. the good news is that the headaches seem to be getting less severe. hopefully, they go away entirely. wonder if they will come back if i attempt a 3rd language? just so long as they dont turn into this train wreck

DesktopWeb FormText   in search of problemsSun, 21 Nov 2004 15:54:08 GMT # 

been reading about Genetic Algorithms (GA). understand the concepts and have started to come up with some article ideas. i've got a couple ideas half way thought out, that might be cool, and that should be feasible. my current view of GA is as a search algorithm. if there is a large problem space, then GA is a quick way to find an answer. also like how it has been applied to neural networks a handful of different ways

this has been tough with AI in general. understanding an AI technique itself is pretty simple. coming up with a cool problem for it to solve is much more difficult. my hope is that once i've got a good sampling of AI techniques in my tool belt, then i can just pick which technique to use depending on what problem i need to solve. the bad news though is that there seems to be a lack of companies trying to solve hard problems. there was a blog post yesterday about somebody being bored with working with data and web apps. agreed ... that is some boring crap. mobility makes stuff more interesting and has more chances to work in AI. games definitely have a need for AI. and robotics cannot happen without AI. so in closing ... web apps pretty much suck

DesktopWeb FormText   Spanish audio programsSat, 20 Nov 2004 23:14:38 GMT # 

i've listened to the 1st CD of 4 different programs. here is how i rank them from best to worst :

1) Pimsleur - the audio program works with repitition and slowly introducing more words. an English speaker will introduce the word, and then a man will say it in Spanish. each section usually centers around a conversation between a Spanish man and woman. it does a great job of making you recall words that you learned previously and the learning pace is almost perfect for me. after each lesson, i feel like i understood more than 90% of the content. there are 3 programs from beginner to advanced. each program has about 15 hours worth of content, along with a short reading program. the only negative is it is ridiculously expensive. dont know if its a scam, but you might check out
2) Michel Thomas - this is rather unique. you learn by listening to Michel Thomas teach a male and female student how to speak Spanish. so you get to hear what they do wrong ... so you dont make the same mistakes! Michel corrects them and makes them repeat it if they get it wrong. this style works really well. the program i've got has about 8 hours of content. the only problem is that the female student learns faster than me ... she must be cheating! the pace was a little too fast, so i only felt like i understood 75%. also, Michel is sometimes hard to understand
3) EspanaViva - this course has about 3 hours worth of content. it goes through some basic speech. there is a male and female narrator. you also get to listen to some recorded conversations with other speakers. it went too fast and i only understood about 66%
4) Learn Spanish In Your Car - so far this is just a vocabulary course. a girl will say a word in English and then a guy will say it in Spanish. it is monotonous and boring, nor does it ever make you recall previous words. there are 3 hours in total ... so hopefully it changes! maybe i should play the tapes while i'm sleeping and learn though osmosis? only undertood about 50%

out of those, i recommend the 1st two programs. Pimsleur is by far the best to listen to in your car because its recorded quality is really good. Michel Thomas is less clear and the pace is faster, so i would not use it while driving

DesktopWeb FormText   Julia is my heroSat, 20 Nov 2004 18:05:29 GMT # 

cannot tell you how many times i've applied

DesktopWeb FormText   Tablet falling outSat, 20 Nov 2004 15:13:19 GMT # 

another Tablet guy losing his way. looks like Peter is considering a 'cute little touch screen sub notebook' and a 'full featured Media Center notebook'

from my perspective, i would never buy anything that is described with the adjective 'cute'. sub notebooks are exactly that. if i carried a purse, then i would get one and that is here it would go. but i dont sit to pee, so that is out of the question. have tried to imagine a scenario in which a sub notebook would provide a better experience for anything that i do ... and i'm coming up empty. granted i've never used one ... so maybe i'm wrong? as far as the full featured Media Center notebook ... i do want one of those ... for no apparent reason? i dont watch TV, dont listen to music much, nor do i take a smack load of pictures. there is absolutely no reason for me to want one ... but i do ...

DesktopWeb FormText   ATHF 3rd DVDThu, 18 Nov 2004 18:19:40 GMT # 

just saw that the 3rd Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVD has been released, with the 'Broodwich' episode! if i watched TV ... this would be the extent of it. more info at tv tome

Shake-zula, the mic rulah, the old schoolah.
You wanna trip, I'll bring it to ya!
(Yeah) Frylock and I'm on top, rock you like a cop.
Meatwad you're up next, with your knock-knock.
Meatwad make the money see. Meatwad get the honeys G.
Drivin in my car, livin' like a star.
Ice on my fingers and my toes and I'm a Taurus
(Dancing is stupid) Uh, check-check it, yeah
'Cuz we are tha Aqua Teenz,
make the homeys say ho 'n the girlies wanna scream!
'Cuz we are tha Aqua Teenz,
make the homeys say ho 'n the girlies wanna scream!
(Yeah) Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Numba one in tha hood, G.

DesktopWeb FormText   scholarly searchThu, 18 Nov 2004 16:20:58 GMT # 

saw a couple of links to a new beta (Stand on the shoulders of giants). its targeted at searching research publications. the searches i've tried so far have mainly returned links to PDF and PS files, as well as Books to be followed up by 'library searches'. it also has 'cited by' links to find out what research papers referred to it is a direct knock off of (Scientific Literature Digital Library). CiteSeer is an existing research focused search site that i've been using for the last couple months to search for AI related papers. google adds some additional functionality such as 'view as html', 'web searches' and 'library search'. if you go a level deeper on CiteSeer, it has a summary page for its entries giving more detail plus an abstract. it is worth noting that MS Research is a CiteSeer sponsor ...

on a somewhat related note ... have you ever checked out the Math / Science sections at bookstores? they are absolutely pitiful. Computers get about 5 stacks, and Math / Science is lucky to get 1. this sucks, because i rarely read Computer books anymore ... because its constantly the same crap. do i really need to know how to build a better DataGrid? and all the cuts that VS 2005 has taken ... its more like a point release than a new version. guess that its natural for an industry to slow down over time ... 'simulated annealing' if you will

DesktopWeb FormText   cutting teeth on VB.NETThu, 18 Nov 2004 02:48:19 GMT # 

yes, language wars are stupid ... but for some unknown reason i dont like VB. think it is from doing VBScript back in the ASP days? now i'm having to convert some VB6 code to VB.NET. seems like the wrong time to be adding VB.NET to my resume, especially after the announcement that VB.NET would get minimal refactoring support in VS 2005. actually seems like the right time for VB'ers to jump to C# since it now has edit-and-continue ... which C#'ers mostly dont care for. what is interesting is that i'm actually getting to test a theory. when recruiters call specifically for VB.NET, i've told them that i've done C# for years but could switch at a drop of a hat. of course they dont believe me (the distrust is mutual). regardless, here is my 1st day with VB.NET

[beginning of day]
ends up that the syntax change is as simple as expected. arcane VB6 syntax is slowing me down substantially moreso than the VB.NET syntax. the parts that are odd about VB.NET is declaring variables. for quick code in C# i'll write something like XmlDocument xd; so 'xd' is from the PascalCase of the Type, and it reads in a forward manner. in VB.NET, it wants the Instance name 1st ... Dim xd as XmlDocument. its like thinking forward, then going back, and then forwards again. that misstep is really bugging me because i am not trained to think that way. the other annoyance is muscle memory keeps typing a semicolon at the end of every line; cant stop it; also cannot stop myself from caring about case. as a language it is more verbose and it uses parentheses too much. finally, the IDE tries to be too smart. as i type, it keeps adding code or formatting that i do not want to be added. very annoying

[end of day]
got past most of the annoyances from this morning. e.g. no more semicolons. the IDE is still doing more than what i want it to, but i've figured out how to bypass some of its tricks. so now i'm able to use the language productively ... but there is still something about it that just doesn't feel/look right. hypothetically typing, if there ever was a 'language war' my dog tags would read KC#. slash-and-burn tactics would be in effect and encouraged

DesktopWeb FormText   assisted emigrationMon, 15 Nov 2004 23:19:05 GMT # 

remember when the US was the brain drain? now we've got less foreign students entering our universities for advanced degrees. actually, we've got less of our own students obtaining advanced degrees as well ...

as for role reversal, i've been contacted by 2 overseas companies about leaving the US to join them. one of those companies is small, the other large. one of the countries is small, the other large. i've met one of the persons before, the other is a stranger that knows my website. if you're wondering ... neither of these places speak Spanish.

another possible trend. i've had 2 (US based) contract calls to fix projects that were originally outsourced offshore. now as the end of the year approaches, they have deadlines to get the projects completed and touched up. both of them are way over budget and schedule. what happened to people contacting me to work on the latest and greatest stuff?

regardless, i'm just a piss ant, so only my mom would care if i left. but what if Kurt Cagle took his brain to Canada? anyway, the TS has me staying put. you should try convincing us to leave during the dead of winter :)

DesktopWeb FormText   language numbersMon, 15 Nov 2004 18:00:31 GMT # is pointing to a Forbes article asking : Must the Whole World Speak English?. the article was sparked by some French study ... which isn't important. the point is the population of India will pass China around 2050. as India becomes more fluent in English, the author suspects that China will have to adopt the English language as well.

2050 is some time off. but right now, a friend of mine from Dallas has told me what a telecommunications company is currently doing. they are laying off Managers and Engineers that do not know (or aren't learning) Mandarin Chinese ...

even more interesting is that there was study earlier this year showing that : English is in Decline as a First Language. assuming that is just because our population is not growing as rapidly as others?

to put some things in perspective, here are some numbers i found regarding native speakers. forget where i found these, nor do i know how accurate / recent they are?

1. Mandarin Chinese 836,000,000
2. Hindi 333,000,000
3. Spanish 332,000,000
4. English 322,000,000
5. Bengali 189,000,000
6. Arabic 186,000,000
7. Russian 170,000,000
8. Portuguese 170,000,000
9. Japanese 125,000,000
10. German 98,000,000

DesktopWeb FormText   language choicesSun, 14 Nov 2004 16:07:55 GMT # 

really like the concept of Esperanto. had similar ideas for an engineered language as soon as i started looking at Spanish and seeing its oddities. just cannot see myself learning what seems to be a mostly unused language. the studies showing that it helps you pick up a 3rd language much faster is interesting; but i wonder how much that is based on Esperanto itself vs training yourself to learn 'how to learn' another language.

its been interesting to look at the foreign language materials available at HalfPriceBooks. its a decent measure to see the trends that people have pursued in the past. Spanish has the most materials by far ... as expected. after that ... French, Russian, German, and Japanese seem to be equally represented. French and German were expected because i believe those were the other foreign language electives that my high school provided (other than Spanish). the amount of Russian and Japanese materials was unexpected. finally, there were minimal materials for a number of other miscellaneous languages. what shocked me was the lack of materials for Chinese. Arabic and Hindi was mostly non-existent as well

DesktopWeb FormText   book : Intro to Genetic AlgorithmsSun, 14 Nov 2004 04:12:41 GMT # 

(Mitchell, 1998) this was a great introductory book. it is a quick read and has very little math. the 1st chapter gives you the basics when describing some examples of how GA has been used in the past. chapter 2 gives some more examples of GA and takes it slightly further just into the real of Genetic Programming. 3 steers more toward Artificial Life and to how GA might be used to look at our own world. 4 goes into more detail and 5 explains some of the decisions to be made when implementing a GA. the final chapter is just a couple pages about the future of GA.

DesktopWeb FormText   aftermarket car ideaSun, 14 Nov 2004 04:00:51 GMT # 

Bill reminded me about aftermarket car products. this is another one i want ... i have an older sports car. the problem i have is when an SUV or big truck pulls up right behind me at night. if they've got the newer lights (super bright with a blue tint), then it floods my cab with light and blinds me. so i want a deterrent. there should be a video camera facing out of my back window. if it determines that it is night and a vehicle has obnoxious lights, then i want it to do face recognition in the general vicinity of where the other driver should be. the best solution would involve some way to reflect the bright light from their vehicle off of my car and back into their eyes. maybe some special glass or paint with nano technology. or a mirror. then that would be directing their own annoyance factor against themselves. a simpler approach would be just to have a motorized spotlight in my car too. it would just adjust for parallax between it and the camera, and shine directly in their face to let them know i'm pissed. not sure if you would or wouldn't want this to work when a cop pulls you over?

NOTE that all my aftermarket car ideas involve loud radios or getting revenge on other drivers.

DesktopWeb FormText   motivating kids to codeSun, 14 Nov 2004 03:46:16 GMT # 

Scoble is asking about How to excite 10-to-13-year-olds about programming and math/science? i think that is the wrong question. the question should be ... How do you get kids interested about programming before they hit puberty? and as the TopCoder says ... the answer is games. violence is certainly what got me started with computers. then puberty hit ... and sex took over. then you just have to tell the kids dub dub dub dot playboy dot com, and you're done. they will spend every moment they can trying to get past whatever content blocking software you have installed. think of it as a rite of passage, such as the spartans leaving their kids on hillsides to survive on their own and find their way back home. the next stage is money. but as the money goes out of our industry, you can always revert back to sex as a motivating factor. another good question is 'How do you get girls into programming?' ... i have no clue ...

DesktopWeb FormText   spanish channels, etc ...Fri, 12 Nov 2004 16:12:28 GMT # 

could there be more soap operas on the spanish channels? i dont mind all the senioritas, but the overacting is killing me. haven't these people heard of reality TV? based on a comment to this article : How to Learn A Language, will probably try to watch some DVDs with a Spanish audio track instead. also be sure to read the comment directly below the DVD one ... the start of the 1st sentence can be taken entirely out of context :) the article reccommends Pimsleur audio courses. these are too expensive to get from, but i've listened to them elsewhere and they do sound excellent. for software i am trying 'Instant Immersion', which the article advises against. i'm on my 3rd CD now and it is actually kind of working. the 1st CD 'Talk Now' was easy and all i had to do was memorize vocabulary. the 2nd CD 'World Talk' is much MUCH harder. it is all Spanish (i.e. Immersion) and i basically only got through the exercises by listening for a few key words; but there was alot more happening i did not understand. this bothered me, but being able to hear the keywords is actually the point of the lesson. the 3rd CD seems to be mostly about pronounciation and the 4th is an interactive dictionary. also picked up the 'Learn Now' program, but have not tried it yet. i consider 'Rosetta Stone' to be too expensive and will try to find it cheaper. the Flashcard program for my PPC is 'Spanish Before You Know It', and i consider it excellent. it has a study mode, and then can quiz you based on Enlish-Spanish and Spanish-English. it also has audio to hear the Spanish words being pronounced. will have to try another from the article as well. have not looked at a Spanish Reader ... yet

didn't this blog used to be about technology? going to have to work harder on making the language studies secondary.

DesktopWeb FormText   initial impression of spanishThu, 11 Nov 2004 04:44:20 GMT # 

like that the alphabet is basically the same as English. like that all words follow simple rules of pronunciation. granted it will be hard for me to break my old habits. really dont like that nouns have gender. who came up with that stupid idea? in French it wasn't so bad because both 'le' (M) and 'la' (F) started with 'L', so you could kind of mumble and ignore gender. 'el' and 'la' will be harder to fake. the rolling R is tough too. i can only manage it at the beginning or words, and do it way too exaggerated. and why do all languages have rules with exceptions to those rules? i'm sick of seeing "and that rule will work for all words ... except for the following ..."

been messing with language software too. the flashcard vocabulary programs on a Pocket PC are great. especially the ones with audio. not using it yet, but the mobile English-Spanish dictionaries should prove to be excellent as well. have been using interactive software on my Tablet PC too. at least the beginner apps have not required keyboard input, so tapping with a pen works fine. finished one beginner CD and progressed to the next. it is questionable as to whether it is beginner or intermediate. regardless ... i'm lost. finally, i'm judging audio programs as well. some of them are definitely not car friendly. trying to find a really basic one with good production quality and clarity for the car. the others that are of lower production quality or require more concentration will be better suited elsewhere

DesktopWeb FormText   spanglishTue, 09 Nov 2004 04:30:59 GMT # 

i've committed to learning Spanish. AI will still remain my primary focus, and Spanish will be secondary. chose Spanish because it is the 3rd (almost 2nd?) most popular language and should be the easiest for me to learn. my assumption is that it will be easy because of its similarity to English, especially the alphabet. also, i will not be at a loss for study material. a quick trip to HalfPriceBooks turned up some interactive software for the desktop, a flash card vocabulary trainer for my Pocket PC, and an English-Spanish dictionary for the PPC. plus the obligatory 'Teach Yourself Spanish for Dummies' book. then i went to and got some audio programs to listen to in the car. my 1st goal is to be able to read some Spanish websites. 2nd goal is to watch and understand some Spanish TV. 3rd goal is to actually speak some Spanish. pic below is a poll from Channel 9

DesktopWeb FormText   Wisconsin .NET User Group MeetingTue, 09 Nov 2004 01:16:58 GMT # 

we've got a meeting this Tuesday from 5:15 to 9:00pm. we'll be viewing a LiveMeeting presentation of the .NET To Go Mobility Roadshow from Downers Grove, IL. referring to that timetable, you can probably show up a little later than 5:15. the main topic of the presentation will be the Compact Framework. i will try to field questions from the local audience. i think that one of my fellow CF geeks might be there to answer questions as well. of coure all my answers will mention congrats to Neil, Chris and the CF MVPs for winning a PocketPC Magazine Best Software Award with that effort

DesktopWeb FormText   book : Beginning .NET Game Programming in VB .NETMon, 08 Nov 2004 16:16:02 GMT # 

1st off ... why in the world did i read a VB.NET book? there is a possiblity i might work on a short VB project, so decided i had better look at it. could not make myself buy a stand-alone VB book, but throwing in game programming made it better. 2nd ... i dont intend to write a game (nor do i play games). reason being is that games have to look good, and i dont have any artistic ability. just bought the book to get an idea of how the stuff works and might possibly use 3D for visualization in other apps.

the book is basically a 2nd edition of another book. it starts out with GDI+, then DirectDraw, and finally Direct3D. it also works in some DirectInput and DirectPlay. most of the chapters involve developing a small game. this is where i think the book shined. it did a really good job of picking what the sample game should be to demonstrate the programming techniques being discussed. the book is relatively short compared to other game books, which i see as a plus. it stays on topic and avoids the fluff that other game books are prone to have. one complaint is that it starts out with some errors in the code listings, but i stopped noticing these after the 1st chapter. another complaint is that it tries to talk a little about AI. from actually trying to teach myself AI right now ... i did not consider what the book offered to really be AI at all. hopefully we will get an AI for .NET book sometime soon? finally, it has a short chapter about porting a GDI+ tetris style game to the Compact Framework

DesktopWeb FormText   self globalization 2Mon, 08 Nov 2004 02:51:35 GMT # 

this will expand my thoughts based on current reader feedback. going to kick these (and related) ideas around for a couple months before i commit. more feedback is welcome

1) 2nd discipline. i threw out the possibilities of bio / nano, patent law, and MBA. my thought is an MBA would be easy to obtain. the future paths there would be to a) start a company for outsourcing or b) develop a product. probably would not like myself if i became a conduit for outsourcing. in the long run i do not think it is the right path for the US, not to mention i prefer technical over business. as far as a product, i have yet to come up with an original product idea to pursue. on the other hand, it would actually be relatively easy to just target somebody else's product idea / business model, and then kick their ass technically. patent law isnt really an option, mainly since i despise patents and lawyers. the part that would be good about law is its probably the most difficult to offshore since legal problems are based on a location. the bad news is the US has more than enough lawyers. not to mention it would take a while to attain. nano would also be difficult to attain. the good news is that it is also technical so i would love it. the problem is that it ultimately requires interaction with physical materials which would be hard / expensive to acquire. would have to get my foot in somewhere to seriously do this. the other problem is that this field is based on knowledge as well ... so there is no reason that it wont be outsourced as well to a country with a lower cost of living.
now i did get ripped on (twice) for suggesting an online degree. in one hand i can see how people think online degrees have no merit. on the other hand i've got 1.5 masters degrees ... and they seem to be doing jack towards making employers want to hire me. right now i consider my college education $100K+ not well spent. nor do i hear anything about the degrees obtained from my competitors overseas? so if online degrees have no weight, i'm pretty sure that is equal to the weight that my physical MS degrees have (read zero). not to mention i would learn more teaching myself than actually wasting the time in class. its like if an employer wanted to send me to a week-long technical training class for $2500. i'd be like let me buy a couple hundred in books and just leave me alone for a week, and i'll learn more than anybody that went to the class. thats just the nature of how i learn.

2) 2nd language. all the languages i was considering came up : Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. i consider Chinese and Spanish the obvious choices. Arabic was a bit of a surprise, but Hindi NOT being suggested was a real surprise? Japanese is in the mix because of Robotics. Russian being suggested was a big surprise? being in the US, Spanish is the choice and is supposedly easy to learn. then i can watch the Spanish channel and figure out why they randomly have hot chicks dancing around, and what the dirty old men dressed in bumblebee outfits are saying. it is also supposed to be easier to learn a 3rd language after picking up a 2nd. internationally, Chinese is the choice based on current # of speakers and projected population.

your comments regarding this are greatly appreciated

DesktopWeb FormText   book : Age of Spiritual MachinesSat, 06 Nov 2004 05:48:49 GMT # 

(Ray Kurzweil, 1999) had been meaning to read this book for some time. last week skicow posted this link which forced me to read it. Kurzweil is a bad ass. alot of his early inventions were speech and audio related to help the handicapped. then he wrote a book late 80s predicting that a computer would beat a chess champion in 1998. ended up he was wrong and it happened in 1997. so to cash in on that prediction ... he wrote this book :) cracked it open this morning ... and it reads really quick. it is an idea book (not technical). the book is divided into 3 parts : past, present, and future. along that timeline he collects evidence to backup his future predictions for the years : 2009, 2019, 2029 and 2099. most of his predictions are along the lines of machine intelligence outpacing humans, humans becoming more machine like, downloading intelligence to your brain and uploading your brain to a virtual reality. think 'The Matrix' movie ... supposedly this book (or his previous work) influenced those scripts. his ideas scares alot of people and Hawkins mentions (and refutes) this briefly in his book 'on intelligence'. honestly, i think Ray's predictions are technically feasible, but the human element will slow the timeline down; especially considering the evangelical outcome of this weeks election. his new book just came out Fantastic Voyage. it will soon be on my stack of 'books to be read'. it is going to explore the possibility of immortality. the xtians will definitely not go for that. without the fear of death / hell ... how are you going to control the sheep? dare i say ... terror

DesktopWeb FormText   nephews at halloweenSat, 06 Nov 2004 01:50:49 GMT # 

my sister has Martha Stewart tendencies : arts, crafts, decorating, cooking and such ... not insider trading. checkout the halloween costumes she put together ... thats raw talent

DesktopWeb FormText   self globalizationThu, 04 Nov 2004 18:46:13 GMT # 

cannot shake this doomsday feeling that the religious right is going to destroy America. so i am going to start preparing myself for the worst. i think the two main things that i need to correct are 1) only knowing computers and 2) only speaking English. i would greatly appreciate feedback on the following. please reply to my comments or email me directly.

1) need to become multidisciplinary. the obvious candidates are medical (nano), legal (possibly patents), and business (MBA). for each of these i would start pursuing online degree offerings. which route would you take?
2) need to become bilingual. pretty confident i can teach myself using avaialable study aids. which language do you think i should learn? obviously i am considering the languages of the big growth centers for the next decade.

all comments will be appreciated. Thanks

DesktopWeb FormText   AI articles on generation5.orgThu, 04 Nov 2004 17:57:06 GMT # 

hey hey, i'd been searching around for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) portal, since the .NET scene is basically non-existent. the best portal i found is they've got alot of articles, a discussion forum, and updated news periodically. the content ranges from beginner to advanced topics. i HIGHLY recommend this site. generation5 has also (just yesteray) become the home for my own AI articles. the other article in the What's New list should be familiar to early .NET adopters as well, because it discusses Terrarium being used in an Academic setting! how cool is that ...

DesktopWeb FormText   code hogThu, 04 Nov 2004 16:49:57 GMT # 

been getting a number of emails asking for code lately. if you've read bNb PB (pre-blog) then you know i used to give away almost ALL of my code. this year AB (after-blog), i pretty much stopped that. the reason being follows ...

at the end of last year, i interviewed for a large contract that i really wanted. during the interview, i realized they could use some code that i had already written and shared. they were not aware of my code, but got really excited when i told them. anyway, they wanted to pay me a contract rate lower than a full time wage i had right out of school. i could not believe they were serious. about a month later, i started getting a number of questions from somebody using the code. they were real nice, but also very green. eventually i found out that they were working on the contract i had interviewed for. the bad news is this made me bitter and turned me into a code hog. the good news is the other person took months to finish the job i could have done in weeks. not to mention the sample code they sent me was of low quality. the moral of the story is 'you get what ...'

so at the start of this year i made a conscious decision to not give away code for at least a year (as an experiment). and that i would still write articles detailing what steps i took, so that others could recreate it with some effort. sort of 'teach a person how to fish' style. surprisingly, the people that have taken to this approach the quickest are graduate students. there is a handful of postgrad work that is being done using the articles as a starting point, and then taking them further (kind of cool). i certainly try to answer all the questions that they have. back to the issue. at the end of this year, i will reconsider giving away more source code

DesktopWeb FormText   /aiSomPic collageWed, 03 Nov 2004 21:13:26 GMT # 

updated the /aiSomPic application to generate collages of the trained SOM (sample collage below). this makes it easier to visualize how well the SOM has worked. the article contains 2 new collage images representing color and texture of the picture sets used in the article. i've also added some more text in section 4D, plus a collage made from a 5000 images set ... which is just neat to look at at

the professor that helped me with blog aspect of the article was kind enough to link the article. he has a Spanish and an English blogs which i recommend : BloJJ

DesktopWeb FormText   good news about electionWed, 03 Nov 2004 17:21:24 GMT # 

since my candidate lost ...
now i get to bitch for the next 4 years :)
Bush is welcome to prove me wrong.
which has happened before;
since i was for him last time ...
no comment

DesktopWeb FormText   book : Computers and Human LanguageTue, 02 Nov 2004 21:05:07 GMT # 

(by George W. Smith 1991) this was a Natual Language Processing book. mostly dealing with text, but it also had some interesting bits about speech (both reco and synthesis). started out reading the book very closely, but ended up skimming about half way through. i've attempted to grok NLP a couple of times now, and it is just so dense, that i get bogged down and just cant take it anymore, and have to escape. with other AI specialties, i have to up my math skill set to understand what is going on. with NLP, i have to work on grammar ... yuck! if you read this blog then you should know that my grammar is about at a 5th grade level. sometimes my sentences are even yoda-like due to periodic bouts of dyslexia. i dont even do the grammar check on MS word, because it depresses me. so at this point i'm just training my own brain as i would a neural net. each time i show it the material, it picks up a little more than it did before. eventually it should reach a critical mass so that i might attempt to actually tackle this problem. regardless of my own shortcomings, this was one of the better NLP books that i have looked at

having just read the PalmPilot guys AI book, he talks about beating the handwriting reco problem by reducing the input set with 'graffiti' style strokes. why dont we do the same sort of thing for language? because most of the problems come from all the special cases that can occur. it could have a reduced vocabulary and grammar for computers to understand. somewhere in between command-and-control and dictation. it would be english - ebonics - homonyms - slang - etc... = 'speaketti'

DesktopWeb FormText   new article : /aiSomPicMon, 01 Nov 2004 19:22:36 GMT # 

not to brag ... but this is plain cool /aiSomPic. it uses a Self Organizing Map to find similar pictures. it can even search for pictures based off of badly drawn stick-figure representations. the pic below shows it in action. the leftmost PictureBox shows my hand drawn cheerleader picture that i want to search for. the ListView on the right shows the similar images that were returned. the exact image that i was searching for is the 3rd image in that list. the article has alot more info and a short video of its usage

DesktopWeb FormText   tablet bashingsSat, 30 Oct 2004 15:41:27 GMT # 

the Tablet has taken some negative hits : here and here. Josh's is losing out to a notebook and a lack of ink applications. a) i think the notebook issue will go away as the price point between the 2 drops. then it will just be an option to upgrade notebooks to have ink as well. b) the lack of applications has 2 parts. b1) MS is mucking up by not making everyone of their apps add Tablet PC support. e.g. i consider WMP 10 not supporting ink a fumble. having ink support would be big. b2) MS just made it easier for people to develop apps for Tablets by releasing the Recognizer Pack. let me rephrase that ... it is already easy, this just makes it more accessible.

the other article points out that MS is trying to invent unnatural usage scenarios for the Tablet. in rebuttal, i will detail my unnatural usage scenarios. 1) meetings, conferences, user groups : the Tablet couldnt be more natural. it allows me to take notes comfortably and quickly. this is much preferred to typing away at a notebook sitting on my lap. 2) car : for long road trips, the Tablet comes along to keep the passengers entertained. 3) design : its free form nature comes in handy when i am trying to design a new app or brainstorm ideas for the next app. Ink is the ultimate tool for UML. 4) in bed : i actually keep my Tablet near the bed. the slate model is perfect for surfing. it has become my newspaper for catching up on current events. and it has killed TV viewing. 5) study : when trying to learn something new, i usually have to read numerous websites and PDFs. sitting at a desk and reading from a notebook for extended periods of time is unbearable. but i can handle it with a Tablet in a recliner. yes ... the Tablet is making me smarter.

i'll probably have to get a new notebook late next year. at that time, i hope to get a Tablet PC that is in the form factor of a large powerful notebook. one that i can use mostly like a notebook and as a Tablet every once in a while. the kicker is, that i want this Tablet PC to also be able to run as a Media Center Edition. and when my current slate Tablet dies, then i definitely see myself getting another slate too

DesktopWeb FormText   2nd pair of eyesSat, 30 Oct 2004 05:45:24 GMT # 

you ever get one of those bugs that you just cant see? where you know that if you could call somebody else over to your computer to take a look, that they would see it immediately and make you feel really stupid? well ... i've been fighting one of those for the last couple hours. it was actually kind of subtle ... but it was in a core part of my SOM library. and that is where the irony comes into play. SOMs learn through unsupervised training. so basically i had no clue if what it was learning was correct or not. had to dumb down the problem to something that i could see the pattern as well, to know that it was really broken; and not just learning from bad training data. regardless, it is now fixed! disregard my earlier post about the weblog SOM not working ... i need to give that another try now

DesktopWeb FormText   SOM article setbackFri, 29 Oct 2004 18:21:56 GMT # 

from previous posts you can tell that i've been playing with SOM neural networks. was able to get the basic stuff to work really well, so spent yesterday trying to tackle something more advanced : Mapping weblog communities. basically it collects posts from a bunch of weblogs and then trains a SOM to visualize the community based on in/out links between blogs. took all yesterday, but i was able to get it to work (sort of). it does create a map of the community, but it is skewed to one corner. i think the reason it is skewed is due to the minimal amount or relationships between the blogs i'm trying to map. also because i did not collect data over a long period of time. the good news is that it does show definite signs of working. for blogs that get mapped away from that corner, then they do seem related to the other blogs mapped nearby. regardless, i'm going to shelve this idea and begin work on a different problem that SOM should be able to solve. this new problem should be a little easier, and the results should be more obvious to see as well

DesktopWeb FormText   AI programming riskThu, 28 Oct 2004 21:48:34 GMT # 

depending on what type of application i'm programming, i am generally concerned with 1 main thing. when programming an app that works with a database, i'm thinking about how fast i can get the work over with and do something more interesting. when programming a mobile app, i'm constantly thinking about performance. web services make me think about if the XML will be interoperable. speech apps make me think about if the Voice UI is intuitive. ... and now AI. in general, when programming AI, about all i can think ... 'is this even going to work'? for the other types of applications, i'm confident i can get them to work, so i can worry about other things; but AI is a different beast. for most of the stuff i've attempted so far ... its basically a leap of faith. i mostly have to write the entire app before i can even begin to see if it might have a chance to work. i'm not entirely comfortable with that. its not like i can isolate the risky parts and tackle those 1st ... its more like the whole thing is one big risk

DesktopWeb FormText   SOMTue, 26 Oct 2004 04:59:00 GMT # 

here is another look at a SOM neural net. this one is used to categorize colors ... which seems to be the 'hello world' of SOM programming. the 1st PictureBox shows the Kohonen net before being run. the 2nd PictureBox shows it after being run and classifying 9 colors. the 3rd PictureBox shows the hot spots of the net where the colors were best classified. the 4th PictureBox shows where the net has the most error because it is transitioning from one classification to another. now that i've got the basics ... i'll try to apply this to something useful

DesktopWeb FormText   speech marketMon, 25 Oct 2004 23:46:41 GMT # 

Richard Sprague posted an interesting pic a couple days ago showing How does SR accuracy change over time. if you look real closely you can see the word Sphinx ... which is CMUs open source contribution to speech reco. now we need a similar chart showing the trend to improved accuracy for speech reco on mobile devices :)

DesktopWeb FormText   self organizing mapsMon, 25 Oct 2004 22:01:47 GMT # 

decided to go back and revisit neural networks. instead of doing a trained NN with backpropagation ... i'm playing around with the less popular SOM (aka Kohonen). the interesting part is that it is untrained ... and basically learns patterns by itself. the picture below shows a SOM that can learn to draw a grid. the small PictureBox's show its progress as it learns, and the large PictureBox shows its final state

DesktopWeb FormText   in person podcastsSun, 24 Oct 2004 14:11:10 GMT # 

every once in a while, i am in the real world and talking to people about technology. rarely, that person reads my blog. when that does happen, and we end up talking about what i've worked on recently, it becomes difficult to not repeat what i've already posted in the blog. they'll end up saying something to the effect of 'yes, i already read that'. and in the back of their mind, they are saying 'quit wasting my time'.

alternately, if somebody doesnt read the blog and asks me what is going on ... i'll get pissed that i have to repeat myself. to their face, i start reciting the posted blogs with a smile. in the back of my mind, i'm thinking 'dont they know how to read'? and therein lies the true power of podcasting ... promoting illiteracy

DesktopWeb FormText   fuzzy wuzzy was a bearSat, 23 Oct 2004 04:53:22 GMT # 

still looking for problems to fit some solutions. my solution set currently involves fuzzy logic, hidden markov models, and natural language processing. neural nets are purposefully excluded from the solution set, because i dont want it to become my AI silver bullet.

fuzzy logic 1st. i can see how it is well fit to control systems and rule based systems. but being able to write logic in english-like terms just is not that big of a deal to me. the operators of my language of choice are quite adequate. maybe some 'else if' or 'switch' statements to really spice things up.
hidden markov 2nd. typically used by speech recognition for recognizing phonemes and words. the other standard is to train it on past works and then have it recreate new material based on the statistics of the past work. that is novel, but not very useful. for kicks i applied it to the text to speech program. all it did was randomly pick a starting phoneme, and then chose the following phonemes statistically to form words and sentences of gibberish. something like that might be useful for games like the SIMS, where the characters make speech like sounds.
natural language processing 3rd. i dont know enough to actually code this yet. the first step is to break up a sentence into the parts of speech. this would be difficult for me because i suck at grammar. you should know that if you've read this far ... second step is to determine what the sentence actually means. thats when things get interesting. still trying to formulate ideas from that point on. need to do more research to come up with something meaningful. regardless, this would probably take a significant amount of time to put something together.

so i'm slowly building an AI toolkit and figuring out what technique fits which class of problems. now my new problem is coming up with an application to code applying that technique in a way that solves some meaningful problem. i.e. pairing up AI to application coding is harder than i expected.

DesktopWeb FormText   dying tabletSat, 23 Oct 2004 00:26:04 GMT # 

my Tablet PC has been crapping out randomly since upgrading to SP2: "Display Driver Stopped Responding" - ialmrnt5. this is happening on my 1st generation Fujitsu slate. happens about once a week. the behavior is it freezes up and stops accepting ink for about 10 seconds, then it displays the dialog below, and if i dismiss that dialog it just keeps on working like nothing happened. i.e. everything still seems to work fine. upon reboot, it does not prompt me to send feedback to MS as the dialog promises. anybody else seeing this? anybody else see this before the SP2 upgrade?

DesktopWeb FormText   WS-* vs CORBAFri, 22 Oct 2004 17:54:23 GMT # 

just got a direct email about my WS-Idiots post, in which i attacked people attacking WS-*. i'm going to answer that email publicly ...

regarding my experience with CORBA ... i have programmed with CORBA (check the resume). also did J2EE, but never DCOM. granted it was 5 years ago and i was right out of school (read green). yes, i know its composable. at that time it was very difficult to develop with, and interop was near impossible. it was great at interop within an intranet scenario. over the internet and between partners ... not so good. it probably has gotten alot better since then.
regarding XML-RPC ... i agree that XML-RPC is for simple scenarios and WS-* is for the enterprise. but I think that basic SOAP (without WS-*) is just as simple as XML-RPC. and as your needs change, then you can build on top of that.
regarding WS-* ... i agree that nobody will deploy WS-* without reliability, transactions, security, etc... where did you get the feeling that i did not agree with that? that is exactly why XML-RPC / REST dont have any legs. that is why mobile devices need WS-* for CF, which i constantly bash MS over the head about. i also agree that it will take years for WS-* to really take off.

now my turn for questions ...
do you think the WS-* specs are that complex?
more complex than the CORBA specs?
do you think that CORBA is more interoperable than WS-*?
do you think CORBA can be used in simple scenarios like basic SOAP?
why are the largest software companies pushing WS-* and not CORBA?
the open source argument does not cut it because IBM likes open source and they are pushing WS-*. and there are open source WS-* implementations such as WSE for CF, Plumbwork Orange, WSE for MONO, plus many others outside of the .NET world

DesktopWeb FormText   WS-hellFri, 22 Oct 2004 15:31:15 GMT # 

i'm supposed to be doing AI and not WS ... but Clemens Vaster just brought up a problem i've come across too : Whenever you start thinking stuff is stable .... had a similar problem when writing the WSE pieces for CF. in my case though it was trying to get it to work with both WS-Routing for WSE1 and WS-Addressing for WSE2. the same thing came up when the WS-Security namespaces changed when moving from WSE2 Tech Preview to WSE2 Release.

he is calling for WSE 2.1 ... but i dont think that is going to cut it. we cant expect everybody to constantly update their WS-* implementations (and apps) every time a new spec comes out. instead the WSE implementations need to be backwards compatible. the SOA building blocks are supposed to be pluggable so you can take what you need and forget the rest. this doesnt just mean which spec ... it also means which version of a particular spec. otherwise ... namespace versioning hell

DesktopWeb FormText   book : on intelligenceThu, 21 Oct 2004 23:40:22 GMT # 

by Jeff Hawkins (the PalmPilot / Treo guy). this was a book about AI ... sort of. its mostly ideas about how Jeff thinks the neocortex of the brain works. if he is correct and we can recreate that model in soon-to-be hardware, then his thought is that we will be able to build truly intelligent machines. when i 1st started reading about neural networks, i went ahead and read a short book about the brain, thinking that might give me some ideas. but it was a waste of time because the brain book did not say anything about how the brain might actually work, and neural networks only slightly related to what we do know about the brain. the same complaint is made in this book. it also complains about how our current neural networks are way too simplistic to ever become intelligent. also attacks the thought in AI that we should be building something that is intelligent in the same way we are considered intelligent.
Jeffs model for the neocortex primarily consists of a heirarchical structure with memory and predictive capabilities using both feedforward and feedback paths. sort of a tree of auto-associative neural networks. with this setup, it would start out knowing nothing, and it would have to be trained. similar to how we are trained as we are growing up, or how the environment trained our ancestors through evolution. after training it would be able to think in abstract terms to predict its way through the world. this is different than alot of AI concepts that are mostly seeing what is in the real world and then reacting to it. e.g. the robot moving a centimer every hour pseudocode : done processing, move forward, oh crap, something moved, stop, begin processing next movement ... (wait an hour repeat). was hoping that SOM neural networks would be mentioned as well ... but they were not.
so this is the book about the brain, that relates to AI, that i assumed already existed. it was a really good book. the only problem is that it does not come with source code (that was a joke). it is one thing to read about these concepts, its an entirely something else for me to try and program something like this. meaning i wont be writing any code based off ideas from the book. it is targeting bigger problems than i am ready to attempt right now. no, i didnt just like the book because it was a mobility guy writing about AI. actually owned a PalmPilot when i was younger and stupider (intended) ... and could not ditch it fast enough for a PPC. color was just too sexy to resist

DesktopWeb FormText   book : Practical Algorithms for Image AnalysisThu, 21 Oct 2004 19:51:47 GMT # 

by Seul, O'Gorman, Sammon. read this to support the pattern recognition with AI effort. the problem is that you have to get real world data into some form that you can ultimately use an AI technique with. for audio, this has involved working with wav files as well as fourier transforms. for image and video (sequence of images), there are a lot of options : smoothing, sharpening, edge detection, subsampling, line thinning, ... mostly i've just used global pixel and convolution techniques so far. e.g. when attempting the barcode image recognition, i had to transform that from gray scale to a binary format (without loss of data). this book covers many of those techniques as well as line, point, and frequency analysis. it even comes with C code, but i have not looked at it yet; many of the algorithms could be understood through the textual descriptions alone. this book was published 2000, but seems to be much older. regardless, great book, i'll probably be using this as a reference for some time

DesktopWeb FormText   book : Wi-Fi ToysThu, 21 Oct 2004 01:56:22 GMT # 

dont exactly know why i own this book? it must have been an impulse purchase? regardless, it was on my stack of books to be read ... so i read it. it has a number of do-it-yourself projects, such as building your own antenna ... which i would never do by myself. also showed how to create a war-driving setup. the problem with that is if i wanted to war-drive, then i would just write the software myself. the only thing that i really got out of it was finding out about power-over-ethernet ... that's cool! at least i got it out of the way, and can move on to the next book

DesktopWeb FormText   best XmlDevCon blogsThu, 21 Oct 2004 01:33:29 GMT # 

out of the feeds i'm subscribed too ...
thinking-out-loud and The Dev Theologian

DesktopWeb FormText   mobile SOAWed, 20 Oct 2004 19:09:57 GMT # 

Alex Yakhnin posted SOA or where's WSE for mobile devices. you should read it; but the point is that everybody is pushing SOA, but we basically come up empty when it comes to SOA for devices. yes, i wrote the bits that will let you call WSE 2.0 from a device, but you would have to do alot more work to actually host a WSE Web Service on a device. granted you could tie the CF WSE bits together with the Mobile Web Server ... it certainly could be done, but wouldn't be trivial; nor would it perform. i was actually part of a team that did implement a CF Web Service Server (minus WSE) so know exactly what it would take

for my personal opinion ... there does not seem to be a rush. basically, i've only had 1 call for doing professional WSE work in CF (ever). the DIME bits are being used in a handful of places, but nobody is contacting me about WS-Security. even worse, nobody is contacting me about WSE work (period). you might think that writing the WSE bits for CF would make me an expert ... and that i would get contacts for doing WSE on a server? but it has not happened. when i do get contacts about WS work ... these people still think that SOAP, WSDL and UDDI are the advanced standards. they dont even say SOAP or WSDL as one word ... they pronounce each letter individually. from my perspective, WSE has to take off on the server side before it will take off on mobile devices. and in a non-dogfood-like manner, the MapPoint Web Service does not use WSE yet

so what hope is left? i see a couple forces. SOA will not take off until Indigo. VS 2005 is not going to do it because ASP.NET offers very few WS improvements (without Indigo). CFv2 also offers very few WS improvements. Always-connected Mobile devices will push the market too, along with Location Based Services to those devices. Also, the Devices Profile (UPnP 2.0 proposal) will force it to happen. Finally, competition. Michael Yuan posted months ago about Nokia's big plan to beat .Net CF in mobile Web services

DesktopWeb FormText   book : cryptoWed, 20 Oct 2004 06:28:43 GMT # 

by Steven Levy. picked this book up from a post by Softwaremaker after i had just finished Levy's book on Artificial Life. had put together the crypto API for CF to use with WSE, so know how to use crypto, but had no clue of its history. this books filled in those gaps detailing who was behind the different algorithms and how they came about. it also outlines the concerns of the NSA for crypto going public (read terrorism and child porn). it was an entertaining read. also gave me some insight into why my one Lotus Notes friend happens to know a boat load about crypto. it is worth noting that the book was published pre 9/11, so the reader misses out on feelings of guilt. maybe the book will get updated in a couple years to include that and quantum crypto

DesktopWeb FormText   book : heaven in a chipTue, 19 Oct 2004 23:03:48 GMT # 

by Bart Kosko, who is a stud in both fuzzy logic and neural networks. this was an ideas book that mainly related fuzzy logic to politics, science, and digitial culture. it has minimal technical content on both fuzzy and neural network systems, as well as how they can be used together. it does have plenty of thoughts about the future, to make you think. read it because i'm trying to come up with an idea to code using fuzzy logic. can definitely see how it applies to control systems ... but just cant think of a system that i want to control ...

DesktopWeb FormText   movie weekendMon, 18 Oct 2004 18:10:45 GMT # 

had to kill some time, so saw 3 movies (from worst to best):
sky captain - this was the 1st movie to have its opening sales beat by a video game release (Fable). i can see why. it is a ridiculous title. when i saw the title ... the thought that came to my mind is that we must have run out of available movie titles, and that we would have to start reusing old ones. the only thing special about the movie was that it was filmed entirely with a blue screen. the worst part was that angela jolie wasnt a 'bad guy', and wore alot more than just an eyepatch
team america - my expectations were too high for this movie. yes, it was funny ... but not that funny. i was expecting 'south park movie' or 'something about mary' funny ... this was more along the lines of 'hot shots part deux'. i.e. i laughed more after the movie while remembering certain parts, than during it. and at no part was i like 'im going to hell for laughing at this'. wish that i would have waited for an unedited DVD version. as far as a political comedy ... 'the daily show with jon stewart' is better
friday night lights - i played texas football for 12 years ... and have been disappointed with all high school football movies to date. this one was pretty close to the truth. i read the book when i was just starting high school football, it was basically considered the bible, and a lot of my team read it too. texas football is big business. in my district, football tickets were the only athletic events that were not free to attend. we played at huge stadiums (15K people) with astro turf and almost every game sold out. occasionally we would get helicopter news coverage as well. made the varsity team early, and all of a sudden everybody knew my name. wearing your letter jacket around opened certain doors as well. yes, we really did have signs in our yards too. it really seemed like alot of pressure and at some point i stopped enjoying the game ... did not regain the love for it until playing non-scholarship college ball. anyway ... very well done movie. the only part i didnt like was the Chavez actor was too small. that was the character i emulated ... the student-athlete [aka brains-N-brawn] :)

DesktopWeb FormText   new article : /ttSpeechMon, 18 Oct 2004 04:45:22 GMT # 

/ttSpeech is about rolling-your-own Text-To-Speech (TTS) application, showing how to create the simplest speech synthesis program possible. got it to work using managed code exclusively (i.e. SAPI is not used) ... as well as running on a Pocket PC with the compact framework. at best it sounds somewhat like a monotone human, at worst it sounds like 'speak & spell' ... either way, it is recognizable english

DesktopWeb FormText   AI culture 2Sat, 16 Oct 2004 11:08:19 GMT # 

(more observations from a coder in a researchers world)
1) where are the AI blogs? they pretty much do not exist. you can take 2 viewpoints here. the 1st is that they dont need them. news does not happen as quickly as it does in the .NET world. in the coder world we have room for endless incremental improvement. the AI world has alot more trial and error. it seems to be much harder to get incremental improvements, and there is alot of backtracking to try something entirely different applied to the same problem. 2nd is that they might need blogs even more. since things dont happen as quickly, its easy to forget about somebody elses work. the 'subscribe and forget' model as i call it would help to keep updated on somebodys work when they come up with the rarer revolutionary idea.
2) what in the world is postscript? actually, i do remember postscript from school ... but PDF has totally taken over. for AI, i had to install a PS viewer for the 1st time in about 3 years.
3) enough with the MATLAB. i've heard of it but never had to use it. just so happens that it comes up everywhere in the AI world.
4) bibliographies. remember how you used to have to do these? they are still all over AI research. haven't these people heard of hyperlinks?

seems odd to me that the internets initial purpose was to serve research papers ... yet many of these researchers dont seem to be using it in a manner much further than its meager beginnings. its basically FrontPage style pages wherever you go. no xml, xslt, flash, javascript, videos, rarely images. maybe they'll retool for the semantic web

DesktopWeb FormText   edit and continue for C#Sat, 16 Oct 2004 10:57:05 GMT # 

where in the world did that come from? was there a demand for it? i'm not positive, but i think another feature that C# lacks and VB.NET gets is the 'My' quick dial thing. would rather get that instead. so if MS plans on forcing a bunch of VB.NET developers to do C#, and MS wants them to bitch less along the way ... then good job; otherwise ... yawn.

while we're on the subject of stuff i could care less about. Team System has a number of tools i'm never going to use. Class Diagram, Unit Testing, Source Control, Code Coverage, Profiling ... good. Modeling services and how they are connected and having it build projects for me with the web references ... WTF? Modeling the logical layout of those services and web apps and the zones they are in ... WTF? i dont want an MCSE using my tool. yes, the single IDE is a good thing ... but dont make it an IDE for everybody. the chances of me using those diagrams ... 0. how about Profiling and Unit Testing on mobile devices instead. or what about Use Cases and Sequence Diagrams. no, forget that ... when am i getting my Tablet-enabled version of Visio which is so intuitive it is like modeling UML on a napkin. the 'UML on a napkin' thing always cracks me up :)

DesktopWeb FormText   Tablet PC Edition 2005 Recognizer PackFri, 15 Oct 2004 00:01:04 GMT # 

this is significant. the Recognizer Pack can be installed on non-Tablet PCs to provide ink recognition. previously ink recognition could only be tested on an actual Tablet PC device. this should open the flood gates for alot more Tablet developers. Wacom will probably sell a chunk more digitizer boards as well. NOTE that it also installs on Windows Server 2003 ...

DesktopWeb FormText   speech synthesisThu, 14 Oct 2004 21:25:12 GMT # 

the 'HAL 9000' WAV file below is from the homemade text to speech app. a pic of the application is below. i'm pretty happy with how its turning out, considering how very little code is behind it. going to play with it some more and should have an article about it over the weekend.

DesktopWeb FormText   HAL9000Thu, 14 Oct 2004 21:08:09 GMT # 


DesktopWeb FormText   text to speechThu, 14 Oct 2004 14:48:19 GMT # 

so i've been working on a custom text-to-speech (TTS) engine. just playing around to get a better idea of how TTS actually works. there are some open source ones out there, but they are more complex than i wanted. i.e. they do alot more processing to try and sound like human voices; whereas i just want something dead simple that might be recognizable as speech, regardless if it sounds like 'speak and spell'. anyways, i 'think' i just got past the hardest part?

... i forget if my blog engine can handle this? if so, there will be a wav file link below that has my computer speaking the letter 'a'

DesktopWeb FormText   up for some airTue, 12 Oct 2004 01:14:42 GMT # 

i really hate failure. i am attempting what we will call 'Project X'. this is my 2nd attempt at Project X. wont tell you what Project X is, because if i cant get it to work this time; and then somebody else does, then you'll be like ... "hey, how was Person Y able to do Project X ... but casey couldn't. casey must be a loser." anyway, i really want it to work. been working on it 4 days and still dont have any results to show. had to read for 3 days before i could even start coding. spent all day today trying to figure out the last unknown. getting close, but still did not get it to work. if i can get past this hurdle, then it should only take another day to get the rest of the code put together. even then, Project X could still be a total failure. there is not really any way for me to check to see if is working until it is done. Project X is basically all-or-nothing

so if you dont see a new article within about a week ... then Project X has been postponed (for the 2nd time). at which point you are no longer free to mention Project X. if you bring it up then i will deny any and all knowledge of it. this blog will self destruct. BOOM!

DesktopWeb FormText   debate 2Sat, 09 Oct 2004 05:20:59 GMT # 

even though my opinion does not count ... you will listen (insert jedi persuasive hand movement here). 1st off, my political party is the anarchist party. meaning i dont have a political party ... because anarchists cannot form groups (see the definition of anarchy). atheists aren't allowed to swarm together for the same reasons. back on topic ... when the debate 1st started, and they shook hands, i think kerry patted bush on the back to check to see if he was wired. bush did much better this time, so i considered it a tie based on how they performed. based on judging them as individuals, kerry definitely wins. bush was jeckyll and hyde regarding international and domestic policies (dis)respectively. i forget if jekyll or hyde was the crazy one ... thus the (dis)? kerry was even throughout the debate. kerry showed his pure brainpower by being able to recall previous names and forming complete sentences with less interruptions. instead of a debate ... i'd like for the candidates to have to take some sort of standardized test. kerry also wins for promoting his website ... you got to like that. bush did mention the internets ... but i doubt that he knows about Internet2? finally, bring back lehrer as a moderator. gibson let bush push him around at least once ... i think lehrer would have been there with the buzzer

DesktopWeb FormText   computer forensics bookSat, 09 Oct 2004 00:18:06 GMT # 

this is a recent book put out by 'charles river media'. i've just recently been buying books from this publisher, and mostly like them so far. they seem to get the right author for the job, and they offer topics that you dont see elsewhere. which brings us back to computer forensics. bought this book hoping that it would be mostly technical, so i could recreate my favorite scenes in CSI: Criminal Special Investigations (thats a lie, i dont watch TV; but i think i saw that name on a TV guide?). instead this book was mostly about processes and checklists. it was thorough but also seemed to repeat itself frequently. also very wordy, weighing in around 600 pages ... so i just skimmed it after a while. the main sections that stood out in my mind pertain to data backup and recovery, information warfare (abbreviated IW if you are cool), and analyzing machines for evidence. its probably a good book ... just not the right book for me

DesktopWeb FormText   i do not work for microsoftFri, 08 Oct 2004 23:41:19 GMT # 

let me repeat : i do not work for microsoft. have not been around THAT long, but have been doing .NET for almost 4 years. before that i did Java. when i did Java, nobody ever made the assumption that i worked for Sun. but since i have been working with .NET, i have been downright accused of working for MS an inordinate number of times. is it just me ... or does anybody else get this too?

maybe the people are just mocking me? its their way of asking, why are you evangelizing MS technologies for free? the answer is, i'm really evangelizing myself. any MS promotional material is purely accidental. i just happen to be using .NET because it is the best tool there is right now. i used Java when it was the best thing. when a greater power than .NET comes around, then i will promptly donate my collection of .NET books to the nearest library, and start the next one. if you want a quotable line, '.NET isnt love'

DesktopWeb FormText   babel fish fartsFri, 08 Oct 2004 05:15:32 GMT # 

nothing like being an uncultured american. so when foreign people write about me ... i have absolutely no clue what it means. like this (pic below). lets dissect it :

'belove' and a pink'ish background ... GOOD
name in all caps 3 times ... BAD
'Windows Longhorn' in Pascal case ... GOOD
2001 ... BAD
website linked twice ... GOOD
lots of square boxes ... BAD
smiley face ... GOOD

my conclusion is that it must be the work of terrorists and i will continue to live in fear

DesktopWeb FormText   AI cultureThu, 07 Oct 2004 15:44:57 GMT # 

must say that AI is a different beast than i am used to. i'm used to new technologies such as .NET, Web Services, etc... stuff that has very little info available. such that i could read every Compact Framework book ever written or be the 1st to self-publish an article on some beta product. AI is not like that at all:

1) its been around (off and on) for something like 45 years! i consider the people that have been working on this before i was even born as cheating.
2) in the .NET world i'm used to having tons of web sites with great content to support me: MSDN, codeproject, gotdotnet, etc. there are a number of AI sites, but alot of them have aged. cannot tell you how many dead links i've visited. serious, if i search for something on google, and then branch off from one of those results ... dead links everywhere.
3) and ALOT can happen in 45 years. if you want to find the latest and greatest, you are going to have to filter out a bunch of stuff that used to be the latest and greatest. this also makes it difficult to find the really basic stuff if you are just getting started.
4) the field is HUGE. there are a ton of specializations each having a ton of techniques. then when you start mixing these together, the possibilities seem endless. i feel somewhat lost trying to figure out which AI technique should be applied to which real-world problem.
5) too much research and not enough development. its easy to find a handful of research papers about an AI topic, but if you try to find code ... good luck. if you want OO code ... [crickets chirping].
6) the papers are just loaded with math. its cool that they want to show off their skills; but if they want developers to actually USE their techniques, instead of just having other researches read about it, then how about some pseudo code and some diagrams. typically they do not provide their code that goes along with the paper.
7) there is no Microsoft. if i want to bitch about .NET ... i have a target. there is no such target in the AI world. AI is everywhere ... and nowhere. about all i can bitch about is my brain not coming with a reference manual. stupid brain :)

DesktopWeb FormText   hidden markov modelsWed, 06 Oct 2004 23:23:44 GMT # 

in some recent article i mentioned 'hidden markov models' ... and admitted that the name was familiar, but i had forgotten the concept. so i spent most of today brushing up. the 'hello world' of HMM is to feed it a body of text from a specific author and then use that to generate a new sentence that has a likely probability of occuring. ported some C code over and ran it against the transcript of the presidential debates. it was not as funny as i had hoped for. if i told it to start with the word 'osama', then it did generate 'osama bin laden'. could also get Bush's corpus to say 'it's hard work' by making it start with the word 'it's'. HMMs can be applied to speech recognition, natural language processing, music modeling, and spell checking. now i'm trying to come up with a different project idea in which it would make sense to use an HMM. NOTE the use of the word 'corpus' above ... i've been reading too many academic books about AI ...

DesktopWeb FormText   WS-idiotsWed, 06 Oct 2004 14:32:25 GMT # 

this headline from yesterday got me riled up: Where's the simplicity in Web services?. basically its about people bitching that there are too many WS-* specs and/or they are too complex.

1st) let me politely say that these people are idiots, and they should not be running your business.
2nd) these are probably the same people that said SOAP was too simple to begin with 4 years ago; because it lacked specs for large files, security, reliability, etc...
3rd) the other option for language and platform independence is CORBA. if you think CORBA is simpler than WS-*, then you deserve a boot to the head.
4th) the other option is REST. if you dont think you can make very simple SOAP requests without doing WS-Security and the advanced specs, then you deserve a kick in the nuts.
5th) how complex is XML? all the WS-* specs are about is getting the XML to match a schema. making XML look the way you want it to is about as simple as it gets.
6th) MS and IBM are making toolkits to even hide that little bit of complexity from you. we've got .NET, WSE, and Indigo tomorrow. can you say Don Box?
7th) i've stopped working on the WS-* implementations for CF in my spare time because i dont consider it a challenge anymore. you look at the WS-* spec and then make your XML look like the spec. if you get lucky, then you'll have to write some actual code with logic. if you get even lucker, you might have to deal with an interop issue ... its grunt work

DesktopWeb FormText   new article : /aiGestureWed, 06 Oct 2004 14:01:03 GMT # 

a simple article about doing video gesture recognition : /aiGesture

DesktopWeb FormText   peaceTue, 05 Oct 2004 18:20:26 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   i'm with ballmerTue, 05 Oct 2004 14:52:29 GMT # 

if you dont believe that most music on iPods (or any mp3 player) is stolen ... then you dont have a clue. if i got an iPod, it would weight about 10 pounds more after i was done putting stolen music on it. do the math; how long have mp3 players been out - how long have online music stores been available. that said ... DRM will never work. RIAA needs to come up with something else. the funny thing is ... i've gotten so sick of the music industry ... i rarely listen to music anymore. yes my friends ... coding in silence

DesktopWeb FormText   implement me thisMon, 04 Oct 2004 23:20:24 GMT # 

todays book was: Implementing Biometric Security (Chirillo and Blaul). it was a quick read because it was not what i expected. seeing the word 'Implementing' in the title made me think that it would give me some low level details on how to write my own biometric algorithms from scratch. instead, this book is about 3rd party tools and how you can use them in your biometric setups. so basically i just read the conceptual stuff and skipped everything that had to do with a specific implementation. it does go through a number of physiological and behavioral biometrics explaining the pros and cons of each. it also explains what concerns people might have about each type of biometric.

DesktopWeb FormText   CF barcode image readerMon, 04 Oct 2004 22:37:18 GMT # 

with some image processing techniques i picked up from my AI studies ... got the /barCode image reader to work on a Pocket PC using an HP Photosmart Mobile Camera. its using the Bistia camera wrapper and Compact Framework v1. all you do is take a picture of a barcode, and then it does the recognition routine and displays the result in a MessageBox.

the scenario is that you would use this with a Smartphone (or PPC Phone Edition) at a bookstore. then it would send the ISBN to the Web Service to lookup what their price was. the pic on the left shows the image captured from the camera with minimal preprocessing. the pic on the right shows the transformed image used for recognition, and the MessageBox displaying the ISBN #.

DesktopWeb FormText   AI book recommendationsSun, 03 Oct 2004 18:10:49 GMT # 

just finished 2 more, and both are highly recommended: AI Application Programming (M. Tim Jones) and AI Techniques for Game Programming (Mat Buckland)

Application Programming is a tour of various 'weak AI' techniques. i know 'weak AI' sounds negative ... but it is not. the book covers: Simulated Annealing, ART, Ant Algorithms, Backprop Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Life, Expert Systems, Fuzzy Logic, Hidden Markov Models, and Intelligent Agents. there is a chapter on each one of these techniques. each chapter does a great job of introducing the concept and giving a simple example to start off. the minimum amount of math is provided, and if necessary, examples of the math is given. then the chapters move into a more complex example with C source code to explain what is going on. each chapter ends explaining what problems that technique is best applied to and a list to other resources. e.g. the GA chapter started out with an example on Genetic Algorithms but ended up with an example on Genetic Programming. this is a wonderful book for programmers that want to start learning AI

Game Programming goes more in depth with Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, and combinations of both. it is mostly about AI, and the examples just happen to be about Games. it starts out with basic Windows Programming in C++ (just skip those chapters). the 2nd part is about Genetic Algorithms and how you can evolve your programs to learn algorithms. the 3rd part is about Neural Networks. it starts out with MultiLayer Adaline Networks at 1st, and uses genetic algorithms to train them in a somewhat unsupervised way. then it uses BackPropogation Neural Nets and supervised training. finally, it introduces EANN (Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks). EANNs use evolutionary techniques to determine what the topology of the Neural Net should be. e.g. how many layers, how many nodes in each layer, what the connections should be, and their weights. this was new to me ... and honestly i'm not ready for it yet ... but i do know there is already a C# implementation called SharpNEAT

DesktopWeb FormText   search stuff i likeSun, 03 Oct 2004 17:09:50 GMT # 

1) thumbnails. icerocket wasn't the 1st, but i like how they dispaly thumbnails of webpages. it helps for weeding out crap but it is even better at helping me remember which link takes me where
2) site info. both icerocket and A9 have site info from it is not crucial for search but it sure is interesting to look at
3) history. how A9 keeps my past searches, because i frequently search for the same things over and over again. i really used to love how copernic did this, but just got sick of having to re-install the fat client when i was traveling so much
4) multi search (need a better word?). really like how A9 will return image results at the same time as web results
5) fat fingers. how google will fix misspelled words. this is particulary useful on Tablet PCs because my handwriting is so piss poor. now i just write like crap and google fixes it
6) local. the google local service kicks ass
7) clusters. how the new clusty engine groups results into relevant topics. some of my clusties are

Tablet PC
Web Services

hell ... that is exactly how i've been positioning myself! in 3 to 6 months, hopefully AI will be a clusty as well

now i want a single search site to give me all of this. actually, give me the option for all of this search functionality, and then let me personalize it to how i see fit

DesktopWeb FormText   a big FU to US programmersSun, 03 Oct 2004 16:30:48 GMT # 

that is exactly what i consider this to be: H-1B visa limit for 2005 already reached. there are still many unemployed US programmers (myself included), but companies cannot seem to snag up H-1Bs quick enough. but they have advanced degress ... er, um; i have 2. a majority of the H-1Bs that i've met on my nomadic travels were primarily here to learn the market and then head overseas to run outsourcing operations. this is odd, because i've never been contacted for a telecommuting job by a US company. my own rates would certainly be lower to telecommute ... but it has not come up once. another thought, why do we have limits on importing jobs and not on exporting? it seems like if you were to have limits on importing or exporting, then you would limit exporting. thus, you could import as many as you wanted, and that would keep more of the money within the US. not an economost ... but that seems like common sense to me?

bill gates does not know it, but he has been my mentor. you know how your parents would give you advice: get good grades, go to college, get a job. well, after my parents limits were reached, i turned to the most obvious adviser ... the richest man in the world. my choice of going into computer science in the 1st place was partly because of bill. more recent choices have been based on his nudgings as well: .NET and Web Services, Security, Seamless Computing (mobile, web services, location, speech). and here is bill pushing CompSci and Artificial Intelligence. that will give MS (and Google) a handful of AI researches. but go figure ... i'm teaching myself AI. so i've got all those checkboxes covered ... but the job market is still crap. if you are unemployed, it is a zero-sum game; and its not much better if you are employed and making substantially less than what you used to. even though i despise typing this, i would certainly not advise US students to study CompSci. i'm under the impression that if you are a US programmer, and really want to program, then you need to leave the US and move to where there is a lower cost of living ... then you can compete on fair terms. because the competition right now seems to be solely based on cost ... and not skill. finally, i'm looking for a new unsuspecting mentor

DesktopWeb FormText   old manSun, 03 Oct 2004 15:15:00 GMT # 

now that i'm older and wiser ... words of wisdom: people live too long. i'm already starting to fall apart. my eyes are going and my hands crack periodically. once i cannot code productively anymore, you might as well just take me out back and put me down. that would have the benefit of making more room in the environment for something else to evolve that was better suited. there are some genetic algorithms that use this sort of logic in their code. they implant every member with a 'cyanide pill' that goes off after so long to ensure that the algorithm can keep optimizing.

i'm under the impression that the medical industry keeps us alive as long as possible, to acquire more money from us. especially when considering costs of pharmaceutical drugs and medical insurance. the older you get, the conditions you have just get worse and cost more. instead of cancer and diabetes, i'm for reverting back to heart attacks. quick and unexpectedly ... that is the way to go.

reflecting like this ... because i'm nearing the dreaded 30. which brings me back to living too long. now that we live so long, a 'mid-life crisis' does not cut it anymore. we should really be allowed to have a couple of them. i'm talking 'one-third' and 'two-thirds life crisis' respectively.

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   bdaySat, 02 Oct 2004 05:23:55 GMT # 

[ink recognition] XXIX


DesktopWeb FormText   mock presidential debateFri, 01 Oct 2004 18:06:26 GMT # 

i used to play around with MS Agents. one misuse of the technology was to make them read scripts. 4 years ago, i had them read one of the Bush/Gore debates ... so i went ahead and put up the transcript of the Bush/Kerry debate from last night: /agents. BTW Kerry kicked Bush's ass.

(ASIDE) bad news: i had a blue screen this morning. good news: i could not remember the last time i had a blue screen. i'm talking months if not close to a year. and i'm not exactly easy on my machine :) wasted CPU cycles ... what's that?

DesktopWeb FormText   book$ on AIThu, 30 Sep 2004 15:35:23 GMT # 

voracious reader here. e.g. my bill was just over $3000 for books last year. there is probably another $1000 on top of that for books bought in-store (i need to get a sponsor). so i'm perfectly fine shelling out $40-$50 for a programming book. but the problem is, alot of AI books (on Amazon) are in the $75-$125 range! ... and that is putting me through sticker shock. i really do not see myself shelling out that kind of dough for a book, especially with some of the top rated books being around 10 years old. luckily, the older and more popular books can be found on ebay and such for about half price. also been raiding the collections at Half Price Books. been able to find a number of the classics by visiting the local stores. these books seem to have a low turnover rate ... so you can pick them up cheap. been meaning to, but i have not scouted out the local off-campus used book stores as well. also been buying the 'AI for Game Programming' books from Amazon. they seem to have the right mix of theory, mathematics, and application that a programmer can easily understand. you just have to read it and replace the terminology with application developer terms. e.g. 'troop path algorithm' is 'business rule optimization' and 'non player character' is 'intelligent agent'

DesktopWeb FormText   todays readingTue, 28 Sep 2004 22:35:17 GMT # 

had a bunch of down time today so put away a couple books. 1) Made-up Minds (Drescher) is another thesis turned into a book. this one is about building a general purpose AI to try and learn in the manner of the stages of Piagetian child development. i liked the concept and it had some good ideas but its not something i would attempt anytime soon. 2) The Shape of Actions (Collins and Kusch) is about classifying the human actions that machines can and cannot do. it was heavy on describing actions and light on any sort of AI topics.

DesktopWeb FormText   /aiTabletOCR : new articleTue, 28 Sep 2004 01:11:23 GMT # 

this article (/aiTabletOCR) is about my 1st foray into the world of Artificial Intelligence programming. it uses a Neural Network to do stroke-based handwriting recognition of characters on a Tablet PC. half of the article is about Neural Nets, and the other half is about applying one to this particular problem. it has some basic NN code that i ported over to C# from C, and links to more robust libraries with source. there is also a video clip of it being used.

anyways, this is my new kick. most new articles should be along the same lines as this one for some time out ...

DesktopWeb FormText   stroke based recognitionSun, 26 Sep 2004 22:02:01 GMT # 

yesterday, i attempted to do OCR from my handwriting on a Tablet. that did not work so well. the results were far from satisfactory. so i stopped going down that path and started down the stroke-based path. the difference being OCR works with images and pixels, and strokes work the x/y coordinates of the pen. beefed up my test app until i could find what looked like a recurring pattern. if i mapped the angle that the pen was traveling to a wave form, then that seemed pretty good. so i shaped that data until the neural net could work with it ... and the pic below shows the very 1st test. 4 characters with no errors ... on the 1st test! ... i was floored :) will have to see what its limits are and then see if i can tweak it to make it better

DesktopWeb FormText   garbage in-putSun, 26 Sep 2004 20:23:47 GMT # 

another tricky thing about neural networks (and AI in general) is how you get the data into some format that will be useful. typically, the input data needs to be an array of values between -1 and 1. so how do you get that array of values? well ... it varies for each thing that you are trying to do:

for barcodes, it is easy, because everything is already black (1) or white (0). if you have an image that is of lower quality, then that gives you the grey values between 0 and 1. transforming it into a sine wave helped too. for the EAN format, the array length is 95. granted ... i have not been able to successfully read low quality barcode images ... yet ...

optical character recognition is simple too. you just divide up an image into areas of pixels, and then its value is that areas grayscale. next, you just normalize the grayscale between 1 and -1. the array length is then how many areas you divide the image up into e.g. 10x10.

speech recognition was entirely different. the WAV format gives you an array of values which you can immediately plot on a graph. in that format though it was basically meaningless. if you do an FFT transform though, then you can divide it up into segments and produce the array of values by summing (similar to OCR above). then those values just have to be normalized between -1 and 1.

now i'm attempting handwriting recognition (like the Tablet PC). first, i tried OCR with minimal success. now i'm trying to work with the actual stroke data. plotting out the strokes movement as a wave looks promising. also tried FFT, but it looks less promising, and fails altogether on some inputs. there are also some OCR-esque techniques that take the strokes into consideration that i might try later.

anyways, this was not obvious to me before starting AI ... but it takes ALOT of massage work to get the input data into some format so that you can even apply the AI technique. so now i'm constantly having to look into image processing techniques and mathematical transforms. normalizing between 1 and -1 is trivial, but the thing i still dont understand is what to do with variable length inputs. e.g. if i'm trying to recognize a short sound vs a long sound. their input arrays will be of different lengths ... and i dont know how to deal with that ... or if the NN is able to handle that automagically for you?

DesktopWeb FormText   neural OCR on tabletSat, 25 Sep 2004 20:27:04 GMT # 

went ahead and hooked up the neural network OCR to run on my Tablet PC. it had been using images of characters rendered with GDI+ for training and test cases. now it is using my own handwriting for both. have to enter some letters and numbers, then train the neural net. then i can write on the lower textArea and have the neural net do the recognition (instead of the Tablet Recognizer). results aren't great, but it does have minimal success (pictured below)

DesktopWeb FormText   neuralized lessonsFri, 24 Sep 2004 23:30:14 GMT # 

aka lessons learned. mucked around with the neural networks again today, by adding some error feedback mechanisms. basically, this lets me judge the total error in the system as it is being run, but it is most helpful in training.

there seems to be multiple levels of training that you can attain: first, is to just train it until it properly matches all the inputs to the correct output. second, is to achieve the same goal, but to feed the inputs in a random order. this makes sure that it trains evenly across the inputs. third, is to achieve the same goal, but to keep running it to reduce the error. this seemed to help it handle input with noise better. granted, there is a point at which you can overtrain and make it too specialized, thus making it worse at handling noise.

what else ... training sucks. you waste a bunch of time waiting for it to train. highly recommend using an NN that can de/serialize itself once it has been trained; although i've been tweaking it a bunch of different ways and retraining to see if a certain setting works better. that part also sucks ... tweaking the NN. some examples are: how you format the input. the range for the random weights that you initialize it. what transfer function you use for activation. if you use bias. what learning rate and momentum you use. if you use a different learning rate for the hidden nodes for the output nodes. how long you train it. what minimum error is acceptable. that is a lot of different things you can muck up. i have not done it, but am considering making a 'training harness' that i could use to let it try out all these different permutations, and keep score of which setup did best. then i could just let it run overnight until it came up with the best fit. sort of procedural genetic programming if you will

DesktopWeb FormText   another recruiter annoyanceFri, 24 Sep 2004 22:10:58 GMT # 

when they search the job sites and spam everybody that fits their keyword search. i.e.

1) when they dont check the timeline. e.g. they ping me for 'java' ... which i have not done for 4 years.
2) when they dont check context. e.g. i get contacts for java 'webMethods', when my resume has the word 'WebMethods' as in ASP.NET.
3) when they dont keep a list of whom they have already contacted. e.g. i get an email saying 'hello, found your resume on', and then 15 minutes later 'hello, found your resume on'.

this just reinforces in my mind that coding is a commodity. there is really no reason for me to keep making myself a better developer, because of the disconnect that exists between me and potentional customers ... that disconnect being recruiters. you've got a high tech company on one end, then you've got technical workers on the other ... and smack in the middle, somebody that does not know technology. usually 2 of them. 1 that faces the client and one that faces the consultant. that is like me asking my mom to go search for information on neural networks that is going to help me out. chalk another one up for the stupid category

DesktopWeb FormText   back to backpropagationThu, 23 Sep 2004 21:23:25 GMT # 

[propagate is a funny word] today was spent hacking another neural network. this time i tried the one from pseudonym67: NN.NET The BackPropagation Network. 1st off, pseudonym67 has a number of great AI articles on codeproject ... recommended. on the off chance he/she reads this, i want their email addy. the NN code he provides has 3 different types of NNs: Adaline is too simple, so ignore it. BackPropagation is the one just about everybody uses, and i used today. SOM (or Kohonen) which is just plain weird because it uses unsupervised training, so look at it for cool factor. the thing that sucks about the BackProp NN articles is that they use lame examples with only 1 output and a max of 20 inputs. basically all these can tell you is a boolean response. but the code provided is better than that and can do more complex scenarios. had to muck with the network code a little, but was able to get it to do the same OCR with the network i was using yesterday.

the code was different, but the 2 BPNs were inherently the same. when running, the network from yesterday had the additional usage of Threshold. this one did not have that, but it could optionally use Bias. when learning, yesterdays used 2 different learning rates for the output and hidden layers out of the box. this one can support that as well, it just takes a miniscule effort. this one also adds the concept of Momentum. yesterdays had some error code which was not entirely hooked up. todays has more error code ... but i dont entirely understand what it is supposed to be telling me yet

DesktopWeb FormText   wrong targetThu, 23 Sep 2004 19:05:32 GMT # 

Kurt (who is a bad ass BTW) just posted Patent Absurdity. he has specific examples of patents that MS has applied for in New Zealand. in one aspect ... i agree. software patents are mostly BS (i mean that with the utmost respect). but i dont really consider MS the bad guy on this one. 1) IBM is the bad guy. they have more freakin patents than anybody. there are online patent databases you can search which are flooded by IBM. i actually had a cool idea once, and every related patented was already owned by guess who ... 'International Business Machines'. 2) IBM has been doing this for a long time now, and MS has just recently gone on a patent frenzy (by rewarding its employees with black cubes they can stack into pyramid forms). if i recall correctly from a past article, MS wants 3K patents this year (up from 2K last year); but i think IBM already had OVER 3.5K patents LAST year. 3) MS has to get these patents to protect their own ass. e.g. EOLAS. regardless, i consider it to be a modern day nuclear arm race, and at some point we'll be like 'these things could really blow everything the f#%* up', and then we'll come to our senses and start dismantling them (unstacking the black cubes) ... as well as trying to keep them out of the hands of terrorists. e.g. SCO.

DesktopWeb FormText   some neural successWed, 22 Sep 2004 20:28:08 GMT # 

it looks like my own neurons are starting to form in the brain to allow me to understand artificial neural networks. just got a basic OCR type app to work! its using a Back Propagated Network with images of characters as input. currently the exact same concept of this article: Creating OCR Apps using NN. the problem with that article is that it does not provide the code to the neural network. so i stole that idea and recreated it using this code: C# NN Class. not too hard, but the reason i'm jazzed is that i understood why certain things were not working and how to change the NN code appropriately. might consider tricking this up and turning it into an article

DesktopWeb FormText   neural network beginningsWed, 22 Sep 2004 02:20:14 GMT # 

out of the push to learn AI ... neural networks (NN) are the most interesting to me right now. there are a couple .NET implementations available so i dont really plan on writing one from scratch. on the other hand, i did port some basic NN C code over to C# to play with. within the field of NN, there are many different types. today i experimented to see that a Perceptron can learn OR but cannot do XOR. believe this was the 'cause' that 'effect'ively beat the connectivist AI approach down when it was getting out of the starting gate. also saw that a trained Adaline network does not handle noise in the input well. these are the building blocks to the BPNs which seems to be the dominant flavor of NN. also considering Hopfield and Self-Organizing networks as well

DesktopWeb FormText   dont tell me not to post politicsSun, 19 Sep 2004 01:46:08 GMT # 

to turn things around. here is Kirk telling us not to post politics on our blogs. actually, i find it more offensive for somebody to tell me what not to do. i find political posts easier to ignore.

so since he is asking for it ... my political views are ... undecided. i thought the DNC was lame, and thought the RNC was even more lame. it's just the same BS from both groups ... and there is so much freakin lying (and spin) going on that it just makes me sick. i dont like that Kerry cant seem to stick with his decisions, and i dont like that Bush is all about fear. instead of picking who is going to do the best job, i feel like it is coming down to which one do i dislike the least. aside ... i think Mark Cuban would make a kick ass president

DesktopWeb FormText   Live Bait Machine!Sat, 18 Sep 2004 16:20:48 GMT # 

Jason Haley got a pic of the infamous Live Bait Machine. awesome! i had never seen one of these things before, but this one was along the way on my drive to/from work. did a triple-take when i 1st noticed it, and then started asking around. my boss came up with the best theory, that it is for the hardcore fisherman to get their bait before the store opens.

i was dying to know what was inside too. my theory was that it was a perfect little biosphere. all it had inside was water, dirt, some plants, and creatures of the bait derivative. of course sunlight was needed, like the self contained ecospheres. it had sensors and such to create the proper amount of bait. if the bait was not purchased, then the creatures would die and become part of the food chain. then nobody would ever have to come and restock the machine ... it would just continue on indefinitely. the only problem would be if the bait evolved ...

DesktopWeb FormText   Dieselboy & GrooveRiderSat, 18 Sep 2004 16:02:36 GMT # 

you've been HAACKED posted a link to Ishkur's Guide To Electronic Music v2.5. now i cant stop playing with it.

started out with rap music, but then had to stop when i actually listened to the words; because i did not promote any of that. so i opted for music that mostly lacked words. been listening to electronic music for 15 years now. yes, when starting out, it all sounded like the same song. it took me a little bit before i could recognize when one song started and another began. granted i will never be able to differentiate the different types of electronica to this level of granularity of genres.

its funny that the site even shows my main progression: Jungle Tab - Rave - OldSkool - Jungle - Drum N Bass. also branch down from OldSkool to DarkCore - HardStep - TechStep - Darkstep. did not even know the last set were genres, had always just considered them more agressive Drum N Bass.

the sad part is that my musical tastes have not changed for the last 5 years, so i am still listening to mostly music from the late 90s. you know how your parents listened to oldies stations ... i'm already there

DesktopWeb FormText   pattern recognitionSat, 18 Sep 2004 04:11:30 GMT # 

started reading about image processing yesterday, in relation to pattern recognition. today i revisited the /barCode article to try and apply some of those techniques. the code is now a little more elegant, but the main benefit is it more robust. the problem is that i still dont have enough 'soft computing' techniques in the code to handle lower quality images. the real problem is that i have not internalized the techniques yet. i'm building up a skill set of AI techniques, image processing, etc... but i have not solved enough problems with these tools to know when to apply what technique where. e.g. would fuzzy logic or a neural network work better in this situation? e.g. what type of neural network would make sense here? a specific example is that one of the image filters i applied to the barcode just made things worse. probably going to have to backtrack to some simpler problems before moving on. the good news is that i'm finding this extremely challenging ... and having a blast!

DesktopWeb FormText   molecular technologyThu, 16 Sep 2004 22:52:21 GMT # 

just finished 2 books: Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare (1999) and Nano: The Emerging Science of Nanotechnology (1995).

the gen. eng. book was mostly a doomsayer book. read it because i'm just beginning to think about writing genetic software programs, but i wanted some real-world genetic knowledge. surprisingly i agreed with a majority of the points that were being made about how gen. eng. could muck up the real-world. the main theme seemed to be that we could figure out the genes, but that does not necessarily mean that they will behave in the wild. it was just a little too much 'mother earth is an organism' for my taste. overall, the field is interesting, and there is an off chance i might pick up a newer book on this topic with a more balanced opinion.

the nano book was more interesting, albeit older. it was mostly about the people behind nanotechnology and the critical discoveries that drove it, with some futuristic ideas for good measure. picked this book up because i ultimately want to write code to control atoms, or code that controls the nanomachines (this want is probably further out than my gen. sofware desire). surprisingly, with the earlier publish date, this book did mention gen. eng. a little as well, as a field that might help make nano a reality. it repeatedly mentioned the assembler; a microwave type device that we will eventually use to form atoms into whatever we want. but my favorite concept was the nano-fog, out of which items would seem to materialize out of thin air. definitely will pick up a newer nano book, especially after this news.

both technologies have related 'red button' 'destroy the earth 20 times over' type scenarios. for gen. eng. it was creating a 'super virus'. basically a virus that could not be stopped. for nano it was 'gray goo'. the concept was you create a nano machine that creates 2 identical copies of itself, which create 2 identical copies of themselves, repeat. so that ultimately all matter would be turned into these self-replicating machines. scary stuff. the good news is that we have not blown ourselves up with nuclear bombs.

DesktopWeb FormText   /tabletDic correctionThu, 16 Sep 2004 17:09:11 GMT # 

i got some good answers (from MS) regarding the IP of the Dictionary. basically MS requests that i do not post the WordList because of a license that they have, and they are looking into this. so as a courtesy, i will continue to not post the WordList. it does seem to be OK that i derived the WordList to come up with the words that did not have lower-case representations, to better improve my Tablet experience. now i feel better about the whole situation. BTW i probably will write some more Tablet articles, cant help it ... coding is a sickness :)

DesktopWeb FormText   internet game psycheThu, 16 Sep 2004 04:16:32 GMT # 

not a game player ... but for some strange reason i fired up the Internet Games that come with XP. Checkers, Reversi ... and such. the human behavior that really caught my attention is that i was never able to finish a game ... unless i lost. if i was winning or there was a momentum shift in my favor, then my opponents would just quit the game. very few times was i able to make it all the way through the game to fully win, instead of winning by the opponent resigning. but if i was losing, intentionally of course :), then my opponent would typically play the game to the end!

the results above were at the default 'beginner' level. if i went up to the 'intermediate' level, the opponents were better sports and i could actually win some games. the funny thing is that if they lost, then they would always go find a new opponent; but if they won, then some of them would stick around to try and beat me again. i did not try the 'expert' level because i did not want to lose :(

DesktopWeb FormText   why i wont write for MSDNThu, 16 Sep 2004 03:42:47 GMT # 

this is just one reason (i've got others). here is an article about Secure Windows Mobile Development and Deployment that recently came out. NOTE that it does not mention the System.Security.Cryptography wrapper for CF, or the WSE 2.0 WS-Security bits. you've got to be kidding me. MSDN only linking to MSDN ... stupid

DesktopWeb FormText   reading listSun, 12 Sep 2004 21:51:08 GMT # 

the job market still sucks (if not getting worse), so i've had alot of time to read. here is what i've kicked back lately:

Expert Systems and Fuzzy Systems - think it was a thesis turned into a book. it did not really go into detail about Expert Systems or Fuzzy Systems, but talked about how to use them in a complementary manner. wasn't too much of a waste of time.
GIS: A Visual Approach - reads like a long powerpoint presentation (split text and graphics). quick read to keep refresh the jargon and concepts in my mind.
Bots, Spiders, and Intelligent Agents in C++ - bought this years ago and am just now getting around to read it. reinforced the concepts that i had taught myself by building my own spider in C#, but did not introduce anything i didnt figure out on my own. should have read it when i bought it, then it would have saved me some time.
Catalog of Tomorrow - great near-term technologies book. covered many different topics with the proper amound of depth. got kind of gloom and doom towards the end about the environment. would read one of these again in a couple years.
Knowledge Web - mistankingly thought this was going to be about knowledge webs. instead it was a history of technology that tied a bunch of seemingly unrelated events together. figured out this was a waste of time about 1/3 through and stopped.
Artificial Worlds - intro book about Artificial Life. dont remember anything bad about this book, but some of the ones below are better.
After Thought - another book on Artificial Life. this one was good, but I think I liked another one below even better.
Thinking Between the Lines - another thesis turned into a book. about feeding a computer a bunch of dictionary terms and definitions, and then getting it to be able to answer questions from that knowledge base. went too much into linguistics for my tastes right now. might have to pick this one up again later because it definitely has some worthwhile info.
Implementing Security for .NET (70-340) - this was for MCSD .NET. probably the best exam study guide i read. i recommend it even if you are not going to take the exam.
Artificial Life - my favorite book on Artificial Life. this one had a great progression from experiment to experiment. will probably have to skim this one again to reinforce the major ideas of A-Life, as well as to spark some of my own ideas.
Introducing Genetics - short book with alot of worthless graphics. useful for a quick overview of genetics.
Introducing Mind and Brain - short book with alot of worthless graphics. decent overview of the brains. let me find out that i probably dont need to read anymore books about the brain to help me with AI.
Programming DirectShow - was the 1st book about programming DirectShow. mostly C++ but had one chapter for .NET. i'll probably end up doing some DirectShow stuff in the future and will revisit this book.
Construcing Intelligent Agents using Java - 1st part of the book is about the concepts, and the 2nd part is specific applications. wished it would have been more about AI and less about agents.

Nano - just started a book about nanotechnology. seems like the author is very positive about the technology, so i will like the book
Genetic Engineering - just started this book too (yes, i typically read a couple books at the same time). this author is very negative about the technology ... so i probably will not like it. it is good to know both sides of the story though

DesktopWeb FormText   comprehensive HTML file extensions?Sun, 12 Sep 2004 15:21:37 GMT # 

i'm trying to come up with a list of file extensions that render TEXT/HTML on the web. right now i've got: htm,html,xhtml,shtml,php,php3,phtml,xml,asp,aspx,jsp,cfm,cfc,cfml

what else am i missing?

DesktopWeb FormText   solution to RSS scaling problemSun, 12 Sep 2004 03:09:33 GMT # 

Dare posts: The RSS Sky is Falling...Again. just so happens that i have a solution to the bandwidth problem. all people have to do is voice their opinions to become controversial. start blogging about religion, politics, and sex (in that order) ... that will get people to unsubscribe and save you bandwidth.

actually, i have no clue how many people read my blog (because i have not written that functionality, nor am i compelled to). even when i read somebody else's blog that shows they read mine ... i'm hardly ever listed in their blogroll. possibly too controversial? here is a funny stat though ... the number of times that i've used the word 'sex' in my blog per month:

Jan - 0
Feb - 12
Mar - 11
Apr - 6
May - 5
Jun - 4
Jul - 1
Aug - 0
Sep - 3 (as of now, including this post)

NOTE the gradual decline has not been intentional

DesktopWeb FormText   still waiting on /tabletDicSat, 11 Sep 2004 02:18:26 GMT # 

saw that Incremental Blogger is waiting on the /tabletDic article. well ... i'm still waiting to hear back from MS about whether i can post it ... hopefully monday. i'm actually kind of kicking myself for pulling it. it would be fun to get some legal mumbo jumbo from MS. of course i would have posted it too :) anyways, i'm not exactly motivated to write any more tablet pc dev articles ... go figure

DesktopWeb FormText   DNA keyboardThu, 09 Sep 2004 01:03:06 GMT # 

Mark Harrison points to some MS products with fingerprint readers. that is cool for authentication purposes ... but another problem to be solved is how to de-authenticate. i.e. prove that i am not somebody. this would solve the sort of problems where we have authors doing their own anonymous book reviews on amazon. e.g. the error message would be, you cannot review this book because you authored it. its too easy to get around it now. either be anonymous; or if authentication is required, create a 2nd alias to authenticate as. the figerprint biometric does not solve this either because i could just use a different finger. maybe a DNA keyboard would do it? its only a matter of time until DNA will be signed by a certificate authority ...

DesktopWeb FormText   sitting on 6 gmail invitesThu, 09 Sep 2004 00:46:53 GMT # 

'gmail invites' got your attention ... didnt it? too bad, because i'm not giving them away. they are going to sit and rot. first, i jumped on an email invite from a friend. now i feel somewhat obligated to be nice to that person because they were nice enough to give me a gmail invite. well, i dont want to give away invites and trouble you with that same burden. the scenario is:

inviter: i'm so cool
casey: no you are not
inviter: HEY! you ingrate, i got you gmail
casey: doh! you win. you are cool

the reversal is if i give you an invite, then i expect you to praise me endlessly. second, i dont want to be googles drug dealer. i expect that people push invites on their friends and families first. gmail is definitely questionable when it comes to privacy issues; so i'm not going to be signing up everybody i know. e.g. i would sell gmail to complete strangers, but not my sister. this also involves having to choose favorites ...

sister: thanks for the gmail invite
casey: you are welcome
mom: how come i did not get a gmail invite
casey: i ran out
mom: you ingrate. blah 9 months blah ...

third, i've got other things to do than deal with complete strangers. they've got the #1 search engine on the web, why do they need me to spend my time doing their advertising. dole them out periodically from their home page and help even out the digital divide. also, the people that actually use google will be getting gmail invites, instead of me sending them to people that search with msn / yahoo / icerocket. admittedly, i dont know any of those people ... that was just theory.

finally, if you saw the title of this message and blindly sent me an email begging for an invite, then i will post your email address on my blog for the email spiders to harvest and pummel you with ads for sex and drugs.

DesktopWeb FormText   Transcript SharingWed, 08 Sep 2004 15:33:42 GMT # 

a friend tipped me off to certification Transcript Sharing, to prove that you really are certified. as opposed to hanging the paper certificate up in your cube like a diploma :) i like it. are universities doing this too? i think they should. then you could just link this stuff directly from your resume. also, i would like an option where somebody could browse to it without having to enter an Access Code. just let them pass the Transcript ID as a query string to directly link it.

Transcript ID 658671
Access Code 12345678
(has not been updated with yesterdays test)

DesktopWeb FormText   MCSD .NETTue, 07 Sep 2004 21:20:00 GMT # 

70-315 (5/08) 874
70-316 (5/14) 830
70-320 (5/22) 968
70-300 (6/19) N/A
70-340 (9/07) 828

so now i'm an MCSD .NET. i've never been certified before ... and i used to make fun of people with certifications (so you can make fun of me now). got certified mainly because recruiters are idiots. they know what MCP, MCAD and MSCD are ... but they have no clue what an MVP is. ultimately it is just more flair for the resume ... which cost about $750 to get (including books and exam fees). more costly was the month of time that was spent studying. my study material consisted of the MsPress study guides (for all tests) and the free questions at (for many of the tests). people swear by the Transcenders but i could not justify spending the additional money. that said, Transcender does have some free sample tests that i wished i would have found out about sooner. i've seen that a couple people have got dual certifications in both C# and VB.NET. yes, i think recruiters are stupid enough to not know It's The Runtime Stupid ... but i'm not going to drop the cash to take 4 VB.NET tests that are inherently the same as the C# tests i've already taken; and would be trivial to pass having passed the other. also, if a company does not realize that i could do VB.NET at the drop off a hat ... then i dont want to work for that company either. granted, i would bet that some recruiters would pass me up because i will not have MSCD in VB.NET on my resume. did i say stupid?

so that was my motiviation for getting certified ... will let you know if it pays off in the future. the immediate gain is minimal ... if not a loss. by studying for the tests, i learned a few esoteric things, but nothing that i will probably ever use in my day to day work. it did make me learn some things that i would never look at on my own, so it is good to have a better understanding of those concepts, although i will promptly clear most of that info from my short term memory. if i have not already used it in my almost 4 years of .NET ... then i'm probably not going to use it in the next 4. basically all i've done to this point is 'prove that i know what i already knew' (part of the reason i write developer articles too, although i hope those articles prove i know more than what certification proves). the only test that i really thought was valuable was the 70-340 Security test, which i also thought was the most difficult. so right now, i learned a little, spent $750, and spent a month of time on it. i wonder if that month of time would have been better spent teaching myself something new, and writing (a) developer article(s) in the process? i'm certain the TS would have preferred that i spent that cash on her instead :)

what would i change? 1st off, if a person passes the test, then show them the correct answers for the questions they missed! the person spent the money (and the time), if they proved they know it well enough to pass, then train them to be better by showing them what they did not get right. it will only improve the developer ... which should be the ultimate goal. the only logic i can imagine for not showing the correct answers is to hinder the people with photographic memories that memorize the tests for people that provide exam study guides. all you are doing is slightly slowing these people down when you could be doing developers a greater service. 2nd, let people specialize. there is too much in .NET for a person to know it all: Win Forms, Web Forms, Services. make the specific tests harder, instead of doing easier tests across the board (i.e. jack of all trades, master of nothing). also offer more specialized tests, like one for ADO.NET and another for the Compact Framework. this would give people more choices for the core requirements. 3rd, overhaul the electives. the Security elective is great. the Biztalk exam needs to be updated to 2004, kill off Sql Server for Yukon, and kill off Commerce Server entirely. 4th, get rid of the trinkets. i dont what any certificates to hang in a cube or pins to put on my notebook bag. that stuff stopped being cool when i turned 16. 5th, spend some of the money that you use to promote certifications to promote the MVP program instead. i consider MVP more valuable than MCSD, but not enough people know about it

DesktopWeb FormText   passed 70-340Tue, 07 Sep 2004 19:39:19 GMT # 

test was only 30 questions in 1.5 hours ... i was expecting more questions. about 10 more questions would have been right. my score was an 828 (700 to pass). that might be my lowest score out of all the tests. appropriately enough, i think this was the hardest exam out of them all, because there are so many interdependencies of security. e.g. CAS doesnt even take place if the app is running with Full Trust. what is the authentication type in both IIS and the web.config. the user can just bypass your app and go directly to the file system. etc. the questions on the other tests were specific, and you could just concentate on that one part, ignoring everything else ... while this one you had to take into account many more factors at once. luckily, this test had one of the best study guides. read the book in 2 days, took the practice tests the next day, and the actual test the day after. i learned more studying for this one than any of the others and recommend this book even if you are not going to certify. knew there was alot of security built into .NET, but when you get it all at once, it is almost overwhelming. this book even had a couple lessons that were not explicitly on the exam objectives ... and at least one of those topics was on my exam. the CD practice test was better than previous MsPress offerings too. it had more non-multiple choice questions, as well as 300 total questions to practice with. i think the previous MsPress sample tests only had 100 questions. overall ... this was my best exam experience. even though i think my score sucked, i think i got the most out of this exam. the other tests were basically proving what i already knew ... so i didnt get much out of them. that said, i'm still going to run as Administrator, following the practice of what i call 'computing darwinism'. meaning if i'm stupid enough to destroy my computer ... then i should not be operating one

DesktopWeb FormText   Microsoft Corp. versus brains-N-brawn LLCTue, 07 Sep 2004 02:23:50 GMT # 

err, umm ... i sort of got in trouble. was asked (by an MS representative) to pull the /tabletDic article today. since i'm friends with that person ... i did. the problem was that the article gave away a majority of the words in the Tablet PC Dictionary. this lexicon is protected by MS. the key points being 'MS legal' and 'reverse engineering EULA' ... just like Paycheck with Ben Affleck; minus me getting paid, having my memory erased, and Uma Thurman :(

supposedly somebody will review the article and determine if / what i can re-post from the article. should know something later this week

anybody else ever get in trouble for something they have coded? similar things like this have happened a handful of times to me now. i've gotten cease-and-desist letters, hate phone calls, hate emails, DMCA warnings, and shut down by ISPs. my domain name is still blocked by some proxy servers. no death threats ... yet :)

DesktopWeb FormText   article: /tabletDic - tablet dictionaryMon, 06 Sep 2004 04:49:46 GMT # 

somebody wake up Scoble ... i said 'Tablet' :) just announcing my 3rd article in a row concerning Tablet PCs. the new one is /tabletDic. it details my efforts to determine the words contained in the Tablet System Dictionary ... because MS would not tell us. this dictionary is used for ink recognition as well as alternate reco results. the end product is a 146K word list of unique words the dictionary contains. the article also explains why the Tablet PC is not great if you use all lower case letters, where RSTNLE comes from, the longest words, what dirty words are there, and some important words that are missing ... such as 'blog'. the dictionary is somewhat proprietary info ... so we'll see if i get in any trouble ...

DesktopWeb FormText   WMP 10 on TabletSun, 05 Sep 2004 14:44:54 GMT # 

why doesn't it have Tablet PC gestures built in? these guys saw the need. also in one of my older articles. by now ... every app coming out of Redmond should have features specifically for the Tablet PC. i.e. the next version of IE should include gestures for browsing

DesktopWeb FormText   out of officeWed, 01 Sep 2004 16:56:10 GMT # 

going to explore for a couple days. i'll post an article about the Tablet PC Dictionary when i get back. as a precursor i'll say that the default dictionary does not have any of George Carlin's 7 dirty words :( how does MS expect me to properly express myself without cussing?

DesktopWeb FormText   $100K (new /tabletSign article)Tue, 31 Aug 2004 21:24:26 GMT # 

Julie Lerman points out that the DoesYourAppThinkInInk contest is wrapping up.

i just spent the last couple days putting an entry together and made it into the /tabletSign article. it is a signature biometric for logging into web sites with a Tablet PC. an interesting part is that the user does not have to use a text-based password ... they could draw a hieroglyphic ... or whatever. it also uses WSE security to communicate back to the web site, so that the biometric info cannot be tampered with or viewed (i.e. Xml-Signature and Xml-Encryption). it does all this without requiring the user to change their default web browser security settings

DesktopWeb FormText   HATE EarthLinkTue, 31 Aug 2004 20:51:59 GMT # 

disconnected (again) around 5 PM yesterday. EarthLink (ISP) sent TimeWarner (cable provider) another disconnect request yesterday ... for no reason. i can call EL and tell them to reactivate it, and they do immediately ... but it takes up to 72 hrs for EL and TW to synch. how is it that my internet providers dont have the ability to synch instantly? are they using FedEx or what? this really does not give me much faith in them. should be a secure web service call (while i'm on the phone with them) and then everybody is happy. this is what happened this time ...

casey: [calls EarthLink, wait time is 30 minutes]
casey: [hangs up and calls TW] did EL disconnect me again?
TW: yes
casey : [calls EL, waits 30 minutes] why did you disconnect me?
EL: whoops! our fault. its fixed. that will take 72 hours to resynch
casey: you call that fixed? call TW to get it connected now
EL: ok. i'll call right now [casey hangs up]
[next morning ... still not connected. calls EL]
casey: call TW and get me connected now
EL rep: i cant
casey: let me talk to your manager
EL man: i'm the manager
casey: call TW and get it connected now
EL man: let me put you on hold [15 minutes later]
EL man: ok, i called them and i'll have to re-submit this
casey: is it going to be connected immediately?
EL man: it could take up to 72 hours
casey: then what the hell were you doing when you called TW?
EL man: i'll submit this now, then you can call TW
casey: [waits a little and calls TW] EL called, please connect me
TW: please disconnect your modem and turn off your computer
casey: WTF! did you even listen to me?
TW: we have to go through this 1st
casey: [goes through network for monkeys process ... does not fix it]
TW: please hold one second [transfers call to EL]
EL: welcome to EarthLink
casey: WTF! [hangs up and calls TW back] EL called, please connect me
TW: this is messed up, they sent another disconnect command today
casey: WTF!
TW: let me call them now to get this fixed [on hold 20 minutes]
TW: just spoke to EL. they are sending the reconnect now.
it will take an hour. i will call you back in an hour.
casey: Thank you [2 hours pass. casey calls TW]
TW: we have to call EL again [30 minutes on hold]
[casey has to leave, TS takes over]
[hour later, TS gets the internet fixed again]
(total disconnect time - 23 hours)

DesktopWeb FormText   70-330 / 70-340 book is outSun, 29 Aug 2004 14:42:29 GMT # 

amazon: usually ships within 24 hours. now i dont have an excuse for finishing MCSD. the Biztalk 2000 elective needs to get updated to 2004 next, and then SQL Server 2000 to Yukon. the Commerce Server 2000 elective needs to go away ... never to return.

DesktopWeb FormText   Tablet PC Dictionary triviaSat, 28 Aug 2004 22:39:17 GMT # 


DesktopWeb FormText   guess why Crypto is not failingSat, 28 Aug 2004 18:34:12 GMT # 

this is just a guess: i know explicitly that you cannot pInvoke from an embedded WinForms control without requiring additional permissions. my assumption was that calls to System.Security.Cryptography.*CryptoServiceProviders would pInvoke the native CryptoAPI ... and then throw a SecurityException. but that is not the case. both SHA1CryptoServiceProvider and TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider are working ... without additonal security. i think it is because they are not really doing a pInvoke; instead they are doing [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.InternalCall)]. so hashing and symmetric crypto seem to be fine. makes me wonder if pub/pri key encryption will work? the additional burden that might make it break is that the RSA key pairs are stored in the registry

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE from a sandboxSat, 28 Aug 2004 13:57:32 GMT # 

a little more info. the main changes i had to make to get my WSE bits to run in an untrusted environment involved my choice of crypto. i chose a path where i would be able to switch all cryptography over to fully managed classes (the rest is just shaping XML to the WS-Security specs). the best choice for this was to encrypt and sign with a UsernameToken. the crypto for this path involves Random number generation, P_SHA1 for key generation, SHA1 and HMACSHA1 for signing, and TripleDES or AES128 for encryption. what i expected is that everywhere there was *CryptoServiceProvider, i would have to switch it to *Managed, because *CryptoServiceProvider ultimately calls the native CryptoApi. i changed some of them, but missed a couple ... and it still worked, but i dont know how? my expectation was that those calls would throw a SecurityException. will have to so some more digging

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE everywhereSat, 28 Aug 2004 02:39:22 GMT # 

from my rant below ... i thought that i had coded something cool ... but needed to test it on the internet ... well, it has been tested ... and it works!

just browsed to a web page which contained an embedded WinForms control (like an applet). that WinForms control has a button on it. when clicking that button, it makes a signed and encrypted WS-Security UsernameToken SoapRequest to a WSE 2.0 WebService, which returns a signed and encrypted SoapResponse. the real kicker is that it made the call without needing any additional security. i'm talking default Medium-trust Internet-zone baby! this works for embedded WinForm controls, as well at No Touch Deployment (NTD) apps. maybe ClickOnce, once that happens. did it by refactoring the WSE code i wrote for CF. i'm not holding my breath until we see a java applet do WS-Security

DesktopWeb FormText   hate TimeWarner and EarthLinkSat, 28 Aug 2004 02:13:35 GMT # 

9 AM [casey coding at his computer]
10 AM [internet connection goes down]
2 PM [finishes reading a book, calls Time Warner]
casey: internet broken. fix it.
TW rep: its EarthLinks fault.
[calls EarthLink]
casey: TW says you broke internet. fix it.
EL rep: whoops, let me change that. all better.
[casey works on Tablet PC dictionary attack] 4 PM [still no internet. calls TW 2nd time]
casey: EL says they fixed it.
TW rep: no they didnt.
[calls EL 2nd time]
casey: TW says you did not fix it.
EL rep: no, we really did fix it. wait longer.
[casey codes something really cool. needs to test on internet] 7 PM [calls TW 3rd time]
casey: EL says they fixed it the 1st time.
TW rep: it might be fixed, but they have to call us.
otherwise 48 hours til re-connect.
[calls EL 3rd time]
casey: TW rep says you have to call them to fix it.
EL rep: i cant call TW. lets redo what didnt work last time.
could take 72 hours.
EL man: hello i'm the manager
EL man: lets call TW [makes 3-way call to TW]
TW rep: your names not on the account. the TS has to call.
we cant fix it until she calls.
casey: [SILENCE! DEEP BREATH ... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 ...]
this is to protect her from terrorists trying to get her connection fixed?
TW rep: [silence.]
EL man: [silence.]
8 PM [casey calls TS and TS calls TW 4th time]
TS: i'm the TS. fix it.
TW rep: we dont have the info we need.
we cant fix it until tomorrow around noon.
[TS calls back TW for the 5th time ... they fix it]
thank you TS

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   Tablet PowerToys updateFri, 27 Aug 2004 01:50:38 GMT # 

[ink recognition] 5 new Power Toys click here


DesktopWeb FormText   on the 7th dayFri, 27 Aug 2004 01:18:13 GMT # 

been doing an attack to discover the words in the Tablet PC dictionary. my current estimate is that it contains >150K unique words. alphabetically sorted, the 1st word is $US ... which i think is appropriate. to varying degrees, i've brute forced words from 1 to 6 characters in length. started a brute force for 7 character words today which is going to take (oddly enough) 7 days to complete. using a different method to discover words with longer characters. expect to see the results in about a week

DesktopWeb FormText   Preview dev kit for Devices ProfileThu, 26 Aug 2004 18:15:50 GMT # 

been catching up on past .NET Show episodes. the Lonhorn Fundamentals episode mentions "the Devices Profile for Web Services specification detailing how to connect smart devices via Web services and preview developer kits"

why am i just now hearing about a preview dev kit? had hoped that implementing WSE2 for CF would put me on some radar screens ... but it hasn't. i REALLY REALLY want that dev kit. somebody hook a brother up

DesktopWeb FormText   MSDN article: Ink on the WebWed, 25 Aug 2004 21:05:49 GMT # 

Stephen Ness, Mobile Ink Jots 3: Ink on the Web

DesktopWeb FormText   sick of SP2 bitchingWed, 25 Aug 2004 13:29:53 GMT # 

keep stumbling across articles about people scared to install SP2. i'm certain these are the same people that complained about XP not being secure. right about now i want a super evil virus alert to come out. i'm talking of the 'del c:\*.*' variety. then maybe these people will realize what they should really be scared about. boot to the head

DesktopWeb FormText   is ink on the web coolWed, 25 Aug 2004 01:26:31 GMT # 

a couple days ago, Chris blew off the /tabletWeb article. to a point ... i agree. it will definitely take a significant amout of time for ink on the web to be adopted, and IE needs some updates to better support it: embedded WinForms controls need to load faster, be easier to debug, be able to interact with the page (each other?), and be able to render alternate HTML text while controls are loading and if the controls do not load at all, etc. even though it seems that i've had a meager # of people interact with the ink-enabled pages (maybe it will increase after SP2 gets pushed out more?), i'm sort of compelled to write another ink-in-IE article. but i need a little more ... so when is the next DoesYourCodeThinkInInk contest? nothing like a possible bribe to push me over the edge :)

so the real problem is i have way too many ideas to code them all. want to do MLS, but cant get it to install. a significantly different ink-in-IE article might be cool, but i just did one and is still TBD if people actually ink on it. too soon to do CF or WS again. maybe something entirely different ...

DesktopWeb FormText   blowing off steam: MLSWed, 25 Aug 2004 00:51:06 GMT # 

borrowing a word i picked up from Sam Gentile ... FRICTION! i've been trying to get MapPoint Location Server installed off and on for the 2 weeks. this has got to be the most frustrating install i've attempted in years. the Tablet/Speech article i just put out was mainly just a ploy to take my mind off of this. it is a constant beating of starting an install, getting an error dialog, looking at the docs and knowledge base articles, fiddling with your server, and then attempting the install again ... to either get the same error dialog, or a new one. dont get me wrong, there are installation docs; they just have some holes, or point to KB articles that are only relevant to a degree. from the developers perspective ... i just want to get this thing working so i can develop against it. i do not want to setup Active Directory, DNS, Groups, Users, Certificate Services, SSL certificates. could not care less about the security on my LAN. if you do require all that, give me an installation walk-through. something so point and click stupid that a monkey like myself can do it. then i could spend my time playing with the API. there is a newsgroup for it, and i can see that other people have successfully installed it ... i hate those people :) there are also alot of installation questions :(

DesktopWeb FormText   latest recruitmentMon, 23 Aug 2004 01:02:50 GMT # 

i get a number of recruiters that contact me ... but they dont really want to find me work, they just want me to help them find somebody else. the last message was something like "dear casey, do you know somebody that has your experience in web forms, web services, tablet pc, security, compact framework ... but is less senior than you?". that is a polite way of them asking for somebody that knows as much as me, but will work for less money so they can take a bigger cut. they'll find somebody else that does not know as much, but is cheaper, and will not even submit my resume. needless to say ... i dont respond to these types of messages.

DesktopWeb FormText   more ink in IESat, 21 Aug 2004 02:56:43 GMT # 

Julia Lerman posted Web Doodling

DesktopWeb FormText   hardware i want to code forFri, 20 Aug 2004 19:53:51 GMT # 

MCE (Media Center Edition) - dont have any decent hardware to load the OS on. dont watch enough TV to warrant buying some either.
PMC (Personal Media Center) - they have the CF CLR on them, we just cannot access it. dont want one until i can code it.
SPOT - i want to be able to write programs to run on the watch themselves. the OS is basically a mini CLR and a HAL. that very concept gets me excited. also want to write programs to send data to the watch. dont think there is an API available to hobbyists in either situation? dont want one until i can code it.
Telematics - been meaning to put a computer in my car for some time now.

DesktopWeb FormText   article: /tabletWeb - ink and speechFri, 20 Aug 2004 03:51:19 GMT # 

this is the latest article /tabletWeb. it is about using the Tablet PC Ink API, along with the Speech SDK, to create web pages that you can interact with using a pen and / or your voice. got a video of it in use that shows it working much better than i expected it would. also, some other examples of doing ink on the web. the TS's favorite is a control that lets you graffiti over my picture (she turned me into sherlock holmes)

DesktopWeb FormText   web cam helpThu, 19 Aug 2004 04:00:05 GMT # 

anybody know of a web cam that is decent at making videos off a monitor? preferrably something that i could pick up at Best Buy / Circuit City. i just tried the Logitech Orbit, and it could not focus in on the text being displayed. need this to create some demo vids for the latest article. 'camtasia' will not work ... nor will it do it justice

DesktopWeb FormText   heads upMon, 16 Aug 2004 02:20:58 GMT # 

started playing around with some MapPoint stuff ... but got stuck :( just so happens that somebody else is putting together an article that should help me get unstuck ... so i'm waiting on that. in the meantime i started playing with some Tablet PC stuff. got it working better than expected today ... going to trick it out tomorrow, and get it in article form within a week

DesktopWeb FormText   SP2 experience revisitedSun, 15 Aug 2004 15:19:07 GMT # 

after installing SP2 on my XP Pro machine, it was taking really long to initially connect to a web site. this was particularly noticable over 802.11g, but i was also getting lag when wired. checked my event log and saw that i had hit the 10 connection limit a couple times ... but installing that patch did not help much. but i did just go through 'add / remove programs' and wiped out all the existing 802.11 drivers and internet connection helpers that came pre-installed with my notebook from the factory ... and that seems to have fixed it ... i hope

DesktopWeb FormText   web updatesFri, 13 Aug 2004 20:18:59 GMT # 

trying to make the site a little more user friendly. should have reduced the need to do a horizontal scroll on the blog page. the comments page text box should render a larger size in Firefox. the mobile page now has a blog tab and should auto-redirect based on device as well. plus some other minor changes.

DesktopWeb FormText   ink commentsThu, 12 Aug 2004 03:50:43 GMT # 

the comments page now supports Ink-in-IE. if you have a Tablet PC with SP2 (and .NET 1.1) then you will be able to write your comments in ink. if you are not on a Tablet, then it will render HTML and images.

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   tablet testWed, 11 Aug 2004 15:52:25 GMT # 

[ink recognition] please duck creek dint overflew


DesktopWeb FormText   SqlCeResultSet on TabletWed, 11 Aug 2004 15:13:48 GMT # 

had asked about SqlCeResultSet working on Tablet PCs. Bill came through with the answer that it will be ... along with some great posts on working with it.

now the question is ... how does Bill get his questions answered by MS? i've got a bad streak of asking questions to MS, and having them say they'll get back to me ... and then never getting an answer :(

DesktopWeb FormText   WI .NET UG meeting tonightTue, 10 Aug 2004 19:52:34 GMT # 

GDI+ in Microsoft .NET

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   ink linkTue, 10 Aug 2004 17:08:53 GMT # 


Tablet PCWeb FormInk   ink testTue, 10 Aug 2004 17:00:27 GMT # 


DesktopWeb FormText   Tablet SDK 1.7Tue, 10 Aug 2004 15:56:24 GMT # 

the final version is available for download! also, i discoverd that SP2 updates the OS to Tablet PC Edition 2005 (not 2004, as i posted previously)

DesktopWeb FormText   SP2 experiencesMon, 09 Aug 2004 16:52:07 GMT # 

i've installed on 6 boxes without a glitch: 2 XP Homes, 3 Tablets, and 1 XP Pro. used the same 400+ meg download from the MSDN subscription for each

my only complaint is on the XP Pro box. i'd been using it over wireless-G to a Microsoft MN-700 access point; except it has gotten noticably slower. just updated the MN-700 firmware ... no improvement. reset the access point ... still slow. going to have to wire this box and see if it improves. also need to unwire some of the other boxes and see how they do.

finally, anybody know what \Windows\System32\DrvrSrvcDll.exe is? SP2 is asking if i want to unblock it ... and i dont know ...

DesktopWeb FormText   waiting for Tablet SDK .nextSat, 07 Aug 2004 16:41:09 GMT # 

now that SP2 is out the door, Tablet PCs become more respectable. SP2 significantly increases the usability of Tablet PCs, by upgrading them to Tablet PC 2004. my chicken scratch print made the original flavor of the Tablet PC basically unusable for me. it was way too frustrating and part of the reason why i haven't been developing with it recently (used to be a Tablet MVP). i have been running an alpha of Tablet 2004 though, and it is MUCH MUCH better. so if you have a Tablet now, get SP2 ASAP. and if you tried out a Tablet in the past, and passed, then you should give them another try.

now what we need is the next version of the Tablet SDK to come out. it has been in the works, so i'm hoping it is released shortly. once that happens ... expect to see a number of new ink-enabled blogs

DesktopWeb FormText   brush my shoulders offFri, 06 Aug 2004 06:33:43 GMT # 

just announcing the latest articles:

/cfWSE2 shows how to call almost all of the WSE 2.0 samples from the Compact Framework (sample code included). you will need to look at the code, since the programming model does not match WSE

/cfAES is an enhanced crypto library for the Compact Framework. it includes all of the algorithms for the full .NET Framework v1.1 ... plus the current Whidbey Beta 1. AES is particularly useful for /cfWSE2 above. all you have to do is include the library, add a '#if AES' directive, and you can use this library to call WSE 2.0 using the default symmetric alrgorithm of AES (instead of having to change it to TripleDES)

/speechMulti is about Speech Server 2004 for doing speech recognition and text-to-speech on your Pocket PC with the Pocket IE Speech Add-in. plus a walkthough using the Speech SDK. also goes over how you can wrap it with the Compact Framework to provide SR and TTS within your CF applications

/cfBCL are the results of comparing the assemblies of Compact Framework v1 to CF v2 in Whidbey Beta 1. quickly shows the new namespaces, types, and methods. also breaking changes, and what is unique to CF (not on the desktop)

[off topic] the video page has alot of new links too

DesktopWeb FormText   FireFoxThu, 05 Aug 2004 23:45:04 GMT # 

the TreeView should be working for FireFox now. i'm actually writing this post from FireFox. just to let you know ... i dont like it; so this is probably the extent of my testing. please let me know if you have any other problems

DesktopWeb FormText   blog engine fixesThu, 05 Aug 2004 06:40:53 GMT # 

my blog has been mostly broken for the last couple months. just so happens i'm in TX through the weekend (where my server serves) and am getting to fix some things. permalinks should be working now, the comments page should load faster, and the archives are back. FireFox support is slightly better. it used to be just a black screen. that is fixed ... but the TreeView is still broken. there are some other things i will try to do as well. anyways ... if you have any complaints for other things to fix ... now is the time to shoot me an email, and i'll see what i can do

DesktopWeb FormText   SqlCeResultSetThu, 05 Aug 2004 04:38:09 GMT # 

Sam brought it up. then Bill dropped some code. ... it is cool to have something that the full framework does not [evil smile]. but is that really the case? SqlMobile is supposed to work on Tablet PCs too. does that mean that the SqlCeResultSet will ultimately work on a Tablet PC (running the full framework) as well? or will the devices use the same underlying database, but require a different code base?

DesktopWeb FormText   unique to CF v2Wed, 04 Aug 2004 15:16:14 GMT # 

these are the types that exist in CF v2 for devices, but not on the full framework for Whidbey on the desktop (Beta 1)

Namespace - Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms
Namespace - System.Data.SqlServerCe
Type - Microsoft.VisualBasic.DefaultInstanceProperty
Type - Microsoft.VisualBasic.MyGroupAttribute
Type - System.Net.IrDAEndPoint
Type - System.Net.Sockets.IrDACharacterSet
Type - System.Net.Sockets.IrDAClient
Type - System.Net.Sockets.IrDADeviceInfo
Type - System.Net.Sockets.IrDAHints
Type - System.Net.Sockets.IrDAListener
Type - System.Threading.ThreadTerminateException
Type - System.Windows.Forms.AutoScaleMode
Type - System.Xml.XmlQualifiedNameTable

DesktopWeb FormText   CF v2 breaking changesTue, 03 Aug 2004 14:13:01 GMT # 

these items are in CF v1, but not CF v2 (Whidbey Beta 1):

Type - System.Text.MLangCodePageEncoding
Type - System.Data.PropertyAttributes
Type - System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapDocumentServiceAttribute
Method - System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCeInfoMessageEventArgs.ErrorCode

DesktopWeb FormText   less Active DirectoryTue, 03 Aug 2004 00:42:28 GMT # 

if you want me to develop with your product ... then do NOT do the following

DesktopWeb FormText   CF v2 spelunkingMon, 02 Aug 2004 15:33:22 GMT # 

these are the new namespaces in Whidbey (Beta 1) CF V2:


DesktopWeb FormText   CF footprintsSun, 01 Aug 2004 18:22:03 GMT # 

some comparison of Compact Framework v1 to v2 (with Whidbey Beta 1 bits):

size on disk:
v1: 2 megs v2: 3.6
public types:
v1: 800 v2: 1,200
public methods:
v1: 13,500 v2: 22,400

DesktopWeb FormText   more guns pointing towards googleSun, 01 Aug 2004 18:14:17 GMT # 

from Mark Cuban's blog: Watch Out Google….here we come!

so google has made search profitable, putting a big target on their back, and now everybody wants a piece. bunch of copycats (and inbreeding) in this industry. (dont take that wrong, Mr. Cuban's a bad ass). guess everybody is still scared to do something new. or else new ideas are hard ... and coding is easy

DesktopWeb FormText   CF using Speech Server for SRSat, 31 Jul 2004 00:16:25 GMT # 

SR is Speech Recognition. this involves the same trick explained a couple days ago for doing TTS for CF. just embed a web browser into a CF app. this one is a little different (than TTS), because you have to pass which grammar to use and kick off the recognition automatically. then you can speak and the web browser will end up with the text that was spoken. the only problem is that the Whidbey WebBrowser control for CF will not let you retrieve the HTML that is returned. so you cannot get the answer from the WebBrowser and back into the main application. that needs to be fixed. an article for this will be posted late next week.

DesktopWeb FormText   branch out OR refine skillsFri, 30 Jul 2004 02:16:05 GMT # 

i have this internal struggle involving where i should direct my time. i'm always torn between reading a book about some type of programming i have no clue about OR do i read more about software engineering. e.g. should i read about XQuery, AI, Programming DirectShow OR should i read about TDD, Design Patterns, Agile Programming. that said ... i choose XQuery, AI, DirectShow 99% of the time (wider is better). i've never been on a project and had a client say, 'i am so glad you know Design Patterns, UML, SCRUM, flavor of the day' ... but they have come by with questions about XSLT, Crypto, RegEx, WS-* ...

DesktopWeb FormText   great hackers in a nutshellFri, 30 Jul 2004 01:49:02 GMT # 

friend #1 sent me this link (Great Hackers), and thinks my next employer should read it. actually, i've worked a total of 8 weeks this year ... too busy coding to look for a day job. if the TS wasn't spending all my money, then i would have already called it a year and submitted my 04 taxes

DesktopWeb FormText   6998 to goThu, 29 Jul 2004 02:27:21 GMT # 

A - B

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE 2.0 SP1Thu, 29 Jul 2004 00:51:55 GMT # 

it is out. i just ran the unit tests for the WSE 2.0 Compact Framework bits against SP1 and everything passed. yeah

DesktopWeb FormText   pending article blitzkriegWed, 28 Jul 2004 20:45:34 GMT # 

been upskill'ing (stealing Chris's word) with Speech Server 2004 this week, and putting together an article. should finish it this weekend. that will make 3 dev articles to put out late next week! the 2 other articles are 1) how to call WSE 2.0 from CF and 2) enhanced crypto for CF

DesktopWeb FormText   weblogs i cannot keep up withWed, 28 Jul 2004 00:59:00 GMT # 

i'm subscribed to ~200 blogs now.
these are the ones with unread posts...

Scobleizer - 399
MSDN Just Published - 558
Microsoft community blog posts - 846
Weblogs @ - 3325
Weblogs @ ASP.NET - 17211

the bolded folder names in Outlook make me feel stressed

DesktopWeb FormText   CF using Speech Server for TTSTue, 27 Jul 2004 17:58:56 GMT # 

this is a little hack i dreamed up at MobileDevCon, and i just now got around to building. it involves doing text-to-speech (TTS) in a compact framework (CF) app using Speech Server. all i did is create a speech-enabled web page that will speak whatever you pass as a query string. then i created a compact framework app with a hidden WebBrowser control. whenever you want the app to speak, all you do is pass the query string'd url to the web browser. it loads the page, then gets speech server to do the TTS, and then the web browser plays the prompt using the PIE speech add-in. it would take a little work, but i think this could also be modified to use Speech Server to do speech recognition for CF. kind of cool

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] BOOMTue, 27 Jul 2004 16:03:38 GMT # 

BOOM.wmv (5877 KB)

DesktopWeb FormText   aeiou ...Tue, 27 Jul 2004 03:04:38 GMT # 

... and sometimes 'y'. if you enter 'kc', it (Speech Server) will read each letter individually, i.e. 'kay.see'. as soon as you add a vowel, it tries to read it as a word. e.g. 'kac' will be read 'kack' and not 'kay.aye.see'. so i entered the alphabet with consonants only, and this is what worked: bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz. note that 'y' is missing; because it would read it as a single word otherwise ... which sounds like a bunch of clicks and whistles from the !Kung

DesktopWeb FormText   limit testingTue, 27 Jul 2004 02:51:50 GMT # 

Speech Server will read 999999999999999999 as "nine hundred ninety nine quadrillion, nine hundred ninety nine trillion, nine hundred ninety nine billion, nine hundred ninety nine million, nine hundred ninety nine thousand, nine hundred ninety nine". add 1, and it reads 1000000000000000000 as "one zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero". i discovered this testing to see if it would say sextillion

DesktopWeb FormText   kcRobotTue, 27 Jul 2004 01:54:55 GMT # 

i liked it (but have never been an Asimov guy). Frank Herbert was my science fiction (Dune) Messiah. [warning : spoilers] i liked the fist biometric. also the part when the girl was trying to get the CD player to do speech reco, and was saying different words, because she did not know the grammar (been there, done that). the TS pointed out that somebody would definitely hack a robot to make it commit crime. the TS also pointed out that working older-model robots would not be stored away in train box cars. and the black guy being prejudiced ... classic

DesktopWeb FormText   Speech Server cry for helpMon, 26 Jul 2004 19:39:43 GMT # 

alright ... Speech Server is kicking me square in the balls right now. how in the world do i get my deployed Speech SDK app to work with Speech Server? i'm going through the docs and not finding them particularly helpful for the Pocket PC PIE Speech add-in scenario. i'm using the SES only, and not TAS ... so this should be pretty simple :( i've posted my current questions to the newsgroup: microsoft.public.netspeechsdk ... and now i'm holding my breath (because i'm basically stuck)

also, when i run the SpeechMaps sample from the desktop IE with Speech add-in, why do i get prompted to trust the Speech Server. the desktop is powerful enough to do all Speech Reco and TTS locally ... why is it going to the Speech Server at all? shouldn't it only be going to the speech app web server?

DesktopWeb FormText   SOA (or SOL) for DevicesMon, 26 Jul 2004 16:13:34 GMT # 

this thread on Don Box's wiki is worth noting. Scoble linked it. my thought is that the device guys are on their own for a while to do WS-* support (on any platform). once we see more web services (on servers) start using the WS-* specs, then the need will trickle down to devices. and now try to name off some public web services using WS-* specs. i can think of one: the web service, which provides no real value in its current state, and only uses 1 small piece of WS-Security (WSE 1.0). i dont NEED that web service for my device. now the MapPoint web service is compelling for devices ... but WSE isnt being used. it looks like the Pocket IE Speech add-in does web services to Speech Sever 2004 as well ... but no WSE. so this is me calling Microsoft out that they are not adequately 'dog fooding' WS-*. and bring back HailStorm ... couldn't resist :) [segue] it is interesting that out of my WS-* implementations for the Compact Framework, the only one that really gets used is WS-Attachments. this is funny since DIME will be deprecated for MTOM. i've only been asked once (over the last year) about the WS-Security stack ... which does do XML-DSIG and XML-ENC. [segue] actually ... maybe some competition will speed up adoption too: Nokia's big plan to beat .Net CF in mobile Web services

DesktopWeb FormText   seed of chuckyMon, 26 Jul 2004 02:36:37 GMT # 

where do baby dolls come from?

DesktopWeb FormText   spider trainingSun, 25 Jul 2004 18:01:07 GMT # 

i've been mostly training my web spider by giving it negative reinforcement. e.g. if it gets a movie i dont like, then i set a flag that this was bad. this technique has been working ... but it is slow. just a couple days ago i took a different approach, and i added positive reinforcement, to steer it towards good content. now the spider gets so lost in good content, that it hardly picks up any bad stuff at all. this has been working so well, that i even took the 'training wheels' off. meaning i had been purposefully limiting the scope of the spider ... so as to not take up all my time training it. i would basically only let it get 100 movies each time, of which about 25% would be bad. now it has been getting about 1500 daily, and only about 1% are bad. i'm wondering if i even need to train it anymore?

DesktopWeb FormText   PIE Speech Add-InSun, 25 Jul 2004 04:02:10 GMT # 

here is a gem from the Speech Server sample readme: "To reduce recognition latency, after installing Speech Add-in for Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer, establish an ActiveSync connection with the Pocket PC device and delete the file labeled mscc.mtfp. This file is located in the Windows directory on the Pocket PC device."

WTF? i hate magic comments!... google (nothing) (nothing) searching the Speech Server CHM file (nothing). looking at the mscc.mtfp file (binary). so why in the world does deleting the mscc.mtfp file reduce reco latency? and why is it installed in the 1st place?

DesktopWeb FormText   Speech Server trialsSun, 25 Jul 2004 03:47:48 GMT # 

been fighting with Speech Server 2004 the last couple days. it had been winning ... but i finally bludgeoned it into submission tonight. yesterday was an install fest: Windows Server 2003, IIS 6, Windows Updates, Enterprise Instrumentation, Speech Server, Speech SDK. i just want to use it from a PPC with the PIE Speech add-in (over WiFi), so i do not have a dialogic board. Speech Server comes with 1 sample that uses the MapPoint Web Service. it sucks as a sample because it has too many dependencies. e.g. i want to get the sample working now, but i have to wait 3 or so days to get my MapPoint user and pass. also, it has config info for working behind proxy servers, which is fine if you are behind a proxy server; but i'm not, and i cant find an intuitive way to get it to ignore those settings. would have preferred a simpler app (in addition) just to do some speech reco and TTS

DesktopWeb FormText   WS-RoyaltyFreeSat, 24 Jul 2004 16:43:38 GMT # 

Sam Gentile points to Matt Powell pointing to a public pronouncement for 26 WS-specifications being royalty free! i was pissed off about this just a couple weeks ago when i saw that i needed to sign a license to implement the WS-Security spec. now i am happier :) kind of interesting that MTOM is on the list, but DIME and WS-Attachments is not. WS-Addressing (WSE2) is there and WS-Routing (WSE1) is not. also, where is WS-MetadataTransfer (to be used by WS-Discovery)? i 'think' WS-MetadataExchange is different? and at the very bottom: 'To inquire about obtaining a license to any of the specifications listed above send an e-mail to'. i've implemented approximately 8 of those specs ... maybe i'll email them and let you know what happens

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] shooting thingsWed, 21 Jul 2004 18:09:00 GMT # 

coonasses.wmv (10743 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] snakes and beaverWed, 21 Jul 2004 18:07:59 GMT # 

this made me think of chris for some reason ...
beaver.wmv (24472 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] beatbox OCDWed, 21 Jul 2004 16:07:45 GMT # 

beatbox.wmv (6237 KB)

DesktopWeb FormText   thAnking-out-loudTue, 20 Jul 2004 16:39:47 GMT # 

word up to Jef, aka thinking-out-loud. i got to work with Jef early in my career (when i was incompetent). he probably does not even know it, but he gave me advice on my very 1st side project ( to use ASP instead of JSP. that was the flex point that led me away from java web development, and ultimately helped me to jump into ASP.NET. next, when i use 'err, umm' in text ... i entirely stole that from him. also, he was the 1st person i met that did not watch TV, which i adopted too. finally, he is the 1st developer i met BB (before blogs) to start blogging AB (after blogs). Thanks Jef.
still waiting for another Jef(rem), who mentored me early on, to start blogging ...

DesktopWeb FormText, MACTripleDES, Fuzzy LogicTue, 20 Jul 2004 16:15:44 GMT # 

cool ... my WSE 2.0 stuff for OpenNETCF 1.2 made the i really need to get the associated article online (about how to use it), err, umm ... but i broke my server and cannot upload files. whoops :) i wont be able to fix it for a couple weeks.
doing a little more cleanup on the extended crypto lib for CF. i stopped relying on the CryptoAPI for MACTripleDES, which seems to have a bug on CE, and just did the MAC myself. ended up being really simple, so that is working now. still need to take another cut at PasswordDeriveBytes.
found a series of articles on fuzzy logic by pseudonym67 on (he also has some on neural networks). i've been looking at those, as well as reading some other AI books.

DesktopWeb FormText   iPod never would have thoughtMon, 19 Jul 2004 17:22:31 GMT # 

i am ALMOST compelled to get a new iPod. what i consider the killer feature is the ability to listen to audio books at different rates of speed (particularly faster). that combined with iPod's integration with might just put me over the edge (and i could care less about Apple). can Portable Media Centers do this?

DesktopWeb FormText   ProtectedMemory and SecureStringSun, 18 Jul 2004 22:51:14 GMT # 

ProtectedMemory for v2 pInvokes into SystemFunction040 and SystemFunction041 ... whatever those are? and i doubt those functions exist on CE :) all ProtectedMemory does is encrypt blocks of memory you pass in, so i cooked up my own internals using DES. this should be OK since ProtectedMemory is not supposed to be used outside of a single machine, although it can be used cross process. e.g. you could encrypt the memory in one process, then pass that encrypted memory to another process ... which would then decrypt that memory space. i THINK i have that working (with a hack) ... but i did not test it.
and ProtectedMemory allows for a SecureString. all i did was port the code from Hernan de Lahitte. it seems to be working, but i need to do a little more testing to be sure.

DesktopWeb FormText   Rfc2898DeriveBytes and ProtectedDataSun, 18 Jul 2004 17:52:17 GMT # 

implemented ProtectedData real quick. all it does is provide static Methods to Protect() and Unprotect(). you can pass in entropy, which i will have to extend my CryptProtectData pInvoke to support. not exactly sure how to support ProtectedMemory yet ... have no clue what pInvoke the full framework is doing? or if it is available on CE? not sure how useful it is either, because it requires the memory to be in 16 byte blocks.
Rfc2898DeriveBytes was a bit tricker, but it is now working too. RSA reccommends doing 1000 iterations to generate a key ... this is a BAD idea on a PPC. it took way too long. will have to look into speeding up that code. should look into a SecureString implementation too.

DesktopWeb FormText   old news about Crypto in v2Sun, 18 Jul 2004 14:14:00 GMT # 

just found that Sebastien Pouliot has a really old post about the new classes in System.Security.Cryptography for .NET v2. he has been heading the security implementation for Mono, along with their WSE stack.

DesktopWeb FormText   more crypto for CFSun, 18 Jul 2004 00:10:55 GMT # 

i decided to go ahead and implement the algorithms that Whidbey B1 (desktop) adds to System.Security.Cryptography. just finished up RIPEMD160, HMACMD5, HMACSHA256, HMACSHA384, HMACSHA512, and HMACRIPEMD160. will try to add ProtectedData, ProtectedMemory, and Rfc2898DeriveBytes tomorrow ... if i get those working, then that will give the CFv1 as much crypto as .NETv2

DesktopWeb FormText   LookOutSat, 17 Jul 2004 22:25:06 GMT # 

just wanted to say that i do not care

DesktopWeb FormText   whidbey betaSat, 17 Jul 2004 03:31:22 GMT # 

just took my 1st trial run. the install hiccuped on the device emulator, but worked on the 2nd attempt. MSDN documentation would only install if i went and killed some of the lesser 'msiexec' processes that were spawned, otherwise it just hung. just did a real quick PPC app. 1st thing i noticed was that the emulator connected to the internet without me having to change in settings. this will make developing mobile web apps easier. also looked at the MS System.Security.Cryptography namespace for CF. the included algs are: DES, DSA, MD5, RC2, Rijndael, RSA, TripleDES, SHA1. that leaves out: MACTripleDES, HMACSHA1, PasswordDeriveBytes, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA256. while on crypto, the full framework adds the algs: HMACMD5, HMACRIPEMD160, HMACSHA256, HMACSHA384, HMACSHA512, Rfc2898DeriveBytes, and RIPEMD160.

DesktopWeb FormText   computers and thoughtSat, 17 Jul 2004 02:53:11 GMT # 

: a practical introduction to AI (published 1989) is the title of the book i just finished (while installing Whidbey earlier). its another good book that gives an outline of the different AI techniques. it points out why one process might be chosen over another, due to advantages or disadvantages. it also does a good job of comparing and contrasting a school of thought to how it is believed humans actually think. the only negative of this book is that the code examples were in POP-11. anybody know if POP-11 has a .NET compiler? (i'm not serious) the code for each chapter builds upon previous chapters to ultimately produce an automated tour guide app. the project was well chosen to demonstate the different ideas.

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] whoo whooFri, 16 Jul 2004 21:40:32 GMT # 

one too many lil john videos
carwhistle.wmv (3853 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] fur is deadFri, 16 Jul 2004 13:49:11 GMT # 

mean commercial
fur_is_dead_master.mpg (6681 KB)

DesktopWeb FormText   endless days of WSEFri, 16 Jul 2004 13:23:42 GMT # 

1st) my WSE implementation for the Compact Framework made it as a late entry into yesterday's OpenNETCF SDF 1.2 Release. the bits have been updated for WSE 2.0 Release to support WS-Addressing, WS-Attachments, WS-Security, and WS-SecureConversation. also have a corresponding article with client side code to get online. it can be used to call every WSE sample except Kerberos
2nd) just as soon as i get WSE 2.0 support out the door, Hervey announces the coming of WSE 2.0 Service Pack 1. dont see anything breaking within the change log ... but i would love to test an alpha version before this is released! actually, i've been failing at getting ANY inside track to what MS is doing with Web Services ... so i'm not holding my breath :( also, none of the pain points i've had with WSE 2.0's handling of non-default encryption algorithms show up in the SP1 list ... but that is ok, because device developers enjoy pain :)
3rd) actually, i'll relieve most of that pain shortly. i've got an extended crypto library for CF now that supports AES that has already been integrated with the WSE bits in OpenNETCF. meaning once i put the crypto code out there, then a device can use this additional library to call WSE 2.0 using its default encryption algorithms ... including passing Entropy for WS-SecureConversation. then the only changes that the samples need to have done are getting rid of the use of 'localhost'
4th) there is alot more work to be done ...

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] GGW (baghdad)Wed, 14 Jul 2004 22:03:16 GMT # 

for work
hn_gggbaghdad.wmv (1271 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] cheatingWed, 14 Jul 2004 22:02:06 GMT # 

gotcheats.avi (4142 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] bad video spiderWed, 14 Jul 2004 21:58:14 GMT # 

bechau1.wmv (6100 KB)

DesktopWeb FormText   OpenNETCF code comp. (security)Wed, 14 Jul 2004 17:10:26 GMT # 

Chris Tacke and Neil Cowburn of OpenNETCF Consulting are sponsoring a coding competition. one of the categories for entry happens to be 'security'. would love to see some entries that used the OpenNETCF.Security.Cryptography namespace :) but security is much more than cryptography ... how about some biometrics, or secure apps! BTW i'm not an OpenNETCF board member (so could compete) ... but will not be. cannot wait to see what you come up with

DesktopWeb FormText   internet utilityWed, 14 Jul 2004 16:59:53 GMT # 

moved into the new house. we immediately had electricity and water. even a phone line if we did not opt for cell phones instead (no DSL in this area yet). yet it took a week to get cable (and internet) setup. dont care about TV (except cartoon network), but i'm entirely crippled without internet. i communicate more through email and messenger then i do over the phone. we did not even get a phone book, since we did not get a phone line, so how was i supposed to have any idea where to find food and such? regardless ... i'm back online now!

DesktopWeb FormText   AES128 and EntropyTue, 13 Jul 2004 16:19:44 GMT # 

fixed the bug i was having with AES128 yesterday. ended up i was doing CBC padding where i needed to be doing ECB. with that fix, i was able to call the WSE 2.0 samples without having to modify the server side! also, this let me call the WS-SecureConversation sample with Entropy (since the STS cannot be configured to do TripleDES Entropy). the Entropy sample works by generating a random key on the client and passing it as Entroy to the STS, encrypted with RSA. the STS then generates its own random key, and passes that back, AES128 key wrapped with the key passed in the request. the client can decrypt that key wrap with the key it originally passed to the server. the client then does P_SHA1(requestEntropy, responseEntropy) to derive the secure conversation key to securely call the web service.

DesktopWeb FormText   1st WS-Security recruitMon, 12 Jul 2004 17:45:40 GMT # 

got my 1st recruiter call last week for WS-Security ... this is basically how it went. recruiter: do you know WS-Security? me: yes! recruiter: how well? me: i basically wrote it from scratch. recruiter: this project is in java ... me: [hangs up]. the last part was embellished :) wonder if a recruiter will ever contact me for .NET WSE?

DesktopWeb FormText   mono licensesMon, 12 Jul 2004 17:38:29 GMT # 

got some answers back: 1) the Mono class libs do fall under MIT X11 (runtime and C# compiler are GPL or LGPL). even though i dont consider a single class 'substantial', the copyright does need to be included in a single class that use in my own project. this isnt a problem because the copyright is very open. 2) not all Mono authors transferred their copyright. this makes me think that you could contact those authors directly for the code, and ignore the Mono license if they let you use it. aside, a quick search through the code shows that most of the source files are marked differently. even if you find the same class twice, 1 instance will include the MIT X11 license, while the 2nd version will not. i did come across a Novell copyright in some of the files too.

DesktopWeb FormText   kw-aes128Mon, 12 Jul 2004 17:28:46 GMT # 

got the CF AES port partically working WSE 2.0 now. the actual encryption and decryption of aes128 with CBC padding is working great. now i am working on the key wrap algorithm. my test harness shows that it is mostly working, except i am having some difficulty with it being in EBC mode (one unit test on the device is giving diff results than the desktop). the pseudo-code for implementing the key wrap algorithm from the Xml-Encryption specification was a real PITA too. instead of pseudo-code, they should provide an actual implementation in some realistic language. i dont care what language ... just that it will compile. then i could check that code out to see where mine breaks. at least they do provide some precondition and postcondition values.

DesktopWeb FormText   mono MIT X11Sat, 10 Jul 2004 22:22:20 GMT # 

from the Mono Handbook, the class libs fall under the MIT X11 license. this is a very open license that says the copyright must be included in a 'substantial' piece of the software. if i were to grab a single class from the class libs of mono, which i dont consider 'substantial', do i even have to include that copyright? am i getting this entirely wrong?

DesktopWeb FormText   mono copyrightsSat, 10 Jul 2004 22:06:44 GMT # 

not able to get to the mono site right now ... but i have a question: did the authors of the source for mono transfer over their copyright? it is not a work-for-hire, but did they sign over their copyright? which would now be owned by Novell. from what i remember (from beta downloads), each source file had a copyright from the author, and some even had multiple copyrights from the individual authors that worked on it over time. if an author still had copyright, couldn't i just ask them for a specific piece of code that i wanted, and ignore the whole GPL nonsense?

DesktopWeb FormText   CF cryptoSat, 10 Jul 2004 21:51:57 GMT # 

from a couple posts down ... i brought the AES C# code over to the compact framework. also the C code with a C# wrapper. both tested out to be compatible with the full framework Rijndael implementation. the code wrapping the C lib is about 5 times faster than the pure managed code. the codeproject article also had a managed SHA256 implementation, and some PasswordDerivedBytes updates. now i need to extend the CF WSE bits to be able to use this enhanced crypto library.

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] Blade IIISat, 10 Jul 2004 19:22:16 GMT # 

the 1st movie was better than expected. 2nd was worse than i thought the 1st was going to be. now for the soundtracks: the 1st soundtrack was split between rap and techno. something like 6 rap songs and then 6 techno songs. the 2nd soundtrack merged rap and techno. used techno DJs with rappers for lyrics.
Blade_Trinity_Trailer1_700_dl.wmv (7158 KB)

DesktopWeb FormText   reflection on reflectorSat, 10 Jul 2004 18:45:30 GMT # 

when it starts up the very 1st time, it asks what runtime i want to target. is there a way to reset that ... other then deleting the app.exe.config file? what i've been doing is copying the .exe a couple different times, and just executing a specific copied version depending on if i'm currently targeting the desktop or a device with the compact framework. would love to just retarget in the same instance.

DesktopWeb FormText   cert flairSat, 10 Jul 2004 18:25:45 GMT # 

i've got 1 test to go til MCSD'ness. right now i've got MCAD, which means i've taken one test to be MCP. what is the etiquette? am i supposed to list MCSD only? i usually see people list all of them in descending order. e.g. MCSD, MCAD, MCP ... which seems like padding. and are people adding the .NET for MCSD.NET and MCAD.NET? just wondering what the cool people are doing

DesktopWeb FormText   AES for CFTue, 06 Jul 2004 18:43:05 GMT # 

just what i had been looking for: A CBC Stream Cipher in C# (With wrappers for two open source AES implementations in C# and C). this takes about 2 seconds to port to the Compact Framework, and my initial testing shows that it is compatible with the WSE 2.0 AES implementation. excellent!

DesktopWeb FormText   always outnumbered never outgunnedMon, 05 Jul 2004 18:07:28 GMT # 

been waiting forever for The Prodigy to release the next album. got a preview of it yesterday. not as mainstream as 'fat of the land', but not quite 'music for the jilted generation'. the 1st single to be released is supposed to be 'girls' ... which is probably my least favorite track. wish that 'babys got a temper' would have been a bonus track

DesktopWeb FormText   DerivedKeyTokenSat, 03 Jul 2004 15:46:14 GMT # 

success! just called the DerivedKeyToken sample. it works by 1st requesting a SecurityContextToken from a token issuer. as mentioned in an earlier post, the client cannot pass Entropy, so the token issuer generates the key and returns it encrypted. from that key, the client derives 2 new keys: 1 for signing, and 1 for encrypting. then it signs and encrypts the request to the web service using each derived key respectively. using the info the client passes, the web service can derive the same keys to verify and decrypt the request.

that milestone basically completes the update of the CF bits for WSE 2.0! i need to clean up the code, do regression testing, and a write-up before releasing the code

DesktopWeb FormText   ... closerSat, 03 Jul 2004 13:15:47 GMT # 

doing a re-install of 2003 fixed everything. just cost me a significant amount of hours. i've seen a number of postings in which peoples device dev environments have gotten hosed up. this is my 2nd time ... full re-install required both times. just wish there was an apparent reason for it having messed up? i.e. it was working great, and i was following my standard dev patterns, and then it just stopped working?

DesktopWeb FormText   so close ... yetSat, 03 Jul 2004 00:27:30 GMT # 

was about to debug calling the WSE DerivedKeySample from CF on my Pocket PC. ... application deploys ... hourglass comes up ... app never starts. crap! repeat debug steps ... and get same result. crap! create a simple HelloWorld test app ... crap! soft reset device ... crap! install latest CF service pack ... crap! install latest ActiveSync on desktop ... crap! install win ce utilities for DelCryptoKeys ... crap! SdAuthUtility ... crap! restart computer ... crap! hard reset device ... crap! re-installing 2003 now ...

DesktopWeb FormText   Happy Birthday TS!Fri, 02 Jul 2004 14:02:04 GMT # 

... and Sam too

DesktopWeb FormText   home closingFri, 02 Jul 2004 13:52:47 GMT # 

helping the TS buy a house. the home loan people have successfully pissed me off by asking me to lie on a form. i have serious issues with dishonesty, but will submit because this isn't really my deal. would handle differently otherwise: 1st, thing i would do is require them to show me legal documentation of why they want me to lie. they have not provided a valid reason yet. 2nd, i would start going up the chain of managers until somebody could get me out of lying. 3rd, i would find another lender ... which would probably get them to backpedal real quick. the form has already been signed by me, they just need to change one word, so i will turn a blind eye. wont change it myself out of principal.

DesktopWeb FormText   entropy encryption painFri, 02 Jul 2004 00:59:32 GMT # 

have got back to working on getting the CF bits able to call WSE 2.0. the good news is that i've been able to call the WS-SecureConversation sample, but not with Entropy. the bad news is that the encryption algorithm for Entropy is not configurable server-side (by-design) and that it uses kw-aes128 by default. since AES does not currently exist in the CryptoApi for SP 2003 or PPC 2003, then this feature is out. my hope was that i could change the entropy encryption to kw-tripledes ... and then we'd be golden. i'm not holding my breath to hear the design decision of why this is not configurable :)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] RC house jumpThu, 01 Jul 2004 21:09:22 GMT # 

housejump.wmv (4869 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] OCD soccerkThu, 01 Jul 2004 21:05:40 GMT # 

in texas you only play soccer until you are old enough to play football
RUUD3.wmv (4817 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] jihad kidsThu, 01 Jul 2004 20:53:07 GMT # 

young minds are easier to corrupt
jihadkids2.wmv (563 KB)

DesktopWeb FormText   mobile web services + nokia / symbianWed, 30 Jun 2004 21:17:56 GMT # 

just making sure you read Michael Yuan's latest post: Nokia's big plan to beat .Net CF in mobile Web services. guess this is their response to the Devices Profile for Web Services.

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] OCD pen twirlersWed, 30 Jun 2004 03:31:51 GMT # 

sub000984_1_best.wmv (9865 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] sushi got wheelsTue, 29 Jun 2004 22:19:02 GMT # 

this kid makes me laugh my but off. the spider has found tons of videos from him. high quality
sushi.wmv (2446 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] dont whiz on the electric fenceTue, 29 Jun 2004 22:10:18 GMT # 

test with a better thumbnail
iv.mpg (1559 KB)

DesktopWin FormVideo   [video] BMW RallyTue, 29 Jun 2004 22:05:23 GMT # 

this is the 1st test of a new video link blogging setup
bmwRally.wmv (966 KB)

DesktopWeb FormText   anti-choiceTue, 29 Jun 2004 19:32:03 GMT # 

minding my own business driving to the gym ... and then all of a sudden i'm assaulted by a graphic ad campaign against abortion. it was one of those big trucks with advertising on all sides. they would drive about 5 miles, make a U-turn, drive back, U-turn, repeat. after i got done working out, they were still circling. the funny thing is that they had a security escort following them. have you ever heard of a pro-choice group attacking an anti-choice (aka pro-life) group? me neither. i would like to see a pro-choice campaign showing graphic pictures of doctors that have been killed by pro-lifers (oxymoron).

DesktopWeb FormText   existential spamTue, 29 Jun 2004 15:57:31 GMT # 

listened to the book Oryx and Crake on the drive to WI. it was a rather disturbing look at what genetic sciences might come to in the future. one part of the book that made me chuckle was a refrigerator magnet along the lines of: "i am, therefore i spam". classic.

DesktopWeb FormText   irish literatureMon, 28 Jun 2004 22:45:28 GMT # 

just finished another award winning piece of literature from ireland. have 2 problems with them in general. 1) way too depressing. 2) if it is in audio book format, then it is usually read by someone with a heavy irish accent; making it difficult to understand what is being said.

DesktopWeb FormText   young republicans vs fahrenheit 911Sun, 27 Jun 2004 22:55:56 GMT # 

drove past 2 white kids (approximately 20 years old) picketing 'fahrenheit 911' playing at a local movie theater. missed what the 1st sign said, but the 2nd read 'fahrenheit 911: communist propaganda'. not sure if i'll see the movie because it sounds just like the book 'dude where's my country'. still need to see 'dodgeball' instead. didnt have my camera phone with me at that time, and they were gone by the time i got back :(

DesktopWeb FormText   summerfest t-shirtSun, 27 Jun 2004 22:33:44 GMT # 

this one was near the rock stage

DesktopWeb FormText   ohio rest stopsThu, 24 Jun 2004 16:10:07 GMT # 

made it to Milwaukee last night after 13 hours of driving. made 2 rest stops in Ohio, with stories following:

stopped at the 1st one to eat. went outside to the patio where it was a little windy. a big gust blew my trash away which i retrieved and threw away. sat back down and an older man came up and said 'I admire you.' ran through my head in what i could be admired for ... saving the environment, relative youth, rugged good looks :) my reply, 'what?' he says, 'you were praying, weren't you?' he must of thought that i was blessing my food when i put my head down to rub my eyes, because they were road weary. my answer, 'hell no.' then i left

second stop was for ice cream! older guy in front of me turns around and says 'remember about saying the pledge of allegience in schools?' all i could think about was how i remember not to talk to strangers. my answer, 'yes.' old man shows me his money, 'look right here, it says: in god we trust. first time i noticed that.' had already noticed this, and replied, 'we better reprint all the money.' then i proceeded to pay with my secular debit card, 'in visa we trust'

DesktopWeb FormText   WS-suckTue, 22 Jun 2004 14:28:28 GMT # 

from a article: Multiple standards keep customers from taking the Web services plunge. 'multiple standards' sounds like an oxymoron to me? regardless, it takes common sense to figure out the standards mess. if it says Microsoft and IBM on the standard, then it is gold, bet your business on it. if it says Microsoft and others (without IBM), then look for a competing spec my IBM and others. if there is no competing spec then proceed forward with caution. if there is a competing spec, then wait. if you see a spec without Microsoft or IBM behind it, then throw it in the trash. also pissed that the Yahoo! Groups "WS-Discovery-Workshops" discussion group requires me to sign and fax a Workshop Feedback Agreement. hate that legal is involved and that it requires killing trees. the only WS-good news i have is Christian Weyer, John Bristowe and/or Interop Warriors have put together Plumbwork Orange. this will be used to test out WS-* implementations. needed since time between WSE drops has been substantial. don't know if i'll contribute to the workspace, but i'll definitely be using it to test interop with the CF bits. need to run the WS-Eventing stuff against it now

DesktopWeb FormText   resuming blog silenceTue, 22 Jun 2004 04:20:51 GMT # 

i leave boston tomorrow. so i will have to see Phil, Sam, Jason, and Greg in the blogosphere. leaving because i found boston way too racist ... just kidding (barry bonds joke). didnt run across any of that at all. am heading back to milwaukee for an indefinite amount of time where the TS will be domesticating me. if the blog starts falling off, feel free to making whipping sounds. taking a week off for summerfest, and then i'll be looking for work. any reality TV shows auditioning ... i'm up for that too? also will push to get the updated CF bits for WSE 2.0 ready for a preliminary drop.

DesktopWeb FormText   the love muscleTue, 22 Jun 2004 04:02:33 GMT # 

this officially ends the 'brawn' series of posts. figured i would end with a bang ...

working out has sexual benefits. the 1st is getting in shape so that others will want to have sex with you. more self confidence, etc, etc. 2nd, it can help you perform better. i think the best exercise is squat, for multiple reasons. it is a whole body exercise that works out your entire body. this means increased blood flow and cardio benefits. think increased blood flow is what viagra and derivatives do? it also makes your body release testosterone. something about crushing your body with weights will do that! if you notice in your gym, the guys that squat will typically be the strongest on bench press too. but you wont see many people squatting, because it is a very difficult lift. you'll want to go parallel to get the most benefits. if you dont squat very low, you will mostly use your quadriceps, which has little benefit. if you get low, your quads are taken out of the picture and the hamstrings kick in. this is where you get thrusting power :) actually, the real benefit is kegel strength. could go into gory detail, but i'll spare you ... and you can do your own google search to find the benefits of having a strong kegel. going below parallel is really tough, but is hard on the knees. squat is the best, but the other leg exercises will help too. other good ones are the leg abductor and adductor machines. you know what i'm talking about. these are the machines that have a girl lifting weights with her legs spread-eagled. usually a scene in old cheesy late night movies. also called the pussy tighteners. for guys, they are kegel strengthening machines. most gyms offer these machines so that you can do these exercises with your knees bent. this feels much more masculine than the straight legged variety. you just have to get past the misconception of them being girl-only machines. the funny thing is that most guys that lift do not workout their legs at all, and most girls only workout their legs. total gym segregation. so that is another reason for guys to workout their legs ... to be in the same vicinity as the girls in the 1st place.

DesktopWeb FormText   strippers .NETTue, 22 Jun 2004 01:26:15 GMT # 

Bill reminds me that i used to be more fun. dont know why i stopped writing silly programs? definitely need to take some new Whidbey tech and totally misuse it

DesktopWeb FormText   google-imposed gmail constraintsTue, 22 Jun 2004 01:07:04 GMT # 

no ... i dont have any gmail invitations ... back off. this article states that Google (Gmail) will not display ads on e-mail messages with words related to sex, guns, drugs and other topics it considers off limits. this means that i wont be seeing any ads at all! :)

DesktopWeb FormText   FAQ for this blogMon, 21 Jun 2004 04:06:44 GMT # 

this is what i hear most often.

1) your site looks like crap in browser X? A: i only test in IE. actually, i want to rewrite my website, but its not at the top of my list. probably when ASP.NET 2 gets closer. even then, i'll still only test in IE ... so no promises
2) you dont allow comments? A: i sort of do. there is small comment(s) link where you can leave short messages. it is just a running list and is not tied to a particular blog entry. thats all the functionality i want to provide for right now
3) use CAPITAL letters? A: no. why is that so essential. i use periods to end sentences, why do you need a capital letter to see that a new sentence is starting. that would be redundant
4) have you heard of the ENTER key? A: yes. but if i used the ENTER key then my right pinky would get much stronger than my left, since i wont use CAPS
5) provide categories so i can filter out the offensive stuff? A: i do need to add that feature
6) provide categories so i can filter out the nerdy stuff? A: see #5
7) your permalinks are broken? A: yes, its a problem with my XSLT. will fix that when i get access to my server
8) why no ping/trackbacks? A: might implement that as well. then i could see how very few people have the balls to link here. that is, after i fix the permalinks
9) why dont you just use a standard blog engine? A: to keep some web development skills
10) why arent you linked from MSDN? A: dont you see WARNING at the top of the blog?
11) why does my company's proxy block your site? A: see # 10

DesktopWeb FormText   MIND ChildrenMon, 21 Jun 2004 03:39:05 GMT # 

just finished reading 'MIND Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence', circa 1988. although dated, this was a really fun read because the future it envisions still has not happened. the author did bring up nanotechnolgy and the mars rovers as being promising :) overall, it has an evolutionary theme where the machines we develop might be our next step. i.e. there were some Borg and Matrix themes. started out contrasting robotics and AI. then did some computations to try and figure out when a computer would be powerful enough to model the human brain as a general purpose AI. next, talked about possible relationship scenarios between man and machines. finally, wrapped it up with viruses, the big bang, and fourier transforms. this stuff is great for making you want to think BIG thoughts

DesktopWeb FormText   audible experienceMon, 21 Jun 2004 03:20:24 GMT # 

got a long drive coming up, so i was grabbing some audio books for the trip. have a number of books so i downloaded the latest software. it tried to load some bits on my PPC 2003 device, and gave me the error below. what was real ugly is that i had to kill the process to get it to go away. also wish that the audible software would create mp3 CDs. couple google searches turned up a shareware program called GoldWave. it let me directly convert the audible files to mp3. high quality. now i'll be able to make the trip without having to swap CDs every 80 minutes

DesktopWeb FormText   the other runtimeSun, 20 Jun 2004 19:43:00 GMT # 

visual studio team ... blah blah. all i want to know is if it is going to support the compact framework? i'm talking unit testing and performance analysis on a device. otherwise i could care less

DesktopWeb FormText   personality testSun, 20 Jun 2004 17:24:02 GMT # 

following StronglyTyped's lead. my results:

You demand a free and unattached life for yourself that allows you to determine your own course. You have an artistic bent in your work or leisure activities. Your urge for freedom sometimes causes you to do exactly the opposite of what expected of you. Your lifestyle is highly individualistic. You would never blindly imitate what is "in"; on the contrary, you seek to live according to your own ideas and convictions, even if this means swimming against the tide.

the secondary pictures i liked fit pretty well too. better yet, the pictures i did not care for, did not fit. the best match i've ever found though has been INTJ. i have to substitute 'questionable GNC supplements' for 'substance abuse' though

DesktopWeb FormText   70-300 (cont.)Sat, 19 Jun 2004 23:02:05 GMT # 

what does the 70 mean? is this the seventh series of certification exams? was there a 69 series? ... wink wink. switching topics: i second guessed myself alot during this exam. the case studies were definitely contradictory in places. in real life, i would have asked somebody to clarify ... instead of just making my own decision. at one point, i could have done the app as a web app or a windows form. a couple of questions were dependent on which i chose. i took the option as answering one for the web app scenario and the other as a win form scenario ... to only miss one, instead of possibly missing two. no glory in that! the other thing about these test is i know TOO much. sorry for the ego on that last sentence ... but let me explain. reading blogs and newsgroups have taught me many tricks and exceptional cases you can use to get around certain problems or limitations of .NET. for a small number of questions there would be 2 answers that were both correct. with those 2 answers, i would then have to filter it down to the mainstream answer that the test would expect, and throw out the more esoteric workaround.

DesktopWeb FormText   passed 70-300Sat, 19 Jun 2004 22:39:57 GMT # 

just know that i passed. it did not tell me my score ... so i'll assume i aced it :) this test was definitely different than the other exams. glad that Jason Haley tipped me off on How to pass 70-300. i prepared by reading the MsPress book, which gave me the necessary jargon and frame of reference, but was somewhat laughable to read. searching around it looked like the ExamCram book might have been better? also getting a look at what case study questions were going to look like was essential. i recommend running through the Case study-based test demo and the free Transcender demo for the test. that puts me at 1 away from MCSD. will probably go with the new Security elective. anybody know if Biztalk has a beta going on?

DesktopWeb FormText   any publicitySat, 19 Jun 2004 17:10:43 GMT # 

for the sports fans ... i used to play little league baseball with the fan that took the ball from the little kid

DesktopWeb FormText   google magicSat, 19 Jun 2004 14:29:36 GMT # 

you can read a couple blogs down about me getting blasted as a spoon fed .NET flunkie in the newsgroup by a C++ bigot. if you follow that link you'll see that i sent off a cursory reply. by cursory ... i mean i cussed. the thing to note is that the message does not show up in Outlook Express. but the message does show up in its like google has more of a direct link into the newsgroup than OE does? else the google spider crawled over the message before it was deleted. the groups spider has something like an 8 hour delay, so that is unlikely. maybe OE is filtering messages that have cuss words in them ... not likely. this one has been bugging me. i need to know when and where my cuss words will appear. fuck ... just testing :)

DesktopWeb FormText   or not to blogSat, 19 Jun 2004 04:25:34 GMT # 

this is about my 5 month mark of blogging. this is also about my 6 month mark of reading blogs (had been ignoring them). here is my current take.

LIKE: 1) that i get to hear directly from the source of people that are developing the technology. if i hear it from somebody else like me, then i'm like 'what the hell do they know? spares.' 2) when blogs have a personal side with opinions. being funny is also a plus. if i can learn something technical and laugh ... win squared. 3) great for up to the second info, because i cannot wait until tomorrow to find out that product X is released. 4) newsgator outlook integration. chocked full of heady goodness. 5) comments and trackbacks are fun to peruse. 6) that anybody can blog without being technical. anything to take some control away from big media is good. 7) quick medium that i can write to and publish immediately. for when i dont want to think about what i'm about to say and how it will damage my professional career. 8) moblogging. because i need some new ideas to implement with the compact framework. 9) finally, its a great way to keep fresh content on my homepage.

HATE: -1) the whole RSS vs ATOM thing. throw them in a standards body to be merged and move on. -2) trying to find old blogs i need to refer to again. worse than searching my harddisk. -3) hearing the same information from 10+ different people. there should be a heirarchy of blogs. i.e. if don box blogs something, then i know that i dont need to say shit, because you already heard it from him. -4) when people change their blog titles and newsgator makes a new folder. -5) when people update their blog feed (or individual blog) and newsgator makes a copy of the message(s), instead of just overwriting. i know that is configurable, but i dont do it. -6) that people bitch about getting blog spam, but use the same blog engine as everybody else. if you want unspammed comments, then write your own comments page. also stop answering questions in the newsgroup about how to programatically do HTTP POSTs to a Url. -7) when individuals that aggregate blogs think they are getting copied all the time. not everbody subscribes to you, or maybe they found the info independently and just happened to miss your post. this is in conflict with my blog heirarchy complaint above. -8) aggregate feeds. my blog is too offensive, so i cant join in. but i would join an aggregate feed of offensive blogs. -9) dave ... could not resist.

OTHER: what about the other communication channels: 1) miss the ListServs. there was no better way to ask a question and have it answered immediately. i try asking questions on my blog, but nobody answers because they already unsubscribed to keep their virgin minds pure of bad thoughts. 2) still use newsgroups alot. threaded messages are a good thing. also for searching. figured we would have by now? 3) articles are still good. want them to have more permanent links off of my site, and i usually spend alot more time putting them together. 4) still read books. they help to organize all the random bits of data. outlines are goodness too. 5) still use email. because contrary to what you might believe, i keep some communication private for the intended recipient and anybody sniffing packets on a web proxy.

PEOPLE: there are new roles in the industry: 1) now people that dont have the technical ability or character defects to keep a website updated can have a voice. e.g. your mother. i just wanted to work 'your mother' into this somehow. done. 2) now people that dont make content can just aggregate it and give their own opinions. e.g. Scoble. i'm going to start calling these people developer analysts. glad i dont have the word anal in my job title. 3) people can just be funny. e.g. Rory. i dont care if you are technical, if you're funny, then i'll subscribe. cant do that in the newsgroups i visit. 4) the person that is the direct source of the info can let you know what is going on. e.g. Box. without the spout then we would miss alot of gems between books.

SUMMARY: ignore all of the above ... blog for google juice alone. you'll have your blog which google will crawl over. then you will link to others from your blog and your blogroll. they will be kind and link back. then you will comment in their blog and leave your URL for more juice. then they will implement trackbacks and if you point to them then the link will show up on their trackback. you'll get into an aggregate feed for more publication ... plus blogrolls. the other communication channels cant touch that level of viral inbreeding.

DesktopWeb FormText   partial WS-SecureConversationSat, 19 Jun 2004 02:29:42 GMT # 

got it to work by using the extended TripleDES classes. not entirely calling the sample as intended, because i'm not currently passing 'Entropy' to the SecurityContextToken issuer. the scenario is that the client passes some random bits to the server, and the server returns some random bits. by combining those bits, they can both generate the same key to communicate with. want to get that working, plus the DerivedKeyToken sample. going to have to refactor some code before i can get all that working

DesktopWeb FormText   personal area databaseFri, 18 Jun 2004 14:43:43 GMT # 

Andy Sjostrom's DataSet Server CE article has got me thinking of a SILLY idea. my Pocket PC can do SQL CE, but my Smartphone cannot; and i usually carry both devices. what about exposing a service on the Pocket PC, wrapping SQL CE, for my Smartphone to dump data to. hmm ... great article Andy

DesktopWeb FormText   TripleDES KeyWrapFri, 18 Jun 2004 03:17:51 GMT # 

figured it out while pretending to listen to the TS on the phone :) the problem was that TripleDESKeyWrap uses the TripleDES algorithm with no padding. so that if i encrypt 16 bytes, then it returns 16 bytes. the .NET Framework provides an enum to turn off padding, while the CryptoAPI does not. to make the CryptoApi compatible while encrypting you just toss out the padding bytes. e.g. you encrypt 16 byes, it returns 24, and you just throw away the last 8 bytes. decrypting was not obvious to me, and led to the blog below. so i have the key, and the last encrypted block. to get the padding that was chopped off you set the last encrypted block as the IV. then you encrypt the padding bytes. for 8 bytes of padding this is: 0x08080808080808. encrypt that with the CryptoApi, and it returns 16 bytes with the 1st 8 bytes being the padding that i needed to derive. append that to the original cipher data, pass that to the CryptoApi to decrypt, and you've got a compatible implementation of TripleDES with no padding. now i can finish the TripleDESKeyWrap implementation, and then continue on with WS-SecureConversation

DesktopWeb FormText   them are fightin wordsFri, 18 Jun 2004 01:51:38 GMT # 

of course i deserve this ... but check out the love i got from a native coder.

Why is it that so many of the .NET flunkies don't have good programming common sense or the will to try to code themselves out of a corner?

DesktopWeb FormText   ASP.NET tab in IISThu, 17 Jun 2004 03:50:47 GMT # 

had not been able to get the WS-SecureConversation sample to run at home. have been able to run it on a different machine, and the only real difference i could think of was i have Whidbey installed at home. start digging around, and check out the new tab i found. its in Contol Panels-Admin Tools-IIS-[VIRTUAL_DIR]-Properties-ASP.NET tab. set it to .NET 1.1 and the code now runs! oh yeah, somebody should look into why the sample wont run under Whidbey May.

DesktopWeb FormText   Web Services Security licenseWed, 16 Jun 2004 21:43:51 GMT # 

on the web services security specifications page of the MSDN web services developer center, you'll find this beauty:

Note If you are implementing the WS-Security specification, the Web Services Security Addendum, or the WS-Security Profile for XML-based Tokens, please print, sign, and return the Web Services Security license at this page to Microsoft Corporation.

just so happens i have implemented a chunk of these specifications. so when i go to read the license, i get this:

Whereas, Company (brains-N-brawn LLC) wants a license from Microsoft to implement WS-Security, and whereas Company understands and acknowledes that licenses from IBM, VeriSign, and/or other third-parties may also be required to implement WS-Security.

err, umm ... i'm supposed to do this crap for VeriSign and IBM too! hell no. isn't OASIS supposed to protect me from this crap?

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE policy file securityWed, 16 Jun 2004 18:43:05 GMT # 

WSE policy files will let you specify how to secure your web services without mucking with the code. concentrate on the business logic ... blah blah. but suppose i am hosting my web service at a 3rd party site. seems like somebody could just replace the policy file with a new one that is less secure. while if i put the security code mixed in with the business code, then it gets the additional security protection provided to .NET assemblies. am i wrong about that being a trade-off? what about signing policy files themselves? maybe i sign the assembly with my private key and i also sign policy file modifications with the same private key. then the assembly can use the public key to verify the policy file. if somebody replaces it with their own file, then WSE will see that it is not properly signed and fail. if i need to modify it myself, then i just sign the new policy file and the running assembly will be able to pick it up. i really have no knowledge of WS-Policy ... basically just making this up ... somebody tell me i'm wrong

DesktopWeb FormText   Smartphone ROM updatesWed, 16 Jun 2004 14:03:07 GMT # reports a ROM Upgrade for i-mate Smartphone2 available. the i-Mate Smartphone2 is one of those elusive Smartphone 2003 devices that has the Compact Framework in ROM. which brings up the point of this blog ... why isnt the Compact Framework SP2 in the fix? my hope was that Smartphone devices would be easier to develop to because they are always connected and service providers could push down the latest stuff. on the contrary, the pattern now looks like you will have to upgrade hardware to have the latest software

DesktopWeb FormText   brain updateWed, 16 Jun 2004 03:21:09 GMT # 

the CF WSE 2.0 bits are coming along. most everything is working except WS-SecureConversation. after i get that, then i'll probably clean up the code and release it to the wild. still alot more that could be done to it, but people are starting to actually ask for it. also studying for the 70-300 exam. want to try and knock that out this weekend. reading the MsPress study guide right now ... really boring. a little scared of this test because i know 3 people that did not pass the 1st time, although they aced it the 2nd time around; and passed all the other exams easily. finally, i've got 1 more week in Boston. contract is over and i'll be heading back to Milwaukee

DesktopWeb FormText   brawn updateWed, 16 Jun 2004 03:16:16 GMT # 

weighed in over 225 today. thats about 5 pounds since upping calorie and protein consumption. gaining weight is basically the easiest way to get stronger; except now i'm gaining strength too fast. my right elbow and shoulder are hurting a bit, because the joints are lagging behind. will have to redirect workouts to other areas and give those joints more time to recover. also going to slightly reduce calories to try and level out at this weight.

DesktopWeb FormText   stupid T tricksTue, 15 Jun 2004 23:39:38 GMT # 

(for causticPhil sake) this one has been bugging me lately about the subway. everybody is in a big hurry to get to (and away from) the subway station. the collective walking pace speeds up the closer you get. so everybody is real important and has to get to where they are going ... Now! you can even see this when getting off the train. people start milling around the door so that they can get out 1st. the funny thing is that they will dash out the door and immediately form a line to the escalator, even though the stairs right next to them are mostly unused. now i see that the escalator would be faster if everybody was walking up the escalator ... but that has not happened yet. somebody always stops, effectively making the stairs the faster means of transportation, on which i pass them all. the parking garage is even more odd. there are stairs you have to take up and escalators that are going down. but in the evening the escalators are turned off, so you can walk up them. what bugs me here is that everybody is crowded on the stairs, and nobody is walking up the escalator. my guess is that they are scared it will turn back on and they will either have to try and run up it against the grain or retreat back down to take the stairs? or they realized how stupid they were for waiting in line for the escalator in the morning, and they vowed to take the stairs; but now the stairs are the wrong choice, so they vow to take the escalator in the morning ... a vicious cycle of nonsense

DesktopWeb FormText   kw-tripledesTue, 15 Jun 2004 12:05:45 GMT # 

think i woke up with an A-HA moment! started to implement the kw-tripledes logic, but the return from the web service was only 32 bytes of data. if i was following the logic correctly, then this would have only left me with 16 bytes of key data, while 3DES needs 24. so i hope what is happening is that i told the web service to use 3DES for key wrapping, but i also need to tell it to use 3DES for secure conversation keys; and that right now it is returning an AES128 key (16 bytes). my original assumption, which i hope is wrong, was that kw-tripledes would be used to wrap 3DES keys only. if that is the case, then it would be helpful for the 'EncryptedKey' element to specify what flavor of session key it was wrapping; especially since the size of the byte arrays for TripleDES and AES192 would be the same ... at 40 bytes.

DesktopWeb FormText   WS-SecureConversationTue, 15 Jun 2004 03:56:19 GMT # 

got to take a quick look at the WS-SecureConversation changes. the most obvious change was the addition of the 'Entropy' element. this lets the client pass some random data to the server, which the server can then add its own randomness to, to create the shared key. kind of cool, albeit optional. ran the sample without passing Entropy and it returned an EncryptedKey as expected. what was interesting is that the security token the client passed was a UsernameToken, so asymmetric encryption could not be done. instead the server generated a key from the password and returned the EncryptedKey as kw-tripledes (Key Wrapped Triple DES). looking at the spec for kw-tripledes produces this gem: Decrypt the cipher text with TRIPLEDES in CBC mode using the KEK and an initialization vector (IV) of 0x4adda22c79e82105. where in the world did the magic IV come from? ... this is going to be tougher than i thought

DesktopWeb FormText   gay violenceMon, 14 Jun 2004 23:12:45 GMT # 

there is signage on the subway for the 'gay men domestic violence project'. says something to the effect that 1:4 gay men are abused. that number seems high (or low) to me. is the percentage HIGH: haven't they been fighting for same sex marriages? in fact, its now legal in Boston, where the signs are in the 1st place. if 25% of their relationships are abusive, why dont they break up? all i can figure is that they are including prison rape in those numbers. and if you are a guy and want to abuse somebody, wouldn't a woman be much easier? [NOTE that is a joke. tasteless ... yet still a joke. get over it. i would NEVER hit a woman, and would beat the crap out of guys that do.] back on topic. is the percentage LOW: at least 1:2 of them are taking it up the ass ... which i would definitely consider abuse. related; how come i dont see signs for lesbian violence? would pay good money to see that

DesktopWeb FormText   causticTechMon, 14 Jun 2004 20:10:49 GMT # 

Main Entry: caustic
Function: adjective
1 : capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action : CORROSIVE
2 : marked by incisive sarcasm
3 : relating to or being the surface or curve of a caustic
-Copyright 2004 Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

1st. your welcome.
2nd. Thank You!
3rd. why is your blogroll alphabetical, but i'm at the bottom?
4th. less capital letters please :)

DesktopWeb FormText   no more MCSD excusesMon, 14 Jun 2004 11:32:44 GMT # 

SBC posts that there is now a security elective for MCAD/MCSD. got MCAD, and had been complaining that i would not finish MCSD until they came up with some newer electives ... was hoping i could ride that excuse for a while :) time to get back to studying :(

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE budMon, 14 Jun 2004 00:20:55 GMT # 

Softwaremaker is doing some great WSE blogging. also tearing up the newsgroup with me. got a number of open items in that newsgroup that i hope we get answered. also hoping he gets a stand-alone SecureContextToken service working. think that i'll need that gem to get the Kerberos sample to work.

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE weekendMon, 14 Jun 2004 00:11:53 GMT # 

there was a great post recently along the lines of there being too many WS-* specs, but that will eventually be hidden from us. want to give credit, but i cant find that post again ... one thing i hate about blogs. thought google was going to fix this after they bought blogger? back on topic ... i like all the WS-* specs and trying to make the CF bits interop. its the right level of pain for my masochistic side. i'll give you an overview of what this involves: the specifications are key, and i read them, but they allow room for differences in implementations. at that point the WSE implementation supercedes the specs, and i write the code to do what WSE does. mainly this involves the shaping of XML. the XML has to be very precise. namespaces have to be correct, the order of elements might matter, the xpath of the element. add in cryptography and certain operations have to happen before others. so the interop involves me looking at what XML the server expects, and comparing it to what the CF clients are sending out. this is where i am so happy that XML is text based and not some binary format ... except ... crypto brings back the binary format. when trying to get crypto to interop, i am constantly looking at byte arrays. have helper methods to compare: -look for any match with different sized arrays, if so, then an IV might be appended. -look for a match but the byte arrays might be reversed. -look for a match with values off by 1, might indicate salting. etc... as a friend put it, you have a set of switches in front of you. if you flip a switch and the byte arrays dont match, you try another switch. with some trial and error of different permutations ... match!

DesktopWeb FormText   suicide boothsSun, 13 Jun 2004 23:46:46 GMT # 

love futurama, but thats not the topic. nor is killing yourself. the topic is the mixing of various fountain drinks. this is what i do at fast food places. blend just about everything: diet soda, root beer, sprite, tea, powerade, fruit juice, whatever ... all into 1 new drink. if there is a big selection, i'll get like 8 different ones in. its like having a new drink every time! the thing is not many people do this. also today was my cheat day, so i ate at 2 different fast food places to satisfy my craving for fatty foods. fast food place #1 had the fountrain drinks out in the open. the problem was they wanted to know which fountain drink i was going to get. i told them they didnt need to know what i was going to choose, and then gave them some data mining and privacy nonsense to try and confuse them. they said they needed to know so that they would know when to order more supplies. had to proceed to explain to them about the suicide ... and they finally gave up the cup with a look of disgust. fast food place #2 had the fountain drinks behind the counter. in this situation i usually just give up and pick 1; except i'm getting more eccentric in my old age. told the guy i wanted everything except plain coke. after the initial shock wore off, he proceeded to make my drink. the funny thing is it took him a long time because he tried to get equal parts of everything! also the drink machine was made to auto fill the cup to the proper amount, so he had to override that. somtimes it is really hard to not conform

DesktopWeb FormText   leg pressSun, 13 Jun 2004 18:42:42 GMT # 

lower body strength is starting to come back. just did 810 for 5 reps on a slider. still got a ways to go though because i was doing just over 1000 last year and 1250 (for reps) is my personal best. want to get back to the half a ton range. its just fun to say half a ton :) now for the finer points of leg press. there are basically 2 types of machines: pivot and sliding. the pivots are the easiest and you'll be able to do about 25% more weight on them. the further you get your feet from the pivot point gives you more leverage and makes it easier too. the sliding kind varies based on the platform where you place your feet. on these, its a little easier to get your feet further up too. if the platform has a bend in it, then putting your feet below the bend will be substantially harder. sometimes the seats are adjustable as well. the further the seat is up makes it easier. this is mostly because your range of motion will be reduced by your knees hitting your chest. its better to put the seat all the way down and get a full range of motion with lower weight. leg press is good because it is self spotting. if you get in trouble you can push on your knees to help out. now to make you cool. if you lift heavy weights, then dont use the 5 or 35 lb plates. all you really need is 10s, 25s and 45s. putting 315 on the bar and then adding 5 lb plates on each side looks stupid. and when you do heavy weights on machines, you stop worrying about the weight of the machine itself. so when i say 810, i dont count the 25 to 45 lbs of the leg press carriage. for one thing, they vary from machine to machine, also nobody really knows how much the carriage really weighs. its not common knowledge like a barbell weighing 45 lbs. better yet you say the number of plates on each side of the machine. e.g. 810 is '9 plates'. 9 45 lb plates on each side. this helps because weightlifters are not the brightest. if i'm doing alot, sometimes a person will come up and try to figure out how much weight it is ... and it will take them way too long. the worst is when i guy when to the front desk to get a calculator.

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE CustomXmlSecurityTokenSun, 13 Jun 2004 03:40:06 GMT # 

got this one working in about 5 minutes. reused the same web reference proxy i had created for calling the CustomBinarySecurityToken sample, all that was needed was to change the Url to point to the Xml flavor. then it just magically worked. this improves my confidence that the WS-SecureConversation sample will be easily called once i can get the server side pieces working

DesktopWeb FormText   not killing my TVSun, 13 Jun 2004 02:18:42 GMT # 

the movie 'bound' is one showtime, and a diff lesbian show is on another showtime channel. hope lesbians start getting more airtime than the queer eye guys. hadnt thought of that ... female eye for the straight girl; i'd watch that too. about time media starts promoting it.

DesktopWeb FormText   plattform aheadSun, 13 Jun 2004 01:08:19 GMT # 

was browsing barnes and noble and ran across The Microsoft Platform Ahead by David Platt. have not read it yet (except for the part i reviewed), but will because i love his writing style. he does a great job of getting across what is important, while being funny. now for the hidden agenda ... if you flip to the preface, my name is listed as a tech reviewer. kind of cool. thats the 1st time my (non-login) name has been in a book. i've been approached to write or help on a book 3 times now (Web Services, Tablet PC, Compact Framework). these opportunities always come up right when i start a contract, and never when i'm off contract for long periods of times, so i have had to turn them down. maybe someday

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE UsernameToken Enc and CustomBinaryTokenSat, 12 Jun 2004 21:51:37 GMT # 

wanted to get WS-SecureConversation working again but i cant get the dang sample to run. had to try some other stuff instead. being able to encrypt with a UsernameToken is one new feature for Release. played around with the samples and was able to get them to work until i switched the encryption to TripleDES. the client still seemed to work, but the server was complaining about the algorithm. saved off the client request and was able to write the CF code to decompose it. cant really write the CF piece to create it until i get the server side working. moved on to the CustomBinarySecurityToken sample next. its basically like WS-SecureConversation. you have to make a call to a token issuer, and then you can make calls to the web service itself. only had to make minor changes from the existing SecureConversation code to get it to work. hopefully that is a good sign that my existing SecureConversation code wont have to change much :)

DesktopWeb FormText   internal WSE changesSat, 12 Jun 2004 00:16:19 GMT # 

the latest find is that WSE now signs the data after encrypting it on the server (tech preview used to sign and then encrypt). WSS specification supports both. the WSE 2.0 clients are still signing 1st and then encrypting, so this means the user will still 'see what they are signing'. i.e. you dont want to sign encrypted data, because you cant tell what you are signing. but i guess this legal matter doesnt make sense for a server? they cant really see ... yet. tried some stuff in code to see if it was customizable, but have not gotten anything to work yet. this last find closes the WS-Security loop for the CF bits. the code has been updated to handle the WSE 2.0 changes. it tested out doing a full cycle of signing and encrypting a request to the server, and then decrypting and verifying the signature of the response. now that i have WS-Security, should be able to get WS-SecureConversation working again.

DesktopWeb FormText   rageFri, 11 Jun 2004 14:21:38 GMT # 

get to the subway station. very few cars there so i pull out my PPC to make sure it wasnt a weekend. ok, just a slow friday. subway arrives and i actually get a seat. starts filling up at stops so i start watching the door for females to give up my seat to. believe it or not ... i treat women great. there is actually an open one next to me as well. next stop and 2 asian ladies get on, so i get up to let them sit. 2 guys that were already onboard and standing to the other side of me jump into the seats. adrenaline releases and i have to control myself from pummeling them. i'm new to public transportation, so i hope this is just a boston thing. so these 2 guys were low quality, but i also think womens lib is at work. the problem is i was going for chivaly, but the 2 other guys were going for womens lib. i'm pro womens lib too, but more pro chivalry, so when conflicts like this happen i get really pissed off.

DesktopWeb FormText   pocket c# compilerFri, 11 Jun 2004 14:05:04 GMT # is reporting: REVOLUTION ARRIVED: Pocket C# - C# compiler running under Windows CE! hyping it up so that you can develop applications directly on your mobile device. ... that is a stupid idea. ... but there is something else. this would let us have a CF program generate code files on a device, assemble it, load that assembly into the executing program, and then run that IL. this is what happens on the desktop to make serialization (aka web services) faster. this doesnt happen on devices because they cant build assemblies ... until now

DesktopWeb FormText   MetadataTransfer ... i think?Fri, 11 Jun 2004 03:05:10 GMT # 

back to the problem about AES being the default crypto for WSE 2.0. bad news is that it does not exist for PPC 2003 or SP 2003. good news is that it will be in the next version of CE. more good news is that you can switch it back to TripleDES on the service using code or policy. bad news, if you use the code method, is that it seems to get ignored at times. this might be a web app lifetime issue ... but i've been experiencing odd behavior. have specific code on the client now to throw an exception when encountering AES and that has been hit more times then it should. anyways, that isnt good news at all because you are not likely to have control of the server. i thought WS-Policy might be able to let the client negotiate with the server that it can only do TripleDES, but it looks like i thought wrong. now i am thinking that WS-MetadataTransfer might be the spec i'll need. the problem then becomes that its not implemented ... nor published. to make this viable, i really need AES on the client. had ported the MSDN AES article code over to CF, but cant figure out how to make it compatible with the WSE2 AES implementation. not to mention any pure managed crypto is going to be dog slow on a Smartphone. if i find a native implementation to wrap, then it becomes an issue of getting it built for the different devices and emulators for testing. ugly

DesktopWeb FormText   workout injuriesThu, 10 Jun 2004 03:59:11 GMT # 

if you are lifting heavy weights, then sooner or later you are going to hurt yourself (not on purpose). first off, you have to heal, and there are some tips to help heal faster. ice is key. put an ice pack on the injured area periodically throughout the day, for about 15 minutes each time. ice will make your body pump blood to the injured area for heat, and your cells will use that enriched blood to heal whatever you hurt. elevation is also key. i'm not really sure why? something about blood circulation too. e.g. if you hurt your left shoulder, you might try to sleep on your right shoulder. when you start getting better, use heat and compression and work into it slowly. the main thing is do not immediately re-tweak your injury. you want to be careful, and eventually you will forget the injury and be good as new. second, there are tricks to maintain your health while injured. the main thing is that your body tries to stay symmetrical. so that if you injure your left bicep, then concentrate on your right bicep AND also your left arms tricep. i.e. you usually only injure one part of a push / pull muscle group; so if you hurt the muscle for pushing, then work on the muscle for pulling. this also works with chest / back and quadriceps / hamstrings. sadly, this concept doesnt really work for upper / lower body strength. anyways, that will help you maintrain while you nurse your self-inflicted wounds. the good news is that even if you are not able to maintain your strength, it is easier to get it back the 2nd time. serious, regaining lost strength takes a much shorter time period than getting stronger then you have ever been.

DesktopWeb FormText   more WSEThu, 10 Jun 2004 01:25:05 GMT # 

just cracked some more WSE 2.0 Release changes. Byron Kim and Krill Gavrylyuk (Thanks!) showed me how to default the Symmetric Encryption algorithm back to TripleDES (from AES128). this shows that the Xml-Encryption algorithm is at least partially working. Xml-Signature is working now for UsernameToken signing. the algorithm for generating a signing key from a password now only needs 16 bytes of data, instead of 24 for the Tech Preview. yes, i pulled that directly out of my ass. could we please get a readme.htm for interoperability changes? a simple note about that would have saved me 24 hours of BS. also, when i set the tracing to verbose, please tell me explicitly what part of the signature fails. tell me if it is the syntax, or a referenced element, or the signature itself. would be extremely helpful for interop dev. some new things too: added in the hooks for Filters, so the updated lib can call the CustomFilters sample. also cooked up the sample code to call the ContentBasedRouting sample. next order of business is to further text XmlEnc and XmlSig together, plus make the necessary changes for WS-SecureConversation.

DesktopWeb FormText   DIME bugs?Wed, 09 Jun 2004 12:18:19 GMT # 

a little help, please. the CF DIME bits seems to have been used out in-the-wild quite a bit. doing an update of those bits now, and am looking for bugs / enhancements that i can fix / push into the next release. please send me an email if you have found something. Thank you

DesktopWeb FormText   more WSE changesWed, 09 Jun 2004 03:43:38 GMT # 

for XmlEncryption, WSE 2.0 now uses AES128 by default (used to be TripleDes). the problem for CF is that AES does not exist in the CryptoApi for current mobile devices. need to figure out how to switch the service back to 3DES? for XmlSignature, instead of individually signing the Created and Expires elements, it now just signs their parent Timestamp element. also, UsernameTokens can now be used to sign and encrypt (used to just be able to sign). this is done by generating a key from the password. believe that the algorithm has changed in some form because this has stopped working from my Tech Preview bits? its a real pain to debug crypto code too. the most detailed messages you get are either BAD_DATA or 2 byte arrays that dont match. once i get past those 2 bugs, then the CF WSE bits will be back to their previous level of functionality.

DesktopWeb FormText   why didnt i think of thatWed, 09 Jun 2004 01:07:14 GMT # 

err, umm ... why did anybody think of it at all. my spider has found some weird fetish sites: balloons, casts, others i wont mention. but it just found some new vids and is the new champ in my book. the main page has some provacative clothing, but no nudity. not sure if it has any nudity at all. crazy stuff

DesktopWeb FormText   hip to stripTue, 08 Jun 2004 12:01:54 GMT # 

the title is the name of a cardio class offered at my new gym. it involves a cardio workout while learning to do a strip tease. serious! tried to sign up for the class ... but they wouldn't let me :( also asked them if i could just watch ... nope :( not even if i brought singles? this gym also has a girls only workout room, which i run across from periodically. not that i care, but i'm assuming you would have women protesting if there was a guys only workout room?

DesktopWeb FormText   jack of nothingTue, 08 Jun 2004 03:31:56 GMT # 

Bill thinks he couldn't be less Well Rounded. i felt this same way when studying for the MCAD exams. there were certain questions that were going to be on the exam that i had never cared to learn, so i memorized them for the exam, and then purged them from my memory soon afterwards. e.g. i know web services like a champ, but ask me about Remoting and i'll laugh at you. never learned it on purpose. but that is scoped at the exam level, a bigger problem exists. this is exemplified by recruiters calling me up and saying we've got a project for .NET and C#. when i try to narrow it down by asking if it is Web Services or Compact Framework ... they have no clue. they dont know what TYPE of app it is. but certification is not geared towards a specialization ... the cliche 'jack of all trades, master of nothing'. it assumes that since i know C# then i should be equally qualified to develop desktop apps, web services, web forms, or mobile apps. what a joke. somebody fix this.

DesktopWeb FormText   maxing outTue, 08 Jun 2004 02:47:48 GMT # 

... is lifting as much weight as you can for 1 rep. for powerlifting meets, the lifts include: bench, deadlift, and squat. geared toward leg strength since 2 of the exercises are mostly lower body. you should be able to lift more with your legs than with your upper body, and peoples squat and deadlift maxes are usually similar. you should not max out often as it is hard on your body. it is easy to injure yourself during a max as well as it takes a long time to recover. you also have to train to prepare to max out. if you are working out consistently with 200 pounds for 10 reps, then you need to slowly increase weight and lower the reps. so next time do 220 lbs for 8 reps, then 240 for six, etc... this trains your body to get used to heavier weights, because the weight will feel different and your joints / secondary muscles will need to get stronger. once you get to sets with less than 5 reps, then you can think about maxing out. i dont max out anymore at all. too old. instead i have learned over the years how to accurately guesstimate what i would max. this kicks into play when doing sets of 5 reps or less. for every rep i do, then that means my max is +10 pounds more. e.g. if i bench 300 lbs. for 5 reps, then my max is probably 350 (300 + 5 * 10). for lower body it might be closer to +15 for each rep, depending mainly on how strong my midsection is. use this technique to judge my own strength goals. its also a good way to guess what other people max too. this system does NOT work for me on anything over 5 reps. that is because lactic acid starts coming into play. then it is more about endurance than actual strength, and it will vary from workout to workout depending on energy level.

DesktopWeb FormText   MBTA and CFMon, 07 Jun 2004 21:07:32 GMT # 

boston offers a bunch of public transportation options. and it provides a handheld schedule planner to run on your pocket pc. what makes it high quality is that it is built with the Compact Framework! now if they just provided the subway schedule i need

DesktopWeb FormText   brawn updateMon, 07 Jun 2004 04:37:26 GMT # 

still on track. upper body is starting to fill out. back is starting to feel snug in shirts and man-boobs (pecs) are getting some depth. have been concentrating on lower body for the time being. dont want to be one of those top-heavy gym guys people make fun of. leg strength is slowly coming back, but i dont feel a solid base yet. as leg strength returns my center of gravity will basically shift lower. dont really know how to describe it other than that. did neglect cardio and abs last week. need to get those worked back into the new gym routine. need to kick my bodyweight out of stasis too ... still hovering around 220. that means i could continue as-is and keep losing fat and gaining muscle. would be fine but my frame can hold more weight. so i'm going to slightly up the calories with more protein (at breakfast) to get in the 225+ range.

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE 2.0 release changesMon, 07 Jun 2004 03:30:52 GMT # 

been updating the /spWSE bits for the WSE 2.0 release. have got WS-Addressing, WS-Attachments, and minimal WS-Security working again. first thing i did was change its security dependency to OpenNETCF.System.Security. then i started updating namespace strings to match the new OASIS spec. the Timestamp element is now enclosed within a Security SoapHeader element. also the ReplyTo element replaces the From element for WS-Adressing. Addressing was giving me this exception: The To header must match the Actor attribute on this receiver. The problem was that the sample web service has this decoration: [SoapActor("http://localhost/RouterService/StockService.asmx")]. this will not work for CF, since CF must use the machineName or ipAddress. it worked after updating that and the paths in the referralCache.config, which also was using localhost. will release the updated code once its ready. QUESTIONS: when are the web services going to start using WSE 2.0? when is MapPoint going to start using WSE at all?

DesktopWeb FormText   not bluffingMon, 07 Jun 2004 03:07:42 GMT # 

a friend wrote me and said they didnt believe i had the proCreation fish symbol on the back of my car. so here is a pic as proof. there are actually 3 items: 1) proCreation fish 2) devil fish 3) .NET Framework bumper sticker! the proCreation fish is props to darwin (and humping). this is my 3rd one. it was ripped off parked at work and at a car maintenance shop; both in dallas. have a spare in the glove box. the devil fish is just funny. obviously dont believe in the devil. bought it the 2nd time the proCreation fish was ripped off. its been taped over about 5 times. have had the .NET FX sticker on for about 3 years. since its MS, its probably more evil than the other 2 combined :) no java or linux bigots have tampered with it

DesktopWeb FormText   what does the X stand forMon, 07 Jun 2004 00:33:44 GMT # 

why does the Whidbey preview (May) break my project files from being opened in VS.NET 2003? the settings for both versions should be able to live peacefully together in the same file. not to mention it would ease my adoption.

DesktopWeb FormText   bodybuilding vs powerliftingSun, 06 Jun 2004 18:37:57 GMT # 

most people dont know the difference. bodybuilders are trying to get big and lean. mostly asthetics. powerlifters are mainly trying to get strong, and getting bigger is just a byproduct. in general, bodybuilders will have larger muscles than powerlifters, but powerlifters will be stronger. you have to workout different for each. bodybuilders do lighter weights for more reps. they really concentrate on specific muscles, to the point of flexing a muscle while lifting. this is really hard to to, but a great way to make your muscle grow. they use strict form to isolate muscles and will workout the same muscle from different angles for max size and definition. on the other hand, powerlifters mainly target the large muscle groups with core lifts: squat, bench, deadlift, lat pulldowns. they lift heavier weights for less reps. they still control the weight, but can concentrate less on a specific muscle and more on moving the weight. other differences are that bodybuilders have to worry alot about their diet to get lean and powerlifters have to worry about not injuring themselves. powerlifters that cross over to bodybuilding usually do the best in competitions. powerlifting builds up the large muscle mass to wow the crowd, and then bodybuilding finishes it off for the judges.

DesktopWeb FormText   tackySat, 05 Jun 2004 22:45:59 GMT # 

an article on MSDN, Going to a Trade Show, is anti booth babe. in the 'tacky' section. booth babes can be smart too, and make perfect sense in our male dominated industry. there should be more of them

DesktopWeb FormText   numbers gameSat, 05 Jun 2004 14:08:39 GMT # 

[why i dont believe in god] growing up, I had alot of confrontations with TX bible beaters trying to convert me. as an atheist, i didnt have the bible or faith to fall back on in arguments ... so had to come up with my own logic to not believe. its called thinking for yourself. tough trying to 'reason' with someone about 'faith' ... it just doesnt work. faith arguments always have a built-in escape door. instead, what worked best was 'what if' scenarios. have not run through this in a while, but these are the points i can remember: what if there is a god and what if there is a heaven. he (god) could be chaotic. so whatever you do during your life doesnt really matter. all that matters is the whim of your god. whatever you consider proof could just be said god messing with us. suppose he is rational. disregard a rational god creating primarily irrational beings. and he has an ego. that is why he created us in his likeness. so i live a good life, and he doesnt let me into heaven because i did not believe in him. in that case, i dont want that ego god to be my god. would rather have a god that wanted me to be good for the sake of being good, and not to get into his exclusive club. if he has no ego, and i live a good life, then he would let me into heaven and i would then believe in him. if there is no heaven. then what reward are you living a good life for? i think it is right to live a good life just for the sole purpose of living a good life. or are you being good to avoid the negative? if there is a hell. so the ego god wont let me into heaven and sends me to hell. then it depends on the devil. the devil could torture my soul eternally, probably for not believing in him (devil), just like the egotistical god. that would suck. or the devil would reward me for giving god lovers hell on earth. we would hang out, read blogs, and torture the god lovers that spoke the gospel but didnt act accordingly. if there is a purgatory. this is probably where i would go. dont believe in heaven or hell, so purgatory sounds right. my kind of place too. could hang out with all the other good atheists. likely to be a bunch of smart and interesting souls (or whatever) there. if there is no god / devil / heaven / hell / purgatory. then you just die and are worm food (what i believe in), forget the soul nonsense. so out of those, the only real negative is a rational egotistical god that would send me to hell, and that the devil would have to disregard that i was not god-happy on earth, and ignore that i was a good person, to torture me forever. if that really is the case ... then give me hell

DesktopWeb FormText   subway musingsFri, 04 Jun 2004 23:42:02 GMT # 

taking the subway into work. it cut a full 15 minutes off my 1:15 minute commute. this is my 1st time to ever ride a subway, and here is what i've noticed: boston needs more parking. i start at an endpoint, but by the time i reach downtown, the subway is FULL, because you HAVE to commute. parking is so bad, i paid $28 to park all day over the holiday weekend ... and that was with validation. ridiculous. when exiting the city, i saw one subway get fully packed. i'm talking sardine style. i cannot read during the trip because i have to give up my seat to women. have yet to see any other males give up their seat to a female. asking around, a seat will be given up for the elderly and pregnant women. most of the guys pretend to be reading and wont look up to see the women having to stand. some that do stand have actually acquired the ability to read the newspaper while standing up and holding onto a pole for stability. and the seats are too narrow. when i have gotten a seat, i'm sandwiched between 2 strangers. i'm not very narrow myself, but with the pigging up of america, this is a bad scene. i've developed the ability to jab people in their leg with my pocket pc while it is still in my pocket. can do this subtley by directing a little pressure while pretending to rest my elbow on my leg. this will get them to relinquish some leg space so that the chesnut jewels can get some breathing room down there.

DesktopWeb FormText   SacrilegionFri, 04 Jun 2004 11:56:46 GMT # 

Chris starts A whole new category! the quote is classic. and i'm ordering the thong. err, umm ... not for myself. cough. i've got this car plaque on the back of my car: ProCreation. funny for multiple reasons. it's been ripped off or covered over a couple of times. now i keep a spare handy in the glove box. the best thing is seeing peoples reactions in the rearview mirror.

DesktopWeb FormText   workout tipFri, 04 Jun 2004 04:25:04 GMT # 

bodyweight exercises are great. this includes push ups, pull ups, dips, chin ups. if you are moving around your own bodyweight, your body will want to keep the muscle and get rid of the fat. it wants to keep the muscle so that you can continue to move yourself around. and it wants to get rid of the fat to make you lighter and easier to move around. note that these are hard exercises. you wont see too many people doing pull ups in the gym. especially bodybuilders, because they have weighted themselves down with muscle. i started out only being able to do 1 pull up. would go to failure each workout, and would periodically be able to do another rep. alot of gyms have machines that are weight-assisted, so they provide a counter-balance and make you lighter. use these machines until you can manage 1 unassisted rep, and then get rid of that crutch.

DesktopWeb FormText   fuzzy logicFri, 04 Jun 2004 03:47:02 GMT # 

finished the book Fuzzy Logic (1993). got it for something like 3 bucks in Milwaukee. it had way too much history in it, although i did find it amusing (and a good way to knock some of the dust off after so much studying for certification exams). it did go over some of the tradeoffs between fuzzy logic, bayesian, and neural nets. that is what i'm starting to struggle with. there are a bunch of different AI techniques, so now i need to learn when to apply a specific methodology to a specific problem. need to stop reading and actually start coding this stuff too.

DesktopWeb FormText   numbers gameFri, 04 Jun 2004 03:19:00 GMT # 

been catching up on blog reading. happy that i'm not the only one offending 9 out of 10 people: Finding Jesus at TechEd. they used to be real aggressive at the bible belt ... that is what turned me into a 'militant atheist'. dont have time to read ALL the comments (something like 300K of source!), but the 1st one is classic "Or worse, maybe this is just the real you". LOL! would the real Rory please stand up. hate to admit this, but i think Rory's blog has offended more people than mine. agree with alot of his stuff. dont directly agree with his reasoning for not believing, at least from what is in his post. not sure what all is in the comments? will have to post my own reasons for not believing later. actually, 'not believing' is a stupid way of saying 'being rational'

DesktopWeb FormText   brawn updateFri, 04 Jun 2004 02:53:35 GMT # 

have had 2 good workouts after taking a week off from the TS visit. the weights feel a little heavier, but my energy level is back up. should be back to where i left off (or stronger) by next workouts. these workouts were just shocking the muscles to let them know that the vacation is over. had to find a new gym since relocating. initial observation shows that i'm in the top 3 for strength. the last gym had a bunch of beasts, i might have made top 10 in my current state. regardless, unless the alpha male hasn't shown himself, i should have this gym conquered before the month is out.

DesktopWeb FormText   reunionsFri, 04 Jun 2004 02:41:32 GMT # 

my 10 year high school reunion is tomorrow. never had any intention of going. dont want to know what my old buddies do for a living or that they have responsibilities now. dont want to see all the girls that wouldnt sleep with me. just so happens i was a bad ass back then, but i dont get the whole relive your glory days thing. i'm all about 'what have you done lately?'

DesktopWeb FormText   c++ beatingThu, 03 Jun 2004 03:59:04 GMT # 

having to do c++ at work right now (c# for the last 3.5 years, java before that). ouch! include paths, linking libraries, string conversions, etc... bump up the difficulty by having to support multiple devices. eVC isnt the greatest IDE, lack of consistent libraries, and targeting different CPUs. productivity has dropped something like 10x at the minimum. entirely humiliating experience. almost makes me want to spend my spare time re-learning c++ ... F that. waste of time. let the beatings continue

DesktopWeb FormText   deja vuWed, 02 Jun 2004 14:02:52 GMT # 

Big Bucks for Biometric Screening is basically what i was doing for my 1st job; as a summer co-op for Raytheon (previously E-Systems) out of high school. Raytheon's name even appears in the article. the 1st summer (right before college) gave me access to all the equipment necessary to make the best fake IDs you have ever seen :) it became a tradition for the senior co-op to pass that knowledge on to the intern their last day before heading off to school. my best alias ... john smythe.

DesktopWeb FormText   falling ice and snowWed, 02 Jun 2004 12:00:34 GMT # 

took this pic about a week ago at Faneuil Hall (can i buy a consonant?). put myself in harms way to get that shot :) the sad thing is it was jacket weather yesterday. dont think i've ever worn a jacket in june? global warming my a55

DesktopWeb FormText   sort of a butt shotWed, 02 Jun 2004 11:54:08 GMT # 

the TS and i attacked boston over the long weekend. got to see a good chunk of the city. yesterday i relocated to a different hotel ... with internet access! so maybe i can get some work done this month? actually, last month i blogged my goals for what i wanted to accomplish, and all went well. had this imaginary feeling that my imaginary blog readers would hold me accountable :) going to repeat that pattern this month. brawn is still priority. need to start looking at gyms tonight. secondary goal is to get a new (updated) article put together. need to figure out which idea(s) to pursue. third goal is to knock out the MCSD requirements exam. go!

DesktopWeb FormText   mark.Wed, 26 May 2004 11:34:28 GMT # 

this is just over the 3 week mark of the brawn revival. last 2 workouts were great. did legs on monday to the point i was walking around like an old man yesterday. chest and back last night. managed 315 for 6 reps on decline bench and a set of 30 reps on dips right after. right shoulder is still a little sore, but not bad. TS shows up today for about a week, so she'll keep me out of the gym. it is good to take a week off every once in a while because your body will heal more and you will actually come back stronger and with more energy.

DesktopWeb FormText   Don's stepping on my turfMon, 24 May 2004 22:40:24 GMT # 

would love to be at this one: Going Mobile with .NET, XML and SOAP. somebody please take notes for me :)

DesktopWeb FormText   WSE 2.0Mon, 24 May 2004 18:44:10 GMT # 

it is out! this gives me cause to start updating the /spWSE bits. wonder if this means i'll start getting recruiter calls for my WSE experience?

DesktopWeb FormText   .nextSun, 23 May 2004 20:22:22 GMT # 

Mr. Sells was spouting about The Next Big Leap in Programming. one thing that came out of it was Genetic Programming. certainly agree ... i'm just not that far yet. still trying to build up a basic AI skill set. but when i think about the near future ... AI keeps coming up. if you look at the Google career pages, they are all about AI and really efficient computing. and the parts that interest me in Longhorn will have some AI behind them as well. e.g. natural language searching. always try to keep a timeline of what is needed. security is needed now. i think web services are next, then mobile. after that ... AI. 3 down ... 1 to go. [grid computing is interesting to me as well ... but i dont see it being accessible] also have to think Chris for pointing out the MIT OpenCourseWare. outstanding! just so happens they have some AI courses for me.

DesktopWeb FormText   questionsSun, 23 May 2004 19:58:49 GMT # 

get a number of email questions about articles i have written. always struggle with what to do about that, because they are typically repeat questions. tried to battle this by adding a comments link to the articles. then i could easily provide additional info there. problem is ... nobody clicks those links. should have made my comments render at the bottom of the pages. would prefer that people would just ask questions in newsgroups. just answer the question once, and then it is searchable for others. there is also a much larger audience to field the answer. what about the blog? i could answer questions on the blog. just doesnt seem as useful as the newsgroups. not well categorized, the posts have a short lifetime, and it would add some more noise. from the summit, saw that MS was working on making newsgroups a better experience. are they extending NNTP to do that, or are they just embedding their own metadata in the messages?

DesktopWeb FormText   blocked at kinkosSun, 23 May 2004 19:48:02 GMT # 

went to kinkos around noon to work on my website ... and it was blocked :)

You have attempted to access a site
that is prohibited or has been blocked
pursuant to Kinko's policy.

that's awesome. went to the SmartFilter site to see what was going on. was actually ok, but the domain ( that it redirects to was marked as 'Pornography' in their current system, and 'Sex' in the old version. it has an entire list of other categories, some amusing. so what would you do? would you contact SmartFilter and try to get delisted? or would you put up a new domain name and hope you dont get listed again? i actually went in and re-categorized it as 'Provacative Attire'. the logic is the people that will allow their internet to be censored will never know about my site. good, i wouldn't be friends with them anyways. what ever happened with the libraries and filtering software? librarians are particularly good at fighting back censorship. aside, will have to get michael moores new movie from the internet since it is not being carried in the US yet.

DesktopWeb FormText   juicingSun, 23 May 2004 19:19:19 GMT # 

nope, not steriods. i'm talking about those jack lalange (sp?) juicers for fresh fruit and veggie drinks. used to do this hardcore, and i recommend it. i felt invincible when drinking fresh juice. first, i got stronger because i was giving my body more of what it needed. and if you think about it, the strongest land animal (elephant) is a vegetarian. second, i did not get sick. was traveling alot at this time, and people were dropping off left and right being sick, but i didnt even sniffle. thinking i could have withstood ebola. some tips: you cannot mess up fruit drinks. just pick a fruit and juice it, it will taste great. be careful mixing fruits because of the different acidities, so stick to 1 or 2 fruits at a time. veggies are less pleasant. the mix i liked was carrots, celery, tomato, and spinach. it looked like pond water but tasted better than pond water. while drinking it, i would feel good, it was like my body was releasing endorphins to thank me. that said, i did not like any other veggie mixes. some people do straight carrot juice. other would put an apple in to make it somewhat sweet. in general, i dont recommend mixing fruits with veggies ... ever. the downside about juicers is the time. you have to keep the fruit handy, juice it, and then clean the machine. too much trouble while traveling. some juicing mistakes i made: 1) tried to do an orange-strawberry-banana drink ... bananas dont juice well as all. 2) tried juicing broccoli ... did an entire head of broccoli, which amounted to about a shot glass of juice. THE WORST THING I HAVE EVER DRANK! speaking of shots, there was a juice place in colorado where they would juice a shot of wheat grass for you. got addicted to that stuff

DesktopWeb FormText   pronounced gen-tillySun, 23 May 2004 14:23:56 GMT # 

hey hey! Sam linked the CF crypto stuff. linking back ... but i figure the chances of somebody being subscribed to my blog and not his is about 0%. for the longest time i thought his last name was pronounced like the merriam-webster word. jealous that my last name does not mean heathen or pagan :) think he was the 1st person to ever link one of my articles in a blog. note that he was spelling my last name incorrectly when i was pronouncing his wrong :) he just got an extremely cool press release. it was interesting that it pointed out his being an MVP. seems like the MVP branding might be starting to stick ...

DesktopWeb FormText   70-320 / MCADSat, 22 May 2004 22:03:18 GMT # 

passed with a 968. used the MsPress study guide. thought this one was adequate preparation because i've done very little COM+ and Remoting ... on purpose (sorry Ingo). looked at an Osborne study guide i had picked up from a $5 bookstore too ... it sucked. too many labs. actually, i dont like that the MsPress books have labs either. straight text would have been better for me. dont know if any of the study guides offer that? the programs with sample questions are valuable too. have never tried a transcender, but my assumption is they are alot of sample questions? would probably ace the exams with them ... but i dont want to spend the $$$. started studying for the 1st test just under 4 weeks ago, and now i've got MCAD. dont plan on immediately going for MCSD. couple reasons. 1st, i'm going out of my mind. cant read any more exam prep books or take anymore sample tests for a while. brain is going to mush. studying has helped, but i cant say i've learned anything useful. 2nd, i'm not interested in any of the tests i have left. the Requirements one is just a bunch of reading, and the electives are about 4 year old server products. Commerce Server ... dead. SQL Server ... get a DBA. Biztalk ... 2K version sucks. the study guide is even out of print. the 2004 flavor has me interested, so put together a cert exam. also, i dont think recruiters know the difference between MCAD and MCSD, but they do know the diff between 3 and 4 letter acronyms. thus, my theory is that recruiters think MCP and MVP are the same, and they probably get MCAD and MCSD confused too. so i'm golden now that i have 4 letters, because 4 letters is definitely better than 3 :) now we shall see about the ROI. cost me $250 cash so far (had a free pass to one). but a month of my free time was the main cost. would that time have been better spent doing something else? dont know. will let you know my opinion after some time passes. not sure what to do next. need to go back to building up an AI skill set. there are actually some DB related stuff i might kick around as well. will probably crank out an article before knocking out MCSD. in the short term i need to go celebrate and disconnect some of of these newly connected synapses.

DesktopWeb FormText   imagine cuppersSat, 22 May 2004 13:01:34 GMT # 

got 2 emails from imagine cup groups the last couple days. my hotel internet connection does not allow me to send email, so i'm just going to post to the blog. from the /freeSpeech article, the BinaryCopy method is in the 'comments' link on that page. somehow that got left out of the codebase when i zipped it up over a year ago. also, that was the 1st port of DIME i did to CF. it only supports sending of 1 attachment. the latest port is in the /spWse article. it supports sending and receiving of multiple attachments, as well as closely follows the WSE implementation. and i repeat, the DIME code is a port from public code that MS made available. all i did was port it to CF and update it from an earlier DIME spec to work with WSE.

DesktopWeb FormText   atrophySat, 22 May 2004 03:00:42 GMT # 

tired and feeling weak. been working out too hard lately. need to get more sleep and keep the calories up. what i dont want to happen is my body to start cannibalizing the muscle its been building up. luckily, its time for a rest day. aside, friend #1 read the blog from last week and asked how to join the casey sycophant cult. rule #1) there is no sycophant cult. rule #2) THERE IS NO SYCOPHANT CULT. rule #3) if this is your 1st day, then you must sycophant. further aside, sycophant sounds makes me think of a crazy elephant

DesktopWeb FormText   OpenNETCF.Security.CryptographyFri, 21 May 2004 11:46:11 GMT # 

if you didnt know, the Sys.Sec.Crypto namespace is now a part of OpenNETCF SDF 1.1. just got an email looking for an RSACryptoServiceProvider code sample. there are a number of code samples with the original source download of the article. there is a SmartPhone WinForms app that is the device test harness. it calls a WebService on the desktop to verify interop between crypto on the desktop and the device. you'll have to change the namespace from System.Security.Cryptograpy to OpenNETCF.Security.Cryptography. you will also want to read the article to find out some of the differences between crypto on the desktop and the device.

DesktopWeb FormText   bostonian addendumThu, 20 May 2004 11:32:25 GMT # 

realized that i left out a caste. there are a lot of really smart people in boston too. BU, MIT, Harvard, ... oh my! not to mention the people i work with. an example, the security gaurd in my building was asking me if my mobile devices were bluetooth enabled. alot of tech here. have heard it called the silicon valley of the east. starting to believe it, although i've never actually been to silicon valley. aside, i sometimes refer to dallas as the 'silicone valley'. do you get it? switching back to the mean people. i'm guessing that is what it takes to start a revolution. saw a 'time squad' cartoon that seems even funnier now. basically it represented the revolutionaries as being dainty and drinking tea. then coffee was introduced and they got rude and revolted. this is where dunking donuts comes back into play. so there are alot of smart and big people here. could mean trouble for bNb. hope i dont meet somebody smarter AND bigger than me ... doh!

DesktopWeb FormText   more bostonThu, 20 May 2004 03:29:33 GMT # 

back to complaining about the streets. previously i was moaning about there being alot of streets because nothing runs straight for any great distance. at places they have compensated for this by naming connecting streets the same. so the same street has a bunch of 90 degree turns in it, and signs pointing you in the new direction of the steet. not physically connected, only logically through the use of minimal signs. i use the term 'logically' loosely. even worse, as my boss pointed out, and i can now confirm ... they have so many streets that alot of them in the metroplex are named the same. thus when you try to map it online, it comes up with about 4 streets in different locations for you to pick from. also, there are no on ramps. basically you have to go from a dead stop to highway speeds constantly. what little on ramp you could have had is always killed by a stop sign. and nobody changes into the fast lane to allow you to pull on and pick up speed ... more on that later. my conspiracy theory is that the makers of german sports cars paid off all the civil engineers. you see BMWs everywhere. just so happens that a good friend of mine lived in boston for 8 years and races BMWs. to top it off, out of the other 10 people i've met here, one of them races BMWs as well. coincidence ... i think not. i want a BMW now. not because of the streets, but because that article came out a couple weeks ago saying BMW owners had more sex. got to drive into downtown once. went over a bridge that had a tollbooth right in the middle. 1st time i've ever seen that. even got to make a short trip through the big dig. confused by that as well. my assumption was that the big dig was to increase traffic flow. but its not, its mainly asthetic. the tunnel handles just slightly more traffic than the elevated highways. serious, they are ripping down what they used to use, to make the city look better. this goes against most of what i believe in. what they should have done is built more parking so that i wouldnt have to take the train into downtown. although i really want to put my ear on the train track and see if i can tell how far away the train is or which direction it is coming from. tonto style. rule #1 of the train ... do not talk to anybody. everybody is reading. i just pretend to read to fit in. also adapting my speech to blend. this involves not pronouncing the letter 'r'. e.g. where i sould say 'car', they say 'ca' with a soft 'a'. had to go to speech therapy when i was a kid because i could not say r's properly; should have just moved here instead. other jargon: sneakers instead of shoes. soda (or tonic?) instead of coke. and dunkin donuts is called dunks by the cool people. i'm trying to work in a little sexual innuendo by calling them double D's. just a matter of time before it catches on. serious, there are coffee shops everywhere. been taking my certification exams by where one of the universities is. tons of coffee shops and they are packed. everytime i have been there it has been hippy central. if somebody was able to find grass (which is hard to do) then they are laying in it. consider myself open minded, but these people are crazy. little bit of a deviant, but in this place i basically have to conform to be different. did i mention the democratic convention is going to be here? that explains alot. hate the party system, but its much different than the republic of texas. i was not expecting the ultra liberals. from the stereotype i was expecting a bunch of smart asses. dont worry, i havent been let down. have the capability to be mean when necessary, but i rarely have to use it. been having to exercise it more often here. one person termed them a bunch of hard asses. agreed. related to this, everybody at my gym is huge. more weightlifters than any other city i've been to. theory is that they are getting big so they can be mean more often. size-wise i'm about average at this place (currently). alot of them are jacked up and heavily tattoed. strength-wise i'm closer to the top but still have some work to do. what else? ... i'm confused by the fire hydrants. the base is painted black, and they have either a red or yellow top. wonder if the color of the top has some significance, e.g. water pressure? also, why isnt the whole thing painted bright red or yellow? theory is that they want them harder to see so that the old buildings will burn down and then they can build newer ones. the new buildings should already have sprinkler systems in them, so the fire hydrants are less important.

DesktopWeb FormText   boston oddity updatesWed, 19 May 2004 23:47:27 GMT # 

1) my boss explained the brown eggs to me. only a certain breed of chicken (something reds?) can make it up here, and they lay brown eggs. should be able to find white eggs at a large grocery store, but they will have been imported. this disproves my theory about the continuance of the civil war between chicken farmers. 2) the electrical outlets being upside down in my apartment is just within this hotel. have not seen this mistake repeated elsewhere. 3) the flashing green street lights have something to do with pedestrian crosswalks. i need to walk around that area and take some pictures, so i'll investigate further at that time. hopefully, no tourists will be driving at that exact time and run me over while distracted by the flashing green lights.

DesktopWeb FormText   small announcementWed, 19 May 2004 17:09:12 GMT # 

my boston contract happens to be at Sam Gentile's Big Announcement. Phil Stanhope got me here. as bostonians say: "wicked cool"

DesktopWeb FormText   2 weeks downWed, 19 May 2004 02:05:41 GMT # 

it has been 2 weeks since making brawn a priority over brains. that isnt very long, but there are definite changes. the mirror test shows that my body weight is being distributed differently. starting to carry a little more muscle and a little less fat. the mirror test is priority over what you weigh. only girls and jockeys care about their body weight. that said, i weighed in at 220. that was my college playing weight and seems to be what i hover around as an adult. for my height that puts me right at the obese category for BMI (body mass index). BMI basically makes no sense for weight lifters. happy with that weight because it means i'm not losing. actually i'm losing fat but adding muscle (you cant turn fat into muscle). so i'm getting the right amount of calories, exercise, and rest. couple more weeks and the muscle will hit critical mass and start burning off the fat more rapidly. finally, the belt test (counting belt loops) shows that my waste is a little smaller. the body weight workout i just did showed promise too. was able to do a couple more reps with each exercise. squat workouts show that my max is probably low 400s and bench max would be 350. the only negative is that my right front shoulder is a little tender. need to be careful not to injure it. the TS is coming to visit in a week, so that will be some good recovery time when she is here. can tear myself down for this last week, heal while she is here, then be recharged to resume.

DesktopWeb FormText   travel recoveryTue, 18 May 2004 23:58:42 GMT # 

real tired from jumping 3 times zones, plus having a redeye flight back. the last i heard was that a light workout with weights will help you recover faster. heading to the gym now to do some bodyweight stuff (push ups, pull ups, dips) to knock off some of this lag. if i were to workout real hard then my body would just get shut down and get sick as a protective measure. aside, no clue how pro athletes can travel so much and stay in shape?

DesktopWeb FormText   hello mr. boxTue, 18 May 2004 23:42:16 GMT # 

as soon as the plane took off to seattle, boston started with the gay marriages. have not seen any pics of lesbians getting married, so all is still good. flew alaska airlines for the 1st time. the girl in front of me was making some noise about not getting the vegetarian meal she had ordered. she ended up not eating out of protest. assuming it was worse for her body to not eat than if she would have ate (at least part of) the chicken meal? then i got my meal and it had a little prayer card with it (psalm 107). next time i'm going to order the secular meal ... or not eat. get to MS the next day. the HR person asked what i had done to prepare? err, umm ... brushed my teeth. nobody told me i was supposed to study! get shuttled over to another building to interview; Don Box walked out the door of the building as i was going in. see title above for the extent of our conversation. on the off chance Don reads my blog, and on the off chance he remembers a guy with a shaved head calling him mr. box ... then that was me (TS: sorry about the shaved head). kind of cool. while waiting, it stood out that EVERYBODY was either carrying a laptop or a backpack (unknown if the backpacks contained laptops). so i interview and the end result is they dont make an offer. whew! if they would have made an offer, then that would have been a BIG decision for me to make. although i am feeling a little bitter about being rejected, especially since they wont tell me what their logic was. would have made great blog material. maybe i should have studied :) the funny thing is that one of the interviewers told me he had read my previous post about MS interviews ... and then he asked me a riddle! classic. the long flight did provide alot of reading time. finished the cert study guide i took with me, so should be able to knock that test out this weekend. negative was that this trip hosed up my workout schedule. need to recover from the timezone changes and then dive back in.

DesktopWeb FormText   womanhole coversSun, 16 May 2004 15:38:39 GMT # 

heading out to MS for an interview tomorrow. will let you know what they say about my blog :) if they make an offer and if i hire on, of course i would clean it up. the funny thing is that some people have acted impressed when i tell them i'm going to interview there in general. i dont understand this. is it company worship? have heard that they are selective ... but 50K+ is alot of people to have been selected. other rumors are they dont pay as well. maybe this has changed with the fall out of stock, not to mention they have picked up alot of big named people. need more info on the redmond area itself. the weather doesnt look great, but manageable. sort of eternal fall. a major positive is technology. some have called it a geek paradise. that depends what you are working on, and how tightly focused you are on that problem, but there is alot of cool stuff happening there. they are bringing me up for technology X. they had a couple positions in tech X that they showed me, but only 1 was compelling. although i have tech Y too, no positions in those were offered up. i'm assuming that represents the problems MS has getting across product lines? also, the people. would be extremely cool to get to meet and learn from the people there. now to the interview rumors. riddles do not help you understand how people think. all they do is make the person trying to solve the riddle feel like an idiot. you want to make the candidate look bad so that they will be humbled and want the company to hire them just to improve their riddle solving abilities. i've heard of people memorizing all the riddles that they could find on the internet to prepare ... stupid. my riddle strategy is to think way outside of the box. they are like: "how do you tell which light bulb was on?". me: "do i have super powers?". them: "no". me: "not even a genetic mutation?". the only person i've seen that needed advanced riddle solving skills was batman. he would constantly have to solve them to catch the riddler. also heard about having to whiteboard code for data structures. another skill i've never had to execute at a job. employers prefer that i actually type the code in and use the System.Collections namespace :) [until Generics] MS research is probably already working on whiteboards with intellisense. tech interviews have changed for me since starting the website. if they want to see how i think, then they can just read an article. typically document the mistakes i made and what i had to teach myself to get something to work. i really wish other people would write like this too. most articles just write the steps to get it to work, and omit what went wrong. i think the wrong paths that you took are just as important to understand so that others will not follow. it also provides a more complete understanding. else they might follow and turn what you thought was a wrong path into an alternate route. then there is code. if you want to see some, i have smack loads available for download. if those niceties are out of the way, then they can spend all the time trying to figure out if i know how to be professional :) anyways, i wont be able to tell you what actually happens, and the above are just my thoughts about the common rumors

DesktopWeb FormText   harpoon brewery tourSun, 16 May 2004 01:18:32 GMT # 

Jason Haley invited me out to a brewery tour in boston. odd that i never went to a brew tour in milwaukee? Jason was a TA when i presented .NET CF to harvard last year. finishing up his MCSD right now, so i bugged him with questions about that. got to see some familiar faces ... and drink beer. picked their brains about the nuances of boston, which i'll be posting later.

DesktopWeb FormText   gods advocatesSat, 15 May 2004 01:55:47 GMT # 

nope, not me. those are the people against my blog. you only ever hear about the devils advocates though ... why is that? there is too much to comment on in an organized manner, so i'm just going to knock them out as i go. 1st off, i appreciated that the recruiter wrote me back and was honest. i'm honest, so i respect honesty. did i feel discriminated against ... hell no. i know exactly what i'm doing with my blog. have already been turned down for jobs because of it, and i expect to be turned down for many more. that email just happened to make it into the blog. am i upset about not getting the job ... not at all. do i think that i could have helped that company ... most definitely. do i think they are closed minded for not being able to get past my blog ... yes. but that is my opinion. they have their own opinion, and they expressed it. so what. would i ever sue ... hell no. i hate lawyers and i hate people that sue. if you are a lawyer reading this, i hate you. now on to the reality bit. the reality is i am not hurting for work. all of my needs are satisfied. since my needs are met, i can pursue ideals and wants, in that order. ideals because i have to live with myself. wants ... i dont have many. the world is easy and my life is quite simple. did you figure out i was a philosophy minor? people can assume whatever they want. so companies choose not to use me ... there are lots of companies. and i will help the companies that do choose to use me put the others out of business. boor: no, i am not rude. am i insensitive, you better believe it. i am quite hard on myself. maybe being offensive on my blog is a way to make things more challenging? being 28 ... my age is irrelevant. yes, i could make 2 web sites: 1 personal, 1 professional. but i dont care to. i like having 1 site; especially when entertaining stuff like this happens. could cut out the racy stuff at any time and this would rapidly be forgotten. but what have i dont that is really bad ... absolutely nothing, my site is so tame. people just like to feel better than others. professional references are too easy. i've never been kicked off a contract, or even been close. the case has been that they want me to stay, but i get bored out of my mind and have to move on to something else. or the weather gets cold and i have to migrate south. yes, i want to see more people posting pictures of their girls butt. i'm a guy ... cant help it. offensive topics to who? there are people that blog pro-christianity topics ... dont you think i find those offensive as an atheist. or are the xtians the only ones that get to be offended? honestly, i dont find them offensive. dont care. this is a shock blog. if you cannot handle shocking things, then dont read it. recall telling people to unsubscribe many times. and i do point employers to it ... on purpose ... i've already been through all this crap. i only want to work for the people that can handle my blog. they are not filtering me ... i am filtering them. a couple years ago i had the adult web sites that i had worked on my resume. ended up working with the greatest bunch of guys because of that. they were smart, hard working, professional ... but could have fun too. chances are this will continue. you followed your path, i will blaze my own. this is my life ... i am in complete control

DesktopWeb FormText   i am a boorFri, 14 May 2004 11:42:17 GMT # 

funny stuff. bill got a negative comment on his blog about my blog. about time the silent majority spoke up. bill has already ran through it. need to arrange for bill to be my official spokesperson :) he does a much better job of representing me than i could myself. serious. got to go to work now ... but this is high quality. would love to hear the MS recruiters opinion

DesktopWeb FormText   aftermarket radio ideasFri, 14 May 2004 06:24:29 GMT # 

[cant sleep] my car radio makes the car. all i care about the car is that it is reliable and gets me from point A to B ... and that it can carry speakers. loud bass is my sort of 'music that soothes the savage beast' bit. current setup is an mp3 cd player with 2 amps. 1 of those amps is dedicated for subs along with a cap for extra power. the best thing about my sub amp is that it has a wired dial on it. mounted the dial next to where i rest my hand while driving for easy access. with this setup, i can max out my amp settings in the trunk, and then adjust the bass song by song. this is a must have. it allows you to tweak each song for the right amount of bass. end up using this bass dial more than the actual controls on the radio itself. it also allows me to cut off the bass if a cop drives by. now for ideas i want to see implemented (a friend of mine from pittsburgh helped flesh out these ideas) ... IBS. instant bass switch. aftermarket car radios should have a button to send a pure bass note to the speakers. the scenario is ... i'm at a stop light playing some mellow music. then some punk kid rolls up next to me trying to bass. instead of trying to switch songs real quick, i could press the IBS and let them know what i'm carrying. this would also replace my horn since my car horn is really weak. could just bass at people when they cut me off in traffic. next up is the Defcon system. my car is as loud as it needs to get. if i want to talk to somebody in my passenger seat, i can only turn the volume up to 1 or 2 ... it goes up to 80. an average bass session has the volume up to 8. 15 starts to get uncomfortable. the bass is usually dialed down to around 25 to 50%. so my car has alot more bass left in it. the defcon system would show this. basically it would record the level of your car at its loudest into memory. then as you drove around it would show your defcon system on the rear window or something. if you had your car at its loudest, then it would show defcon 1. mine would typically show a reading of 4 or 5. this way bass=mobiles could quickly size each other up. you could easily tell if somebody was bassing at their full potential ... or if they were just getting warmed up.

DesktopWeb FormText   nutritionFri, 14 May 2004 01:49:09 GMT # 

feed the machine. if you are working out hard, then you have to eat the right things to support that. this knocks atkins out the door, because it wont let you get a balanced meal. not to mention mr atkins was fat. carbs are great energy, energy that you can use to workout and gain muscle. what matters is when you eat those carbs. e.g. carbs right before bed is stupid because that energy will not get burned and it will become fat. eat your carbs at breakfast or lunch. i reserve protein, green veggies, and dairy for evening. fruits and veggies are great. somebody said 'have you ever heard of somebody getting fat off of them?'. me neither. to get enough, i have to eat them all day. fruits mostly in the morning because of the sugar, and veggies towards the evening. protein is required all day just so i can get enough. its somewhat impossible for a weight lifter to get too much protein. cut out the coffee and soda as another thing, caffeine makes the bones weak. also, for those calories, wouldnt you rather be eating something instead? water is life, and muscle needs alot of it. the no calorie thing is just a great bonus. if you are drinking alot of water too, then your body will stop storing as much, so you will get leaner. that brings up something about creatine. some creatine powders will end up putting a layer of water weight on you. used to add about 5+ pounds of water to me, that would go away when i stopped taking it. dont get that side effect with creatine clear. so i am wary of carbs and sugars, but i still eat them; but mostly in the beginning of the day. the body needs protein to build itself back up at night, so that is what it gets. as posted earlier, the lots of small meals throughout the day thing seems to really work. you will want smaller portions and your energy level will remain constant. the only hard part is sticking to it within our 3 meal culture. which brings up, you have to eat breakfast. you will need that energy later on in the day, and it gets your metabolism going to burn calories. so i dont diet in the traditional sense. if you starve yourself you are going to lose fat and muscle. so then you are a skinny wimp. the new methodolgy requires that you gain muscle to help you burn off that fat. this is how bodybuilders (lots of muscle) are able to get so lean. to support that, you have to eat. you just have to be careful what you eat and when you eat it. personally, i dont want to lose weight. i want to stay the same, and just trade fat for muscle. all that being said ... cheat day! once a week, you should eat whatever you want. i do this because it is fun. but the logic is that if you keep everything low fat, then your body will start hoarding the small amount of fat that you do supply it. if you shock it once a week, then it is supposed to remind your body to keep up the work. also, it is supposed to be a reward for your will power through the rest of the week. if you really want that donut one day, skip it and have one on cheat day instead.

DesktopWeb FormText   70-316Fri, 14 May 2004 01:17:18 GMT # 

passed with an 830 something. not happy with the score, but it's still a W in the win column. the score sheet shows that i totally tanked the 'creating user services' section and aced the rest. not happy with my study guide for this one. used the MsPress book like i did for the web app test. the web study guide was certainly thicker, and i picked up a couple 'gimme' answers from it. while reading this book, all i got was a false sense of security. was like 'i know all this crap'; so i made a 3 day turnaround to take this one. probably would have made the same score without studying at all. will try a study guide from a different publisher for the web services test, which will be next. these tests are a bit odd. know most of the answers flat out, with no 2nd guessing. a few of them expose my intellisense crutch when they have 2 similarly named answers for a method or property name. thats just being cruel. there was one question today that i had absolutely no clue about. some obscure UI thing. so i started going down my list of test taking strategies. tried to weed out the answers that were definitely wrong. the problem was all the answers were related. if i discounted one answer for a certain reason, then all of them got tossed out. resorted to eenie meenie miney moe (sp?)

DesktopWeb FormText   wider is betterThu, 13 May 2004 11:29:06 GMT # 

if you want to get wider, then workout with extremely wide grips and stances. bench press will get you the wide chest and broad shoulders, back exercices will give you lats to fly with, and squat will work some different muscles. this works best when your skeletal frame is still forming. my thought is that you should train wide when you are young and then narrow your grip to pack on thickness when you get older.

DesktopWeb FormText   err, ummThu, 13 May 2004 02:14:24 GMT # 

1st off, y'all really know how to make a guy feel overrated. really surprised by the reaction. Thanks. been seeing alot of links lately about how to make your blog 'work friendly' or what 'not to blog' ... and then this happens. very odd. i've heard some people with popular blogs say that they had to be careful. that they could not blog certain things, even technical opinions. BS! freedom of speech my friends. of course i'm saying this and have absolutely 0 responsibility and dont know what the word 'risk' means. so i can afford to be an idealist ... for now ... that will eventually go away. hopefully the youth will be corrupted by then and i can live vicariously through them. right now i see it as the media is trying to make us afraid to blog what we want, because that is their job. just turn that around and blog everything to make everybody else afraid. if you get fired for blogging, then blog that. you are the new media. anyways, my blog is an experiment. not sure if i even like it? this certainly made it entertaining though :) the moral of the story is ... i blogged about writing my own speech recognition for the pocket pc. how many blogs linked it: none that i know of. on the other hand, i blog a picture of my girls ass and cause some trouble: lots of links. so expect more butt shots, maybe some cleavage to spice things up

DesktopWeb FormText   thank youWed, 12 May 2004 04:12:05 GMT # 

Bill is a great guy to have on your side. been getting too many lectures lately. it is appreciated

DesktopWeb FormText   supplement addendumWed, 12 May 2004 02:40:25 GMT # 

forgot to add. people react differently to supplements. creatine powder X might not do anything for you, while creatine powder Y might have great results. you should ask around to find out what effects other people have gotten. GNC employees usually have loads of info about this stuff, you just have to be careful that you dont end up with one trying to sell you all the most expensive brands as being the best. i usually experiment a bottle at a time. if no perceived results, then i wont make that purchase again, which when it comes down to it would be pissing away money. also, the key word is 'supplement'. you take them to help avoid deficiencies (sp?) in your diet. if you take more than you need, your body will get rid of that excess (or go toxic). to be safe, i mostly half the recommended dosages. if it says once a day, i'll take it every other. if it says take 2 a day, then i'll take 1. this is also cost effective.

DesktopWeb FormText   positive reinforcementWed, 12 May 2004 02:04:58 GMT # 

check out this email excerpt from what had been a potential employer:
[their identity will remain anonymous]

I did some asking around on our end and updated feedback for you is that we had 
several members of the Management team check out your website and express some 
concerns. Basically the combination of the content of your site and the fact 
that you direct prospective employers to it has most of us concerned that you 
don't exercise the type of judgment that we need our company representatives to 
I hope you can appreciate me being candid with you...e.g. our company image and 
our employee's comments to the WWW about loved one's anatomy just don't mix.

DesktopWeb FormText   statusTue, 11 May 2004 11:28:07 GMT # 

my bermuda triangle for boston is solidly setup: home, work, gym. hopefully will get time to start exploring more soon. workouts were great last week too. all full body, so i'm still kind of tired. do 'feel' stronger, so hopefully i'll start pushing around more weight today. almost done with the certification study guide for the WinForms test. looks like it is going to be easier than the WebForms one. will try to take the test in the next couple days if possible.

DesktopWeb FormText   supplementsTue, 11 May 2004 03:58:32 GMT # 

will start out saying i hate medicines. if i get sick, then my body should be able to heal itself naturally. wont even take over the counter stuff until the last resort. that said, i take supplements like mad (and am dating a pharmacist). probably have taken up to 25 tablets in one day. right now i take about 10. some pro athletes consume something like 50 to 100 a day. at a minimum, everybody should be taking a multi vitamin. the next one should be vitamin C. after that E. there is something about E that you can end up taking too much, so i take it every other day (think A and D are like this too). Multi, C, and E are the core i will probably always take. trying out B for energy, but have not noticed much difference. would prefer that i could just eat foods to get these, but our society does not really provide those food choices. when working out hard they become even more important. also take calcium and glucosamine. strong bones and healthy joints, because my family has had problems. also play around with different herbs. like that herbs are natural and some are tied to interesting effects. when i do get sick or a headache, i will try herbs before OTC drugs. they are typically pretty cheap too. now for the performance enhancing ones. creatine is #1. its a powder that helps store energy in your muscles. you can workout harder, longer, and recover faster. when i am on creatine, i notice; i also notice when i'm off. the thing is that we do not know the long term effects of creatine. so you are supposed to cycle it. i take it for about 20 workouts, and then get off it for a month. if i take pure creatine, my body gets loaded and ultimately gets sick. the only form i can take is called creatine clear. the next one is andro. this one is banned from some pro sports, and is basically pure testosterone. it makes me an animal for about an hour or 2 after taking it, so i use it right before workouts. this one is questionable, so i rarely take it. the high cost one is called T-Bomb, which does not seem to work for me. low cost are Andro poppers, which i do get a kick from. the great thing about the poppers is you even take them in a manner which seems illegal. instead of swallowing a tablet, you crunch them up and line the shrapnel along your gums and under your tongue, so it can absorb into your bloodstream better. currently GNC is promoting NO2. it is supposed to make you feel like you are pumped all the time. its really expensive, but i took it for about 2 months. the effects were that i felt a little edgy all the time, but not pumped; and i didnt get that much bigger. for the cost, i dont use it anymore. another one is MetaBlast. this one is supposed to help you grow muscle fibers. expensive, and had slightly better results than NO2, without the edginess. not sure if i will try it again later. ZMA is testosterone at night. works great for me. wake up feeling strong and lean. you need to cycle this too. ephedra-type pills. these are to help you lose weight. possibly dangerous. took an ephedra flavor before it was banned, and then did squats one day and thought my heart was going to burst. threw those away because i could feel my heart pumping frantically. sometimes i take an all natural kind at about half the dose. the main thing is protein. muscle requires alot of protein, more than you can eat on your own. right now i need all the calories i can get, so im eating protein bars. when my weight gets to where i want it, then i might switch to protein shakes. no, i have never taken steroids. everytime i've been about to, some big star will die from them. i've never taken any illegal drugs (believe it or not). the questionable supplements i can get from GNC are enough to keep me entertained.

DesktopWeb FormText   for samMon, 10 May 2004 18:53:30 GMT # 

sam is beating on me for my blog being 'unprofessional'. others have said 'irreverent'. since he linked to me, i will explain to new readers ... my blog is personal. will write whatever i want here. mostly about stuff that i should not be writing about: religion, politics, drinking, females, etc... sometimes even technology. currently i am exploring boston, getting certified, and working out. about a month ago i was teaching myself AI. hope to return to that effort next month. if you want the technical stuff, see the articles to the right. /noReco was the last article about homemade speech recognition for CF. there are also tons of articles about WSE for CF, including a CryptoApi wrapper that will be making its way into OpenNetCF. older stuff includes articles about Tablet PC and Speech .NET

DesktopWeb FormText   (late) handmade by momMon, 10 May 2004 16:49:36 GMT # 

my sister has serious martha stewart potential. one thing she does is make high quality clothes for my nephews; the finishing touch is the tag (pictured below). last time i went to see them, she brought out this sewing machine that can do monograms. it uses a touch screen and memory cards. if it only had an API ...

DesktopWeb FormText   workout tipMon, 10 May 2004 02:28:33 GMT # 

if you want to get stronger quick, then workout with somebody stronger than you. lifting with that person will kick in the 'fight or flight' response, and release your adrenaline. this will have you consistently performing near maximum and you will get stronger faster. if you are the strongest guy ... then you're screwed. all you can do is workout by yourself to keep the leeches from sucking on and catching up faster.

DesktopWeb FormText   brown eggs and hamMon, 10 May 2004 02:22:50 GMT # 

need more protein for breakfast, so i went to the grocery store to get eggs. dont know how to cook, but i do know how to hardboil eggs; and egg whites make good protein for breakfast. one of my 1st CF apps (years ago) was writing a timer to let me know when the eggs were done :) so i wander around lost in the grocery store til i find the eggs ... but they're all brown. wander around some more ... no white eggs. i'm a city boy, so i have no clue what is up with brown eggs. i expect all eggs to have white shells unless they have been decorated for easter. could have asked somebody at the store, but i decided to reveal my stupidity here instead. what's up? is boston coloring them brown, or has every other place i have been to colored them white? are there any white eggs in boston? does boston have black chickens? do brown eggs cook faster than white ones? couldnt resist

DesktopWeb FormText   handicapped mothersSun, 09 May 2004 19:02:27 GMT # 

walking out of the grocery store they had a 'with toddler' parking spot at the very front. dont care for myself, i always park far away; but having kids is NOT a handicap. all that does is make it harder for the stupid kids to get ran over.

DesktopWeb FormText   TS responseSun, 09 May 2004 11:52:51 GMT # 

she beat up my comments section, so i'll respond here. basically she stole some of the punch lines that i was going to get to. 1) everybody is different. depending on where you are, and where you want to go with an exercise program; your nutrition and training will be different. that should be obvious. since my site is 'brains-n-BRAWN', i am not writing for a female audience directly. i am writing for the male audience that wants to bulk up to get females. 2) the new workout methodology is not to starve yourself to go after the fat. if you do that then you will lose muscle too (bad). the primary objective is to build lean muscle mass. since muscle weighs more than fat, you actually start out gaining weight! but muscle at rest (and being healed) burns more calories, and that ends up going after the stored fat you have now. so at the gym i spend most of the energy at the weights, and what i have left goes to some cardio. 3) i am a programmer, not a doctor. these blogs are just what i have picked up (or observed) from 14 years (exactly 1/2 my life) of working out at gyms. during that time i trained primarily for sports and powerlifting. still train for strength, but also for general fitness as i age; and experiment with bodybuilding type workouts. after all that time i'm still learning new things about how to train and how my body will react to that training.

DesktopWeb FormText   energySun, 09 May 2004 03:00:37 GMT # 

so tired. which is the appropriate time to talk about how energy is important to training. when you start a workout program, you will quickly run out of energy. this is why gyms that are full at new years quickly dry up. you are trying to make your body do stuff it does not know how to do. it does not know how to efficiently handle the new program. not to mention you might have been training it to be lazy with your previous lifestyle. for the last week i've been training to 'up' my energy. the easiest way to do this is full body workouts each day. upper and lower body together. the big muscle groups: legs, back, chest. also the core lifts: squats, bench, pulldowns. dont worry about biceps until you have some legs to carry them around with. by really kicking your own butt at the beginning, when you lighten up, you will have TONS of energy to concentrate on specific muscles later. you just have to be careful not to burn out or hurt yourself. like right now i am making sure to get lots of sleep and lots of calories. and water! my body is somewhat in shock right now. its desperately trying to figure out how to better heal itself. sort of self inflicted survival of the fittest. it needs the extra sleep and extra calories to heal. so training hard gives you an excuse to take naps. right now, i can feel a dull burn everywhere. that is the muscle getting built back up. by-product is an increased metabolism. after tomorrow, i'll lighten up to split workouts: upper body one day, lower body the next. so while i'm tearing apart the lower body muscles, the upper can heal; vice versa. will have more energy to concentrate on those groups too. couple weeks of that and then i can target more specific muscles. other tips: a daily multi vitamin is required. eating lots of small meals helps too. big meals makes you direct more energy to digesting all at once. i.e. tired after lunch. small meals lets your stomach shrink and you burn calories digesting all day. plus it trains your body that it will keep getting fuel to continue build itself back up, and not have to worry about rationing. will write more about supplements and nutrition later

DesktopWeb FormText   MVP vs MC?DSat, 08 May 2004 23:41:09 GMT # 

(forgot to put this in the last post) at the summit, steve o said the percentage of MVPs that were certified (not repeating that # because of NDA paranoia). but i really dont care about that number either. what i really want to know is the percentage of developer MVPs that are certified? i'm assuming its a lower percentage than the IT MVP side? been asking dev MVPs what they think about certification for a little bit. most that i've talked to dont care about it. of course, that is probably swayed based on the people that would actually even talk to me. the response has mostly been to the effect that their time would be better spent learning something new, instead of proving what they already know. i agree. only problem is that recruiters dont know what MVPs are.

DesktopWeb FormText   70-315Sat, 08 May 2004 23:17:25 GMT # 

passed with an 874. this was the web app one, which is funny because i dont do web form apps (unless they involve naked ladies). the problem is that rob howards group is making web sites TOO EASY to create. any monkey can make a web app nowadays. and everybody calls themselves a web developer. that means there is too much comp and not enough money in that space. back to the test. i studied over the last week from the MsPress guide. just read through it, didnt bother with any of the labs. that, plus 3 years of doing .NET. the book went over some grunt work stuff that i would have missed, like deployment; so it was worth reading for some of those gimme answers. everybody talks about transcenders, but i dont want to pay for them. might give one a shot, to see what i'm missing, if i fail one of the other tests on my own. what really pissed me off was that the test did not show me what i missed. understand not showing the answers to people that fail, but i passed (and paid $125) so make me an even better developer, and show me the correct answers! its not like i'm going to study some more and go back until i get it perfect. nope, i'm going to rest on my passing score. hell, think i'm a certified MCP (or something like that) now? the next recruiter that calls is not going to hear the end of it. i'll be like, "you dont need to hear my experience, i passed the test, what more do you want?" recruiters are the primary reason i'm getting certified. about 1/3 i talk to ask about MCAD or MCSD, and have no clue about MVP. that has been the only negative in our conversations, so i'm just filling in that checkbox. just a trial-and-error experiment to amuse myself

DesktopWeb FormText   day offSat, 08 May 2004 02:53:08 GMT # 

today was my day off from working out, so i went out drinking. could either write about the importance of taking days off, or about drinking. drinking it is :) was working out real hard last year, and didnt want to put it all to waste during drinking sessions. so me and a friend snooped around to find out what drinks would do the least damage. as you can imagine, ice cream drinks were the worst. next was mix drinks, because you were getting the calories from the soda, as well as the alcohol. wines had a decent amount of calories plus some fat content. on to beers: fat tire was properly named. this was also the time that the low carb beers were coming out. michelob ultra did win in that category, but just slightly. the problem was its taste, and that i could drink alot of it, thus defeating the purpose. the interesting thing was that guinness was low calorie. no kidding! its also very filling. good and good. there seems to be alot of guinness in boston? wonder if guinness beer is related to the world records guinness? seems about right: bunch of drunk guys ... i bet i could balance this mug of beer on my head for 53 hours! regardless, the best alcoholic drink was scotch. low calories. no fat. you cant drink alot of it because it is strong stuff. you usually have water on the side. all good. basically the perfect food. speaking of food, the real killer of alchohol is the food that you eat while you are drinking (or after). when alcohol enters the system, your body directs most of its energy to processing it. so if you are eating at the same time, you are not really digesting that food, because the alcohol is the higher priority. not to mention going to IHOP at 2 in the morning to eat something to sop it up. bad idea

DesktopWeb FormText   R&DFri, 07 May 2004 14:12:19 GMT # has an interesting articles series about offshoring. what has surprised me is that the articles keep mentioning the importance of Research & Development. what?!?! i've had R&D listed as an objective on my resume for years, thinking that i'd be a good fit for that type of work. the number of companies that contacted me about R&D in that time period ... 1. when MS interviewed me many years ago, i asked about a possible R&D position. this is how the conversation went: KC, "how about an R&D position?". MS, [laughing]. KC, "2 masters?". MS, [laughing]. KC, "thanks, i'll go cry now".

DesktopWeb FormText   brawnFri, 07 May 2004 02:43:43 GMT # 

explained recently that i'm currently in brawn mode. so i'm going to start blogging some of the tricks i've learned. not to waste any time ... get your ass to the gym! that is key. just get there. even if you dont want to be there, seeing other people workout will get you going. especially if they are in better shape than you. or if you want to sleep with them. and keep going. you have to make it a habit. it usually takes about 2 weeks to make something routine. the problem is that if you are just starting to workout, those 1st 2 weeks will be hell. you will be stiff, sore, and cranky. the good news is, the human body is amazing at adjusting and healing itself. after a couple weeks of constant soreness, you will mostly stop getting sore. its like your body says 'i am sick of being sore, i better do more to fix myself up'. the energy to build yourself back up is calories. when i've been working out hard for a month or so, it starts becoming near impossible for me to get sore. i'll have to totally isolate and bomb one muscle group to get it to submit. the sick thing is, at that point, the soreness will feel good. hope that is not just me :) now your enemy is TV. you need to realize that television is evil in 2 ways: you are getting fat watching it and your brain is getting lazy. so if you come home from work ... do NOT turn it on. i recommend a little time to depressurize. close your eyes, sit in silence, lift your feet ... even just a couple minutes of that will renew your energy. energy to get your butt to the gym. energy is another key aspect i'll discuss more next time.

DesktopWeb FormText   new citiesFri, 07 May 2004 02:26:48 GMT # 

this is the pattern i follow when finding myself in a new city. first priority is to find shelter. preferrably it provides easy access to work and food. the next order of business is to find a gym. gyms vary widely, so it takes some time to test each one of them out, to find the best fit. i usually test around 3 gyms, and workout in each at least once. looking for gyms provides opportunities to explore uncharted land too. that completes what i call the 'bermuda triangle': home, work, gym; because i will typically be 'lost' somewhere within that region. it is also a comfort zone. i mark that territory by cruising around bassing to let the locals know that this is my new stomping grounds. with a safety zone, i then branch out to find more landmarks: bars, restaurants, strip clubs. sometimes even touristy stuff. when exploring, i use many tools. start out using online maps and my cars odometer. usually get a printed map too, but they are never the exact scale i want. they are useful if you get really lost in a car though, as well as to provide an overall view to see how one location is relative to another. the funny thing is that you can never buy maps when you are actually at that place. bookstores are typically sold out of maps of the very city they are located in. no shit. i make sure to buy maps before actually making it to my final destination. usually get street level maps for places i'll be on foot. plus a compass. but a pocket pc is the most invaluable exploration tool. store addresses, phone numbers, downloaded maps, hand drawn maps, locations friends have told you to check out, etc, etc... not to mention pocket streets has saved my lost butt a number of times.

DesktopWeb FormText   Devices and Web Services and SexThu, 06 May 2004 02:47:03 GMT # 

the MSDN Web Services Developer Center has 2 new articles on Web Services and Devices. letting you know so that you will plan business models around it, get VC, and then gainfully employ me to implement it. looking around at the devices and furniture in my room, thinking about what WS's they would expose. but the best thing is that this technology will enable the one night stand web service. whatever device you carry will be able to UDP broadcast your preferences. e.g. your SOAP enabled cock ring. when you are out, other devices will pick up that broadcast and they can securely communicate personal info and attachments such as a picture of whom you are looking for. then you can proceed to sex

DesktopWeb FormText   worse than i thoughtWed, 05 May 2004 11:27:48 GMT # 

the TS pointed out an error in the last post. the 2nd sentence 'i cannot to brains AND brain', should read, 'i cannot do brains AND brawn'. that just reinforces to me that my brain has taken way too much control. need to balance it out.

DesktopWeb FormText   brains-XOR-brawnWed, 05 May 2004 03:16:38 GMT # 

this has all been a lie. i cannot to brains AND brain. its either one or the other. either i'm exercising my mind OR my body ... not both. i've tried to do both before: listening to stephen hawking while working out. it made me physically weaker. granted i have not really tried working out while coding. could be done using one of those electric muscle stimulators? sucker for pain though, so those sessions would probably be more like shock therapy. not great for the memory. the only way i can really say brains-N-brawn is those odd times i get stuck on a coding problem and head to the gym. then while totally concentrating on the weight, the answer to the problem will just pop into my head. that doesn't really count because its some background thread beyond my control. since i cant do both, then i have to do a tradeoff. sometimes more brain, sometimes more brawn. been working on the brain pretty hard the last couple months and my body has gotten a little soft. call this being brain heavy. thus i'm changing gears and shifting brawn into high. this means i wont be coding much in my spare time. instead i'll be hanging out at the gym. found a great one a couple miles away too. now the funny part is, and this is against my better judgement ... i'm going to start taking the .NET certification tests. my guess is that this should not take too much brain power, but i'll let you know. bought the study books, so i'm reading one now. learning some obscure stuff, but nothing i'll probably end up using. the only reason i'm even reading is to do my due dilligence. just doesnt seem right to show up to a test without studying any. it makes good reading material for the commute too. regardless, it will be more resume padding and another bullet point for the recruiters. will let you know how it turns out. if i get it, then you are free to rag on me. i know i would do the same to you.

DesktopWeb FormText   initial boston impressionsWed, 05 May 2004 02:54:07 GMT # 

been here for about a total of 48 hours. 1) the 1st person i met had one of those sterotypical boston attitudes. i'm trying to check into my hotel, and he makes about 15 smart ass comments during the process. it would have been funny if i hadn't just driven 1000 miles. but now i think it was an act since he knew i was new. have yet to run into that anymore ... but we'll see. 2) have met a handful of people with hard to understand accents. backtrack ... i mean impossible to understand. dont even want to say accents, because its not like they are even trying to speak. they kind of just push air out and hope you can pick up what they mean through body language and eye contact. this has never happened to me anywhere else. other places, people have accents, but you can understand them, and they sound funny. this doesnt even compare. 3) the streets are fucked up. no street goes straight for more than a couple blocks. thus there are tons and tons of streets. so many that they did not even bother putting street signs up. i can go to mapquest and get a map with all the street names, but when driving you are luckly to see any signs. instead i have to use my odometer and use the force to know when to turn. instead of doing the big dig, i think they should have started over. 4) the suburbs are small as well, so their are a lot of them too. instead of just making a manageable number of suburbs and giving them room to grow, its like they sandboxed them all. if one starts to get a decent population size, they just create a new one instead. 5) back to streets ... they have flashing green traffic lights during the day. have seen flashing reds and yellows really late at night; but never green. flashing red basically turns it into a stop sign. flashing yellow means to slow and be ready to stop. no clue what flashing green means? 6) been having to take a commuter rail into downtown. one side of the train could sit 2 people, while the other could sit 3. if i sit on the max 2 seat, then i'm big enough that nobody will sit next to me. on the max 3 seats, a girl will sit by me. that is my current hypothesis at least. 7) fresh fish. i've never had seafood this good. even the canned tuna is better. 8) all of the light sockets in my hotel are upside down. meaning the ground is on top. need to see if this occurs elsewhere? that is all i can think of right now. will point out more oddities as i realize them.

DesktopWeb FormText   old milwaukeeWed, 05 May 2004 02:19:44 GMT # 

being in Milwaukee last week reminded me of some stuff. 1) they love personalized license plates. i'm certain their prison population is back ordered for years. there is even a shortage of available names such that people have to add an iterator number at the end. 2) speaking of short ... napoleon complex. never been some place that has more really short men. got used to seeing those odd couples with short men and tall women. 3) 1 million people is the perfect size for a city. there weren't too many people to make traffic bad, but there was enough for civilization. 4) winter sucks, and it lasts about 6 months. bitter bitter cold; could actually feel my blood thickening. 5) the flipside is that the other 6 months rock. there was so much to do. festivals on weekends, outdoor music during the week, random block parties, and tons of bars. did i mention brew city AKA city of festivals? ignore the americas dairyland BS. i'm thinking that is green bay, with the cheese and all that? 6) summerfest! its a HUGE week long music festival. 7) quite a few mexicans? surprised they made it so far north? other minorities were under represented. overall, i went there last year thinking it was going to suck, and it ended up being great. high quality for the warm months.

DesktopWeb FormText   29.2Sun, 02 May 2004 23:37:14 GMT # 

cannot freaking believe it. i'm on a dial-up connection! ... had an ExtendedStay hotel with broadband access all nicely reserved. used their web site to sign up, early last week, for a city called BrainTree (outside of Boston). think about it, brains-N-brawn in BrainTree, beautiful! then they call me the evening before and leave a message that they have no rooms, but to call them back. i call them back thinking they are going to fix the problem. instead they just repeat they have no rooms. i'm like, "then why the hell did i need to call you back". they didnt understand. after badgering them for a couple minutes i got them to make a reservation for a sister hotel, since their web site is unreliable. the downside ... no broadband. nor does the city have brain or brawn in the name. then i got rained on for the 2 days heading over here. not happy. they better have a decent gym around here

DesktopWeb FormText   cannot waitSat, 01 May 2004 04:33:14 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   eastFri, 30 Apr 2004 16:51:12 GMT # 

start heading to boston tomorrow for a short term contract.

DesktopWeb FormText   recruitersThu, 29 Apr 2004 19:25:21 GMT # 

my primary means of finding work is through job sites. i post my resume at the main job sites, and periodically get calls from recruiters about work. then it comes down to the big 3: technology, money, location. i've already blogged about how recruiters typically dont know the technology and rates, so this one will be about location. most consultants work a specific metroplex, others travel on the weekdays. working virtually was the dream, but companies seem to only offer this to overseas indivuduals. i dont get it either? my situation is unique. i'm a total nomad. meaning i do not have a home base, and have been relocating to the actual assignments. the problem is my mailing address is in dallas, tx; so i primarily get calls from there (e.g. have received 4 calls this week, all from the dallas metroplex); even though i have not worked in dallas for the last 2+ years. also get calls from other cities where i have been on contract in the past (e.g. milwaukee and pittsburgh). but getting calls from other cities / states come few and far between. this is a problem with the job sites. they dont adequately handle the nomadic lifestyle. now for a lighter thought. being nomadic can make you become seasonal. i've been seeing alot of geese migrating lately, and you can do the same as a nomad. north for summer, and south for winter :) winter has usually been vacation time for me anyways, because it seems to be harder to get contracts at the end of one year / start of the next. my assumption is that this is because budgets are wrapping up or have not been allocated yet?

DesktopWeb FormText   un structureThu, 29 Apr 2004 18:30:51 GMT # 

went to a new mall yesterday. the stores were kind of shocking. the pic below shows what i had been fearing for a long time. 'structure' stores are now 'express men'. if you dont know, 'express' is a girls store. structure used to be a guys store, now it only caters to girlie men. used to be the only place i could shop. then they stopped carrying XL sizes. couple years ago a friend pointed out that the tags started to say express instead of structure. now they have fully converted. now i might as well shop at the gap. speaking of gap, they had 4 flavors of stores to pick from: gap, gap kids, gap baby, and gap body. assuming its just a matter of time til we get gap fetus and gap cryogenically frozen. talbots is trying to catch up with a standard and kids flavor. but the weirdest one was pottery barn. serious ... there was a pottery barn kids. did not know kids had disposable cash to spend on redecorating. it was hard enough for me to even clean my room as a kid

DesktopWeb FormText   fresco styleWed, 28 Apr 2004 21:32:20 GMT # 

so the US is all sorts of pigged up ... and we are going to start seeing 'truth' ads about eating too much as opposed to smoking. actually ... maybe less people are smoking and that is why we are gaining weight? dallas definitely looked heavier from when i had left it last time. regardless, fast food places are starting to promote healthier menus. but you know what ... i dont think its working. stopped at 2 taco bells on my drive up here. they've got this new option to replace loads of cheese with more veggies. asked for this at both places. neither one of those places could figure out how to actually send the order back that way, and had to step to the back and tell the person making it directly. this makes me think that people are not ordering it. we've got a ways to go

DesktopWeb FormText   rules of the roadSun, 25 Apr 2004 16:41:12 GMT # 

the latest road trip reminded me that there are alot of stupid people driving. i take it upon myself to re-train them. the most annoying people are the slow drivers in the fast lane. pull up behind them and they will not get over. to untrain this behavior i follow the 'golden rule'. meaning they are treating me the way they want to be treated. ok, so i pass them on the right, pull over in front of them, and slow down until they shift over to the slow lane. then i go about my business. the next group are oncoming traffic at an intersection that run a red light to turn in front of me. so my light will end up being green, but i cannot go because this punk is still in the intersection. the best place to catch these people are if you are in the far right lane. then it is possible for you to pull out in front of them and make them stop, or at least tap their brakes. a good dose of horn and pointing at your green light is good too. which brings up an after market car idea: i want car horns to be switches, not buttons. if i could just flip the switch and the horn would keep going until i switched it off, that would be great. it usually works better to honk at somebody for an extended period of time, instead of short bursts. that really puts the pressure on them. aside ... saw my 1st harley funeral today. there were about 100 riders. about 10 bikes or so up front were carrying US flags, and most of them had their hazards on. most of the bikes were doubled up, with the passenger waving to cars that had stopped. they were wearing their leathers, and it looked like ALL of them were wearing helmets. WI does not require helmets, so that is rare to see. makes me wonder if the guy/girl bit it from not wearing his own

DesktopWeb FormText   milwaukeeSat, 24 Apr 2004 14:05:56 GMT # 

later today i'll be heading up to Milwaukee for a week. i'll be there to perform services of a sex slave. with a last name like chesnut, what did you expect?

DesktopWeb FormText   the inanimate objectSat, 24 Apr 2004 14:01:01 GMT # 

went to the movies yesterday. the previews have a coke commercial with a black lady singing gospel about soda and handing out open coca cola bottles to random people on the street. 1st) would you accept anything from a crazy lady singing in the street? 2nd) would you drink from the open bottle? A: No and No. another preview is for the upcoming movie 'sky captain and the world of tomorrow'. all this tells me is that we have officially ran out of movie titles. finally got to the main feature 'walking tall'. cracked up when seeing the characters 'THE ROCK' pop up on the screen. thought it was a decent movie. rundown was funnier and had more action. punisher was better too. but you just cant go wrong with revenge movies. cant wait to see 'man on fire'

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsFri, 23 Apr 2004 17:05:22 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   internet hotelsThu, 22 Apr 2004 20:58:15 GMT # 

on the drive i saw a handful of signs for hotels with FREE high speed internet. made this same trip a year ago and did not notice any of these. couple of the hotels were at piss ant towns that you just pass through too. hope this catches, much in the same way they used cable tv to draw customers in years ago. the hotel i'm at right now even had wireless in its lobby. now where did i put those spam lists ...

DesktopWeb FormText   made it to chicagoThu, 22 Apr 2004 20:40:44 GMT # 

made it to chicago. listened to Michael Moore's: Dude Where's My Country on the way. it was a big smack in the face. was OK with Bush before this ... but not anymore. dont care to vote, but would like a president that does not lie (didnt like Clinton either). please take care of that for me. he pointed out alot of things that i did not know regarding 9/11. no TV, so i get current events from walking past newsstands. the chapter with god speaking is classic. no god, but i did agree with what the chapter had to say. had some problems with the chapters on liberals vs conservatives. i'm really split down the middle of the parties. either a Republicat or a Demoblican, whichever sounds cooler. the scariest part was that oil production will peak around 2015. had no clue, but assumed this date would be further out. not good. the rest of the trip was uneventful. got a kick out of the loonies putting religious signs up on their farmland. makes me want to buy farm land and do the same (yes, i'm loony) with atheist sayings. would probably cause alot of accidents, or give me the ability to snipe people for trespassing on public property. did pass a car with a darwin fish symbol and a pentogram. he followed me for a while and then cut in front of me so i could get a look. we waved at each other, and the driver was black! i've never met a black atheist. went through st louis at night. last time i went through i remember seeing alot of anti porn signs, but not this time. maybe its only when you are heading south? or a diff city? only bad part of the trip was the non cruise control people. had mine set. somehow got synched up with another car (Ontario 668 VYS) that was not using cruise control, but was basically going the same speed. sometimes a little faster, sometimes a little slower. so i end up passing and getting passed by the same car over and over again. i really really hate that

DesktopWeb FormText   step offWed, 21 Apr 2004 13:40:10 GMT # 

i'm sorry, but this article: Encrypted WebService Communications with CryptoAPI is wrong. it does not follow any of the WS-Security standards, nor does it come close to providing System.Security.Cryptography for CF. the web service of the /spCrypt article is NOT for secure web service communication. it is only to test that the CryptoAPI implementations are compatible on the desktop and the device. i'm assuming that is how the Peter got confused? /spWse does follow the WS-Security standard and will call the WSE 2.0 samples from CF. he has a little more work to do to raise the bar.

DesktopWeb FormText   heading northWed, 21 Apr 2004 02:02:23 GMT # 

leaving texas again. wont be back for a while. taking off tomorrow to Chicago. family meetup for a grandmother turning 90. remind me to die way before 90. there for a couple days and then i'll be heading further north.

this isn't just a trip ... this is the beginning of one my nomadic journeys. been a nomad for over 3 years now. so i'll be taking most of my personal belongings with me. since i dont like STUFF, i can fit everything i need in my car. the main items to pack are clothes, computers, and books. need to work on displacing my book fetish with ebooks, because books are heavy and take up space. space is a premium as a nomad. my car can only hold so much STUFF. and it's a small car. so if i buy something when wandering, then i have to throw something away of equal size. AKA 'the water displacement test'. when it comes down to it though, STUFF does not matter, it's all disposable. weight of the objects does not matter either ... '-n-brawn', remember? my server is staying, so hopefully it will behave. if it crashes and burns though, i wont care. the word is ... wanderlust

DesktopWeb FormText   good friendsWed, 21 Apr 2004 01:21:37 GMT # 

KC -

you probably already know about this, 
but regardless we want 15% of the winnings - 
we're that confident in you...


> ----Original Message Follows----
> From: [Friend_2]
> To: [Friend_1]
> Subject: FW: DotNet News from York
> Hey [Friend_1]
> in case Casey is interested in this contest  :)
> [Friend_2]
>> ----Original Message Follows----
>> From: [Removed]
>> To: [Friend_2]
>> Subject: DotNet News from York
>> Good Afternoon [Friend_2],
>> Microsoft is offering $100,000 to the person who develops the best 
>> application for the truly mobileTablet PC!  The contest will run from 
>> March 22 through July 31 of this year.  Read below to find out more...

DesktopWeb FormText   puck offTue, 20 Apr 2004 19:07:06 GMT # 

this is what a production version of /tabletStrator would have been.

DesktopWeb FormText   spider statsMon, 19 Apr 2004 19:15:03 GMT # 

been running the adult focused spider for just over a month now. on the password side it has found 5000 web sites (that have had username/passwords posted to the web). on the movie side it found 5000 videos, averaging 2 megs per video, for a 10 gig total (only movie links that are fully qualified). also found over 500 videos that were funny/interesting. its only real hiccup has been downloading 1.5 gigs of videos for 'clark for president' (twice!). the largest video it found was a 650 meg divX encoding of 'night of the living dead'.

DesktopWeb FormText   later gatorSat, 17 Apr 2004 04:21:49 GMT # 

just noticed that NewsGator is not coming up in Outlook anymore. my assumption is that it craps out on the v2.0 framework runtime.

DesktopWeb FormText   whidbey feedbackSat, 17 Apr 2004 03:56:58 GMT # 

1st thing i did was try to run some of my existing WinForm apps on the V2.0 framework without compiling. they both mostly worked. one uses the WebClient class to POST a file to an ASP.NET page. it fails with the error below. while you fix that, please add a .Timeout to that class as well! then i opened the old projects. it asked to create a backup copy of the projects ... but when i looked at the directory paths, the directories were there, but no files. also, one of my projects would not build because a class in it did not have 'public' on it. if that is not declared, i thought it was internal (in C#) and that anything in the assembly had access? finally, it opened up 1 of my web projects. it left the .sln file there but got rid of the .csproj. would have preferred that it would not have deleted it.

DesktopWeb FormText   YES!Sat, 17 Apr 2004 00:17:14 GMT # 

MDAC 9 just installed! Whidbey is next! you want to know how i got it to install? ... i thought really positive thoughts the whole time. actually, they were really negative thoughts and spoken explitives about what i was going to do to my computer if it did not install. in reality, i gave up and went to re-install VS.NET 2003 ... and that failed. with no hope i went and uninstalled V1.0 and V1.1 of the framework runtimes. that was the trick. for the amout of trouble i've had so far, Whidby had better kick ass

DesktopWeb FormText   weird thoughtFri, 16 Apr 2004 04:18:24 GMT # 

started re-reading a neural network book. based on my current mood a thought really just struck me pretty hard ... from reading the 'Who is Fourier' book. the Transnational College of Lex believes in throwing people into an entirely different language environment. to learn language like children do. not like adults where we are scared to make fools out of ourselves. i can see this in my nephews. they just make noises. eventually they get those noises right. parents reward them. actually grandparents spoil them, and the kid keeps making that noise. that is like training a neural network. give it a pattern, let it take its guess, give it the right answer, and then it can weight accordingly. so the neural nets and kids ultimately learn by being influenced externally. but here i am beating myself up for not learning quickly enough today. does this exist in the neural network world? a machine knowing that its training is going badly and that it needs to train differently? a machine that wants to train itself with no end goal. hmmm

DesktopWeb FormText   feed the monkeyFri, 16 Apr 2004 03:37:06 GMT # 

today sucked. dev environment is trashed. MDAC wont install. didnt learn anything.

DesktopWeb FormText   company still has not learnedThu, 15 Apr 2004 22:42:34 GMT # 

revisit this post. i've received 2 more calls regarding this same project the last couple days. lost count before the last post, but this might be 10 contacts now. so the company still cant find Tablet PC experts to take a really low rate. told the last recruiter about a FREE Tablet training class in Dallas yesteray, and another one coming up ... so hopefully they find their 'experts' real soon (and stop calling me)

DesktopWeb FormText   i resemble this remarkThu, 15 Apr 2004 19:12:14 GMT # 

from 'Technical Careers @ Microsoft': Blogging for Resumes

quote: "One note of caution if you plan on using your blog to boost your resume – be careful what you link to :-). It could be uncomfortable for a recruiter to come to your site only to be bombarded by – um how should I say this – adult information?"

lame. if i dont link adult content, then [not for work] Danni Ashe will never hire me. here is one you wont find on my resume: [not for work] Web Services For Adults

DesktopWeb FormText   mdac 9 beta 1 install failingThu, 15 Apr 2004 16:04:50 GMT # 


DesktopWeb FormText   whidbeyThu, 15 Apr 2004 05:14:04 GMT # 

been deleting every IDE, SDK, API off of my machine for the last couple hours. they're everywhere (couple more hours to go)! once everything is purged, whidbey is going on. tried to go the virtual pc route, but that doesnt work for me. the slash and burn methodology goes much further. used this same technique to get myself to start taking notes on my PocketPC. had to throw away every post-it note stack and writing instrument i could find

DesktopWeb FormText   more recruitersThu, 15 Apr 2004 03:18:58 GMT # 

the juicy tidbits for today: recruiter #1) had read my blog before calling. hoped that one of my blog posts complaining about a different recruiter was not a person from her company. it was not. good, i'm hoping to instill fear in them. recruiter #2) talked to lara, who is recruiting for the company that she works for. she was great. but she doesnt count. because she is looking out for the best interest of her company. middleman recruiters are looking out for what is best for them as an agency, and 'good enough' for the client. #3) this was their email "... should have the following skills: ... 4-6 years of .Net Programming". i've been doing .NET since the beginning of B1, and that puts me slightly under 3.5 years. there weren't that many people around then. #4) another email was for java. because the word java shows up once or twice in my resume. but if you even look at it, that is over 3 years old. so what happens is they just do a simple keyword search and write everybody that matches. whomever wrote the code to let recruiters do this should be beaten. i volunteer to hold the guy down while you proceed to pummel them

DesktopWeb FormText   where am i supposed to wear thisWed, 14 Apr 2004 19:57:32 GMT # 

[not for work]. look what the video spider found ... ViCon. get one for each finger and toe. cough :) could we please get a different color

DesktopWeb FormText   DirectSound for CFWed, 14 Apr 2004 18:25:32 GMT # 

this is my latest plaything. it's doing a little bit of what DirectSound can do on the Pocket PC. could be done with the WavOut APIs, but right now i'm just manipulating the WAV directly based. it's my whole thing about having to code the complement of something. the /noReco article would tear WAVs apart, so this new code is for creating and manipulating WAVs. the graphics below would be a heads down view with you at the center. if you click to the left, then only the left channel plays. to the right, the right channel. if you click in front and to the left, then the left channel plays loudest and the right channel a little less. i dont have a good way to make it sound like it is coming from in front or behind you, with only 2 speakers? volume is also adjusted based on how far away you click from the center. with this you would be able to do the Doppler Effect in Pocket PC games and such with only 1 sound file.

DesktopWeb FormText   rtl tree dayWed, 14 Apr 2004 18:01:16 GMT # 

because Roy called my tree cutsy ... this is now officially 'rtl' (right-to-left) tree day. personally ... i love it ... it makes my site almost entirely unusable. it's just plain WRONG. i just click around and weird stuff happens. now the interesting thing is Roy spelled my 1st name wrong but got my last name correct. nobody does that. now the funny thing is that he was corrected by Julie, and she cant spell my last name.

DesktopWeb FormText   stupid companyWed, 14 Apr 2004 03:26:45 GMT # 

just got this one today ... which is standard practice. recruiter: "i am looking for a senior C# guy". casey: "what technologies?". recruiter: "C#". casey: "ok, is it web forms, win forms, web services, mobile?". recruiter: "what?". casey: "is it for the web". recruiter: "C#?". casey: "you can find somebody else". so this recruiter is out looking for somebody entirely based on their language choice. the actual type of application is not known to them to target in on people that are experts in developing those types of apps. yes, i can develop every conceivable type of app in C#, but there are certain types i am much better in, and those apps are where i want to steer my career. aside, i was glad to see Neil Cowburn has as much fun as i do with recruiters

DesktopWeb FormText   CMUTue, 13 Apr 2004 23:00:07 GMT # 

it is inevitable. if i write an article that is semi-cool ... it'll take less than 48 hours and at least 1 person from CMU will write me with questions, asking for source, etc... happened yesterday with the /noReco article. i congrat those students (and faculty) on how agressive they are! the runner ups are Harvard 2nd, Stanford 3rd. dont recall an MIT student ever writing me? out of some dumb luck i've been able to present at both CMU and Harvard. if they only knew what a hack i am ...

DesktopWeb FormText   Visualize ThisTue, 13 Apr 2004 21:58:14 GMT # 

just finished this book. it was a quick read, so i'm ok that i read it. finally got to the chapters on web services. the author does know what they are but i think he needs some more real world experience, as he was calling for certain things to be web services that i would never do (at least not now). i know i've certainly written stuff as a web service ... for web services sake; and then later i go back and am like: "why in the world did i make that a web service?". certain things should be distributed, certain things should not. as far as the Sensory Virtual Internet that the book was promoting, i'm thinking that most of that will not be web service friendly. aside, the book had one chapter on pornography ... but didnt have anything useful to say. thought this was a total dodge because i know that is the 1st thing i think about when imagining the Holodeck: "computer ... 3 redheads please, dont bother rendering clothing"

DesktopWeb FormText   diplomaticTue, 13 Apr 2004 14:26:55 GMT # 

damnit Roy, do not puss out on me now ... the day after. "lighten up", "more tactfully", "less louder", "lose sleep", "apologize" ... bah! we do not need anyone else people being politically correct. we need more people being honest. regardless, i think its funny that you hurt the feelings of rory's support group :) well done

DesktopWeb FormText   workTue, 13 Apr 2004 03:23:11 GMT # 

looking for work. did the extended vacation and conferences ... and now i'm restless. you should know my skill sets from this web site. resume is posted. primarily do contract work but would entertain full time offers. also entirely nomadic so can easily relocate to wherever the job site is.

DesktopWeb FormText   jack inTue, 13 Apr 2004 01:48:49 GMT # 

about 1/2 way through the book 'Visualize This'. the author is kind of whacked. you know when I (capital i) say somebody is out there, then they are nuts. he is promoting the Virtual Sensory Internet. basically 3D environments with voice, taste, touch, smell. he even works in web services ... but i'm confused on his vision for what they will be (will have to read more). i'm actually ok with most of the stuff he is promoting, but his timelines are way too agressive. 3D and Speech ... yes. Smell through oil machines ... wont get widespread usage. Taste with wafers ... even less usage. Touch ... only for force feedback and dildonics. NOT through body suits or environment bubbles. the problem with smell, touch, and taste is that they are so much grounded in our physical world. i'm thinking that the only way to make these senses believable in a virtual world is for us to jack-in matrix style.

DesktopWeb FormText   non MVPs at summitMon, 12 Apr 2004 16:53:15 GMT # 

1st off, rory is a stupid name. regardless, i give a damn if he was there or not. it was MS's party, they can do what they want. i got my free beers ... so i'm happy. it doesnt get any cheaper than that! nor do i remember them running out of alcohol at any point. now if we had run out of beer, and he had been running around drinking it all up, then there would be hell to pay! so i think there is too much time being wasted on this (especially my own). there are more important things to do ... like code. so get back to work and write me something cool. on a deeper note, this is total infighting. dont we still have external enemies we need to beat down? if not, then i'm all for a civil war

DesktopWeb FormText   star wars clone warsMon, 12 Apr 2004 14:43:31 GMT # 

my vid spider had found these on the net. animated shorts of star wars: clone wars. was not impressed until i noticed the animation style is by the guy that does 'Samurai Jack'. that cartoon is awesome. the use of audio is particularly amazing.

DesktopWeb FormText   /noReco - CF speech recoMon, 12 Apr 2004 01:36:09 GMT # 

latest article: /noReco

DesktopWeb FormText   easterSun, 11 Apr 2004 22:26:41 GMT # 

another holiday i dont believe in

DesktopWeb FormText   home baked speech recoSun, 11 Apr 2004 06:16:34 GMT # 

remember the blog i did a couple hours ago, wondering if my project would work? ... it does! the pic below is a test client for doing speech recognition. first, i trained it with the numbers one through three. the 'predator' colors in the middle are the spectrogram of the spoken word. you get this by doing a fourier transform on a wav file. the wav is recorded through the microphone. from the spectrogram, i generate a 'fingerprint' for each word. second, when i click the 'match' checkbox, then it tries to match what you say next with what it has stored. the list box at the bottom shows the comparison of 2 runs. the 1st run successfully matched that i said 'one'. the 2nd run successfully matched that i said 'two'. it works better on longer words, e.g. names. i.e. it is basically the functionality for phones when you say 'call X' and it auto dials them. this is not using SAPI, VoiceCommand, 3rd party product, or a WebService. this is speech reco from scratch running on the device!

DesktopWeb FormText   crazier things have happenedSun, 11 Apr 2004 03:26:14 GMT # 

been working on a silly little project off and on for the last month (mostly off). it started out easy and has been rapidly gaining in difficulty. the part that has sucked is there has been no visibility as to if it might actually work. well ... i'm about 15% away from the end ... so i dumped some metadata ... and it might actually end up working! yes i'm counting my eggs before they hatch ... we'll see shortly. on an entirely diff note. microsoft was recruiting me about a month ago. i did a couple interviews, and then i never heard from them. absolutely nothing for 3 weeks or more. but i got an email from them the day after returning from the summit. coincidence? i'll wait a couple days to write them back in return :)

DesktopWeb FormText   spectrogramSat, 10 Apr 2004 03:41:19 GMT # 

ok. this is some tough shiznit. below is a pic of the spectrogram for a spoken word (forgot what word i took the screen shot of). what happens is that the program reads a wav file of a spoken word. its waveform is rendered in black and white on top. that waveform is then transformed using a Fourier Transform, and that result is rendered in color below. minimal success, but i need to substantially rewrite the current code before moving on.

DesktopWeb FormText   good christian boyFri, 09 Apr 2004 22:35:15 GMT # 

i am pleasantly surprised that HellBoy is #1 at the box office. aside, also like that Halloween is the #2 holiday. further aside, why do people commonly say 'nice christian guy' or 'good christian boy'? why do you not hear stuff like 'good atheist boy'? wonder what the statistics are of crime tied to the religious beliefs (or lack thereof) of the criminal? i think its great when you see strippers or porn stars wearing crosses (and nothing else)

DesktopWeb FormText   maverickFri, 09 Apr 2004 21:23:23 GMT # 

got a couple recurring questions while at the summit. 1) did you get in trouble for your blog about X? A: No. i have yet to get in trouble for any opinion i have expressed. my guess is that sooner or later i will get in trouble for something i say, or photo, or whatever. i've been kicked off the internet twice by ISPs for violating their subjective 'acceptable use' policy ... so its just a matter of time. 2) do you lose out on business for stuff you have blogged? A: Yes. one quote was that a tech guy submitted me to a recruiter, and their response was that i was a 'sexual harassment case waiting to happen'. their are numerous corporations that have proxies which deny access to my website. and there are certain sites that will not link to my articles. this bothers me a little, but right now i care more about not censoring myself, so they can keep doing it themselves. 3) are you crazy? A: Not at all. this is my site, on my server, on my internet connection, and done in my time. so i can say whatever the fuck i want. fuck. now when somebody contracts me for work ... things change ... and i clean up rather nicely. so MY complaint is that the community efforts going on are lame. if i subscribe to somebodys blog, i want to hear THAT person as a person ... and not as a representative of X corporation. to the people that will not say what they really feel because they are scared that other people will not like it, this is me calling you a pussy for not being yourself. pussy.

DesktopWeb FormText   another stupid companyFri, 09 Apr 2004 17:51:08 GMT # 

so i get a call from a recruiter X and they really like my experience for a contract with company Y. the recruiter does not have a technical description of the work, but they give me a functional overview. technically, it sounds like web services that need high security. i tell the recruiter about implementing WSE for CF ... and they have no clue what i'm talking about. the recruiter wont tell me the rate, so i tell them my last rate. they email me back and say that i've got too much experience and will not be submitting my resume. so now company Y will not even know about me. that is just stupid on Y's part. by using recruiters, they are not getting the best possible candidates presented to them. recruiter X submits the candidates that they think are 'good enough', and will allow them the largest 'profit margin'. and NOT the best people for said job. if i were to ever employ people ... there is no way i would ever use an external recruiting agency

DesktopWeb FormText   linux is a slutFri, 09 Apr 2004 16:07:33 GMT # 

microsoft is a whore. first, this is based on cost. linux (slut) is free for initial cost, while microsoft (whore) costs money. but as we all know, there is more than just an up front cost. the slut gives you an up front taste for free, but there is huge costs afterwards to maintain that relationship. dinner, movies, and all that goodness. this is reflected in linux's long term cost of ownership being more. not to mention time alone. you'll have to spend alot of time to get the slut to keep putting out. but with the whore you can get right to business each time. second, is feature set. aka missionary vs kama sutra. the slut is just some girl off the street, making it up as she goes. while the whore is a paid professional. so the slut will keep you entertained for the short term, but the whore will know more and better tricks to blow your mind. the whore will also keep the feature set updated more aggressively. this is reflected by XP today and Longhorn tomorrow. third, is security. the slut likely gets drunk and lets down her guard (shall we say). while the whore will better protect herself from STDs. we can see this today with the full body condoms that MS is putting on. linux will try to be careful, but not everybody practices safe sex. and not to mention the pimp factor. the linux side has this annoying ex-boyfriend (named SCO) that has turned up. whores have pimps to protect them and their customers from such matters. finally, i wanted to mention standards, familiarity; if not standardization through market share leadership. every slut is different. you take the direct approach with one and it works, while another one wants to play hard to get. with the whore you know what to expect. there has got to be some really funny interface stuff here as well, but i'll leave it at that. my own personal preference is whores, but this is really an internal struggle. as a contractor, i'm a whore. but i also put out alot of source code for free (slut). this is primarily a self marketing ploy though, to show you that i'm a high class whore. my way of walking the street, shaking my ass when i strut. there's a mental image to burn your retinas

DesktopWeb FormText   Implementing IPsecFri, 09 Apr 2004 02:41:48 GMT # 

finished this book (Wiley Press) right before the summit. thought the book was sort of misnamed. think it should have been called 'Deploying IPsec'. it did teach me the basics of IPsec, so that is good. it also had some interesting parts about which basic internet protocols fit good with IPsec, and which didn't. right now i am reading 'Understanding the FFT'

DesktopWeb FormText   summit updateThu, 08 Apr 2004 06:00:06 GMT # 

this is one of those moments of clarity (of course i've been drinking). i know i should not type this ... but too bad. 1st off: embedded guys dont care much for compact framework guys. they are seen as application developers that cant do drivers and related. as possibly a CF guy now, we're not the bottom of the food chain. the mobility guys are. anyways, i talked to all the groups, and that is the feeling i walked away with. 2nd, the blonde really did not like me. the brunette did though. she called me cute when i was talking to the embedded guys (no, they never kissed)? maybe she meant that it was cute that i was trying to hang out with the top of the food chain? my hypothesis is that the embedded guys think they are king shit because they have more room to create (OS image, hardware, drivers). the CF guys get to create stuff that is missing from the full framework and the application themselves. and the mobile guys just get to bitch about what everybody else created. hmmm

DesktopWeb FormText   i google myselfWed, 07 Apr 2004 07:23:48 GMT # 

for the last couple years i've been trying to build some name recognition. occassionally i search for my own name on google to see what is up. first, this pisses me off because it asks "Did you mean: casey chestnut". all that does is remind me that i should search for the common misspelling of my last name too :( now the real pisser is Don Box put my name on his blog a couple months ago. as soon as he did that, his site became the 1st link that google would show. so i had been tooting my own horn for years on my own website, and all he had to do was say my name once, and it was immediately more important than me saying my own name repeatedly. this had made me hate don. well, i am happy to say i just googled myself and have seen that Don's site has dropped to 4, because the blog entry is no longer on his home page. Ha! take that Don ... there's plenty more where that came from

CellMMSAudio   [speech recognition] She should be shown hasWed, 07 Apr 2004 01:47:17 GMT # 

[speech recognition] She should be shown has

DesktopWeb FormText   summitTue, 06 Apr 2004 15:08:33 GMT # 

day 2. i'm basically out of it. the last 2+ weeks weeks i've been at conferences or busy. have not coded anything substantial in that time. cant wait to get back home so i can concentrate on what i had started before this run did. the problem i've been working is not that practical ... but i want to beat it. right now i think i can get the code to make it do what i want, but there are still some unknown gaps, and it is killing me that i have not had the time to tackle them. so this has just been stewing. all travel and no code makes casey a dull boy

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsMon, 05 Apr 2004 13:41:52 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   billboard in dallasMon, 05 Apr 2004 05:18:10 GMT # 

"this easter, find passion not porn". saw this on a billboard along the tollway driving to the airpot this morning. it also showed the URL to it advertises a workshop to help men overcome being addicted to pornography. women should be speaking out against this. porn is not an addiction, it is training material. my being such a 'goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus' is entirely due to what porn has taught me

DesktopWeb FormText   summit mock videoMon, 05 Apr 2004 05:05:19 GMT # 

in case you didn't get it. the mock video was of a NutriGrain commercial. the video spider just happened to pick it up.

DesktopWeb FormText   blind leading the blindMon, 05 Apr 2004 03:49:51 GMT # 

this was an ad at the DFW airport. i'm actually less impressed that a blind guy climbed everest. now the guy that could see how far he had to go, and still did it, is more of an accomplishment to me. now for my sicko observation ... how does the blind guy know he actually got to the top? "yeah, this sounds like the top"

DesktopWeb FormText   seattleSun, 04 Apr 2004 23:06:18 GMT # 

about to go check out the space phallic symbol needle. then i have to go register for the summit. then i have to kill some brain cells

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsSun, 04 Apr 2004 21:25:39 GMT # 

CellMMSAudio   [speech recognition] This time abo ...Sun, 04 Apr 2004 14:11:00 GMT # 

[speech recognition] This time about past life yes overseas CDC summit later this

DesktopWeb FormText   offensive shirtSun, 04 Apr 2004 04:43:47 GMT # 

a guy was wearing this t-shirt at the Mavs game tonight. as an atheist, i found this highly offensive :) i think it should be changed to "friends dont let friends believe in hell". same thing goes to the age old parental saying "would you jump off a bridge if all your friends were doing it?". i think it should be "would you believe in god if all your parents were doing it?"

DesktopWeb FormText   cross storeSat, 03 Apr 2004 23:39:10 GMT # 

this store can satisfy all your cross needs. serious, it's all crosses! one for every size and occasion (they're all the same shape ... duh). guaranteed to get you straight into heaven and eternal paradise. the scary part ... it was busy

DesktopWeb FormText   boulderSat, 03 Apr 2004 18:29:55 GMT # 

this is my nephews playing with an ABS ball from it is supposed to be used for doing ab workouts on, as well as what is called 'active sitting'. they prefer to think it is 'boulder' from Thomas the Tank Engine and bowl each over with it.

DesktopWeb FormText   no tampon neededSat, 03 Apr 2004 06:57:42 GMT # 

lost in translation

DesktopWeb FormText   hellboyFri, 02 Apr 2004 23:32:48 GMT # 

had to go see it to offset seeing 'the passion' (also, some people have nicknamed me 'devil boy'). son of god to son of satan. surprisingly it was PG-13. it was ok, i give it 2 horns up. good violence, not enough sex. it even had some god-friendly parts for xtians. bah!

DesktopWeb FormText   fourFri, 02 Apr 2004 23:20:25 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   would not live hereFri, 02 Apr 2004 23:19:42 GMT # 

somewhere in grapevine, TX ... they are building a subdivision called 'gaylord, texas'. the pic below is of there entry sign. the street is even called 'gaylord'. i think the street after that was something like 'ferry', and the one after was 'balls'. i was laughing my ass off

DesktopWeb FormText   the server storeFri, 02 Apr 2004 23:14:34 GMT # 

was driving along, minding my own business, when i saw a building with the sign: 'The Server Store'. made a U-turn and walked in. ends up they are going to sell hardware and offer other services. sweet! they open sometime next week and are getting their website up:

DesktopWeb FormText   butt shotFri, 02 Apr 2004 00:33:11 GMT # 

number three

DesktopWeb FormText   god made me kill my kidsThu, 01 Apr 2004 14:55:10 GMT # 

saw 'the passion' the night before last. did not wear my 'the bible is fiction' t-shirt. made out with the TS the whole time to keep my atheist spirit clean. actually the sex was to offset all the violence of the movie. without the plot provided by the bible, it was basically a 'gore' movie. not my style. the part that confused me was the quote at the beginning. it seemed to refer to jesus, but the date on it was 700 BC? so either some premonition stuff was going on, or the quote was meant for somebody else? now we've got this Tyler, TX lady that stoned her kids pleading for insanity. i would vote yes, but actually i would vote that all xtians are insane. sorry, but your core beliefs are based on irrationality. and i'm terrified of you. especially after seeing what you happens to people for blasphemy. in general, i think the 2 hour long passion was mostly the last 30 minutes of Braveheart that you did not get to see. just replace jesus with William Wallace, etc, etc... some of the camera effects were the same, such as Satan walking through the crowd. did not want to spend money on it, to support that cause. should have just waited for the made-for-TV movie. serious, while working out at the gym, i think i saw a promo for a low-budget 'jesus' TV movie. i'm certain they are probably casting for a 10 commandments remake right now. my only chance is that Harry Potter has already corrupted the kids

DesktopWeb FormText   butt shot #2Thu, 01 Apr 2004 00:27:01 GMT # 

of the Dallas visit

DesktopWeb FormText   stupid companyThu, 01 Apr 2004 00:18:22 GMT # 

a company in Dallas is looking to do a Tablet project. i've been called by 6 different recruiting companies now. the 6th (maybe 7th?) temp company call just happened, i got the 1st about a month ago. anyways, they dont want to pay any money. at the same time the recruiters complain about not being able to find an expert (that's why all end up calling me). just so happens i'm a Tablet MVP and know a little .NET (understatement). i'm like, "you just found an expert, but you dont want to pay for it". instead the company will end up paying somebody cheaper and training them to be an expert on their time. can you say you get what you pay for? the other thing is that they are looking for multiple positions. i'm like "drop off one of those positions, and raise the rate". they dont opt for that either, instead they want bodies to throw at the problem. mythical man month anybody? NOTE this is not an uncommon scenario

DesktopWeb FormText   rush hoursWed, 31 Mar 2004 18:21:15 GMT # 

i deem that the term 'rush hour' is no longer adequate. it is now officially 'rush hours'.

DesktopWeb FormText   only one thing onMon, 29 Mar 2004 21:15:34 GMT # 

does anybody else have the innate ability to immediately pick the word 'sex' out on a piece of paper? i.e. you are reading a book, flip the page, and immediately spot 'sex' in paragraph 4 line 3 word 7. i've had this gift since puberty. recently this skill has transferred over to reading code. e.g. C# programmers writing 'catch(SoapException sex)'. a related ability is picking out the word 'les'. this just happened a second ago when i drove past the 'church of miracles', which i read as 'church of mirac.les'. a 'les' church, that is something to pray for. my favorite though is from the restaurant 'noodles and company'. which i read as 'nude.les'. this was also hell on me in french class. anyways, i wonder how many people have these same problems

DesktopWeb FormText   the 1st hammerMon, 29 Mar 2004 16:27:57 GMT # 

kind of cool. just used the web service FTP program to upload its own replacement version. i love that! it's like what hammer did the 1st blacksmith use to make a hammer?

DesktopWeb FormText   WS FTPMon, 29 Mar 2004 05:08:17 GMT # 

during MDC i was taking a number of pictures and such, but had no way to push them to my server. my blog can accept images, but the web interface only supports one at a time; so that was out. used to use FTP, but i had to turn it off because it was continuously abused by hackers. so at the conference i realized what an idiot i was. was there to present advanced web services, so why didnt i just write a File Transfer WS? i.e. ColdStorage style. just got the basics of it working. now i can start tricking it up with WSE.

DesktopWeb FormText   .NET for StrippersMon, 29 Mar 2004 01:17:31 GMT # 

finally got to meet Bill Ryan at Mobile DevCon. we were joking about a threat i had made some time ago to write a book called .NET for Strippers. then, last week i posted about how the adult industry is stuck using PHP and MySQL when they used to drive technology. finally, netcraft has a graphic showing ASP.NET overtaking JSP and Java Servlets. well all this made me want to do a little data mining. did a quick search of the websites my adult focused spider had found. for both password and movie mining, absolutely none of the pages found ended with the .aspx extension. ZERO! i am now thoroughly depressed that my fellow ASP.NET'ers are not using their skills for the betterment of pr0n. the only good news is that most of the movies found are media player formats, and not quicktime or real. maybe i do need to write that book ...

DesktopWeb FormText   /tskTsk landscapeMon, 29 Mar 2004 00:06:13 GMT # 

/tskTsk is a web app that generates PocketPC themes from images. it does some cropping and padding of images to get them into the right size. for landscaped images this has always been really bad looking because there would be alot of padding. with the windows mobile second edition supporting new views (landscape and square), i went ahead and changed its behavior. now it will mod the image to work as both a portrait and landscape theme. so when you are viewing in portrait, you will not see some of the upper-right-side of the image. and while you are in landscape, you will not see some of the lower-left-side of the image. in square you will not see either of those sections. and you will never see the bottom-right-corner. now if the user posts a portrait image, it will look best in portrait, with some padding in landscape. if a landscape image is posted, then it will look best in landscape, with some padding in portrait. i think the padding behavior is better than the tiling that the OS performs.

DesktopWeb FormText   bluetooth zippersSun, 28 Mar 2004 03:50:35 GMT # 

here is the scenario ... you are in a public restroom. got a notebook bag hanging from your shoulder and you're doing number one (or two). then your phone starts ringing and puts you in a bad situation. to solve this problem i propose truly mobile pants with bluetooth zippers. you would partner your zipper with your phone. if your zipper was down, then the phone would not ring. problem solved. and since fashion is still king, these zippers would do the standard bluetooth flash. picture being in a dark club with your bluetooth crotch beacon summoning all the women to you. imagine the lines that women of ill repute could use, "is that a bluetooth zipper on your pants, or am i just happy to see you"? and dont forget, your phone would not ring in that situation either. wink wink, nudge nudge, hubba hubba.

DesktopWeb FormText   landscape themeSun, 28 Mar 2004 03:18:27 GMT # 

my initial thought was that it would skew her and make her short and fat. instead it cropped the bottom and tiled. UGLY! i would prefer if it would have just rotated it; else cropped it and displayed some background color, instead of tiling.

now for some feedback on the emulator. the warning dialog popping up for compact framework assembly installs is highly annoying. if that happens every time i deploy to debug, i will be pissed! also, if it would be helpful if i did not have to change internet settings to use PIE to surf on the emulator.

DesktopWeb FormText   portrait themeSun, 28 Mar 2004 03:12:13 GMT # 

this is just so you can see what the original looks like

DesktopWeb FormText   videos revisitedSun, 28 Mar 2004 02:45:39 GMT # 

i just fixed a bug on the videos page. they should all have thumbnails now. a chunk of them will be black screens, but that is beside the point

DesktopWeb FormText   downtimeSun, 28 Mar 2004 01:46:30 GMT # 

somebody hit the cable box my server is on. guess my site was down for part of today? cable company is supposed to be out tomorrow, so it'll probably be offline some more :(

DesktopWeb FormText   MDC booth babesSun, 28 Mar 2004 01:36:31 GMT # 

went around taking pictures. 1st couple said yes, then 3 in a row shot me down! what the hell girls, i've been working out and drinking milk! but then all the rest that i got to were ok with it. ends up they dont like being called booth babes because they are smart. what BS! i'm relatively smart, but that doesnt get in the way when somebody just wants to use me for my body. it's not really, it really should be, and they both get individual clock time. finally, i need a better freakin camera phone. preferably a megapixel smart phone. from my perspective i think those companies would want to get one in my hands? just cant carry a camera by itself. doesnt seem right. maybe if i had kids, or required unique content for a pr0n site.

DesktopWeb FormText   MDC thoughtsSun, 28 Mar 2004 01:15:26 GMT # 

this is just an unorganized dump of MDC. got about 27 pages of ink notes that i'm just going to browse through and write some thoughts ... MapPoint was making appearances in just about every mobile demo. you could not escape it. i'm hoping that the web service will start supporting chunkier calls and WSE. my self serving logic is that if web services actually started using WSE, then maybe i could start bringing in some money. had MapPoint Location Server all wrong. my assumption was that it would be hosted by the telecom operators. instead it is hosted by the enterprise. makes sense to me now. tried to get more info about Location APIs for CF, but all answers i've received so far have been pretty thin. got to see David Platt again. he was there showing off an SP MapPoint app for his next book. using his own jargon, he is full of 'gems'. e.g. Nagasaki. wish he would start blogging. Speech Server was also out in force. the most interesting thing i saw is that they did a PocketPC speech reco / TTS demo without going to Speech Server. all processing happened on the device in PIE. of course you need a connection to do something useful with PIE. this did give me hope that we will eventually get Speech support for WinForms apps. SALT is great and all, but now i want all that work they've done for the web to be pushed back into thick clients. from the VB world, i want the 'My' shortcuts for C#. maybe we would call it 'that'. is the 'that' keyword already reserved? i'm not sure if C# gets code snippets as well? dont care for edit and continue or the exception assistant. saw a compelling environment for web deployed smart clients too. much better tool support for dealing with CAS. such as a 'calculate' button for determining the permission set required by a custom app and ability to debug in a sandbox. most importantly, intellisense support to help you only use APIs that will work in the sandbox you are targeting. SMS messaging good ... MMS better. when do we get the APIs? my presentation was OK. there were a handful in the audience that knew what to expect, but i think most wanted a more basic presentation. they would probably want this same one in a year or 2. don't want to ever give a basic presentation, so if i get invited back then i'll make it more clear that you should only attend if you like pain. this is the same reason i do not write basic development articles. my fault. Chris Anderson said 'the web sucks'. classic! my assumption was that he did not mean web services OR pr0n. Windows Mobile Second Edition is primarily to allow for new device form factors. i.e. orientation and high resolution. not too compelling to me since i hate GUIs, but it does mess up the SP and PPC theme work i've done. as well as i'll need to fix up my PIE sites so that they'll render better. so it doesn't offer me any power as a developer, but i think i'll be happy once the new hardware starts coming out. CFv2 will have lots of new stuff as well. no comments yet. met Bill Vaughn for just a second. he quickly made fun of me with some 'left handed' tablet jokes. he had some good dongle jokes as well. high quality. the last keynote was SQL crap. i despise databases, actually i despise doing DBA type work on databases, so i showed up prepared to hate the keynote. the presenter was very funny so i didnt mind. mostly he showed SQL Reporting. reporting is one of those things nobody wants to do, but everybody has to. saw a similar demo at Dallas DevDays. was bitching then about not having WinForms controls for rendering RDL, but he did show that as his final demo. in all honesty, i still dont care. the presentations on the last day were the most interesting to me. one observation is that the security sessions were full. was not expecting this because i dont get many emails about my CF crypto wrapper. and the people that are using my WSE stuff are using DIME, and typically not WS-Security. weird. aside, no info about development for SPOT watches. i would get one if i could code it, otherwise no way.

now for the parties. the CF MVPs let me tag along with them for a dinner. had to leave early to go rehearse, but it was great to meet alot of them and the CF product team. the party at SBC park was amazing. alot of planning had to go into putting that together. had a pretty good buzz going too. midnight madness would have been more fun if i had won a smartphone. did manage to kill some brain cells in the process of not winning.

this is basically the 1st conference i have been to. all in all, i had a good time and would go again. even flying solo. did not learn a great deal, but did pick up a couple tricks. the big pay off is that i have A LOT of new ideas. my list of stuff to code has many more entries. will have to start brainstorming from those and putting together some designs to code up.

finally, my load is now blown on CF with advanced WS; in the same manner that i blew my load for Tablet stuff last year. i've done just about all that i want to do right now. at least with my own time. i'll happily accept money to keep on this stuff, but my spare time will now be directed elsewhere. now the part that doesn't make sense is that i want to hang out with the web service guys for the MVP summit. dont ask ... i dont understand the thought process either

CellMMSText   Back in DallasSat, 27 Mar 2004 20:37:19 GMT # 

Back in Dallas

DesktopWeb FormText   mobile web servicesSat, 27 Mar 2004 06:34:03 GMT # 

so Don Box was originally supposed to be doing the MDC keynote. of course this peaked my interest. i'm sort of the web service & compact framework guy. but Don is one of THE web service guys. my assumption was that he was going to show up and kick me off my own turf. well Chris replaced him (and did great), and i heard jack shit about WSE for CF. but looking at Mark Gilbert's presentation on 'Mobile Web Services' shows these key points: 'Get comfortable with WSE' and 'Working on initial developer SDK for later this year'. that's as much as i know

DesktopWeb FormText   cleaveFri, 26 Mar 2004 16:00:58 GMT # 

scoble and others told us to subscribe to Pat Helland's blog about a week ago. of course i just ignored robert :) but now i see the error of my ways. got to see Pat do a midday keynote yesterday. Metropolis: it was a comparison of IT business evolving in the same manner as cities. he made some great points and is a great speaker. moreover, he cussed a couple times and even made a cleavage joke! what a bad ass. not to mention he has 'hell' in his last name. BTW my tablet is turned off, but i think he said we were somewhere around the 1860s. hmmm, so when does women's lib happen? then maybe we'll talk pair programming

DesktopWeb FormText   continuedFri, 26 Mar 2004 07:52:08 GMT # 

the MapPoint guys made up for it with this pic. LBS my friends. quoth jerky boys, "pounds baby pounds"

DesktopWeb FormText   2nd gayest thing i have ever seenFri, 26 Mar 2004 07:48:51 GMT # 

who cares about what i've been learning at MDC (it's not important) ... i'll write some articles later (mostly inappropriate). i started drinking at 7. at 8, they started 'midnight madness'. it's about getting a little loud, prizes, a little technology, but mostly having a good time. so we are packed into the keynote room, and it starts off with a pack of male cheerleaders. WTF!?!?! yes, there was 1 girl in the pack; but she would have had to be naked to get me to ignore the 20 some odd guys jumping around in front of her. the situation is: san francisco, i'm at a conference with 90%+ guys, and then a troop of male cheerleaders ... gay, gay, gay. you have got to be kidding me. but in all honesty, i have seen worse. it happened last year in milwaukee. it was the harley davidson 100th year anniversary. they had a surprise guest performer, and it ended up being elton john. was not at the concert, but could see it from my apartment. up to that point that had been the most motorcycles i had seen anywhere. then when he started performing it was the most motorcycles i had ever seen mass exodus.

DesktopWeb FormText   seamless computingThu, 25 Mar 2004 15:28:17 GMT # 

during Bill G's keynote yesterday, he showed a slide on Seamless Computing. the key targets were Mobility, Web Services, Speech, and Location. i was like 'hey, that's me'. so from now on, i am marketing myself as the guy with no seams. meaning i'm going commando because thongs on guys are a bad thing.

DesktopWeb FormText   2 new articlesThu, 25 Mar 2004 02:19:29 GMT # 

here you go. this is the new stuff i baked up for MobileDevCon:
/cfReliable is WS-ReliableMessaging for the .NET Compact Framework. watch the video.
/cfSecConv is WS-SecureConversation for the .NET Compact Framework.
i'll post the presentation online when i get back from the conference

DesktopWeb FormText   post presentationThu, 25 Mar 2004 02:14:17 GMT # 

just got done presenting. started out with an almost entirely full room! but did not finish with it :) kept bludgeoning them with web service specs until they broke. they started dropping off during the middle of WS-Security. other than the mass exodus, the presentation went good. all demos worked, and i only said 'umm' 164 times. will have to see if i ever get invited to present again?

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsWed, 24 Mar 2004 15:08:13 GMT # 

CellMMSPhoto   tons of people to see bill diddyWed, 24 Mar 2004 14:49:17 GMT # 

tons of people to see bill diddy

DesktopWeb FormText   MDC pre-conWed, 24 Mar 2004 00:43:24 GMT # 

kind of just wandered around aimlessly today. did not really know where i could or could not go, so i would just walk up to a room and see if the person at the door would stop me or not. got in just about everywhere! have acquired 4 new shirts in the process :) did sit in a little bit on a MapPoint Location Server demo, and that might be something for me to code against next. got to meet some of the .NET CF MVPs, so that is always good to match a body with a name. tonight i have to do a trial run where i'll be presenting tomorrow, to make sure all my demos work in that environment. WS-Eventing is the only questionable one, and if i cant make it work all the way, i coded up a backup demo.

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsTue, 23 Mar 2004 16:02:44 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   san franciscoTue, 23 Mar 2004 03:22:38 GMT # 

there were some definite flamers on my flight. as i got onto the plane, one couple (hetero) seemed to be 'playing it straight', as in the new reality show. i watched them as they judged me. the guy immediately called me out as being gay. probably because i was a definite threat to steal his woman ... he was a wimp. the girl seemed hesitant to agree so that made me feel better. as i went to my seat, i made sure to stare at her tits so she would know her man was wrong. is it just me or does anybody else think the seat belts on planes are stupid? never been in so bad of turbulence where i was like 'whew, lucky for me i had my seatbelt on'. at the end of the flight, the old lady in front of me clapped. then she was complaining that nobody else was clapping. are you serious? did people used to clap when planes landed in the old days? that is so lame. got to my hotel. it's much nicer than i need. does have 24 hour gym access! then went out with the cam phone to explore. got a little lost, so that was fun. i love exploring new cities! (one reason to stay nomad). found my way back and just got jacked in. all is good.

CellMMSPhoto   2 sextras for meMon, 22 Mar 2004 22:53:00 GMT # 

2 sextras for me

CellMMSPhoto   The taxi is watchingMon, 22 Mar 2004 22:37:16 GMT # 

The taxi is watching

CellMMSText   At the DFW san fran gate. Lots of ...Mon, 22 Mar 2004 17:32:24 GMT # 

At the DFW san fran gate. Lots of highly suspect people here.

DesktopWeb FormText   heading to Mobile DevConMon, 22 Mar 2004 15:31:01 GMT # 

will be flying out this afternoon. i'll be blogging it. other MDC blogs can be found at Windows Mobile Bloggers. my feed is not submitted there for obvious reasons

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsMon, 22 Mar 2004 12:42:28 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   more articles like this, pleaseSun, 21 Mar 2004 21:56:48 GMT # 

CeBIT 2004: girls, girls, girls. being a Tablet MVP might be my in with Yvonne :)

DesktopWeb FormText   nerds on topSun, 21 Mar 2004 16:47:39 GMT # 

chris (mr. sells (if you're nasty)) does not want people to forget about his raw sex appeal. does this mean chris is going to do more nude photos? sure as hell hope not. still partially blind in my left eye. the horror! there was an article that came out along these lines when i was a freshman in college. got passed around the football locker room because it was bad news for us. something to the effect of jocks taking it for granted and the nerds spending more time at it (read between the lines). but that was the start of the golden era of tech. we've been dogged in the media for the last 3 years. what luster tech guys did have is gone. think it is going to take time before we are cool again. along those lines i used to think that sex is what drove the tech industry. adult sites used to be on the forefront of technologies: BBS, HTML, online payments, streaming video, ... now they are stuck doing PHP and MySQL. if those guys would get out from behind the camera and start innovating, then it would be nothing but good. all it requires is somebody with questionable morals and high tech skills. err, umm, like me. see these reality shows called Dream Job for sports broadcasting or The Apprentice to be Trump's bitch. my dream job would be working for that lady is awesome. can just imagine myself at work having to say things like 'arch your back more'

DesktopWeb FormText   sex or violenceSun, 21 Mar 2004 02:35:40 GMT # 

march madness does not work for me. not enough violence in basketball, but they do have cheerleaders. with basketballs inverse sport being hockey. tons of violence, but no cheerleaders. and think about that ... hockey would have figure skating cheerleaders! back to my point. these sports make a choice: sex or violence. instead of both, like football, which is very popular. why do you think i played for 12 years? to wrap this up; this is why baseball is so lame ... it has neither.

DesktopWeb FormText   WinFXSun, 21 Mar 2004 01:13:41 GMT # 

finished the book by Brent Rector. yes, i actually bought it. read the book closely and really liked it. had some XAML, WinFS, and Indigo. good intro for how i can expect to program in the future. yeah, i know this stuff is a premature and people have been whining about whidbey, yukon and longhorn slips. this is me saying there is still a smack load of stuff i have not coded in VS.NET 2003. need insomnia to return

DesktopWeb FormText   sex sellsSat, 20 Mar 2004 23:46:06 GMT # 

got a kick out of this posting my MS recruiters: Hey, good news for all you single Microsoft men! using stories of golddiggers to get more resumes.

DesktopWeb FormText   there is no off switch ...Sat, 20 Mar 2004 23:23:44 GMT # 

on the genius machine. think david letterman said that?

DesktopWeb FormText   (mostly) funny videosSat, 20 Mar 2004 22:30:26 GMT # 

added a videos page (linked to the right). it will link to the funny videos that my spider finds. not sure how much i'll keep it updated, but if might be kind of cool. it has a search field so you can find the korn video mentioned yesterday. right now it has about 300 videos from running the last week. the latest videos will always be on the 1st page. the videos will be thumbnailed if possible. currently, cannot thumbnail Quicktime or Real videos.

DesktopWeb FormText   tax lessonsSat, 20 Mar 2004 17:58:00 GMT # 

i'm starting to finally understand how taxes our used to direct our behavior. such as high taxes on tobacco. also, giving businesses opportunities to write-off purchases to keep money in the economy, instead of under the bed. also, promoting retirement spending as a write-off. another big one is home ownership, but i still like being a nomad, so i'll pay to hold off. of course, i think we've got some of these things wrong: 1st) being able to write off really large SUVs used for business. it'd be great to have a new car, but these vehicles suck gas like mad. there are some breaks for hybrid vehicles, but it isnt much. i think the SUV break should be removed, and hybrid should be increased. also, if you own an SUV, then you are not allowed to complain about high gas prices. 2nd) being able to write off medical procedures for obesity, and not being able to write off health club memberships to prevent it in the 1st place. this is bass-ackwards if you ask me

DesktopWeb FormText   hell houseSat, 20 Mar 2004 17:33:54 GMT # 

chris sells has a blog about hell house. it's a documentary about scaring people into church; on many college campi (plural of campus) they play it as a comedy. now the scary part is that cedar hills, TX is only about 30 minutes away from me. and these people aren't laughing. but i do not find these people strange ... their irrationality scares the hell out of me (use of hell intended)

DesktopWeb FormText   forgot to say ...Sat, 20 Mar 2004 17:22:23 GMT # 

'speed humps' makes me giggle :)

DesktopWeb FormText   speed humpsSat, 20 Mar 2004 17:21:15 GMT # 

people came around to get me to sign a petition to get speed humps installed on this street. if you dont know, speed humps are flatter speed bumps; so they still make you slow down, just not as tough on cars. this is because we have some people speeding on this street. now for the stupid parts: on the other side of the street, there are not even any houses (its a wooded area). meaning we get half as much traffic as a street with houses on both sides. next, the times of the day that people are speeding are when people are going to and from work. in general, kids are not playing in their yards at this time. kid safety - that is their reason for wanting speed humps. come to think of it, these fat ass kids are never playing in their yards or street. when they do play, they have to wear helmets. and that is my gripe. we are making the world TOO safe. by child proofing everything, darwinism cannot happen effectively. the stupid peole that should be ran over in the street are getting to breed and flourish. thus, making more stupid people. i say we take the warning labels off everything and level the playing field. then maybe common sense would be a trait of the next generation.

DesktopWeb FormText   MDC and WinFXSat, 20 Mar 2004 15:36:26 GMT # 

(yesterday) finalized the MDC presentation and got that sent off. also practiced giving the presentation to kitty kitty. the run though went fine, but i might have to scrap one of the demos because the environment is hard to get setup. the rest of the day i was reading Brent Rector's book on WinFX. reading this one real slow, particularly the code. got about half way through, past the chapter on WinFS, and am feeling pretty confident that my skill set will match the future

DesktopWeb FormText   viagra commercialSat, 20 Mar 2004 15:25:41 GMT # 

it has a bunch of guys running out of their homes really happy, with the song 'We are the champions' playing. now didn't anybody stop to think that the Queen lead singer was openly bi and died from AIDS? pretty sure i would have picked a different song.

DesktopWeb FormText   KORN videoSat, 20 Mar 2004 04:21:33 GMT # 

background knowledge is that i have an adult-focused spider. since the AI logic in it is really basic right now, it messes up at times. like downloading 1.5 gigs of clark for president a week ago. that was its 1st real big mess up. it does get alot of non-adult related content, but its typically stuff i want to see. mostly it gets funny videos. e.g. commercials, comedy clips, jackass style stuff. sometimes it gets gross out stuff ... which i delete. also movie trailers or music videos. well, it just grabbed a Korn video. think the title is 'Y'all want a single, say F*ck that'? anyways, it's them lashing out at the music industry in a music store. very bad ass. this is me wanting to buy more Korn music right now. fuck that

DesktopWeb FormText   strength returningSat, 20 Mar 2004 01:10:21 GMT # 

managed 315 for 5 reps on decline today. not great, but more than i've done in about 6 months. about the exact same time i started growing my hair out. think i have reverse-samson disease. quite certain i would get immediately stronger by shaving my head. hmmm ... looks like i need to lose a bet.
now for my observations about hair vs shaved heads. even though i'm not in great shape right now (with hair), i seem to get more reactions from females; compared to when i have been in great shape with no hair. my other theory is that the exact opposite is true for queers. think more guys checked me out without hair. should have the definitive answer after the san fran visit next week. if that theory holds true, then rogaine should use that as a new marketing campaign. also a reason for me to not shave my head. the only variable would be to get back into real good shape with hair.
BTW i tried the whole hair gel thing; too girlie; cant do it

DesktopWeb FormText   neural networksFri, 19 Mar 2004 19:26:52 GMT # 

read "Understanding 99% of Artificial Neural Networks" yesterday. it's a short beginners book that is very easy to comprehend. i.e. very little math. think that i have the major concepts understood well enough to attempt to write my own; to get a better understanding.

DesktopWeb FormText   bassing 201Thu, 18 Mar 2004 20:43:07 GMT # 

if you are offended by somebody bassing, do not yell at them something brilliant like 'loud enough'? for one thing, they cannot hear you. to the person bassing, you just look like some idiot with their mouth moving. if they cannot read lips, then they will just make up whatever words they think you should be saying, which probably are not flattering. secondly, unless their headlights are dimming when the bass hits, then they usually can go louder as a rebuttal (funny word). each car usually has a sweet spot where the music is the loudest. for most cars that is towards the front of the car. i.e. the subs are at the back of the car, but the bass hits off the metal in the trunk and is directed to the front of the car for the driver to hear. for most setups the least sound will be at the rear of the car. so if you are stuck in traffic, you need to get behind them. finally, and this is my favorite, what about bass setting off car alarms? in car garages, it is easy to do. in open air parking lots, it is harder. either way, if your car alarm is set off by bass, then your car alarm is too sensitive ... and that is our way of telling you. in bassing 101 i told you about bassmobiles are usually not fast. so they have no love for the kids that street race. they are the ones that usually park sideways in parking lots to show off their car. they typically have hair trigger alarms too. so its just a matter of facing your bassmobile at them and giving the bass a little hit to set them off. quite satisfying

DesktopWeb FormText   flash the futureThu, 18 Mar 2004 19:21:46 GMT # 

just ripped through this book about Flash for PocketPCs and other devices. all it did was remind me that i'm too graphically challenged to do Flash. whenever you see Flash, even if it is annoying, it still looks good. guess that is why i like web services. no UI ... i'm there!

DesktopWeb FormText   bassing 101Thu, 18 Mar 2004 17:42:13 GMT # 

it is beautiful in TX today. that means it is also time to bass. i know that this pisses alot of you off, so i'll try to explain my point of view. the main point is ... unless they are high school students, they are not bassing for you. more than likely they are masochists, and get pleasure out of having the bass pound their kidneys. no lie, bassing will increase the number of restroom stops you have to make on road trips. so the loud music is not the end in itself, it is the pleasure of feeling the bass. of course you would not bass to stupid sounding music. so then you ask, well then why dont we leave the windows up to not disturb you? that is because cars are not made to handle massive amounts of bass. if you've got 2 12s in your trunk with 1000 watts of power, then that trunk lid is going to make lots of noise. you have to counteract this with dynamat and other means. your windows are also going to rattle. so if you roll them down then that noise is gone. also, rolling down the windows provides for a richer sound. another side effect is that you typically dont see cars bassing and speeding at the same time. this is because their vision is impaired. with big subs, your rearview mirror will be shaking. thus with reduced visibility you do not drive as fast. for me, bass has a calming effect. used to be road rage boy (before andro), but have become a more relaxed driver and have gotten alot less speeding tickets. of course there are exceptions to the rules. if you are driving a convertible, then we are bassing to piss you off, because you are just asking for it

DesktopWeb FormText   lost codeThu, 18 Mar 2004 03:41:54 GMT # 

backing up alot of my work right now. not great at backing up, but i do it periodically. the clencher is that my file was corrupt from something i wrote about a year ago. every backup i been able to dig up has the corrupted file as well. something like 56K of source ... ouch. the good news is that i can probably rewrite it better and with substantially less code. but i dont really want to

DesktopWeb FormText   hooters and beerThu, 18 Mar 2004 01:22:56 GMT # 

and the terrorists want to destroy our secular society? they must just watch mtv, and not the news. in south arlington (tx), there is a citizens group that has fought and won to keep a hooters restaurant from serving alcohol. a quote was that the 'scantily clad servers and alcohol was a volatile cocktail'. now for the moral of the story. the restaurant wont back down, and is serving free beer until they get their license. to top it off, i participated in the 20 year reunion contest and visited 20 different hooters last year (that makes 40 hooter). now i have a certificate for a 200 wing party at any restaurant. sounds like a road trip to me

DesktopWeb FormText   AIWed, 17 Mar 2004 19:36:58 GMT # 

spent most of this morning ripping through the book 'Artificial Intelligence: an MIT Perspective". it's a really old book, circa 1980, that i picked up cheap from half price books. this wasn't a beginners book. it was mainly to immerse me into the jargon, concepts, and different ways of thinking. this is a technique i use when learning new things.
the book had 3 parts. the 1st part was mainly about vision systems. it had alot to do with lighting and images. most of this was interesting; and i just skipped the heavier math stuff. the 2nd part of the book was about using machines in manufacturing. it was only partially interesting. the final chapter in this part was about recreating human handwriting with machines; so i was relating to it with the stuff i've done with tablet PCs. the 3rd part of the book was about LISP. dont care for it from college days, so i flipped the pages as fast as i could. the funny thing was the very last chapter of the book was about message passing. it has some familiar web service words spring up such as Envelope!

DesktopWeb FormText   true characterWed, 17 Mar 2004 19:05:58 GMT # 

would be friends with this guy.

DesktopWeb FormText   microsoft chicksWed, 17 Mar 2004 04:27:58 GMT # 

so these females started blogging technical recruiting for MS. and now another one has joined in. horrible with names, but Heather might be the one that has recruited me twice? this is base of me, but i have to subscribe because they are girls. it's been mostly a total sausage blog party, and i'm just happy more women are showing up. quite certain people have subscribed to my blog because they thought i was a girl with my 1st name being 'casey'. and with the last name 'chesnut', no telling what they were thinking

DesktopWeb FormText   Semantic Web and General Wesley ClarkWed, 17 Mar 2004 04:07:29 GMT # 

Chris Auld (active in MS newsgroups about .NET CF. Location: Unknown.) showed some sack :) i will be at the MVP summit and will be drinking plenty of beers. until i find someplace to get scotch and put these brains cells to rest.
finished the Semantic Web book today. overall, it was an ok book, nothing special. the final chapters had some good stuff on mobile devices and transcoding. also had some BS about a language called 'Glue'. it was sort of 'Curl' / 'Water' style. both of which i have read about and dont see a market for.
been coding on my WinForm spider lately. it is targeted to go after passwords for adult sites as well as adult movies. did some minor tweaks for passwords and it is working alot better. got the movie logic mostly running again, which brings up something funny. it has code to basically weed out non-adult sites; but it ended up bringing down 1.5 gigs of videos of Wesley Clark for President. no clue how it went on that tangent? it's usually well behaved.
finally, i did some work on a demo for MobileDevCon. generated some numbers that will prove a point i want to make.

DesktopWeb FormText   Semantic Web and WinFormsTue, 16 Mar 2004 14:52:03 GMT # 

[yesterday] read a good chunk of the Semantic Web book (i almost always type symantec 1st). the last chapters were about knowledge management and really boring. the one thing i wonder about is ontologies. sounds just like domain modeling to me. hoping that someday my domain models are pre-built from existing ontologies, so that my programs will auto-magically be compatible with other programs using that ontology.
also coded on a relatively large WinForms app i work on for fun. speaking of the 'Symantec Web' ... it's a focused web spider. the challenges are bullet-proofing it for network activity and long running operations. right now i have an interop in one operation that will crash the whole form no questions asked. have tried various means to catch that exception but it just wont stick. also have jitDebugging on, but it just opens up and says can't debug. quite annoying.

DesktopWeb FormText   mobile MVPs called outTue, 16 Mar 2004 14:21:57 GMT # 

the guy is definitely an ass. but i definitely respect that he posts what he feels, without all that sugar coated nonsense. i'd probably be friends with him, i'd just have to periodically tell him to shut up. in his latest, he calls out a Microsoft MVP clique. over the top, he's got each Mobility MVP graded (thumbs up / down style) with a short reason why: Windows Mobile MVPs Under Scrutiny. only gives about 15 thumbs up to about 60 MVPs. what a trip :)

some clarification: some costs are paid for the MVP summit, not all. i.e. travel being a very large cost. i'm not on the list because i'm a Tablet MVP and have already given myself the thumbs down. is one of the best sites for smartphones, he should probably be an MVP. then he could give himself a thumbs up. i'm linking this because i doubt anybody else has the balls to ... that is me calling some people out

DesktopWeb FormText   yesterdayMon, 15 Mar 2004 16:56:03 GMT # 

spent a good chunk of time on taxes again yesterday. actually found where i was doing some things wrong. fixed that and it looks better than what it was.
read some more in the Semantic Web book. the chapters were comparing ontology languages vs RDF and XML Schema; and how they compare / contrast.
you know how code ages badly? like if you write something and dont touch it for a while, then its chances of running correctly drop over time. well i had a program i wrote a couple years ago, that stopped working over a year ago. tried to get it to run again, and found out that it was a service pack that broke it. took a couple hours but was finally able to get it to run again. i feel better now.
speaking of feeling better. i'm way too happy about that stupid yes/no speech recognition app i wrote. dont know why, but i'm really proud of that stupid thing. weird. if i get some time, i'll try to turn it into something useful.

DesktopWeb FormText   3 months offMon, 15 Mar 2004 16:44:58 GMT # 

today marks my 3rd month of being off contract. compared to the last 3 years that i've been looking for work at this same time, the market feels exactly the same. crappy. my next 3 weeks are booked with conferences, but i'll be looking hard right after that

DesktopWeb FormText   leg seasonSun, 14 Mar 2004 22:16:36 GMT # 

it is warm enough in TX to start wearing shorts again. just hit the legs real hard to knock out the chicken legs. they better grow because i can barely walk now

DesktopWeb FormText   spam patternsSun, 14 Mar 2004 07:10:42 GMT # 

a month or so ago, i scrubbed my email address from everywhere i could find on my website(s) and replaced it with an image or some non-friendly regEx syntax. my initial observation is that it seems to have helped. still get spam, just not as much. now my barely used 2nd email address is getting hammered more than my main address. speaking of hammering ... a high majority of those spams (i.e. 90%) are about viagra or some derivative. i just dont get it, why do you need to advertise viagra? if some guy cant get it up, then i'm quite certain he'll find you. but that begs the question, have you ever gotten spam that was actually useful to you? cant think of any personally, but maybe you were like, 'damn, i'm glad i got this email, i could really use a product to help me satisfy my woman'

DesktopWeb FormText   free martha stewartSun, 14 Mar 2004 00:05:00 GMT # 

i like that old broad

DesktopWeb FormText   MVP badgeSun, 14 Mar 2004 00:02:20 GMT # 

hey hey, i got mine today. it says 'Tablet PC' right on it. so since i became an MVP last April and there is absolutely 0 chance i'll be renewed as a Tablet MVP, then that means i can wear this badge proudly for 1 month :) i might as well give up and become certified. that's all the recruiters want anyways. really dont care to get certified though ... the logic is that i could be teaching myself something new and advanced, instead of proving that i already know the basics. its not like i didnt build this website to toot my own horn in the 1st place. toot (what a stupid word)

DesktopWeb FormText   taxes and death, in that orderSat, 13 Mar 2004 23:46:59 GMT # 

i'm forcing myself to work on figuring out my taxes some more this weekend. let me tell you ... 'what a pain in the ass'. i've read a number of small business tax books. been using Money as my personal finance software. have my online bank account setups. have both TaxCut and TurboTax. receipts, receipts, receipts. you think with those resources and time involved that it would be easy. err, umm ... no. there are way too many rules. with exceptions to those rules. and exceptions to those exceptions. not to mention grey / gray areas (i love how the spelling of grey is gray in itself). i'll probably use a professional next time, but i'm making myself do it this year, so i know how to spend money more appropriately this year.

DesktopWeb FormText   the return of my ballsSat, 13 Mar 2004 23:29:31 GMT # 

what do you know, i still have some testosterone left! had a decent set on bench press today. even felt like moving 3 plates for some reps (3 plates is 315 lbs. it is actually 6 45-lb plates on each side, but weightlifters are stupid and math is hard). starting to put some muscle mass back on too. if this holds up for a couple weeks then i'll have to start pissing in the corners of the gym to mark my territory

DesktopWeb FormText   speech reco and semantic webSat, 13 Mar 2004 02:20:24 GMT # 

found a mild bug in the WAV file parsing code i had created. cleaned that up and was able to get some (very) basic speech recognition to work. right now, all it does is figure out if i said 'yes' or 'no' (see pic below). it's custom code; not SAPI or some 3rd party; and it happens on the device, as opposed to being offloaded to a server. i'm going to try and add some more smarts to it, to get it to work against a larger grammar. if i can get a little further then i'll dump out an article.
read a little further in the Semantic Web book. the text has alot of jargon i'm not too comfortable with, so it is slow going. i think it all should be done, and am waiting for toolsets to come out to make it easier to do. the earliest chapters are about defining ontologies ... dry reading ... hope it picks up

DesktopWeb FormText   todayFri, 12 Mar 2004 04:06:50 GMT # 

ripped through the Speech Recognition book. the rest of it was mostly about working with a specific implementation, so not useful. the short appendix was about speech reco algorithms, and i found it very interesting. started looking into how i might be able to do speech reco with the .wav parsing app i did yesterday. have a high level idea now, but some of the details are still beyond me. started reading a new book called 'Spinning the Semantic Web'.

DesktopWeb FormText   todayThu, 11 Mar 2004 02:54:33 GMT # 

picked back up the Speech Recognition book i had started a couple days (or more). got about 1/3 of the way through it and felt like coding. started writing a little app to read WAV files. all it does is read the header info and pull out the audio samples to dump to the display. thinking about some more things that i might be able to do with this. also added some non-textual elements to other articles i've been working on. to be released in a couple weeks. listening to some harsh beats by AK1200 right now ... slammin

DesktopWeb FormText   coincidenceWed, 10 Mar 2004 18:28:59 GMT # 

i'm assuming 'schindler's list' is now out on DVD to combat the anti-semitism caused by 'the passion'. yes, they did the crucifixion ... but dont forget that whole genocide thing.

DesktopWeb FormText   todayWed, 10 Mar 2004 06:23:17 GMT # 

finally got WS-SecureConversation to completely work. the problem was that my TripleDes implementation did not support 16 byte (112 bit) keys. had been trying to get the SecurityTokenServer to return a 24 byte key instead of only 16, with no luck; so i gave up on that and extended the client-side instead.

DesktopWeb FormText   brawnTue, 09 Mar 2004 17:34:15 GMT # 

named the website brains-N-brawn to force myself to keep working out as i age. else if i show up small to a contract, you'd be thinking 'false advertising' and would bet i dont have any brains either. the problem is that i've been feeling really weak lately, and was wondering if i would have to dump all the branding and come up with a new domain. was blaming it on my age, but have recently discovered the real problem is Rory. the logic is that i have been listening to .NET Rocks while working out. was not getting stronger, but was staying the same. but once Rory got on the show, i became significantly weaker. for the last couple weeks, i have stopped listening, and the strength is returning rapidly. thus, it is cleary Rory's fault. so taking his recent advice regarding Howard Stern (which i agree with), i am no longer listening to the show. sorry guy, i think the .NET Rocks show rocks, but i'd rather not be a puss.

DesktopWeb FormText   super friendsTue, 09 Mar 2004 04:08:00 GMT # 

this is me saying i dont want to be a part of any friends networks. i.e. increasing the degrees of separation. stop sending me invitations. we are friends and all, and that is great. but the chances of me being friends with your friends are slim to none. yeah, social networking, blah blah blah. this is me rejecting another part of society and saying, "it is what i know, and not who i know". now an enemies network ... i'd join that. then i could do that whole batman 'enemy of my enemy' thing

DesktopWeb FormText   Triple-DTue, 09 Mar 2004 03:15:09 GMT # 

DevDays Dallas. The Intro Key Note started with Biztalk 2004. Believe it or not, I was actually interested. Now supporting XSD alone is a huge improvement. SQL Reporting Services was next. It was cool except for the end demo when they show a report by embedding IE in a WinForms. Cheap parlor trick. Show me a custom WinForm control that renders RDL through a WebService EndPoint, and then we'll talk. Architect of spoke too. The numbers for the site were very impressive. I bet their dev team gets the pick of the litter for single females. Oh yeah, they're developers ... never mind.
chose the SmartClient track. it was good to hear definitive terms for what is and what is not a smart client. the session on Data Access was good, although had nothing to do with security. the Security session was decent too. definitely see some things i want to work on in that namespace. the track wrapped up about deployment. hoping it would be ClickOnce, but we had to wait for the End Key Note. my goal of attending was to pick up some tricks for No Touch Deployment apps. sadly did not add anything to the arsenal. smart clients ended up being a broader set than what i had considered them.
was basically bored at this point, but the End Key Note made it. started out with a C# and ASP.NET 2.0 demo. the final demo has him dragging and dropping a WebPart for personalization. the kicker is that the drag and drop shows a transparent preview! i have no clue how he does that, and it is bugging me. then we saw a VB.NET and Smart Client demo. as a C# guy, i'm actually jealous of some of the VB.NET features. what a waste of cool features on spare developers :) the ClickOnce demo failed, but i understood what will ultimately happen, and i like it. next demo was Whitehorse and J#. give a damn about J#, and 'about time' for Whitehorse. at least as a class modelling tool. the Intro Key Note with Whitehorse was more interesting involving SOA. then we got to see C++ and MFC. just reminded me of pain that i will not relive. finally, we had a short video of Longhorn. the video had some sweet music in it. anybody know whom that is? sounds like 'chemical brothers' if you ask me.

DesktopWeb FormText   Dallas DevDaysMon, 08 Mar 2004 13:04:19 GMT # 

heading that way

CellMMSPhoto   Mostly a full houseMon, 08 Mar 2004 12:15:55 GMT # 

Mostly a full house

DesktopWeb FormText   jack shitMon, 08 Mar 2004 05:23:05 GMT # 

did not teach myself anything today. just got back from a comedy club. some innocent brain cells were killed

DesktopWeb FormText   passion revolutionsSun, 07 Mar 2004 18:38:33 GMT # 

more nonsense from the bible belt. some of the churches about a block from where i live are doing 'Passion Q&A Sessions'. yes, i said a couple of the churches about a block from where i live. these sessions are for people that cannot think for themselves. also, you know how churches all have those signs for posting messages to guilt their flock to come in and buy their way in to heaven? 100% of the churches in the DFW area have some message related to the movie. to the effect of, 'you've seen the movie, so come in and hear about the book'. also, the word 'passion' is getting used much more often. the local news broadcasters are working it into just about every story. from the times i have listened, i could always think of a more appropriate word to use in its place.
from the rest of the world. a 19 year old in Indiana dressed up as the devil to watch the movie. rumor is he was pelted with candy and an old lady dumped a coke on him. we call all sodas coke in the south, so it might have been the un-cola? anyways, that's awesome. that gives me faith in humanity. actually, faith is the wrong word, but you get my point. now for role reversal. went to harley davidson 100 year party in Milwaukee, and a guy showed up carrying a cross (on wheels) like jesus. nobody messed with the guy. hmmm? also, an elderly lady in kentucky (?) died during the crucifixion scene. pretty sure that would be a ticket straight to heaven. i'm certain all elderly ladies have pre-ordered their DVD so they can watch it on their death bed.
in the virtual world, it has been downloaded heavily from file sharing sources. i think this is a trip. is it a bunch of xtians illegally downloading the movie to which they must confess as a sin, or is it a bunch of atheists downloading it to see what all the fuss is about, or is it people too lazy to read the bible, or is it young kids downloading it for their grandmothers?

DesktopWeb FormText   the war on fatSun, 07 Mar 2004 18:14:45 GMT # 

i'm seeing from the tax programs that it is now possible to write-off certain procedures for weight loss if you are obese. of course this is a reactive solution, and i wish they would opt for a more proactive approach. i.e. for the longest time i have been pissed that people cannot write-off health club memberships. it's so stupid. i can now write-off 100% of my medical insurance. the funny thing is, i dont need any medical procedures, because i work out regularly. quite certain my year long gym membership costs less than a single trip to the doctor. so what behaviors are our tax laws really trying to promote here? hopefully these new tax laws, and americas ever increasing waist line, will open the possiblity for more sensible tax laws.

DesktopWeb FormText   gay prank callSun, 07 Mar 2004 17:55:34 GMT # 

yesterday i received a very odd call.

me: hello
other: thirty six hundred gays in san francisco
me: what?
other: thirty six hundred gays in san francisco
(long silence)
other: hello
(hang up)

was this supposed to be same sex marriage telemarketing? the person on the other line spoke hurriedly. in the background, it sounded like they were in a call center. oh well, my mistake for answering a call from an unknown number.

DesktopWeb FormText   todaySun, 07 Mar 2004 05:06:37 GMT # 

added my OPML file as a link ... but am not sure what i'm supposed to do now? have seen some people have been doing it for bloglines and some other blog-related aggregation sites. probably need to figure that out; and look at ATOM too.
got much further with the WS-SecureConversation bits. was having random problems with SHA1 crypto in the SmartPhone emulator; switched to the PPC emulator and everything worked great? it's all working except for encryption. i currently need a 24 byte key, but the SecurityTokenServer is only giving me 16. there are a couple things i can try, both on the client and server, to try and get past this.
started reading an old school book: Speech Recognition (The Complete Practical Reference Guide). didnt get very far into it.
started doing my taxes. this is my 3rd year being independent but was the 1st year for me to be 1099. had done all W-2 contracting work for the 1st 2 years. did not know exactly what to expect, but am slowly figuring it out. worst case scenarios is painful. OUCH! self employment tax is the main culprit, and i cannot get that number to budge. playing with the numbers it looks like i can make it better; legally too. and the benefit seems to be the flexibility. first order of business is to get more deductions in. second order is to sock a bunch in to retirement. ends up meaning i would spend alot of money to save a smaller amount of money. although its money i would rather spend on myself.

DesktopWeb FormText   dallas auto showSat, 06 Mar 2004 23:06:58 GMT # 


CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsSat, 06 Mar 2004 18:02:59 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   todaySat, 06 Mar 2004 05:30:57 GMT # 

finished the XQuery book. started out really good, and then got boring towards the end. i'm still not sold as to how it beats out XSLT? about the only thing i really liked was that it looked more like code. while XSLT looks more like voodoo magic. if they get XUpdate supported, and then XQuery becomes a common Data Access Component for all databases, then that will be more interesting. will be fumbling around with XQuery in Whidbey ... wonder what the performance will be like? that has been my only real complaint with XSLT.
worked more on WS-SecureConversation. was able to get the RequestSecurityToken call to go through and get those results. also got the next request to go through signed a couple of times, but my crypto stuff is acting flaky. might just be an emulator problem; because it has been pretty stable. got some of the stuff built up to encrypt that request, but it is returning bad data right now ... hopefully because i have not signed and encrypted at the same time yet. else, i could have the wrong key to do encryption? that would really suck, because i dont think the key derivation stuff is spec'd out very well. what i would like to see, is every WS-* spec being accompanied with a reference implementation. i think that would help drive adoption.

CellMMSPhoto   Chocolate liquereFri, 05 Mar 2004 23:20:57 GMT # 

Chocolate liquere

DesktopWeb FormText   stop changing your blog titleFri, 05 Mar 2004 23:10:49 GMT # 

this really pisses me off about NewsGator. yes, it was Rich whom set me off. i liked his old title better BTW. Scoble is guilty for doing this alot too.

DesktopWeb FormText   todayFri, 05 Mar 2004 11:00:10 GMT # 

worked some on SecureConversation. trying to make the RequestSecurityToken call to the SecureTokenService right now. the .ashx generates WSDL, so i can generate a proxy, but the parameter to the WebMethod is XmlElement [] ... which is no typing. bah! so i made my own strongly typed web service to generate a proxy from. can make the call, but it is failing for some unknown reason. was trying to debug, but got distracted.
started reading the book 'XQuery KickStart'. i do pretty good with XSLT, so i want to see what XQuery has to offer. only got through the chapter on XPath 2. definitely saw a couple places where that will make my life easier regardless of doing XSLT or XQuery.

DesktopWeb FormText   todayThu, 04 Mar 2004 06:30:31 GMT # 

finished the book 'Game AI Programming Wisdom'. the last chapters on machine learning were the best: neural networks and genetic algorithms. was introduced to the concept of the AI watching the player to learn to play like the player, so that the skill level would be similar. also, the concept of sandbox games, where there is no real story line; just learning characters, a physics model, and by interacting with it you can make the world in to what you want. glad this book was good, because i already purchased its sequel to tackle later on.
finished putting together the MobileDevCon slides. now i just have to work on the demos.
spent too much time playing the game i got a couple days ago. must delete.
made a quick pass through a neural networks book. it was mostly mathematical. understood the earliest chapters, but quickly got lost and did not care. did understand the concepts a little better, so i might be making slow progress. the real problem was that it was supposed to deal with facial recognition. it did to some extent, if you count hand drawn smiley faces. the other problem is that i bought this off of amazon as a 'book'. but it ended up being more like a research paper with some binding. the paper cover was the same as the rest of the printed pages, just a different color. really cheap. this will probably keep me from buying unpictured items from now on.

DesktopWeb FormText   sugar pillWed, 03 Mar 2004 05:00:03 GMT # 

catching more tv than i usually do. my favorite are the mystery drug commercials. the tell you the name, and you get to see it, but not what it actually cures. you have to ask your doctor if it is right for you. if i was a doctor, i'd be pissed. that is like me paying for an ad on yahoo to get people to spam you. instead, i just make up what the drug does in my own imaginary world; based on the commercial or the side effects. based on commercials, most of the drugs are to help out the aging hippies that took too many drugs in their youth. based on side effects, you'd be better off not taking the drug at all. the scariest part is when they compare the side effects to sugar pill: headache, nausea, and anal leakage. sugar pills sure to pack a might punch. are the people testing the drugs just making this crap up? or are they in a constant state of headache induced nausea from perpetual anal leakage due to being the gineau pig for experimental drugs? do the experimenters even tell the placebo group what they are in for? when the side effects end up saying something along the lines of 'your heartburn will go away', then mayble i'll talk to my doctor. wonder if the FDA is warning people from getting sugar pills from online pharmacies? those would probably kill you

DesktopWeb FormText   todayWed, 03 Mar 2004 04:31:38 GMT # 

almost finished with the Game AI book. today was about different game genres, scripting, and learning. its interesting to see how different AI techniques apply to the different genres, and how some very different game play has similar backend logic. didnt like the chapters on building your own scripting engine. that is always a buy decision in my eyes. write the game, not a scripting setup.
tried out BitTorrent for the 1st time. since i had been reading about games so much, i decided to try and download one as a test. sure enough, it was there in the morning. used Virtual Deamon to run it, and it worked great too. better delete the game before ... too late ... spent a couple hours playing. too slick. but i do have work to do.
must finish the slides for the MDC, to get reviewed.

DesktopWeb FormText   todayTue, 02 Mar 2004 05:37:19 GMT # 

continued reading the Game AI book. got through sections on organizing units/squads and some general AI architecture ideas. thats just over 1/2 way through, and it's starting into more general purpose ideas. such as the concepts of the algs and the differences between them. i.e. fuzzy logic dealing with likelihood of being in a set vs bayesian handling probabilities of causality. etc. and then showing how they apply to games of course.
today was mostly working on the Tablet PC app. got the core funtionality in and even spent time making it look decent. the new SDK 1.7 (build 2082) is kind of painful because it requires SP2 right now. had to write the app on my XP with the old 1.7 Alpha SDK. then transfer to my Tablet with the SP2 beta and the new SDK to build with the newer assembly. and then finally transfer it to my server to test. just not ready to put the SP2 beta on my main dev machine. to top it off, i haven't been able to share files with the Tablet since putting on SP2. so i thumb-net'd the files with a USB drive.
did get to do some quick tests with the WSE WS-SecureConversation sample. worked exactly as i expected, so i'll probably start in on that soon. should be painfully fun.

DesktopWeb FormText   todayMon, 01 Mar 2004 05:22:47 GMT # 

started out reading 1/3 of the way through the Game AI book. mostly about character animation and A* path finding. alot of talk about algorithms and optimizations. it is interesting stuff, but nothing has really caught my attention yet. not sure how to apply path finding to my business apps? or flock modeling, although i might code that for fun. believe the more traditional AI stuff is a number of chapters away.
watched the .NET show on Indigo. had got a call from John Shewchuk before, and i was like 'who are you?'. it was good to find out he is whom he said he was? finally had my 'Aha' moment for WS-Addressing, and why it is goodness, based on his explanation. messaging is good, blah, blah. glad the programming model is easier ... but wish there was something really brand new and different to blow me away. maybe that is what Don will show at MobileDevCon. of course i'm certain he's gonna blow my WS+CF stuff out of the water.
working on an ink-in-IE application. not overly complex, just all over the board. Web Forms, Web Services, Ink API, Javascript, Win Form Control. throw in dancing around Code Access Security just for kicks too. i've written about all the code for this here and there, its mostly a matter of integration, so i'm dragging my feet

DesktopWeb FormText   the passion reloadedMon, 01 Mar 2004 03:23:26 GMT # 

i received my very 1st religious spam today. it was promoting 'the passion' with all sorts of jesus fluff in it. something to the effect of 'WATCH THE MOVIE, OR YOU ARE GOING TO HELL!'. i've already opted for hell, so i'll just download it with BitTorrent, and suffer the eternal damnation of the MPAA. now the more observant people would assume this was really a hate mail, in retaliation of my earlier blog about the passion. but that is not the case, because it was sent to a little used email addy i have. not my main one which would have been the obvious target for a response. also, i'm pretty sure xtians cannot send hate mail? how limiting. the funny thing is, i associate spam with the lowest of low: porn, scams, unregulated drugs, gambling, as seen on tv ... and now religion. god bless america

DesktopWeb FormText   graduation pushSun, 29 Feb 2004 19:22:41 GMT # 

i always know when graduation time is nearing due to my email inbox. get alot of messages from students (particularly graduate level) doing final projects or thesis work. right now everybody wants the speech recognition web service from the /freeSpeech article. sorry guys; i give away alot of code and secrets; but not all of them.

DesktopWeb FormText   todaySun, 29 Feb 2004 05:33:37 GMT # 

installed XP SP2 on my Tablet for the latest Lonestar update. this will allow me to use the latest Tablet 1.7 SDK, which is still in alpha. need to put together another ink-in-IE app too. the SP2 installation took quite a long time, but it worked, so i'm happy so far.
started reading the book "AI Game Programming Wisdom". teaching myself AI, and thought game books would be more fun to get started with, rather than pure AI. will switch to more difficult fare once picking up the jargon from these. with there were more (practical) AI application programming books :( this book is mainly a collection of articles by different authors. this is a big book, and i'm just getting into it; some articles have been better than others. hopefully this will not give me the bug to start playing games, and kill my productivity.
messed around more with WS-SecureConversation. read the spec and some supplementary materials, as well as playing with the sample. thinking that i will be able to extend the current CF WSE lib to support it.
did a bunch of random surfing today. to support a brainstorming session. came up with some possible ideas for pet projects that might be cool. added it to a growing list of stuff i'd like to play with.
began working one of the ideas into my homemade image manipulation app. a sort of image fingerprinting scheme. not like watermarks where the fingerprint is inserted into the document. more along the lines of being able to tell if 2 random image are identical or not. just some really stupid logic right now; that has given better than expected results. will definitely keep working on this some more to see how far i can take it.

DesktopWeb FormText   todaySat, 28 Feb 2004 06:06:26 GMT # 

worked on an image application. had the need to POST multipart/form data from a WinForms app and did not find a good way to do it. ended up being able to use the WebClient class because i had control of the server to let it conform to what WebClient sends, since WebClient is not flexible at all. not proud of it, but it was easy, and there was other stuff more important to do. also had to trim some of the data being displayed on the server side. people have been hammering the web app and the viewstate was getting too large. Whidbey is going to help reduce ViewState drastically.
finished reading the Essential XForms book. i have the entire XML skill set to do XForms (minus XForms itself), but it is almost overload. i do like that its a standard, all XML, and reduces the need for scripting. HTML forms definitely suck in comparison ... but they are easy. short term, i think InfoPath has a larger market. i've got another XForms book on hand too, i'll read it later to refresh / reinforce what i picked up the last two days.
added a blogroll to my home page. subscribe to about 80 right now. mostly individuals spread across a wide range of technologies (CF, WS, Tablet, Speech, ...). am slowly getting rid of aggregated feeds because they are just too much noise. also, i use NewsGator and i hate having inboxes that are black with unread messages. usually the individuals will pick out the more interesting stuff from the aggregated feeds for me too.
took a quick pass through "The Bar Code Book". was looking for any insight on how to improve my barcode reading algorithm. it had a chapter on the fundamentals of reading bar codes. basically just a repeat of what i had already coded. the analog-to-digital converters converted the readings into a waveform. and the authot mentioned image readers being able to do forward-reading, which mine does as well. mine works relatively well for little effort, but not great. have a couple more ideas to make it better, but not right now.
got the WSE sample for WS-SecureConversation to run. worked instantly. have no clue why i was having problems with it a couple months ago.

DesktopWeb FormText   the passionFri, 27 Feb 2004 17:31:30 GMT # 

residing in the bible belt for my formative years has taught me that most people are stupid (vocal atheist here). the media is reinforcing this belief by interviewing people non-stop about this movie. my favorite ones are the ones that will ignore historical facts because of the gospel. also the jewish people that are now afraid for their safety. i think they're afraid because there hasnt been a terrorist act in a while, and we are looking for somebody else to direct our hatred towards. i really like that our nation was founded on freedom of religion ... but the founding fathers did not take it far enough. it should be freedom of religion, or lack thereof. separate church and state is too weak as well. make it separate church and nation. back to the movie ... the clencher is that mel gibson used to be my favorite actor. now he is using his exceptional talent to promote something i dont believe in. i'm hoping an atheist director will retaliate. michael moore would be 1st choice, but i dont know what he believes.

DesktopWeb FormText   reverse oustourcingFri, 27 Feb 2004 17:20:06 GMT # 

i read the latest tech news daily to keep abreast of technology (abreast is a funny word). and also peoples blogs. the recurring theme is that the US will find some creative niche, or what have you, to keep making money. my personal observation is that this thinking is wrong. putting my ego aside. if companies wanted people that were sharp, hardworking, and creative ... then i would be working right now. they dont want that. what they want is cheap and good enough. i feel this from my periodic dealings with recruiters. to combat this i dont work. ayn rand / howard roarke style. that makes me a radical thinker. but it goes far beyond that, which i have not heard other people say. my next level is to leave the US. if the cost of living is too high for me to compete, then i'll go somewhere where the cost of living is cheaper. i'm talking mass exodus of programmers from the US. if not mass exodus, then too few graduates entering the job market over time. if companies are prepared to ship the jobs overseas, then i will go overseas, and they will pay me from some 3rd world country. i'm assuming strippers are cheaper in other countries?

DesktopWeb FormText   same sex marriageFri, 27 Feb 2004 17:03:30 GMT # 

i really dont give a damn. if you want to get married, then get married. its not like marriage means anything anymore anyways. 50% chance of divorce; i'd rather just flip a coin. let me break this down. if 2 guys wants to get married, that takes 2 men off the market and means more women for me. i'm assuming this would be the most common scenario, since media has been pushing gay men for some time now. i would prefer that they start pushing lesbianism. now let me break that down. two HOT women that like each other are lesbians. two UGLY women that like each other are dykes (what i learned in college). i am pro lesbians. there should be more of them. the media should start pushing it more. i would buy a TV if they did. dykes should be allowed to get married, lesbians should not. that would hopefully leave more lesbians in non monogamous relationships, and give me more chances for MFF threesomes. the only problem then is determining if a couple is a dyke or lesbian couple. could be handled by; but looking at other peoples ratings, i think that most people judging that site have been drinking. if we could get past that, then the only problem would be the weird dyke/lesbian couples. my current belief is that you let them get married, because there is a good chance they'll divorce; and then the lesbian will be back on the market. as a heterosexual, i'm thinking that marriage is pretty lame anyways. why do same sex people want it. i'm all for monogamy and being with somebody you love, but getting the marriage certificate seems like a waste of effort. they are already non-conformists, so why do they want to conform now? my preference would be to be in a loving relationship with a women, until death and all that, but skip the whole marriage BS. its not necessary. borrowing from the same sexers, the whole life partner thing doesnt seem bad; opposite sex mind you, for the misquoters. of course i realize a female will pussy whip me into marriage, but that is beside the point.

DesktopWeb FormText   political correctnessFri, 27 Feb 2004 16:48:17 GMT # 

this is me upping the offensiveness of this blog. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. feel free to unsubscribe. if i do something cool with technology, somebody that gets offended less easily will post it on their blog for you to see, and you wont have to deal with the noise. and its not really your problem, its mine. it has to do with being honest. and not the clinton-esque type honesty that is all spin. i'm talking brutal honesty. the kind that hurts. to that end, political correctness is bullshit. it is a lesser form of lying, to not hurt peoples feelings. i dont care for that. i want to know what you really think ... so i'm going to tell you what i really think. to be fair, i will try to equally offend everybody over time.

DesktopWeb FormText   todayFri, 27 Feb 2004 05:16:55 GMT # 

finished the .NET Remoting book. just skimmed the last chapters about extensibility. thought all of this was great, along with the XML Configuration stuff. still have no plans to do anything with Remoting
picked up the XForms Essentials book. ordered a couple of them after i saw that InfoPath was going to be presented at the Dallas MVP mini-summit (last weekend). knew jack shit about either technology, except that you compare/contrast one with the other.
InfoPath looks like it has a great app to work with it. Supposed to be all XML, but i didnt get to see the format from the demo. Worked with databases, sharepoint, and web services. The SDK just came out to let you program it with .NET, and also provides some Tablet support. also, the forms could not be filled in on the web. you had to download the form and run it in the InfoPath client. thought this was a big negative. no such thing as Pocket InfoPath, although i think there should be.
XForms looks like it is meant for the web, and backed by the W3C. they are talking XHTML as well as SVG. XSD, XPath, oh my. dont get me wrong, i like objects; but i love XML just as much. no, i do not like scripting. its a good concept to be posting back XML from a page, instead of name value pairs. the upload form control is pretty slick too. guess it all depends on if IE supports XForms.
cracked open my old CF and WSE sample code. started going through the samples and making sure they would run from my new dev laptop. having lots of problems with the PPC 2003 and SP 2003 SDK's on this box. constantly having to re-install them so that i can debug from the emulator. really really annoying. to piss me off even more, somehow my WSE 2.0 samples all got pointed to the WSE 1.0 assembly. had to manually change all those references, mildly annoying. got all the old samples to run, except for one ... not sure what broke yet.
played around with some more image manipulation code and a little app. been using code for generating better thumbnails, rotate, crop, resize images. stuffed that into a class lib, since i have been using it alot and have just been copying the code each time. whoops.
continued the endless pursuit of removing a textual representation of my email address from the websites. think that i've got most of them. i'll let you know if my amount of spam remains the same, or drops. the last big dip i saw was mucking up my newsgroup addy. that seemed to help alot.

DesktopWeb FormText   todayThu, 26 Feb 2004 05:51:01 GMT # 

started reading the MSPress book ".NET Remoting". have no intention of doing anything with Remoting, its just a book i picked up for cheap, so i might as well rip through it. i read closely and was ok with everything up until i got to the chapter on messaging and got to see what the SoapFormatter was tossing around. already knew how it was fake SOAP; RPC, deep typed data, not interoperable. but when i finally saw the messages, it was uglier than i thought. yuck! had to stop reading at that point. now anybody that has been pushing remoting over web services; i'll be happy to punch you in the face (repeatedly) until you think differently.
then i picked back up the MSPress book "Understanding Web Services Specifications and the WSE". had already started this one the day before and was liking it. mostly just skimmed it to review, but had put off the chapters on Policy, Transactions, and SecureConversation to read more intently. mostly i've ignored Policy. i like how it can keep me from writing some code, as well as how diff endpoints can figure out the best way to communicate. dont like how a bunch of it currently happens at run-time, and want more of it pushed into WSDL. from a small devices perspective, i dont think it should happen at all. currently, the devices dont have enough power or bandwidth to do this at run-time, and these negotatiations should have already have happened at design. Transactions look good, although quite chatty. i definitely dont plan on implementing this spec for devices. i've had problems getting the WSE 2.0 SecureConversation sample to run. this book gave me a better understanding of what was going on, so i will give it another look. it was a good book. it mentions Indigo for the Whidbey timeframe. dont know, but i think Indigo happens sometime between Whidbey and Longhorn? it also mentions WS-ReliableMessaging for WSE 3.0? doesnt say anything about getting Transaction bits, except something to the effect of being baked into the OS?
speaking of Indigo. was getting recruited by MS before i went on the cruise. have not heard from them since, so i assume that means no :) oh well, its probably not the right time for me to join the evil empire yet. maybe when i'm an old man with responsibilities.
then i got sick of spam, so i started going through my entire web site and ripping out every place it was available as a string for a spider to pick up. this took forever and i did not finish. also, my stupid file search thing kept hosing on me. it would work the 1st time, and every other run would return no matches, until a reboot. googled my email address and that told me some other places to change. come on WinFS.
revisited the barcode image recognition. instead of reading horizontally, i tried reading at a diagnol, thinking that would give me more surface area and better results. ends up it failed miserably. might have to work on the image rotation method i used. did get a barcode book in the mail last week, maybe that holds the key
started putting together an outline for the Mobile DevCon presentation.

DesktopWeb FormText   dear diaryWed, 25 Feb 2004 23:01:04 GMT # 

at the Dallas MVP mini-summit, we got off on the topic of blogs. to showoff, i immediately took a picture with my cam phone and blogged it with my homemade setup. they thought that was kind of cool, but then one of them brought up how 'only girls used to have diaries'. at some base level i had to agree with that. got to explain to some of them the reasons i was blogging (not for this post), and they could understand that reasoning as well. but i still couldn't get over the girl diary comment, especially since i'm struggling with my blog. technically, it is mostly fun building the backend for it; of which i have many ideas for. content-wise, i'm at a lost. there are blogs that just link to a bunch of stuff; i dont want to do that. there are blogs by the head people developing new technologies alot of us will end up using; i'm not one of those people. there are blogs that are girl diaries (as mentioned above); mine is probably most like a girl diary at this point. i'm lame. could just get rid of doing articles altogether, and daily push out some tech tidbits that would be hard as hell to understand (or find later on) without having some structure. don't know. to that end, i'm making this 'girl diary month'. at least until i get to Mobile DevCon to blog that.

CellMMSPhoto   PlatinumWed, 25 Feb 2004 01:48:49 GMT # 


CellMMSPhoto   Maverick dancers from F14Wed, 25 Feb 2004 01:21:37 GMT # 

Maverick dancers from F14

DesktopWeb FormText   you wont hear this everydayMon, 23 Feb 2004 23:02:33 GMT # 

"i dont think my cat sleeps enough". serious. they are supposed to sleep about 2/3rd of the time. mine sleeps less than 1/2 of the time. wondering if the sleeping problems i used to have messed it up when it was a kitten. poor kitty kitty

DesktopWeb FormText   WS-? for CFMon, 23 Feb 2004 20:03:12 GMT # 

just put together another WS-* implementation for .NETcf. can't tell you which one though, because i need at least 1 surprise for the Mobile DevCon presentation. think this one will make a good demo. at least i think it's kind of cool :)

CellMMSPhoto   Two yearsSun, 22 Feb 2004 17:40:39 GMT # 

Two years

DesktopWeb FormText   non NDA notes from Dallas SummitSun, 22 Feb 2004 17:34:19 GMT # 

there were about 45 name tags at the front desk. about 20 showed up (1 female, not do-able). also did a LiveMeeting broadcast which topped out around 66; the presenters mostly took questions from the people that showed (over LiveMeeting). they shut down the wireless internet access ... which entirely sucked. there were almost as many Tablets PCs in attendance, as there as there were Notebooks. was a good mix of consumer MVPs and developer MVPs. the consumer MVPs liked to talk alot and ask hypothetical questions, or just make comments. the developers were either quiet or asked specific questions. got my 1st glimpse of InfoPath (knew somebody that had that exact same idea years ago). have one dev idea to try out with it in a couple weeks (not that cool). no mention of XForms during the presentation :) also got to see a demo of OneNote, which everybody loved. hope that it can eventually import Journal files. Rob Howard presented ASP.NET 2.0. didn't have enough time, but he's a great presenter talking about cool stuff. made sure to tell Rob that he put me out of the web business by making it too easy, for any monkey to do. think they need to make sure the Cassini web server can serve to device emulators and pocket devices that are Active Synched. during lunch, we had a keynote by the MS MVP guy. he told us their plans for the MVP program and elicited feedback. it all sounded pretty good. one person brought up getting a list of betas going on at betaplace, to make it easier for us to get involved earlier. i've been asking for that for years! please make it easier on us cross-product guys. then we had a Longhorn demo. conversation got bogged down on WinFS, but he finished with a kick ass demo. it gave me goose bumps, in a good way. we ended with some more discussion ... and beer. my favorite drinking buddies were Dave, Mike, and Jeff

CellMMSPhoto   why to be an MVPSat, 21 Feb 2004 21:37:30 GMT # 

why to be an MVP

CellMMSPhoto   Old MS T-ShirtsSat, 21 Feb 2004 18:05:28 GMT # 

Old MS T-Shirts

DesktopWeb FormText   south central MVP summitSat, 21 Feb 2004 12:50:51 GMT # 

heading to my 1st mini-MVP summit. had to get up at 6:30 AM. Ugh. and now i'll be driving for about an hour. Ugh. for being off contract, i sure do have alot of places to be

CellMMSPhoto   Q: Where do you want to go today? A: sleepSat, 21 Feb 2004 11:51:54 GMT # 

Q: Where do you want to go today? A: sleep

CellMMSPhoto   dont they knowSat, 21 Feb 2004 11:33:39 GMT # 

dont they know

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsSat, 21 Feb 2004 11:28:53 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   /barCodeFri, 20 Feb 2004 03:17:02 GMT # 

got the barcode image recognition stuff working much better. so i put together a little article about the techniques used, plus a web interface for playing around. /barCode

DesktopWeb FormText   AI versus barcode recognitionThu, 19 Feb 2004 14:13:34 GMT # 

i'm kicking around this barcode program again. was spurred on by a comment in an AI book. something to the effect of your program is only as smart as you wrote it to be. the 1st approach i took kept having to make loss-ful decisions. meaning some logic would happen, and if there was a grey area in the data, only minimal retries could be done. now what i am doing is reshaping the input data, in a loss-less manner, which affords a greater level of granularity to make better decisions later on. the hope is that this will make it much more robust for badly 'scanned' barcodes

DesktopWeb FormText   how to implement WS-*Thu, 19 Feb 2004 13:57:29 GMT # 

this is dead on ... from John Bristowe, So, You Wanna be a Plumber?. about the only thing i could add is ... 7) then write the client-side pieces for the .NET Compact Framework

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsWed, 18 Feb 2004 12:21:14 GMT # 

CellMMSPhoto   From SymphionWed, 18 Feb 2004 12:15:45 GMT # 

From Symphion

DesktopWeb FormText   cruise photo blogWed, 18 Feb 2004 04:40:09 GMT # 

just finished writing my setup to host a photo blog. so here are the pics from the cruise: ship, san juan, st thomas, dominican republic, at sea, more ship, nassau

DesktopWeb FormText   you cant read about SEXTue, 17 Feb 2004 03:14:47 GMT # 

have known for a while that my website is blocked by a number of corporate proxy servers for being SEX related. did i mention SEX? a couple people have written me that i should change domain names to make my site more accessible, which can only be good for my google juice. this is me saying, if i cared about google juice, do you think i would have let my server be offline for 6 months? also, my site is SEX related, because i'm a guy. if the company you work for cannot handle that, then i dont want to ever work with them. although they think they are filtering me out, the way i see it, i am actually filtering them. SEX.

DesktopWeb FormText   device opinionsMon, 16 Feb 2004 22:55:12 GMT # 

only took a PocketPC (HP4355) and CameraPhone (T610) on the cruise. took the T610 everywhere, mostly to take pictures. rarely had phone service available, and never had data services. i'm not a camera person, but am becoming a camera phone person; just because it is always there. now i need to train myself to take more pictures. currently, i'll see some funny visual ... and then a second later i'll think "why didnt i take a picture of that?" the T610 is an ok phone, but i dont recommend it. the photo quality is poor, and battery life is worse. i'm currently on the market for a better camera phone, maybe the Nokia 3660. could take about 20 pictures with my phone before offloading them to the HP4355 using bluetooth. it was nice not having to carry around an extra wire to make that connection, although the bluetooth file transfer could only do one file at a time, and the phone would prompt the user for a response for each transfer. this got monotonous real quick. with the HP4355, i could then review the pictures as well as rotate them. its battery life was also phenomenal. recommended; although i want to get my hands on the XDA II.

DesktopWeb FormText   snow dayMon, 16 Feb 2004 17:01:04 GMT # 

back from a great cruise. doing a tech review for a book right now, but should get the pictures up later this week. could not get reliable network access with my camera phone for moblogging, so i ended up just archiving the photos. if i knew this was going to happen, i would have just taken a digital camera to get better quality pictures. the bare minimum features i wish that my camera phone included are: at least 1 megapixel, flash, zoom. picked the right weekend to be gone from Dallas, because it actually snowed. this is probably the most snow i've ever seen in TX. this was also the 1st time i've ever come back to TX (from a trip) and had to put on warmer clothes.

CellMMSPhoto   Can the Amish fly?Sun, 15 Feb 2004 18:31:00 GMT # 

Can the Amish fly?

DesktopWeb FormText   still cruisingFri, 13 Feb 2004 22:38:53 GMT # 

having a blast on the cruise. my moblog setup has totally sucked internationally. will have to work on that.

DesktopWeb FormText   st. thomas internet cafeWed, 11 Feb 2004 18:25:50 GMT # 

am able to use the phone service in some of the ports, but MMS is not working; o that strikes out camera phone usage. wireless web is out too, but voiceXml should still work.

CellWireless WebText   Florida testSun, 08 Feb 2004 16:59:24 GMT # 

Florida test

CellMMSText   Text only testSun, 08 Feb 2004 15:13:34 GMT # 

Text only test

CellMMSPhoto   airport testSun, 08 Feb 2004 15:02:40 GMT # 

airport test

CellMMSPhoto   CellMMSAudio   [speech recognition] From FloridaSun, 08 Feb 2004 14:41:42 GMT # 

[speech recognition] From Florida


DesktopWeb FormText   cruiseSun, 08 Feb 2004 00:25:19 GMT # 

great. scoble is back, just as i'm taking off for a week. quite sure i'll have at least 100 unread posts from him before getting back. this is my 1st cruise, and 1st time to the caribbean. positive that i am packing exactly the wrong clothes. the kicker is there are formal evenings. haven't worn a tie in 4+ years, and now i have to go and wear one on vacation. had to go buy one because i'd tossed the others years ago (after deciding i would glady make friends bachelors parties, and just skip the actual wedding). don't worry, i'll make sure this tie is retired to a watery grave. will be a good test of my camera phone moblog setup. the MMS blogging app has been running nonstop for a couple weeks now, so hopefully it's bulletproof.

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsSat, 07 Feb 2004 16:31:04 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   how about a nice game of chess?Sat, 07 Feb 2004 00:46:25 GMT # 

on the journey to learn AI, i've come to the realization that i could easily write a tic-tac-toe game that would learn to kick my butt. it would start out knowing nothing except the basic rules, and as i played it, it would remember wins/loss/ties and would always try to win or draw. if i did the simplest state-graph; the board only has 9 squares, so that is only 9! outcomes (that number can be greatly reduced). rather quickly it would learn the main patterns and it would never forget. i can play a mean game of tic-tac-toe, but eventually would muck up ... and if programmed correctly, then it wouldn't. ever. damnit, i dont know if i want to write that or not ...

DesktopWeb FormText   killer appsFri, 06 Feb 2004 19:39:27 GMT # 

literally. do you think that the persons developing weapons control programs call them 'killer apps' too?

DesktopWeb FormText   mars roverFri, 06 Feb 2004 17:06:50 GMT # 

reading a popular old school AI book to get some fundamental concepts before i really start applying them in code. about half way through and it has an example about exploring mars with robots. says this probably wont be possible for the next couple decades. so checking the copyright date ... turns up 1985. well done. on a related note, which is going to happen 1st: cloning hot chicks or sex robots? my motto is cloning is inevitable ... because hot chicks exist (that makes me an existentialist). so if hot chicks exist, then we should be able to clone them to make more hot chicks: "at least 2 hot chicks for everybody". that will probably end up as a presidential campaign. robots will also happen, because people are lazy. so i would expect my 2 hot chicks to be lazy as well.

CellMMSText   ..rorrim eht yawa tuP .siht daer nac uoy fIFri, 06 Feb 2004 00:20:47 GMT # 

..rorrim eht yawa tuP .siht daer nac uoy fI

DesktopWeb FormText   programming uncertaintyThu, 05 Feb 2004 22:31:35 GMT # 

having a hard time programming the logic. i'm used to programming black/white decisions in my code (if A then B). in business apps; the process is so straightforward. for AI, there is tons of uncertainty (maybe A, so try B, if not B, ...). have a long term goal in mind to figure out AI, but am trying some quick/dirty stuff with the barcode reading apps. initial changes are keeping more metadata with my objects. i make a best guess how many lines there are, and their width ... but if it does not decode, then i use the metadata to take another guess. the checksum of EAN is invaluable to verify. overall though, the 3of9 spec was easier to implement and is more robust.

DesktopWeb FormText   propsThu, 05 Feb 2004 21:38:48 GMT # 

sometimes i have delusions of grandeur (ok, all the time), but i'm not this good ... Gold Blogs. every once in a while i get an idea that i want to implement ... and get all-consumed to accomplish it. it's kind of disturbing. the thing is, you don't see my failed projects ... and they happen; and they suck; and they stick with me until i can revisit them; possibly years later. that's why it's called 'bleeding edge'. i try to do near-future stuff, but it's mostly impractical today, or next year. you should see me now, trying to do AI ... it's pathetic. so i'm just a nut case. the guys that actually get stuff done are the OpenNetCF guys. they are the value-add'ers, the ones that will make your project successful. and out of them, Alex (how do you spell his last name) Feinman totally kicks my ass. i've been waiting for him to retire as the undefeated champion of the world ... still waiting. to top it off, he rubs salt in my wounds by doing IsoRecorder. finally, i recently stated that i'm probably the worst MVP ever.

DesktopWeb FormText   CF SoapServerMessageThu, 05 Feb 2004 19:30:31 GMT # 

this class is missing from the CF. it's useful for figuring out if a SoapMessage is a SoapRequest or SoapResponse in a SoapExtension. i typically re-use the same SoapExtension on both the client and server, and just have it check what context it is running in with SoapServerMessage. to get this functionality back on the CF, all you do is see which method gets called 1st.

OnClientOrServer onClientOrServer = OnClientOrServer.Unknown;

public enum OnClientOrServer

//add to BeforeSerialize
if(onClientOrServer == OnClientOrServer.Unknown)
	onClientOrServer = OnClientOrServer.Client;

//add to BeforeDeserialize
if(onClientOrServer == OnClientOrServer.Unknown)
	onClientOrServer = OnClientOrServer.Server;

then all the methods in the SoapExtension can check if it is a request or response.

if(onClientOrServer == OnClientOrServer.Server)

DesktopWeb FormText   outsourcing my drinking buddiesThu, 05 Feb 2004 18:56:40 GMT # 

wired has gotten everybody riled up about outsourcing. don't really get to see the jobs that go overseas, but i have seen alot of visa / greencard work on my turf. i'm late 20's, and my experience is that i'm used to being the token white boy. while attaining my masters, i would get reverse racism. dont really believe in the concept of reverse racism, its all racism (period); but you get the point. was on a 50 man contract, with 95% visa workers. the apartments i stay at too, i'll see a bunch of people toting notebooks; and if i strike up a conversation, they are visa or greencard workers. there are definite culture differences ... regardless of me being weird. so the real problem is that outsourcing makes it difficult for me to find people to hang out with :) as a contractor though, i'm always thinking survival; how do i differentiate, what is my niche? so i compete against everybody that is not me. i could care less about the country level. if it becomes necessary for me to move to a place with a lower of cost of living ... then i'll leave. its that simple. could do mass quantities of damage offshore.

CellMMSPhoto   Angel fishThu, 05 Feb 2004 15:55:51 GMT # 

Angel fish

DesktopWeb FormText   R&D up 100%Thu, 05 Feb 2004 15:33:08 GMT # 

prepping for the tax beating. believe it or not, i spent $3000 on tech books last year. opposed to $1500 in 2002. this years spending is estimated to increase as well. AI books are not cheap. book store allocation (greatest to least): amazon, halfpricebooks, barnes&noble/borders, 5DollarBooks

DesktopWeb FormText   real unintelligenceThu, 05 Feb 2004 01:15:54 GMT # 

have made up the need for me to learn AI. this blog is just to timestamp my starting at ground zero.

DesktopWeb FormText   MS just secured a bunch of pr0n sitesWed, 04 Feb 2004 20:15:47 GMT # 

LOL, i just found out what the latest IE critical patch did. i had previously been running a password site; and somebody that used to visit my site emailed me asking why he couldnt get into any more sites. thought his ISP had cut him off or something. then i found out i could not either! the trick is primarily used by adult password sites, to provide deep links into a site, and preventing the surfer from having to manually enter the user/pass into a dialog box. i have got to believe that this is going to help out alot of adult webmasters. i'm actually amazed how many of them use basic authentication. vividly remember reading about basic authentication in an HTTP book years ago. forget the exact book, but the author referred to base64 encoding as encryption, and i was like 'you've got to be kidding me'. immediately cracked open a sniffer to see what was going on, and then de-base64'd the message to find my user:pass. i felt like such a hacker

DesktopWeb FormText   why i suck as an MVPWed, 04 Feb 2004 19:00:59 GMT # 

i'm a Tablet MVP, and i'm no good at it. serious; but let me take a step back. this was my 1st (probably last) time to be an MVP. my opinion is that there are a couple way to become one. 1) answer newsgroup questions. create your own FAQ and answer the same old questions over and over again, because people dont know how (or are too lazy) to search newsgroups using i believe this is the primary way to become one; same goes for listservs and web forums, but less so. 2) run a poodle. by 'poodle', i mean portal. keep it updated with new article links, run a discussion forum, etc... this seems to be the newer way to become one. 3) early adopter. this is how i got it. wrote the only articles about developing for tablets when the SDK first came out, over a year ago. so when you are one of the few public developers, they basically have no choice but to pick you :) ... and now why i suck: when i am working, i'm under NDA, and dont get to make that code public; not to mention i've had no professional work with Tablets. so i can only talk about the stuff i do on my off hours. and if i'm going to code for fun, i'm going to code whatever i want. this has me jumping around to many different technologies. so my varied interests aren't likely to fit any pigeonhole. foresaw this happening when i was asked if i would accept being an MVP. technically, accepting an MVP award is based on past work only, and nothing else is expected of you ... but i dont think that is really the case. now what is probably going to happen is that the award will expire, and then i'll get some new ideas, and start cranking out Tablet articles again :)

DesktopWeb FormText   linux albinoWed, 04 Feb 2004 06:12:03 GMT # 

got to watch my families reaction to the linux commercial at the superbowl. they were like: 'why does Ali care about that kid'? 1st off, Windows has the word 'Win' in it. Linux starts with an L, 'Lose' possibly. really, i can't get over that at a semi-conscious level. 2nd, their mascots suck. a penguin. when i played football, i would have never played for a team with a penguin as the mascot. that would be like having purple uniforms. now a little albino boy. he's definitely giving up his lunch money. oh wait, he doesn't have any money ... never mind. 3rd, didn't anybody else see him getting his mouth washed out with soap? i swear he was in that GM commercial too

DesktopWeb FormText   must have taken too much androWed, 04 Feb 2004 06:02:57 GMT # 

forgot to point out how the last article has 'brains' and 'brawn' in the title! in all honesty though, creatine is my performance enhancing drug of choice.

DesktopWeb FormText   i took androWed, 04 Feb 2004 05:48:44 GMT # 

Controversial Performance Enhancer 'Andro' Affects Brains As Well As Brawn, Say UMass Researchers. so a friend sent me this medical study to read, because i've taken andro before. took it when it 1st came out in raw form, and noticed no effect at the gym. the only side effects i noticed is that i was totally horned up all the time. even females i had never looked at before, i would be checking out. twice. so i stopped taking it before i got in trouble. then gnc started selling it after it was refined / stacked, and i tried it again. would take it right before working out and be an animal in the gym ... err, umm, make that MORE of an animal. no noticeable effects on my horniness. now back to the study and its effects: muscle mass (true), libido (true), aggression (false). now specifically the neurotransmitter vasopressin: thirst (muscles require lots of water), sleep cycles (have been guilty of insomnia), aggression (nada). so this study really doesn't make me never want to take andro again. the only negative side effect i see would be aggression, but the only thing i ever took that out on was the weights. maybe some angry code sessions too? and the thing is to not be stupid with supplements (aka drugs). i typically take 1/2 of the recommended dosages, and always cycle. my andro cycles were typically 3 weeks on, then 5 weeks off.

DesktopWeb FormText   mark of the beastWed, 04 Feb 2004 03:24:06 GMT # 

more barcoding today. switched from 3of9 to EAN / UPC. again, there were a couple of sample programs for generating them, but none for reading them. my assumption is that everybody just relies on hardware; but that sucks because a human is required to operate that hardware. got the code working to generate barcode images. also wrote the corresponding parsing code to handle reading those images back in. this works with a number of barcode images found on the web (generated by other tools). my EAN / UPC code is suffering from a couple of 'off by 1' decisions, that is killing its robustness. am thinking that i will have to rewrite it in a different style to more easily support multiple runs. i.e. some fuzzy logic to let the program explore different flex points. below is a screen shot of this test app. the long binary string is a dump of the encoded EAN / UPC, which is rendered to (or read from) the barcode.

DesktopWeb FormText   of trackball and manTue, 03 Feb 2004 17:34:34 GMT # 

i love MS hardware. the back button has become something i cannot live without (the forward button is useless). also: scroll wheels, optical'ness, and the evil red glow in the dark'ness. in particular, the trackball explorer is my weapon of choice. its great for a number of reasons. 1) the ball is useful for pelting. 2) as a security device. nobody knows how to use trackballs, so i can just leave my computer un-password protected. 'Mallory' can then approach my computer to do harm, but then they quickly give up and leave when they realize they dont know how to drive. this is also a great reason to not have to do 'pair-programming'. but the trackball has become stagnant. i want that new horizontal scroll. as well as bluetooth. just think of all the blueball jokes that will incite.

DesktopWeb FormText   barcode recognitionTue, 03 Feb 2004 05:00:40 GMT # 

grabbed some code to generate barcodes using format 3of9. could not find any (free) code for reading barcodes, so decided to write my own. i'm not a trekkie, but isn't 3of9 some borg chick? got 3of9 parsing decently, and here is a screen shot of the test app. the barcode image to the left is what was generated, and is the same image that is parsed. the colored lines beneath the barcode are ones i dump out for easy visual debugging. the text box to the right shows true/false values of whether the lines parsed were narrow or wide. the message box in the center is what the parser read. the app can read in other barcode images i found on the web and parse them as well. i did find alot of free code for generating barcodes. one of my mentors used to stress the importance of writing the complement of every method, not just for testing purposes, but mainly for completeness ... and that eventually i would need that method, so i might as well write it while it was fresh in my mind. ignored that advice for about a year until it kept biting me in the ass. wish more people would do the same. write the complement of all methods, not bite me in the ass ...

DesktopWeb FormText   halftimeMon, 02 Feb 2004 23:49:42 GMT # 

if you give a d4mn about the halftime show ... then i hate you. you need a good smack in the face to remind you what really matters ... the patriots won! we're having are violence-fest, so it should be fitting to server up a little sex with it too. actually, there are more important things our society should be worrying about. while on the topic of people i hate ... anybody with a quote in their email signature.

DesktopWeb FormText   spoutletMon, 02 Feb 2004 19:53:53 GMT # 

hey hey, i got linked from the spoutlet again. spout is a funny word; if you have a dirty mind, so is the definition. from the subtitle: i wonder if Don really thinks XSLT has been damaging? i hope not, because i'm not afraid of it anymore. after 4 years, and now that i have XQuery books on order. regardless, i'm feeling typecast at the moment; with merging WS-* and .NETcf bits. could keep doing that all day, but change is good. i'm supposed to be looking for work ... but i'm also feeling Fountainhead'ish

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   ink image mapsSun, 01 Feb 2004 18:46:22 GMT # 

[ink recognition] Newsom Nutt Nature 75.551m
news com alt only MS

DesktopWeb FormText   i stole the ink linking ideaSun, 01 Feb 2004 16:17:35 GMT # 

from this guy inkineer5. usually try not to blatantly pilfer ideas, but this was just too cool for me not to implement. insert quote about flattery here. this was my 1st time to ever do an image map as well.

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   ink link testSun, 01 Feb 2004 16:06:57 GMT # 

[ink recognition] risk

DesktopWeb FormText   software guy debugging hardwareFri, 30 Jan 2004 21:00:13 GMT # 

server was making alot of noise again today. open it up and there are just fans everywhere. its fully loaded, because i beat the h3ll out of it (processing wise). my process for finding the fan with the bad ball bearings is pretty simple. involves me sticking my hand into each moving fan, and then listening to hear if the annoying sound stops. i just found it, so i'll be going offline ... (hopefully for just a couple of minutes) to replace the bad part, reroute power, and bandage my fingers.

DesktopWeb FormText   COM IS a gay LOVE triangleFri, 30 Jan 2004 18:04:11 GMT # 

you might as well skip the 1st part of the latest DotNetShow. the 2nd part has left me with some questions: when did Don make Chris his bitch (or vice versa)? isn't the other Chris going to be jealous?

DesktopWeb FormText   WS-* for SmartPhoneFri, 30 Jan 2004 17:29:31 GMT # 

Don Box linked to my article yesterday. some corrections: it is not named 'zinc', that is a naming convention of the article is called /spWSE and the latest code updates / bug fixes are hosted at there has been a number of fixes in DIME, because that is what people have been using the most.

DesktopWeb FormText   passportFri, 30 Jan 2004 10:56:26 GMT # 

i got my passport today. if i didnt have a cruise planned, then i would be driving to mexico this weekend to get my 1st stamp. actually, i'm not sure if you get stamps for going to Mexico. same goes for Canada, but i would be heading there is i was still in Milwaukee. this could be a real problem for me! the last 'passport' i had was from Hooters. it was the competition where you had to visit 20 diff Hooters restaurants within a year to win a 200 wing party. i think i had 15 diff stamps in about a month. obsessive compsulzive ... maybe. from my perspective, moderation sucks. if you're gonna do something, go all out, else dont go. this goes along with one of my friends theories that humans live to long. agreed. the moderns of medical science just prolong us to the state that we can invent new diseases and find new body parts to wear out next. is there a county where they pull the plug on old people? maybe i'll travel their next

DesktopWeb FormText   DotNetShowFri, 30 Jan 2004 10:46:32 GMT # 

find-replace 'pairs' with 'triples'. been watching the show since day 1. even saw the Biztalk episode that they pulled immediately afterwards and left a blurb to the effect "you will get 'stupider' by watching this". yes, i did get stupider(er). used to watch it just for erica weichers (sp?), but that has turned into more of a brotherly love. now i just watch it out of habit. the question i have now is ... did i miss the whidbey episodes? i'm assuming there are people that are supposed to be promoting Whidbey? maybe i just cant hear them because the Longhorn people are so LOUD. hey LH people ... shush!, and learn how to keep a secret. its like LH is getting talked up so much now, it better REALLY kick ass. my feeling right now is that its gonna blow its load early. i can say that on my blog because my website is typically blocked by corporate proxy servers ... take that as you may

DesktopWeb FormText   href-exesFri, 30 Jan 2004 10:27:37 GMT # 

blogs come in pairs. actually i just sat staring at my screen for X minutes ... check the diff between timestamps; before my brain rebooted (warm boot). i'm starting to develop a liking for web deployed apps: href-exes and embedded controls. they are attractive in much the same way that the CF is. yes, the whole framework is there, but if you want it to deploy without any security, then your hands are tied. if something is not missing because its not trusted, then i get to rewrite it. i.e. i've been using my .NETcf DIME lib to do DIME WS calls in an embedded control. also if you control the server, then you POST the data, and do the processing there. maybe my new question will be 'what about untrusted assemblies'?

DesktopWeb FormText   what about the compact framework?Fri, 30 Jan 2004 10:17:30 GMT # 

its 4 AM my time. server has a ball bearing going out on some unknown heat-deterrant part at the moment, so i cant sleep. i've already browsed pr0n, so all i've got left is to blog. user group meeting was nothing to speak about, especially since pizza was a no show. presentation was mostly about managed to native interop, and the only real interesting part dealt with CLR Spy. of course, i did my standard question "what about the compact framework?" ... and the response was "good question, i'll take that comment back to redmond". i've been doing this for about the last 1.5 years, at every user group i go to, depending on where i'm stationed. and the answer has always been the same every time. everybody forgets about the 'other' runtime already shipping and supported by MS. i actually love CF. as much as i can love bits. no, i dont love love it. it's about the perfect sized environment for me. i suck at UI, but it only works on small devices! sometimes i like to actually write code code, and the lack of fullness in the BCL for CF afforts that luxury; as well as offering a large enough BCL to write some pretty neat stuff. as i said, it's just right.

DesktopWeb FormText   pre user group meeting on CLRThu, 29 Jan 2004 20:14:07 GMT # 

ho hum. another user group meeting tonight. usually i'm pumped about going to these meetings. it's golden. i get an expert on a subject that i get to grill with questions. instead of having to read and code to figure it out on my own ... i can just ask whomever is speaking. what a time saver! this subject is just too low level to pick me up. i've read Richter, Box, an IL book ... enough already. i could learn every little detail about what is going on at the low level ... or i could get some work done. its not like anybody asks me these questions on interviews to tech me out. in fact, i dont even get teched out anymore. it's like they've seen one of my articles or 2 ... and then they just ask me what i'm working on that lately is cool, and we get to geek out during that time. so totally unlike me, i am going to this meeting with no questions to ask. the speaker is going to have to muck up and say something interesting for me to jump in. and if he says that everything derives from System.Object ... then i'm leaving ...

DesktopWeb FormText   DotNetRocksThu, 29 Jan 2004 18:42:32 GMT # 

i finally started listening to the show ... so i'm way behind. they keep using unsuccessful subliminal messages to try and get me to listen to their show in my car. that won't happen until they get rid of the jazz interludes, and throw down some drum and bass. instead, i've been listening while working out (brains AND brawn ... remember). too bad i'm brain heavy right now though, because 30 is rapidly approaching and my testerone has been dropping. its not time for viagra yet, but i've been reading those spams more frequently. no longer being alpha male at the gym has driven me to do more cardio and ab work, and that is where DotNetRocks comes in. all they have to do is take my mind off cardio. i really dont care if they come through with some cool tips or hints at what is coming down the pipe, just as long as the can keep me entertained enough to dismiss the lactic acid coursing through my veins. to that end i've been listening to their backlog of shows, and i'm sort of bummed because Mark is out. he was my favorite, because he would occassionally hint at something that would be a little inappropriate. so i connected with that. not that i've ever met him, just my initial observation. i really have no clue. so now Rory is coming in, and i hope he picks up where Mark left off. not to leave out Carl, but he does the commercials, so thats a big negative connotation for him to overcome. i would prefer a no-name commercial voice that i could direct my hatred towards.

DesktopWeb FormText   generics, iterators, partial classes, anonymous methodsThu, 29 Jan 2004 02:02:33 GMT # 

generics / iterators: just give me my SGL (standard generic library) in the same sense of C++ STL, and that's all i really need. partial classes: being able to define the structure in one manner, and then the behavior in another gets me going. anonymous methods: i've tried to understand them multiple times now.

CellMMSAudio   [speech recognition] The new out ...Wed, 28 Jan 2004 23:33:30 GMT # 

[speech recognition] The new out pretty solid record in the Pacific leaders are writers half- that police reminded cold like that but else health waivers on lake union retail stores

DesktopWeb FormText   /cfEventWed, 28 Jan 2004 04:20:29 GMT # 

this article (/cfEvent) completes the WS-Eventing loop. it involves hosting a Web Service on a Pocket PC. the Pocket PC uses WS-Eventing to subscribe for notifications from a Web Service running on a desktop. when an event occurs, the desktop sends a notification to the Pocket PC by calling its Web Service.

DesktopWeb FormText   happy worm dayTue, 27 Jan 2004 16:47:00 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   minority reportSun, 25 Jan 2004 22:18:57 GMT # 

so i finally got to see it. a future in which you dont get to kill your cheating wife, is not a future i want to see. i.e. i'm single. but that begs the question, what is a 'male mistress' ... i dont think there is such a word, for a male lover for a married woman. so i've taken the liberty to make up the work: misteress. plural is misteresses (much like breastesses from living color context)

DesktopWeb FormText   /wsEventSun, 25 Jan 2004 15:39:36 GMT # 

the WS-Eventing spec was released about a week ago. i read it, and came up with the idea that it was begging for SQL Notification Services as the backend ... so i did a quick and dirty implementation: /wsEvent

DesktopWeb FormText   archivesSun, 25 Jan 2004 04:47:12 GMT # 

got rid of my old news page. imported the old news into my pre-RSS format, and then tweaked the RSS->XHTML XSLT to handle these new entries. also set it up to accept a year parameter for archiving.

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   kitchenFri, 23 Jan 2004 00:57:28 GMT # 

[ink recognition] test for parents


CellMMSAudio   [speech recognition] Citizens have ...Thu, 22 Jan 2004 19:43:31 GMT # 

[speech recognition] Citizens have recorded via the locals, exactly airmen things from them

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsThu, 22 Jan 2004 19:39:19 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   smartphone home screen and pocket pc theme updatesThu, 22 Jan 2004 15:44:59 GMT # 

i tied the 2 previous works together. so now when you create a PPC theme from an image, it creates a SP home screen too. (/tskTsk) and when you upload a PPC theme to create an SP home screen, the preview page lets you download both (/spHme). finally i converted about 17,000 PPC themes to SP home screens, and they are available from the bNb/mobile page, as well as the /spHme and /tskTsk preview page

DesktopWeb FormText   URL testTue, 20 Jan 2004 05:39:32 GMT # 


DesktopWeb FormText   ink-in-IE bloggingTue, 20 Jan 2004 03:12:00 GMT # 

so now i have a WebForms control that is hosted in IE. it uses the alpha Tablet 1.7 SDK to do inking in the browser. was able to get it to work without requiring any additional security. tricked it up by being able to annotate an image. then the tricky part was being able to save the combined ink and picture together for others to browse ... especially without requiring any more security.

Tablet PCWeb FormInk   My blog architectureTue, 20 Jan 2004 03:06:32 GMT # 

[ink recognition] setoffs-tattoo. En wireless we Name. Vitiates's never voice than J J as Notebook MMS Tablet stiletto. initial extreme for It


Tablet PCWeb FormInk   Image annotationTue, 20 Jan 2004 02:56:18 GMT # 

[ink recognition] Casey Was here! hello world


Tablet PCWeb FormInk   First Ink BlogTue, 20 Jan 2004 02:51:16 GMT # 

[ink recognition] This is my first ink bbs. Using ink-inter


DesktopWeb FormText   engine updatesSun, 18 Jan 2004 21:46:59 GMT # 

yes, i'm basically an idiot for writing my own blog engine again ... with all the open source ones available. the problem is that i'd rather write my own from scratch to let me brush up web techs i havent used in a while, as well as the voodoo magic of XSLT. trying to push as much presentation logic into XSLT as possible. i just got permalinks working. still need to do some sort of view past archives, as well as pretty it up (i'm the wrong man for that job). also, my MMS polling app has gotten much more bulletproof.

CellMMSAudio   [speech recognition] The senate Ji ...Sun, 18 Jan 2004 21:42:55 GMT # 

[speech recognition] The senate Jimenez reported because I haven't tested in the well

CellMMSPhoto   the real slim shadySat, 17 Jan 2004 18:41:02 GMT # 

the real slim shady

CellMMSPhoto   Birthday boy with scary dinosaur cakeSat, 17 Jan 2004 17:17:16 GMT # 

Birthday boy with scary dinosaur cake

CellMMSPhoto   BonnieSat, 17 Jan 2004 17:13:06 GMT # 


CellMMSPhoto   The youngest nephewsSat, 17 Jan 2004 17:11:01 GMT # 

The youngest nephews

CellMMSText   From barnes and nobleFri, 16 Jan 2004 21:55:34 GMT # 

From barnes and noble

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsFri, 16 Jan 2004 03:22:27 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   tech thoughtFri, 16 Jan 2004 00:47:16 GMT # 

The Speech SDK (formerly Speech .NET) uses SALT. SALT requires XML, so it works with ASP.NET, but not WinForms. But XAML is XML ... hmm

CellMMSPhoto   Quick testThu, 15 Jan 2004 23:27:34 GMT # 

Quick test

CellMMSText   Test of new date parsing.Thu, 15 Jan 2004 13:32:37 GMT # 

Test of new date parsing.

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsThu, 15 Jan 2004 03:40:43 GMT # 

CellMMSPhoto   My prize from the claw. A dallas cowboy pillow!Thu, 15 Jan 2004 03:18:03 GMT # 

My prize from the claw. A dallas cowboy pillow!

CellMMSPhoto   The CLAW!Thu, 15 Jan 2004 02:24:19 GMT # 


CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsThu, 15 Jan 2004 01:49:43 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   cell phone bloggingWed, 14 Jan 2004 23:36:14 GMT # 

basically have full blogging capabilities supported for this phone now: text, photos, and voice. i can text using the wireless web or MMS. MMS is more usable, and seems to be more reliable. Wireless web is still needed though for browsing. can record my voice using VoiceXml or MMS. once again, MMS is more easily used; but the VoiceXml is kept around for browsing. what is slick about VoiceXml for browsing is that if i recorded my voice originally for the blog, then it will playback that recording, else it will do text-to-speech with the plain text. of course, i'm SOL for handling pictures with a voice interface. which brings up pictures, that i can only blog using MMS. the quality of pics on my phone are rather bad. went with this phone (SonyEricsson T610) because my other phone died, and because this one has bluetooth (more on that later) and was on T-Mobile (unlimited data). i'm OK with this phone, but will definitely jump at the 1st sign of a compelling SmartPhone or PPCPE to show up on T-Mobile's network ... until the other providers go the unlimited data route. Sprint does have unlimited data, but no compelling phones at this moment.

DesktopWeb FormText   small pictureWed, 14 Jan 2004 23:25:54 GMT # 

the last post is a picture of my cat ... named 'kitty kitty'. the image is a test of the small image option on my phone, which is supposed to be viewable over WAP. the cell phone i've got (SonyEricsson T610) only has a WAP browser. cannot test it though, because my network seems to come unusable about this time everyday (rush hour).

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsWed, 14 Jan 2004 23:10:38 GMT # 

CellMMSPhoto   MMS helper appWed, 14 Jan 2004 23:08:34 GMT # 

MMS helper app

CellMMSAudio   [speech recognition] This is a rec ...Wed, 14 Jan 2004 22:47:09 GMT # 

[speech recognition] This is a recording test with the retention

CellMMSPhoto   Winter in TXWed, 14 Jan 2004 18:53:14 GMT # 

Winter in TX

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsWed, 14 Jan 2004 16:06:00 GMT # 

CellMMSText   Morning test of text only with MMSWed, 14 Jan 2004 15:34:25 GMT # 

Morning test of text only with MMS

CellMMSAudio   audio  from cell using mmsWed, 14 Jan 2004 08:48:56 GMT # 


DesktopWeb FormText   test postWed, 14 Jan 2004 04:23:36 GMT # 

this is post is to force a refresh of the RSS.xml file, so that i can see if the XSLT modifications are any better.

CellMMSAudio   My text after recordingWed, 14 Jan 2004 01:07:52 GMT # 

My text after recording

CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsWed, 14 Jan 2004 00:57:02 GMT # 

CellMMSAudio   audio  from cell using mmsWed, 14 Jan 2004 00:47:24 GMT # 


CellMMSPhoto   image  from cell using mmsWed, 14 Jan 2004 00:35:01 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   MMSWed, 14 Jan 2004 00:20:55 GMT # 

the last 2 posts are MMS from my phone. initial testing was the messages were a little slow to arrive, but usability is faster than the wireless web or voiceXml. now my XSLT to render from RSS needs to be updated. my model is to store the data in XML however i see fit. then i render that to RSS 2.0. then i transform the RSS to render to whatever format: currently VoiceXml and HTML. i'm using Mobile.NET to handle WML.

CellMMSPhoto   CellMMSAudio   My car.Wed, 14 Jan 2004 00:11:08 GMT # 

My car.


Text only.Wed, 14 Jan 2004 00:05:11 GMT # 

Text only.

CellEmailPhoto   image  from cell using emailTue, 13 Jan 2004 15:59:12 GMT # 

DesktopWeb FormText   photo blogTue, 13 Jan 2004 15:38:26 GMT # 

so the new post below is from my phone. i just take a picture and send it to an email address. then on my server it has an app polling the pop3 server. when it gets a message, it retrieves, parses it, base64 decodes the image, and the posts it to the blog.

CellEmailPhoto   image  from cell using emailTue, 13 Jan 2004 15:34:15 GMT # 

CellVoice XmlAudio   This is another toMon, 12 Jan 2004 21:59:32 GMT # 

This is another to

DesktopWeb FormText   speech recognitionMon, 12 Jan 2004 21:18:12 GMT # 

i enhanced the voice blog to do speech recognition. now when the wav file is posted to my server, it attempts to dictate it using SAPI. then it adds that recognized text to the blog. pretty sweet.

CellVoice XmlAudio   [speech recognition] I hope this worksMon, 12 Jan 2004 21:12:53 GMT # 

[speech recognition] I hope this works

CellWireless WebText   This blog is from my cell phone us ...Mon, 12 Jan 2004 15:55:21 GMT # 

This blog is from my cell phone using It is the first time i have used T9 as well. Cool.

DesktopWireless WebText   voice blogMon, 12 Jan 2004 02:34:41 GMT # 

the voice blog is done using VoiceXml. this allows me to call from my cell phone and record my blog entry. the recording is a wav file which is then posted to my web server, and hosted for the blog. security involves the VXML app having to recognize my phone number from the incoming call. if i call from a different number, then i have to enter a pin to gain access.

CellVoice XmlAudio   audio  from cell using voiceXmlMon, 12 Jan 2004 02:32:29 GMT # 


DesktopWeb FormText   /spHme - web based SmartPhone home ...Thu, 01 Jan 2004 00:00:00 GMT # 

/spHme - web based SmartPhone home screen converter